Jun 19th, 2013


If you’re planning on buying New Super Luigi U when it comes to the eShop tomorrow, there’s an extra special Club Nintendo promotion that might be interesting to you as well. Nintendo is giving away 980 Year of Luigi pins to commemorate the release to any US and Canadian residents.

All you need to do to be entered into the sweepstakes is download New Super Luigi U from the Nintendo eShop and fill out the Club Nintendo registration survey as usual. Once that’s completed, you’ll be entered into a chance to win one of the pins. Additionally, Club Nintendo is offering double coins on the survey if you finish it by August 1st.

Let us know if you’ll be picking up New Super Luigi U tomorrow in the comments below.

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  • Dave_Val

    I’ll prefeer the disc version

    • Ken Seymour

      Definitely agree, and will say this is complete BS!! They are trying way to hard to force us to buy digital. No reason we have to wait 2 months longer to get a physical copy, which as far as I know doesn’t release till late August, and since it will be past August 1st, people who get the physical copy…for more money mind you… can’t participate in this giveaway… Definite BS…

      • ludist210

        New Super Luigi U was originally conceived as an expansion pack to New Super Mario Bros. U. It wasn’t intended to be retail until later in the development cycle. The plus side to the retail release is that you don’t need to own NSMBU to play it. The downside? You’ll wait two extra months and pay $10 more (as well as miss out on this giveaway) to play it.

        To me, this is a no-brainer. I own NSMBU, game comes out tomorrow and is a bit easier on the wallet.

        • Thomas Vienna

          Yeah, but I don’t want to spend the extra money and hassle on a terrabyte hard drive. It would look terrible with my Wii U, be a pain to set up along with everything else, and could get damaged (especially with kids running around) or worn out with age.

          No thanks.

          • sdmac200600

            Terrabyte harddrives aren’t expensive and you don’t have to get a terrabyte drive anyways. 500 gigs is even cheaper. all you have to do is plug it in to the back of your wii u if you don’t want it to be seen and again all you have to do is plug it in and it is set.

          • Thomas Vienna

            I’d be spending $80 to save $10 on one game and some small rewards. If they offered discounts on all digital downloads (like they should, since they make so much more money on them anyway), then it would be very worth it. And besides, I prefer physical copies anyway.

          • sdmac200600

            I prefer physical copy also but I’m not gonna torture myself for 2 months without playing the game when I’m about 3 taps away from installing and playing the game. I’m buying both because I need a physical copy but I want to play the DLC day 1.

          • Fred

            Now that’s how you support the games you love!

          • Fred

            they do offer discounts on all digital downloads it’s called the deluxe digital promotion 10% back I love it plus this game is 33% cheaper digitally so first you get 33% off then you get 10% back then you get double coins (I’d love that pin but I’m not banking on the possibility) GREAT DEAL!

          • Thomas Vienna

            Dang, I didn’t get the Deluxe, because I wanted my Wii U at launch, and they sold out of Deluxes.

          • Fred

            Oh that stinks I wish the promotion applied to everyone.

          • ludist210

            I’ve got a nine-month old that’s crawling and my 1 TB hard drive sits in the TV Cabinet behind doors that she can’t open (along with the Wii U and PS3). Besides, it’s a 1.5 GB download. If you have the Deluxe model, you’ve got more than enough room.

            If you prefer physical, that’s fine (I usually do), but this seems more ideal.

          • Fred

            With my kids I’m more worried about lost/broken/scratched discs. My 2TB hard drive is hidden behind the TV and nobody even knows it’s there so the kids have never touched it, but they watch us grab Wii games Wii U games PS3 games DVD Blu-Rays and they see where they are and then they figure out how to get to them and before I know it cases and discs are on the floor.

          • Zorlac79

            You don’t need a terabyte HDD to download a couple hundred Megabyte file.
            There are so many positive reasons to just download the “expansion pak” rather than getting all upset for no real reason and making yourself miss out!
            If you are that worried about or low on space, buy a 16 gig usb drive for $10 and plug it in the back! You wont see it really at all and will have a ton of more space, since you do disc based games anyways.

      • Stephen Macneil

        I really think you’re being unfair. Luigi was supposed to be DLC from day one and because Nintendo didn’t only want people who owned the original game to have they are making it available for retail. How often does Xbox or PS3 DLC come out on a stand alone disc format. Really, they didn’t even have to release it for retail so it’s simply a bonus.

        • Ken Seymour

          Sorry, but I will never waste a dime on a digital video game unless they come up with a way where we can pay to have all of our DLC put on discs so we can have it forever, not just for as long as they support the platform. Years down the road when you look at the hundreds or thousands of dollars you spent on digital and your console hard drive dies and you can’t download them again you will realize why people like me have a physical collection of games worth possibly more than we spent on them thanks to the lack of physical copies available and people who bought digital and have nothing to show for it. Say what you want, but it is a fact that cannot be denied.

          • Stephen Macneil

            I always buy the disc, unless the digital format is cheaper. But I really think you’re missing the point that dlc isn’t an actual game by itself. It’s added content to the game, after release. For a game like Luigi it’s fine, but you could really be missing on on added content to games on other consoles. For instance, I am really looking forward to the added content on Bioshock Infinite. To want that on a disc doesn’t make sense for what it is though.

          • Ken Seymour

            It will make sense 6 months down the road when they release the whole game with all DLC on disc and call it the GOTY edition for the price of the original game with no DLC. This is why they do it, because some people don’t pay attention to the whole picture. The honest truth is New Luigi U is a whole game in itself since it is the same size as the original with just as many levels. DLC is an addition to a game, this is a completely new game just re-using the original engine and world map. If you view it like that, every CoD is not a sequel, its just dlc, same game with new levels. If luigi U was actually dlc we wouldn’t have to tell the game which version we want to play it would just continue on from the original, it does not.

          • Stephen Macneil

            Yes, but this is all just semantics. Luigi uses all the same game files from Mario, so it’s not really a whole new game unless you chose to see it that way. That’s why it’s only $20-30. Also, If someone wants to wait 6 to 18 months for a GOTY that’s their choice, but most people want to have games like Bioshock or Skyrim when they come out. Like I said, it’s all a fine line and semantics at this point but I really think Nintendo isn’t doing anything wrong releasing Luigi as DLC, or offering it as a disc for those who did not buy the original game. The disc will have the files needed from Mario to play, while the download will not.

      • No one is forcing anyone. You can still get the physical copy but you just do not get the extras. They only made a physical copy due to customer requests anyway since this was supposed to be DLC or an expansion of SMB U from the beginning.

        To me this is no different that any other company making an offer and saying Offer Only Valid Online or something.

        I understand the concerns about buying digital but I think you and some others are blowing it way out of proportion.

      • LopsidedPasta

        How the crap is that BS? You expect them to hunt down everyone who buys physical and enter them into the sweepstakes? You want to go to gamestop and fill out all your personal information right there in the store? Digital is the future, and Nintendo wants people to be comfortable with it before it becomes the only way to get games. Have some perspective. I swear, being on the internet should be a privilege for those of us with common sense.

        • Ken Seymour

          Wow, why does everyone want to argue lol. Everything I have said is the truth, point out what isn’t and we can talk. No one expects anyone to hunt them down. You can easily enter online once you have the retail copy yourself. The whole point of the argument is they are basically forcing you to get digital to be part of the sweepstakes. It is pretty straight forward argument, I don’t care about the sweepstakes, I care about waiting 2 more months to get the game because I don’t want digital. I want everyone else to buy digital, so my physical copies will one day be that much more rare 🙂 I’m just stating facts, and another fact is one day it will be one of you digital downloaders buying my physical copy years down the road because you want to play it and no longer have it. Also if you think digital is the future you aren’t thinking it through, games are getting bigger every generation and more ISP’s are putting download bandwidth caps, imagine only get 1 game a month because of a 50 gig maximum download or paying for more bandwidth to download a game on top of what you paid for it. So why don’t you have some perspective since it is rude people like yourself who should not be on the internet. Unlike you, I don’t not come here to start an argument. I thought we were here because we all support Nintendo, not to fight amongst ourselves…

          • LopsidedPasta

            Haha, I’ll be buying my games from you? This is the first full scale game I’ve ever bought online (Even though it’s still DLC for a previously established title). Give me a break. And why shouldn’t Nintendo wait 2 months to release the digital version? As I said before, digital is the future. Just look at Steam, and that proves it. Getting consumers to feel good about digital distribution is a very important step for Nintendo, and one that will pay off when MS and Sony are struggling in this field.

  • Nyaria

    Well, I’m not sure if I’m gonna buy the Disc or Digital Version, I mean, the digital one is 10 dolars cheaper… but, I’m still unsure as I’m not gonna buy New Super Luigi U soon and maybe it will be at the same price or cheaper at second hand when I’m gonna buy it.

    Or I can just buy it right now for the promotion, but I don’t live on US (and I’m not gonna pay some dolars of transport for a pin) and 20+ coins at Club Nintendo is not that great, either. I think I’ll pass.

  • iceazeama

    what do i get the dlc that cost 18$ or the fucking green physical version!!! aahhhh!!!!

  • Superstick98

    Darn it. Why couldn’t this have happened when I HAD money? xD

  • Steve

    Just got a Wii U a week ago. I’m still trying to figure out how to register games on club Nintendo.

    • boynhisblobs

      If you have a club nintendo account and link it to your wii u account all downloaded games will automatically go to your club nintendo account. Any games you buy you have to find the club nintendo slip in the game box and register the code on the club nintendo website.

      if you bought the deluxe set you also get 10% back on all downloaded games at another nintendo website, the deluxe digital promotion i believe?

  • Lee Skilton

    Im waiting for a real pikachu in the points catalogue

  • Jon

    my plan is the physical copy so they better offer this with the physical too…. heck they get more money from it 😛

    • Fred

      They don’t get more money from the disc. It’ll cost you more, but amazon/walmart/best buy gets a cut of that money plus printing the disc and shipping it costs something.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Probably not any of them. Im sick and tired of NSMB series and this looks EXACTLY like the others. Well, 300 second shorter levels… I think N. made it to easy this time. They should have released a new Luigis Mansion, and introduced GCN on Virtual Console with the Gamecube version (aswell as Mario is missing or the like). It would be a logical move that everyone would love. And I want Nintendo to show that its so much more than a 2D console.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      bought this crap anyways. It was ok.

  • bizzy gie

    980? Why not 1,000?

  • Victor O

    Will be getting digital version tomorrow. $10 cheaper. Though I can’t trade it in, I imagine this will be a fun game to have for sometime. Sad to miss out on a disc, but ready for Luigi.

  • Pikachief

    I hope I can win the 980 pins!!

  • Hmm… Maybe I will get it…

  • thedeciderU

    oooh, nintendo. a pin. i guess i’ll have to get it tomorrow. wait… dumbest promotion ever.

    • Ken Seymour

      it may sound dumb, but its the fact that there are only 980, that means instant collectible that will be valuable 10 years from now when most of them lose or destroy theirs 🙂

      • thedeciderU

        i do understand it will be collectible, it just sounds funny since it’s a pin and not something a bit more…um, better. i am definitely beginning to be more of a collector with certain things, but this doesn’t really interest me. i am really excited for the game though, but i am waiting to pick up the hard copy.

  • sdmac200600

    I’ll be getting both digital and retail. Can’t wait 2 months so I’ll buy the digital to play and the physical as a collectible.

    • 8ruc3

      Exactly like me! 😀

  • Mochlum

    I’m buying it tomorrow digitally. I don’t really see the point in buying it for 10 extra dollars just for a box. Not to mention I’ll still be able to bring it to friends’ houses, because it will be on the NSMBU disc….

    • Fred

      “Not to mention I’ll still be able to bring it to friends’ houses, because it will be on the NSMBU disc….”
      Wait what? if you download it onto your Wii U it WON’T be on the disc

      • Mochlum

        You can download it directly to NSMBU, I’m pretty sure at least.

        • Fred

          You can download it directly to your Wii U if you own NSMBU, but your Wii U can’t burn it onto the disc.

          • Mochlum

            Oh… now I understand… (Don’t look at me that way, I don’t understand how this technology works…)

    • 8ruc3

      Humm… I don’t think you know what a dlc is… “The New Super Luigi U” game will not magically appear on the “New Super Mario Bros. U” disc after you buy it… If you buy it digitally, it will be in your Wii U as an expansion and not on the NSMBU disc. The NSMBU disc will be require to play it. The point of selling NSLU on a disc after its digital release is for people who don’t own the NSMBU disc and just want the NSLU game alone. The disc version will not require NSMBU to play it…

  • dgallo911

    If I buy the digital how many club points do I get? If its 600 Ill buy it cause that should give me enough points for a decent item also gow does the digital discount work? Ive never purchased a full game on the wii u

  • felony211662

    I’m getting it! Put the 20 bucks on my account first day just for this

  • 8ruc3


  • Andrei Gdo Abarca

    I wouldn’t mind getting digitals if Nintendo can allow me to resell it when i want to get ride of a game or lend it to somebody else.

  • barwiifan

    I thought that New Super Luigi U was ADDED onto the New Super Mario Bros. U disc? I thought that was what DLC was, am I wrong?

  • Wiiluigi

    One of each please and thank you.