Mar 6th, 2014


Originally offered as a pre-order bonus, the “Free Fall” map is making its way to the Wii U eShop as a free piece of DLC. If you’ve got the game, head on over to the eShop and get your free map! Along with the DLC comes a software update, offering a fairly long list of stability fixes. Four months after the game’s release, its a bittersweet sight to see the Wii U version receiving DLC and software maintenance support.

Anyone still playing this game?


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  • cri cri

  • This is old (yesterday) but…

    like you say, it is a good news, i play yesterday and lots of LA gamers can’t update, i was like crazy telling how to do it.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    cant go home to varify at the moment but i hope this is not a joke. i’ll defiently get on this. i was playing with out this content but its nice to see it finally on the U

    • yes, you go to the Eshop, search for ghosts and you will see it.

    • Donaald

      I already checked yesterday and it’s true

    • darkcreap

      Hyrule Historia? Got that book!!!

  • Archiq09

    Too you can be 18 players in privates with the update. maybe “ground war” will coming soon?????

    • pero no fue a ti que te respondi en miiverse?

  • ActivesiN

    i downloaded it yesterday night, no issues, only took a few min

  • darkcreap

    Great to have it!!! Too bad they skip a lot of maps and DLC for the WiiU version.

  • jjbredesen

    Great news, Wii U version is lacking a lot of maps.
    Just figured i should post this 😛

    • The Clockwork Being


  • Dark-Link73

    I posted about this yesterday on a different thread. May I get hired to write articles? I can be the wiiudaily’s North American correspondent. I even live a couple of hours away from the L.A. Convention Center where E3 is held each year! I would be a great asset! 😉

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Me too. I want to write articles about Nintendos future, I can review games and write insightful stories about what Nintendo should have done instead 🙂

  • Jeremy Baker

    About time

  • RoXas

    Mine broke… It said that the disc can’t be read even though it’s perfect…I hope that this update might fix it. I know some other people that have gotten this error.

  • Ryan F

    I think Activision is coming around to the idea that for the CoD franchise to survive, you have find ways to engage new players. The Wii U version of the franchise is a prime way to do that.

    • NkoSekirei

      especially wen battlefield 4 is suffering from some major set backs from bad patches and being rushed at launch

  • tom

    Sweet! I just got this game in the mail today. It appears that they care about Wii U owners at least a bit. I am happy to support this 3rd party company!

  • NintendoNoob

    This… Wow… Is… Activision on drugs? Are they actually giving something away for FREE!? Wow… They are… This is a lie

    • NkoSekirei

      nope its not a lie many others and including myself alrdy have free fall downloaded and playing on that map on dom

  • Alden Youngthunder

    Too bad they couldn’t have done this sooner. i still mess with extinction, forget multiplayer, too many noobz with deadeye

  • NkoSekirei

    are u guys late with this i alrdy knew about it since 2 days ago i go to cod ghost forum site were devs give us updates and stuff

  • Andrea

    I am unable to download it. After I select “go to the e-shop” I get the error “107-3021”. Thus, now I am not even able to play online anymore…
    I also tried to erase all COD saves and previous downloads… did not help 🙁
    I tried to download the update via the e-shop (without going through the game), I can download it but it does not let me install it.

    • Marcel Kleine

      the problem is your internet, not the game files

      • Andrea

        It isn’t. I can download other games(demos). Internet on the Wii U works just fine….
        Please help

        • Guest

          I have the same problem!
          And I have try all the same think that Andrea try.
          I don’t understand why the error “107-3021”?
          Please Help!!!

    • Dagehon

      I have the same problem!
      And I have try all the same think that Andrea try.
      I don’t understand why the error “107-3021”?
      Please Help!!!

      • Andrea

        Is your console PAL or NTSC?

        Mine is PAL.

        If your console is NTSC, try this:

        1) Changed the country to USA on the Wii-U settings.

        2) Create a new user.

        3) Create a new nintendo network ID to the user u created-

        4) start COD and see if you are able to download the update/patch

        5) if it’s sucesful, change back the default user/networkID and stard the game

        This should do the trickl. I will try once I get home, but I do not know what country I need to choose since USA should be unavailable on PAL consoles. Right now my networkID is registered to Italy.

        Please let me know.

        • Dagehon

          Mine is PAL too…. i’m from CH, maybe the server has problems because all Europeans downloading at the same time.
          I tried two days between 20.30 and 22.00…

          • Andrea

            =( Please let me know if you solve the problem.
            By the way, are you getting the same error number that I am getting (107-3021)?

          • Dagehon

            Same error yes, I try another time this evening, I cancel last update and I try again. I’ll keep you informed.

          • Andrea

            so mate, i solved the problem. I am located in europe. What i did was:

            1) Changed the country to from Italy to England on the Wii-U settings.

            2) Create a new user.

            3) Create a new nintendo network ID to the user u created

            4) started COD as the as the new user…. and i was able to update it!!

            5) after it was updated, i switched back to the user i had.

          • Dagehon

            To me doesn’t work 🙁 I try everyrhing

          • Andrea

            mmm that is really strange…i’ll tell you if i’ll find an other solution

          • Dagehon

            Thank you!

  • Superstick98

    This might actually convince me to get the game! But I can’t because I’m 16… ONE YEAR AWAY from buying M games on my own. -_-

  • Sdudyoy

    I don’t like COD but I’m happy for those who do, I’m glad others get to enjoy their games better if I like the game or not.

  • Christopher Acuna

    Sold my WiiU Ghosts last month…lol. Oh well.

    • DC777

      Not missing anything good trust me.

  • Suraj Alexander

    Off topic but important. The upcoming game by ubisoft ,watchdogs, is probably the last chance we will have with ubisoft. They will decide wether to put more games on the wii u after these sales. Considering the lack of sales for other ubifot titles with sales coming upto 5% from the wii u we really need more peope to buy it. I am sitting here with the dedsec edition preorder so have done the max i can. plz buy the game guys.

    • First of all: Fudge you, where could you possibly preorder the friggin dedsec edition for wiiU??!?!?!11one

      Also, you are very much right sir. I personaly dont understand why people dont buy the games for wiiU anyway. they are all like “duh, there are no games for wiiU” and “my wiiU is shit, its just sitting there, collecting dust”.
      My WiiU already has about 400 Hours on it, with 12 Games in the shelf. 2 of them are Ubisoft games: which leads me to a problem i have with ubisoft.
      They have released, in my opinion, 2 games, maybe 3, which are interesting. Rayman, ZombiU, this avengers game (which i do not possess at this moment)
      The rest: Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014, Just Dance Kids 2014, Assassins creed 3 and assassins creed 4, some smurfs game, rabbids land and your shape fitness evolved. Did they realy expect good numbers with this sh..tuff?

      • Suraj Alexander

        I pre ordered mine in the GAME store (I live in uk). What is wrong with the Assassin’s creed series? I own 3 and 4 on my wii u. 4 is really awesome!!