Feb 2nd, 2013

Wii U consoleCNN Money, not your go-to source of gaming news and information, recently published an article called “3 things Nintendo must do to survive”, where they offer their 2 cents on what Nintendo needs to do to make the Wii U a success.

Nintendo recently announced that only 3 million Wii U consoles were shipped to retailers in 2012, and cut the fiscal year end estimates from 5.5 million to 4 million.

Basically, CNN’s 3 things are:

  • Lower the price of the Wii U
  • Update the Wii U firmware
  • Accelerate game development

It’s hard to argue against those points, however, Nintendo has said that they have no intentions of cutting the Wii U price “for years to come”. And they’ve said that they are hard at work on a new Wii U firmware.

As for game development, CNN asks “where are Zelda, Star Fox, and Metroid”. Nintendo has always taken their time with games and isn’t known for sacrificing on quality and rushing games to the market.


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  • Graham Gillman

    You could not be more wrong CNN.

    • Scrab Scrabottini

      What, update the firmware and accelerate development? That is exactly what they need to do. Well, except with their own games. They should accelerate the developer base growth.

      • Graham Gillman

        They’re already doing these.

  • Laud

    What the hell does CNN know anyway? They live on sharing misinformation and fear of the population.

    The comments on that website are pretty well thought out and right though, you should take a look at the comments rather than the article itself.

  • CNN doesn’t know shit about gaming, so keep your nose out of it..

    • $41809923

      thats right keep out of gaming cnn

    • sonicfan1373

      They do not know much else either lol.

      • slims_post

         Yeah but their doing a better job of it than they are at reporting the news.

    • ikechukwu obiakor

      not it doesn’t know anything about gaming but about what makes nintendo nintendo and it has remained dear to the heart of gamers for years. Nintendo is known to never sacrifice gaming quality for quantity.

  • Nick Post

    I’m still baffled they would release it with that slow of a firmware. 

    • jcnba28

      How is it slow?? I find the playstation network 10 times slower than the Wii U and you dont hear people complain about that!!

  • SoulSilverZero

    1. The price is fine.
    2. They are making a new firmware update right now.
    3. Remember what Miyamoto said…

    • FabulousKing

      1. What about Costco?
      2. Those updates should be avaiable now, not wait for 2014 or winter (whatever).
      3. I like Nintendo and its first party titles but the Wii U needs more than that.

      What will happen to Wii U after Mario 3D game, Mario Kart, TLoZ and SSB?

      Every company needs to sell its product to people, not just fans and fanboys/girls.

      • Laud

        These updates are coming before Winter, did you even watch the Nintendo direct or are you just here to waste every ones time by starting arguments you can’t back up?

        • FabulousKing

          The date/time doesn’t have to do anything with what I tried to say: Wii U should have been complete (updates, performance) since the very beggining.

          • Takarashi282

            I agree.  I didn’t like the one hour update and the loading times are ridiculous.  At least they’re improving them. 

          • Laud

            Yeah? You want everything to be perfect right? I don’t hear you mentioning the disasters that were the Xbox and PS3 launches. 

            Do you just expect these things to come out perfect? Be patient, it’s not like you can’t play games (Blu-ray disaster at launch for PS3) or not being able to start up the console (Xbox 360 red ring massacre at launch)

            Yeah I would have liked everything perfect too, but I know enough to realize that these things are difficult to do especially when you have to meet a deadline.

          • Takarashi282

            Just to clarify, I’m not implying that Microsoft and Sony are ‘godly perfect,’ actually they’re far from it.  Nintendo isn’t perfect either, as you stated, but I think it wouldn’t have hurt to improve the loading times.  Of course, that might have delayed the Wii U further, but not by that much.
            But anyway, I acknowledge that everything has its faults, the Wii U’s being less crucial as X-Box’s infamous red ring, or (since I didn’t get the PS3 at launch, I don’t know what this was like) disc reading problems.  
            Basically, what I was saying is that I’m not really fond of the loading times, and the long update.  I’m not saying that “Aaaah, Nintendo sucks because of the loading times, and (insert BS comment here)!”

          • Jay


            look up the failure rates for Wii vs. ps3 vs 360
            and you might just be a lot more grateful for Nintendo than you think.

            also this is just crap:


          •  And sony got hacked 2 times and steal from nintendo on design but there will always be haters but i bought MM and it is a good game thanks for the info

          • AKT4

            While that is true, if you look at PS3’s and 360’s history, they’ve got updated many many times. That is part of any modern console’s life, there are always things to improve.

          • Jay

            aaannnd did you know the HARDWAREW for the 360 wasn’t complete until the “Slim” version came out? YEARS later!! They burned over half their customers!!

            Why be biased?

          • FabulousKing

            So, if Microsoft burns his customers, Nintendo must burn them too?

            Nintendo plays dirty too…*DSi XL (complete console?) – No more GBA cartridges: Transfer some pokémon or those guitar/band themed games.*Motion Plus – How many games need MP?
            *3DS (weak and no second circle pad) at the same price as PSVita (powerful).

            Why be biased? People want to buy a good product.

            Maybe Nintendo gets all the hate because Wii U is the only next-gen home console right now 😛

          • Silent

            And says the guy who doesn’t know how to spell beginning? 

          • FabulousKing

            I’m a girl 😛

      • Goginho

         “What will happen to Wii U after Mario 3D game..”? Well, I sure hope they make and release some more Mario and Zelda and other first party titles, since those make Nintendo unique and enjoyable ..not the 3rd party, ’cause personally they don’t appeal to me much, and I can imagine to many other Nintendo gamers out there as well.
        I mean, it’s nice to have 3rd party and all ..w/e, but as long as there’ll be Mario and Zelda, Nintendo will be fine :)))

        • FabulousKing

          That’s right, Super Mario, TLoZ and SSB are great but you wrote something that fans and fanboys keep saying/writing:

          “I sure hope… Personally…. To me… I can…”
          See? Fans and fanboys/girls just talk/write about what they want and like.Nintendo as a company, needs to sell its products to other people, not just to you, the other fans and the fanboys.

          • Goginho

             I think that Nintendo would be better off with more 1st party and less 3rd party (or doesn’t really matter how much 3rd party for a matter of fact). I get the feeling that 3rd parties aren’t selling very well ..it might be a little early to say, since the Wii U is fresh in the market, but when you see sales number of first party games in comparison to thrid party, then you see a clear statement.

            Maybe I’m missing something 😛 but a CoD game or w/e will be the same for all three major systems (you can include PC), and I’m sure those hardcore, shooter gamers that already have the xBoxes and Playstations won’t want to buy a Wii U for those kinds of games.

            This being said, the audiences are very different, and for Nintendo’s sake, they should release 2 maybe 3 Marios, and not just one true Zelda (since we get a remake)…etc, since those are the kind of games that will get Nintendo sales the most.

            Just my thought on what Nintendo should plan for the Wii U in order to be a bit more successful then what people are ALREADY concluding now.

          • FabulousKing

            Don’t you think that people would get tired because it’s always the same?It gets complex here :PYou’re right about CoD and other 3rd party games but remember that Wii U got ports not new games, maybe this time Nintendo should invest money in making it’s own games.

            Maybe it was too soon to release the Wii U or the marketing for the console is not good.

          • Jay

            you gotta consider though, that Nintendo games alone are destroying the entire video game industry.

            Nintendo holds the top 15(!!!) spots of highest selling games ever.

            Their IPs are worth TONS of money.

            Mario and Pikachu are the most famous fictionous characters in HISTORY.

            Considering the above, what does Assasins creed/bioshock/CoD have on that?

            P.S. Not agreeing/disagreeing with you. just something to ponder.

          • Silent

            Probably 80% percent of the world knows mario better than bioshock or whatever. If they even know what it is.

          • AKT4

            Many of the 3rd party games sell quite decently, though not anywhere near of what Nintendo’s own games sell (but those are really monstrous numbers). At the moment their sales capacity is very limited anyway, as the install base is very limited (though it’s obviously very good comparing to the time frame, but it’s still limited).

            While Nintendo’s own games are system sellers, it’s not enough. The company needs 3rd party support to also get other customers. Also obviously Nintendo also gets income from the 3rd party games trough lisences etc.

            Also if Nintendo had only their own games, they would get very bad reputation for it. Back in ancient times they had both the 3rd party and their own software. Would be great if they could return to that glory some day.

          • FabulousKing

            I’ve said the before… “Sell its products to other people”, with help of 3rd party or paying developers to make exclusive titles.

      • Jay

        Yeah but those games have a bigger fanbase and sell more than say assasins creed or some hitman crap.
        So its hard to criticize a game thats guaranteed to outsell all these “T3h H@rdc0r3 bloodz gamerscor3z” crap.

        • FabulousKing

          A bigger fanbase? Kids love FPS games.
          Xbox 360 almost killed PS3 (same titles) but for some reason a lot of teenagers and kids have a X360.

          I’m tired of the hardcord thing too… I’ll tell you whats hardecore, I know a lonely woman who fell in love with a priest, her goal is to … with him. That’s hardcore, not playing videogames.

  • SirDjss

    firmware and games are gonna accelerate it 🙂 i feel that the price is just right 

  • Billy_Perry

    Wii U Daily – At the moment there are loads of articles out there talking about the end of Nintendo, or how they won’t survive this generation. You only need to look at the comments of those articles to find rational, supported and popular counter arguments that proves that Nintendo will be ok, irrelevant of these fucking stupid no-brainer articles. 

    One of the running themes throughout these articles is that Nintendo has got a problem as it scaled down its predictions for sales of the Wii U. However, the company still turned a profit, and actually if the company didn’t have such high costs from the R&D of the console, it’s profits would have been huge. (This is proven by its rate of return being 2%, indicating high revenue but high costs). Plus on top of that, other consoles in their launch period produced heavy heavy losses for their respective companies, so to say that Nintendo is doomed for turning a profit is fucking idiotic. 

    I’m fed up with these fucking stupid articles and opionated editorials that provide flawed and illogical arguments, that any rational person could see through. Wii U Daily, stop reporting these fucking idiots. Don’t worry, Nintendo is fine.

    • DemonRoach

      It’s not the end of Nintendo, it’s just getting close to the end of the Wii U.  All signs point to a Gamecube generation of 20-25mil sold lifetime. 

      • Laud

        How do you figure that when It’s already sold more than previous consoles in their launch windows?

        • DemonRoach

          It’s selling less than 40k a week.  And it wont pick up much when games are release near xmas 2013 because xbox3/ps4 will be out.  Nintendo had a chance to make a good impression, but they really shafted western gamers.

          • Laud

            Oh, so you can see the future now can you? How do you know the next consoles will do good? I’m pretty sure Nintendo will win gamers over at E3 with all the games that are going to be announced.

          •  people like demon want to just troll people and it’s a fact the dude is a sony fanboy who fails even at that

          • val berger

            demon didn’t troll. in fact he got more argumentation than you. I personally wouldn’t mind too much, if the wiiU would do as good/bad as the GC did as it still was a great console with great software. It would just be fine If WiiU would be doing better, but anyone who’s able to see the signs as they’re appearing all the time everywhere would agree that the WiiU launch wasn’t one of the better ones. And of course it won’t be too easy to compete against the competition of PS3, XB360 and their successors, as sony and MS won’t just stop the development of their last gen after the new console’s launch. so Nintendo will be facing 4 major consoles in the beginning. anyone ignoring, how hard the times that are occurring on the horizon really are becoming for Nintendo is really blind. of course this ain’t anything like an apocalypse for N, especially as WiiU still is selling after all, some Fanboys just should be able to see the world as it really is. There’s no superior master-company, overruling everyone else. And for example sony will also have a damn hard job to stay in sight in future, as they aren’t really doing so good and won’t be makin any profit out of their upcoming console too soon as well. I personally think, that Microsoft has the best chances in terms of financial success, which, of course, isn’t equal to quality of gaming.

          •  Val demon does not have a leg to stand on and hate to break it to you but sory is failing big time and why is it everytime they seem to copy nintendo…the psmove failure so nintendo will be fine it has outlasted worse thing then this and i really hope sony go’s bankrupt and go the way of sega

          • val berger

            oh man, don’t see it so black&white.If there’s one thing, that’s really good about competition, then it’s competition 😉

            With the Wii, Nintendo really showed, what happens, if they are forced to invent something revolutionary to compete. WIth the Gamecube, they already tried once to just put out some similar concept as their competitors and they…well I wouldn’t say they totally failed, as I really loved that console, but they just weren’t that successful. And that was a great (yet bad) thing to happen, as it was the only way, that led to the Wii and now the WiiU. Without competition, Nintendo would have never come that far, they evolved togeher with Microsoft and Sony, who actually got their strenghts too. For instance, if you played Journey on a Playstation for once, than you’ll somehow get a climpse, of what Sony is able to achieve, if they just try, as this game is pure art and somehow totally fits to the console.
            It’s really OK, that all of those 3 Major Players are around, forcing each other to evolve. It’s true that Move wasn’t that creative, but look how many Games for move are coming out. It’t s just no competition for a console like the WiiU, that comes with such Control-concepts out of the box, as developers will never really be able to fully support Move. It’s like supporting the Balanceboard on the WiiU. You can do that, but  only a few will. Sony’s strengh isn’t Hardware or interfacedesign, but getting third parties support, and that’s actually something, Nintendo tried to achieve with the WiiU and I don’t feel like they are as successful, as I (and the whole target group of xbox and ps) want them to be. So Nintendo too got its strengths and weaknesses. Being innovative isn’t really enough, you also should have some sort of working marketing machinery, which Nintendo somehow isn’t able to build up. And I really hate that. The WiiU is da damn great console with so much potential and I just know, that there will be coming a game making use of that potential maybe once in a blue moon, like I experienced it on the Wii. I’d love to be wrong, really, but I don’t think so.

          • onewhiskey42

            Oh god, the commas, the commas!!!!

          •  Well myself im done with sony. I have always been for nintendo and always will be

          •  Oh and val yes he is a troll

          •  We know that at least one of the two will do well.  Many people are awaiting Xbox more than PS4.  Nintendo cannot win over anyone at E3 with games because we already know which games that they will come with!  They need NEW shit.

          • Laud

            So what NEW shit is Xbox and PS4 coming with? 

            You got a list of the new awesome games coming out for those? Oh I got it.

            Call of duty: Modern Warfare 4, KillZone, Halo 5, Uncharted 4, Gears of War.

            Yeah bro, they got that new shit, we stuck in the past.

            Nintendo will win everyone over with the games already announced and they’ll announce more games.

            Super Smash Bros bro, get@Nintendo.

          •  You counter with ‘another’ Super Smash Brothers?  Someone forgot to tell you and Nintendo that fighting games have long been played out. The other two have a lot of 3rd party support so you know there will be something new.

            Nintendo’s arrogance in giving people what they want to give them instead of giving people what they want is why they are going to be filing for chapter 11.

          • Laud

            You didn’t give me any new games that are on the next consoles? I guess that means I was right in expecting the same generic first/third person shooters that they’ve always made and lived on.

            The other TWO have NO 3rd party support as of now, to say they have a lot of 3rd party is just ridiculous and it shows how much of a hater/fanboy you are.

            Answer me this: What 3rd party games DO YOU KNOW are to be released on the next consoles? Unless you can answer this you should just keep your mouth shut and stop assuming that just because they had it once doesn’t mean they’ll have it again. This isn’t like a storm, you can’t use the trend method to know where it’s going.

          • Jay

            lol this guys the joke of wiiudaily.

            HE was asking ME for info the other day lol.

          • J_Joestar

             reminds me of how everyone was “supposed” to abandon 3DS development and jump at the Vita.

          • Silent

            This guys doesnt know what is he saying. Wow so childish.

            ”Nintendo’s arrogance in giving people what they want to give them instead of giving people what they want” 
            lol so funny

          • TheLordOfDarkness

            By the time the $800 PS4/720 consoles are out, Nintendo will have their $400 Wii U as well as system sellers of Mario Kart U and the next 3D Mario. Then there’s also the next Xenoblades, Zelda Windwaker remake and an incentive to buy because the next Smash Bros will be out within the next half-year.
            Nintendo are to have a pseudo re-release where they step up the advertising and heavily market the console (like what should’ve been done September 2012…) and they’ll more likely bump up the console and game sales.

          • DemonRoach

            I’m pretty sure a 500$ next gen machine will sell better than Nintendos $300 no-game machine.

          • Laud

            Again, how do you know this? Can you list the games they’ll have at launch for me?

            That’s what I thought.

          • Ben Newcomb

             Wii U IS Next Gen. It’s defining next gen. Troll.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Guys stop feeding the troll

          •  No it’s not, and THAT is one of the main problems!

          • Jay

            its NOT next gen its CURRENT gen /facepalm

            NEXT GEN is something that hasn’t released yet!!!

            DAMN!!! Idiots still calling PS3 “Next gen”

          • Silent

            Youre right. The wii u actually is a gen-after-next-gen console and thats why it is better

          • Nick Kulakovskiy

            1. Wii U is a next-gen console.
            2. The new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will undoubtedly cost a lot.3. Nintendo Direct announced heaps of games that have a direct connection to Nintendo, that doesn’t mean that that’s all the games out there for the Wii U, oh hell no. It means that you will need to go to E3 to see more. 

            4. You don’t even know the other consoles will release ‘hit’ games. The Wii U already has some awesome games upcoming, but you don’t know the launch listings for the new Xbox and PS.

            It’s ignorant to say “This console failed, because the other consoles that I don’t know about have a lot of releases such as……..well, I don’t know about them either, it will just do better than the Wii U.” If you look at your comments from the side, that’s what you’re saying. 3DS had the exact same issue as the Wii U,  they didn’t progress much, yet look at how many awesome games they’re releasing which is getting a lot of sales! The 3DS oversold the overpriced Vita by a mile, I doubt the Wii U will do any worse.

          •  I disagree on that from a company that copies everthing nintendo does

          • Jay

            Theres a Wii U game thats already gonna surpass the sales of your precious GTA in 2 MONTHS!!!

            Your logic is troll.

          •  Trying to scare people won’t work.  You would have to be fully retarded to think that a company would come out with an $800 gaming system.  No Nintendo IP is a system seller.  If they were, Nintendo would be #1.

          • Laud

            I bought the Wii for Twilight Princess.

            Right away I’ve destroyed your argument.

            GG going to bed.

          •  You alone did not destroy my argument, the country is what you need.  Besides, you are clearly a paid agent.

          • Laud

            By country I’m guessing you mean the U.S. because Nintendo is currently dominating Japan.

            Yeah, I wish I was a paid agent. I’d love to be paid for setting liars straight. I hate misinformation and I hate people like you for doing it.

            If you don’t know what you’re talking about just do some actual research instead of taking your sony/x360 friends words for it.

            If you at least hated using real research I would respect you for it but right now you’re just a joke to me.

          • Jay

            he doesnt do his own research this idiot was asking “Your sources” when I cited Nintendo selling more than his precious GTA.

            He said Nintendo wasn’t “selling shit”
            Even though the Wii and 3DS outsell sony/ms

          •  Oh, now you add in another system with a different format to fudge numbers?  Shameless.

          • OK, when Nintendo issues a press release stating that they will cease production of the Wii U, then what excuses will you come with?

          • Laud

            Lol alright dude, don’t get all upset on me. 

            We both know that Nintendo won’t do that so I’m just gonna stop arguing with you.

            Since you’ve shown everyone how much of an idiot you are I no longer have to prove that you’re an idiot, you did it for me. 🙂

            You’re no longer worth my time.


          • Silent

            Lol so funny. 

          • Jay

            lol “paid agent” Nintendo doesn’t pay agents to prove trolls wrong dont flatter yourself GTA Gangstaa!!1


            I bought my Wii for:

            Zelda: Twilight Princess
            Wii Sports
            Metroid Prime 3
            Mario Galaxy
            Super Smash Bros.

            I got my 360 for:

            I got my PS3 for:
            God of War 3

            if you can count you’ll see that there was more reason for ME to buy a Wii.

          •  Bioshock was released on PC and you could have just gone that route.  By what you wrote, you had better hope that people still want Nintendo’s played out games.  SO far it looks as if they do not.

          • Jay

            oh GOD NOT THIS AGAIN!!!!!


            Mario Kart Wii alone outsold the ENTIRE Halo franchise.

            WHAT THE FUCK DONT YOU GET?!!!

          •  I don’t know if those figures are real and I wonder if they would have sold that way if on other systems.  I suspect that many Wii owners bought that because let’s face – the Wii did not have many killer apps to choose from!  Wii games over all were shovelware.  GTA was the biggest seller on 360 and PS4.  You of course did not combine sales figures for those two systems.

          • Silent

            Lol you bring apps to justify your stupidity. omg this thing does not get the message.

          •  OK, maybe I should have said games.  Before Apple and it’s ‘apps,’ apps stood for applications or software.

          • MujuraNoKamen

             Who’s to say the next consoles will be any good, maybe there’ll be too expensive and maybe they’ll have a worse game library than Wii U. Nintendo could have done better but terrible advertising put pay to that but since they and 3rd parties have had more time to get to grips with Wii U there’s already a number of great games in development nearing completion for Wii U, yet with the next XBox and PS only a handful of devs will be approached by Sony and MS to make games for launch day and only after E3 will other devs be able to get their hands on Dev-kits.
            Besides Wii U has a better launch window library than the 360 and PS3 and did that hold them back? No, they’ve both done really well. Wii U is also doing better financially than the 360 and PS3 so I doubt it’ll be a mistake for Nintendo. Give it time and you’ll see.

        • slims_post

           The most loyal fanboys always buy their console at launch, launch sales figures nearly always come down to how much stock they made available and usually it sells out quick and becomes scarce for some time but that was not the case with the Wii U, there was plenty of stock on the shelves that simply wasn’t moving.

          • Jay

            you “simply” dont understand how the market works.

            Nintenos biggest mistake was releasing the 8GB version.

          • J_Joestar

             really, who would buy the basic when the $50 more DX already has a $60 game included with even more extras?

          • Laud

            While I agree that it was a mistake, I bought the basic because I had a spare external HDD and didn’t want NLand. 😛

      • But it’s hardly been three months since launch. I don’t understand how people can make these huge assumptions when the console has hardly been out long enough to prove itself. Wait until E3 when they start showcasing their bigger name games.

        •  The same thing happened to the Dreamcast and a few other systems.  If you do not sell enough initially AND you hardly have any interested developers for it, you cannot sell enough software to make it worthwhile.

          • Laud

            Difference is that there are a ton of devs interested in the Wii U, more than the 3ds.

            They’re also talking about localizing games from Japan, here. 

            So that means they have TWOOO TIMESSSS AS MAWCHU GAEMS~

            You make that argument like it’s fact when you really have no clue hoping no one will call you on your bullshit. Send me a few articles with sources that actually say “…you hardly have any interested developers for it”

          •  Developers should have been ‘interested’ well before the system was released!

          • Laud


          • Silent


          • Jay

            yet over a year later you trolls say “just give the vita time…”

            Yet the Wii U has outsold the 360/PS3’s launch year.

            Not only are you a wanabe gangsta you’re a fucking clown lol

          •  I can give a damn about Vita (I don’t do portables) or even the PS4 for that matter.  I never owned ANY Playstation, I only played other people’s as I dealt with PC gaming during that period and I thought that the PC was most certainly better then.

          • Silent

            Oh NOW you dont give a dam about the vita.

          •  I never mentioned the thing before.  I also don’t give a damn about the PS3 either, except that they design their machines to be modern instead of old-school.  That is why Sony took over the #1 spot from Nintendo because Nintendo was stuck in the cartridge past while Sony moved into the CD future.

          • J_Joestar

             it’s no Wii, but the initial sales still blow the PS3/360 out of the water…

          •  Keep living the lie.

          • Silent

            Keep living the dream. lol 

      •  Dude are you mental? You have been hanging around sony to long and you fail but then the same loons like yourself said the 3ds is a failure and look it’s beat the lame vita 10 to 1 so again your way of think is lame and your trolling skill fail…just saying

        • slims_post

           Beating Vita sales is hardly proof of selling well.

          • Jay

            True, but beating the DS sales IS!!

            ya know Considering its the highest selling console in history and all…..

          •  That’s where your wrong man..don’t hate vita is a failure..sorry deal with it

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Well said, when reading articles on gaming, I always read the comments section since  the writers are so often biased or make mistakes and it’s down to other people to report the actual facts and in greater detail. If anyone reading this comes across any gaming articles in future predicting doom and gloom for Wii U or anything else for that matter, I urge you to always check the comments since since there’s normally so many influential factors that get left out of the article thus giving a false image.
      Everyone seems to expect the worst just because Wii U selling massively, isn’t it true it has outsold what the XBox and PS3 did in the same amount of time? as for the “there are big games” thing, well we’ve got BO2, AC3, ME3 for starters. We’re also getting Aliens: Colonial marines, Resident Evil: Revelations, Bayonetta 2 Monster Hunter 3 and Lego City Undercover. We may still be missing Metroid, Zelda and a 3D Mario game among others but there’s some great stuff from 3rd parties so we can wait a little while longer for 1st party stuff and besides, don’t these journalists normally complain that Nintendo relies on the same old IPs, and now they’re the ones saying forget the 3rd party line up where’s Mario?

      • MujuraNoKamen

         *isn’t selling massively.

        •  Disagree on that too ..the wii u here where i live sold out all there in 1 hour they sold 60 here just at the walmart…payday and tax time wii u will be fine

        • Jay

          dude use the edit button if you have the option. everyone thinks ur trolling.

      • MujuraNoKamen

         *There are NO good games

        •  I disagree with that..zombi u,supermarioU,and much more

          • MujuraNoKamen

             I know, that comment above was just correcting  a typo I made in the even-more-above comment 🙂 I was actually saying that some people say Wii U has no good games but we’ve got Bo2, AC3, we’re getting Monster Hunter, Bayonetta, RE:R etc so those haters are wrong!

          • Jay

            all you need is NINTENDO to prove those haters wrong.

          •  No problem man Wii U scares sony fanboys

    • Jay

      the said the end of Nintendo would happen in 2007 when they had LESS money and a VERY underpowered consoles graphically.


      Nintendo is far better TODAY than in 2007 so just ignore these articles.

  • Wayne Beck

    It’s called a launch.. They all look the same. 

    They are too expensive.
    They are too buggy.
    They don’t have enough games.

    Every six years. Always the same crap. 

    • Jay

      Except Nintendo never has hardware updates to fix bugs….

      360 had about 8 revisions because they kept burning and PS3 had about 6

      Nintendo ZERO.

      • Wayne Beck

        My Wii Updated quite regularly. Prior to that generation, console Update were practically non-existent.

        • Silent

          No, He means hardware updates, Not firmware updates. The xbox 360 had 8 revisions, meaning 8 new xbox(s) had to be made to repair errors and defects.

          • Wayne Beck

            Fair enough, It has always bothered me that people Talk about how good Xbox Sales are without mentioning the fact that most people have had to buy 2 to 5 of them. Where people have only had to buy 1 Wii, two if they didn’t want to share.

  • Tobias Naustdal

    id say market the wii u right would be a better thing than to lower the prize of the wii u!!

    wii u is sold at a loss!!! WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY SELL IT FOR LESS !!!!

    • It wasn’t sold at a loss…

      • EvanescentHero

         Yes it is.

      • Nintendude

        Nintendo confirmed that it is.

        •  They lied to make it seem as if it was not a cheap system.  Nintendo is a lying company.  They need to hire me to change the image of the company.

          • Pugszly

            Troll alert!

  • DemonRoach

    CNN knows US investors lost 20% of our investment in Nintendo over the past 3 months.  Nintendo failed the Wii U launch, and unlike the 3DS fail launch, Nintendo will be gangbanged by 2 superpowers in about 11 months, so there will be little chance of a recovery.

    • Laud

      Super powers? 

      Super Smash bros is all I have to say to those super powers.

    • True. But remember, the stronger the console, the more expensive it is. Wii U is a great balance of power and cost in my opinion. No one (except the major fans) is going to buy a $500 – $800 dollar console at launch. Plus, people always make rushed predictions with console launches. “WHAT?!?! NO SMASH BROS AT LAUNCH?!?!? NINTENDO IS SO DOOMED!!!!!!” I mean come on people, just have a little patience. Remember the PS3 launch? 

    • D Moness

       so selling almost twice as much consoles in the first 2 months of  release then the xbox 360 or the ps3 did in the first 2 months is a failer. Then sony and microsoft failed even harder. oh wait they didn’t.

  • jkalyj

    As much as is bugs me to say. Nintendo is to blame for a bit of their image to the public right now. I mean they keep underestimating themselves. They’ve shipped 3 million units and have sold at least 2 million (correct me if im wrong). In an economy that has continuously deteriorated over the the last 6 years, they created a console much stronger than the last for a fairly acceptable cost. AND they’ve outdone their competitors previous launches once again in an economy that is no better than it was 6 years ago (Im talking US but no disrespect to other countries, the international economy aint doin to well either). Sony and Microsoft were ticked over their loses in their previous launch..but Nintendo gets a swift 2mil, turns a profit with every 1st party sold, and they act like it’s a curse… They need a little faith in their console. 🙂

    •  MS and Sony did not care about profit on the systems, they care about market share. Nintendo cannot afford to play the market share game as they must make a profit since video games are their only business.

      • Silent

        And thats why they are doing better than MS and Sony regarding gaming.

  • monli

    Lower the price of the Wii U
    350 bux for delux its very Appropriate
    Update the Wii U firmware
    No Comment
    Accelerate game development
    we are not on race
    Generally their view its …….

  • alex

    am sorry but this time they are right except price drop because the wii u worth the 349.99 to my opinion games that are just staring look as good as this gen which developers have over 6 years off experiences just imagen when games made with time and just for wii u come out the are going to be gorges, but with that out of the way the console need more third parties support and am talking triple a games and first parties ip and Nintendo need to invest in western companies that can create more games that appeal to this gen like retro did with metroid but new ip  by western companies but published by Nintendo like Sony did with this gen and Nintendo will conquer the world   

  • ahhaaha the nintendo fanboys are to stupid to realize that the “Small N” is actually in real trouble. Apparently if somebody writes anything negative about the Wii u then they know nothing about gaming but if somebody writes something positive then they say yup, correct. There must millions who don’t know anything about gaming considering how many factual articles of the Wii u failures continue to come out. Keep living in a fantasy world and then wake up to the reality that the Wii U will end up being the last home console Nintendo makes. ahahahha

    • Laud

      There are reasons why people disagree with what you say and I guarantee it’s not because they’re fanboys but because they actually know what the hell they’re talking about, unlike you.

      I will no longer respond to you because you’re an obvious troll.

      Good luck on your future endeavors, that is, whenever you decide to leave the tent you’ve laid out under the bridge.

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      Damn, I think I just lost some IQ points reading your little quip
      Nintendo may have given us a slightly pre-mature Wii U but everything that was wrong with it is either fixed or in the process of being fixed; the only thing I can honestly say about Nintendo that’s bad is the lack of 3rd party support and that can be over-ruled by all of the amazing 1st party titles
      Nintendo’s got years/decades before they’re done

    • RattleGore

      Not really in that deep of a trouble as say Sony (they just last year turning a profit on Ps3) and there other division is worse off..  But my question is, don’t these guys we are still no out of the financial struggle, and why drop the price of the system when more than likely these next system will cost more and mostly get beefed up ports for the first couple of  months…

    • jcnba28

      If what you were true, then the gaming industry would collapse. Nintendo is the only gaming company innovating and keeping it alive. And for your information the Wii U is an awesome console. The Wii U can do 1080p 60fps. PS3/360 can’t pull that off. Have a nice life loser.

      •  Innovating by making it’s millionth Mario or Zelda game?  That is not innovation, that is repetition.  The Japanese do not get it.

    • First off, if you apparently hate Nintendo, then why are you here, taking your time to tell an entire Nintendo community that you don’t like their system. And secondly, why does it seem that you find the idea of Nintendo dying humorous? Why do you want Nintendo to end? The day Nintendo dies is the day that the true quality and integrity of games die. Bye goes the games like Zelda, Mario, and Metroid that has literally built the childhoods of many people around the world. The day Nintendo dies is the day I give up with video games.

      •  Zelda and Mario can go and my childhood is over.  GTA is building new childhood memories for people and then when that get’s played out, something else will.

    •  Wrong troll boy and if anything it’s sony that is in trouble..look at there fail lightbulb controller and there foul failed vita and that’s not even the end ..there tv’s are also a huge fail so again troll get your facts right and go back to sony troll sony drone

  • jcnba28

    Why lower the price of the wii u?? It’s priced perfectly. Good luck to them when they find out the PS4/720 will be double that price!

    •  How did you know the prices of those systems?  I take you are just trying to scare people into buying a Wii U.  It won’t work because people want what they want.  Nintendo wants people to keep buying systems every 5 years with new controllers, while the other two release when it’s time.

      • jcnba28

        I was basing it on the spec’s rumored for ps4/720. I couldn’t give a shit if I was the only person in the world who bought a Wii U. All I know it’s a great console.

  • wiiucompl

    Here, in Poland Nintendo is unknown… Lack of aggressive marketing. Great Wii U and lack of promotion, advertising … People spend money on PS3 and Xbox only…

  • Jeffrey Harden

    Honestly I’m not really worried about the Wii U at the moment. I’m a Xbox and Nintendo gamer, and I have been playing my xbox more than my Wii U, but that’s just because there are limited games for the Wii U. Once Nintendo starts releasing their first party titles then my Wii U will be up and running. Besides, when you think about it, Nintendo has the most first party titles than any other company, if Nintendo can grasp onto that and start developing all their first party games, then every year the Wii U will do pretty good. It just comes down to online play and multiplayer gaming.

  • HaCkDaPLaNeT

    It’s the END of Nintendo! Ya’ll just b!tch’in and moanin cause you already spent the money on it. Believe what you want and keep those high hopes fans…. Cause when you think you know more than a credible source like CNN it makes you look stupid, and to top it off, why are you posting on here? If you know more than CNN why is your view on this thread and not out on mass media? Hmmmm? I have one yea I have one, but I’m not afraid to say that this shiny piece of shit didn’t blow my socks off… #Nintendo’s begining of the End 🙂

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I think they really need to add more apps and games, and really market both heavily.  For example, they should have a commercial where you use a Kindle app on the Gamepad (doesn’t exist, but should), then go check your email or a news website, and then open Netflix, with a banner for 1080p streaming (on the way I think), while making clear there’s also Amazon and Hulu, and end with some example of using the Gamepad independent of the TV.  Add in Wii U Panorama and/or Google Maps, maybe an internet radio service like Pandora, and some Brain Age and/or Wii Fit, and you have the ultimate casual ad.  For gamers, show a clip reel of out and upcoming games with some fitting background music, paying special attention to exclusive games and features and ending with clips from eshop games and flicking through the apps quickly just to show they’re there.  The commercials I’ve seen fail to appeal to anyone, and that’s perhaps their biggest problem.

  • Stephen Staver

    Nintendo is just as “doomed” as Apple. 
    Come on people, get real.

    •  Nintendo tried to get like Apple, but Apple sells to people who love a Ferrari and it’s look and prestige, but can only afford the bus or a Kia!  Those people buy just to be a part of the crowd, not because they really wanted it.

  • Kirzan

    VC should have come with it. Seriously, then number 3 would not have mattered at all. Out of retail releases? Get that old game you absolutely loved and play with it. I know I’d be a much happier Wii U customer if the VC was on that thing. I’d still gladly wait for MH3, but I wouldn’t ask myself crazy questions like: “Should I get Black Ops 2 Wii U? I already own it on a different platform… I just need to justify my puchase.”

    I will, btw, I will get BLOPS 2 just because 1 week after buying the thing it’s already gathering dust.

    Nintendo has to understand that it’s not the 80s anymore. People don’t buy 1 game a year and people don’t spend 120 hours in SMB anymore. We, need, games! I’ll deal with the firmware. I actually think it isn’t bad at all. I already bought it, so a price drop this soon would piss me off. We just need games, man.

    • Laud

      Yeah they do, around 60% of people either buy halo or COD and play them until the next Halo or Cod come out.

      Btw, the VC is out on the Wii U, just go into the Wii app and launch the VC from there. Unless you mean it should be on the Wii U and come with off-tv play and all that.

      You have to be patient for that. 

      Before you complain tell me what other console has had backwards compatibility and lets you play games from several generations ago FROM launch? It took Sony like 4 years to do it and they decided to drop backwards compatibility.

      You’re asking for AAA games at the launch of a console! There are tons of games too, you haven’t seen the indie games in the Eshop have you? You can’t complain about new games when you aren’t willing to try them.

      • Kirzan

        Stop assuming and think it through before pressing the post button. I have 3 indie games on the eshop. Nano Assault, Switch Force and Trine 2. I also have ZombiU and New SMBU. I never owned a Wii, so using the Wii’s emulator’s VC would turn out to be quite costly in the end, and I’ll have to pay more money when the games come out with Gamepad support (which is neat, cause they will be portable on it. One of the reasons I currently enjoy Balloon Fight).

        The first model PS3 had PS2 support, it’s part of why it was so damn expensive, and PSN didn’t take long to have a few PS1 classics. I seriously don’t understand where that “4 years” comment comes from. 4 years past launch every single model at retail DIDN’T have PS2 support. Check your facts, please.

        I’m not asking for AAA games at launch. Again you’re assuming and putting words in my mouth. What I’m saying is: NOT HALF A YEAR LATER. ZombiU won’t make people buy a Wii U. New SMB U won’t either. History has shown us numerous times that Monster Hunter games alone sell platforms. That’s half a year later.

        It doesn’t even have to be MH3 either. The fact that the Wii U was planned to not have 1 RPG for 5 months after release is just careless. Like I said, I never asked for hundreds of games at release. 1 RPG within a reasonable time frame after launch would have been nice. You know, covering everyone’s tastes.

        • Laud

          People assume things when they don’t have enough information, all you have to do is clarify and that’s it, you don’t need to be insulted.

          Btw, the PSN took longer than a year to get a ‘few’ PS1 classics.

          The Wii U is going to get a VC with not just a few but a LOT of games plus it will always have backwards compatibility.

          Yeah sure, you have all these games, why are you complaining about a lack of games then? Do you not enjoy any of them? Have you finished all of them? 

          I don’t get you, it’s almost as if you’re complaining just to complain.

  • MetroidZero

    People actually take the words from CNN seriously?

    Their news coverage sucks. I expect their gaming expertise to be far less…if that’s possible.

  • Takarashi282

    1. Lowering the price for the Wii U will make Nintendo lose more money on the console, and the price is just fine, a good deal if you ask me.
    2. They are.
    3. If they accelerate the development process, then the games to come would be worse than they could be. 
    CNN is just taking this from the consumer’s perspective, and not really thinking about what would happen to the company if 1. and 3. were to come to pass.

  • RoyCar69

    Ok. How many of us read the source article? It sounds like the author is just your average casual gamer who probably plays more on his iphone than consoles. I like how he states that the Wii U is $300 and climbs from there. Climbs? Implying that it marketed to be like buying a new car in which by the time you add in all the features that make it something you would want to drive ~the price has almost doubled. Hello mister popular trend fortune teller. 50 bucks more will get you 4 times the onboard memory, a console stand, a GamePad stand and charging station, and a copy of the Nintendo Land game. A no brainer and almost gift from Nintendo. You probably spend more than that on at Starbucks a week.

  • RoyCar69

    My second point touches on the firmwire. Really? Ever navigated through a Blu-ray/DVD players app menu to launch Hulu or Netflix? Or through your Big Screen TV? Those onboard apps run like crap. But they are nice to have and we deal with them. I like that Nintendo is trying to create an all in one entertainment system. With it’s power efficient running main unit and touch screen/second viewing screen, what else out there could match it? Think about the different scenerios. Wife is on the couch watching Greys Anatomy, pick up the GamePad/Headphone sit next to her and play a game or watch a cool action/horror flick. Watch TV and browse internet. Watch sports and get out stats and chat rooms on your GamePad. Watch a movie with the wife while the kid is entertained with a game or kiddie show… the potential is endless! 

  • RoyCar69

    My last and most important point touches on games. We all realize how long it takes to make a core game these days right? 2,3 and even up to 4 years. Everyone wants grade A titles but don’t want to wait for them. But lets think about a launch title. How long does a developer really have with new hardware? How long do we want a developer to have? Don’t we all want the latest technology possible? Or do we want tons of games with 3,4 year old tech? We all don’t consider that developers will be investing $$ into games that will have a very low install base. 3 million systems and only a fraction of those owners will actually buy their game. In a day where game developing companies can live or die with just one game it’s just too big a gamble. It’s up to us fans everyone. Let’s support our favorite entertainment/game company ‘Nintendo’. Without their innovation consoles would be nothing more than a one dimensional experience.

  • Graham Gillman

    I wish were all a community again. Who cares about which console is better? Just get along and stop being idiotic.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    and they are absolutely correct

  • sup3rnoah

    Accelerate game development…? Nintendo has so many first party games compared to Sony and Microsoft.

    •  The same OLD games for the last 30 years!  They fail to realize that people get tired of those (maybe not in Japan) and it looks like nothing new and nothing to get.

  • Justin Gray

    CNN needs to figure out what they are going to do if they ever want an audience. They have the worst ratings of any news outlet.

  • Sidney Majurie

    CNN knows how to throw away money on useless gimmicks like holograms hoping to create ratings at the expense of real journalism. Just shut up CNN and stop laying off and forcing your real journalists to become journalism advisors for tv shows like Network on HBO. True story.

  • Jonn McNally

    Seriously, after all that was revealed in that past Nintendo Direct, people have suddenly become convinced that Nintendo will fall? I for one feel they have redeemed themselves.

  • nuttyriv3r

    The logic here is that Nintendo needs to spend more money (marketing, ramping up development) and make less profit (cut the price of Wii U) in order to create more revenue (volume based industry) to look better on paper. OK so that’s how companies survive, I guess. Look at RIM, dude..they shouldn’t be alive. Look at Apple, they shouldn’t be alive (get in the way back machine and look at how awful they were before Jobs came back – and look at how their supposed competitor pumped a considerable amount of money into them to keep them going). Nintendo has way too many fans and too many respectful adversaries to ever die in this generation. It’s nonsense.

  • jacob kistinger

    cnn says this now but listen up sony wants to make used games illegal for their console and xbox and ps4 both want their prices to be 500

    •  Listen up – so?  You don’t know the prices of these machines and people spend a lot on cell phones.

  • M_V_Allen

     I think it is absolutly crazy when people are talking sales numbers and refer to 3 million as “poor” sales figures despite the console itself having only actaully been on the market not even 3 whole months yet. another thing as well i swear i read some where that due to the over-whelming success of the DS that Nintendo had several Billion $$$’s in the bank, i believe same source said that in fact Nintendo had so much money fromt he profit of the DS that it could have an entire home console generation be an utter failure and yet it would still be fine financialy, at least at first. I also believe that to predict Nintendo’s downfall this early on is utter madness then again Nintendo’s downfall is not exactly a new topic of conversation for some people. does make you wonder though if Nintendo put the launch price of the Wii U at $350 what is the price for the nextbox/ps4 going to be? remembering that Sony paid a heavy price last time around when the PS3 orginally was over $600


    All the people who are dissing Wii U, and saying it sucks, and it’s games are shit…really need to shut the fuck up. You may not like Wii U’s games but that doesn’t mean you need to talk all kinds of shit…people spend months, sometimes years making games for you people, sure they get paid, and it’s not like some random ass job at mcdonalds. People try hard to get jobs in the gaming industry because they wanna make games people play and enjoy. If your gonna talk shit, get out there and make your own danm games as not-shity as you want. All the stupid, selfish people need to just stop…sorry…

    •  Lol!  Well, they need to conduct marketing and make games that people want to play!

  • See, even CNN Money, which watches business knows that Nintendo is done for!  They’d better hire me fast if they want to survive! 

  • slims_post

    The trouble with Nintendo is it’s gradually becoming a console that’s only worth buying for first party games. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo make some great games and I’m not saying there isn’t any decent third party games at present but it’s definitely going that way and putting off third party developers. The Wii was cheap enough to buy that even if it hadn’t been fully supported by third party software it would still be worth buying for the first party titles but I can’t see the general public (non Nintendo loyalists) paying current Wii U prices just for the first party games, and MS & Sony’s next gen consoles will be out soon and any third party ports the Wii U does get are going to look vastly inferior on it.

    Nintendo are kind of victims of their own success, the rise and fall nature of the Wii must have caught them by supprise. When they were outselling the other consoles week in, week out by large margins they must have thought it would keep going but the sales started to drop off as fast as they started leaving them little option but to bring out a new console which is only a slight improvement on the last gen MS/Sony consoles with generally less perceived innovation than the original Wii and a higher price tag.

  • bizzy gie

    So the Wii U has to lower its price, but it’s okay for the Xbox 360 ($300-400) and PS3 ($250-350) to cost that much and much and more when they’re seven-years-old? The Wii U is in its 3rd month of public existence. I wonder what cacophony will arise when the other two next gen consoles release.

  • yamiryuu_zero

    Why does everyone bother with the price? It’s good as it’s now: Nintendo is getting their profit and it’s not so expensive to the point where no one can buy it. That’s something that won’t change so early like they want because it doesn’t need to.

    About the updates, Nintendo already said they are going to launch updates to cut the loading time. We know they launch updates regularly since the Wii launched, so it’s not something to be concerned about. Eventually there will be an update that attends their expectations.

    And lastly, their franchises. The console doesn’t have half a year, and we already got Pikmin 3 and a Zelda remake coming. We know Nintendo doesn’t rush with their franchises, and it’s always worth the wait.

    Seriously CNN, stay away from gaming news. I’ve seen lots of high schoolers with no proper formation in journalism universities who know how to get information on the gaming market in a much professional fashion then you guys do!

  • David Rampa

    A pricecut? for what? here in switzerland the ps3 cost over 1000 CHF when it first released. im extremley satisfied with the price considering with what i got for it. its a great machine, great graphics, awesome controller, backward compatible, mii verse, its own type of blueray discs, tons tons tons more! people are just cheapskates.