Mar 11th, 2014


With a new month comes a new batch of games available for download with Club Nintendo points. This month we have Yoshi and Bonsai Barber for the Wii U, and Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters and Number Battle for Nintendo 3DS. Usually these titles cost about the same amount of coins, but this month Yoshi and Number Battle are available for 200 coins, while Kid Icarus costs 150 and Bonsai Barber an expensive 250.

If you’re interested in either of these four games for either the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll have until March 31 or so to get them before they switch over to April’s games.

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  • Capt. Smoker

    o.0 Did I….. miss something?, how does this work?

    • when you buy nintengo games and consoles you register the game, you collect coins and buy games or free shipping collectibles items.

  • Ace


  • so when it says Wii/Wii U, that means it has to be Wii mode, yes?

    • Toadlord

      Yep. That’s what made me hold off on Mario RPG last month.

      • Moyack

        yeah, me too T_T

      • cool, thanks >.>

      • Scott McKay

        Should have gotten Mario RPG, because when it is available on Wii U’s virtual console you’d only have to pay for the upgrade

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I dont understand why they do that? Maybe its for those only have a Wii or something…

      • Mr. Berzerk

        If they just removed the locks on the emulation, it wouldn’t matter. There is no legitimate excuse for wii U VC, Wii VC, and 3DS VC seperation.

    • Squidward

      Oh please I have no soul…..

  • Kevin James McAllister

    Some day they’ll put a game up on Club Nintendo that at least vaguely interests me and that I don’t already own. Some day…

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I don’t see these games as worth it. Club Nintendo from what I see, is meh. Glad I play old games on emulators.

      • Ghost8484

        i agree.

      • val berger

        it once shows that Nintendo is too stuck on their legacy. Noone really cares about 25yrs old Gameboy games. They sometimes act as if we should really feel excited about these ports. Super Metroid was really worth the excitement, especially for those 30cents, but that’s it.

        • Nathanmg

          There’s plenty of people who DO care, the problem being a huge number of them wouldn’t pay the price asked for them.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Most would rather play them on emulators.

          • Gregg


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Tell that to the many that do around the world. Illegally or legally.


          • Gregg

            Tell that to MILLIONS that don’t.


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Tell that to the MILLIONS that do.


          • Nathanmg

            Because of the cost, after all the Wii plays them through its own emulator to begin with, if they were free surely many more would download them and play with their Nintendo controllers.

            This is coming from someone who mostly plays those games on emulators (where I don’t own a hard copy).

          • val berger

            I really think that 70% of those VC-games are quite a waste of development ressources. Sure it’s nice to not only have AAA Blockbusters like Super Mario World so you may be able to discover something new, but as you said with these pricetags, I’m really not into that. You can say what you want against mobile games, but on the Apple store, if you are willing to pay 4-5$ you can really get quite good software. I mean new games. Like Indiestuff and so on. I understand that they think their stuff is worth more than that, but not that much more.

      • Gregg

        You mean you steal them. Super….

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Actually, I dump my own cartridges. So no, that’s not stealing and is perfectly legal. ;P

    • Ghost8484

      till then i just let my points pile up lol

  • Deadpool U

    Damn it! I spent the last of my coins on Punch out!

    • Fred

      That’s easy buy a few more games on your WIi U/3DS even if they aren’t published by Nintendo, if you download them you’ll still get coins

  • Ducked

    Crappy games to spend my coins on, no thanks.

    Expand the flipping virtual console Nintendo!

    • Squidward

      Its about time they did……..

  • cthreep

    Before everyone flips out saying that all these options SUCK (which is what I thought when I first read them) … just know that Bonsai Barber is a really wacky and fun game. I watched the trailer for it and decided “what the heck, what’s the use in saving all my coins and never spending them??” So I paid the 250 coins and got it. And it rules.

  • Moyack

    why are they not putting Wii U games!!! it’s like they are igniring the Wii U!! I don’t want to play on the Wii emulator!

    • Moyack


  • Sam

    Nothing of interest to me…

  • Mr. Berzerk

    I love how very few people use club nintendo. I buy used games and the codes are still in them, never used.

    • Andrew Longo

      every time i get a used game my codes are expired ur lucky haha

  • Squidward


    • Nintendofreak


  • Ricky__Spanish

    What a pile of shit

  • Rick Valenta

    Weak! I realize now why I have almost 3k points…because there’s nothing good on cn. What about a gold pro controller in enough quantities for everyone to get who wants one? Id spend all my coins! How about new indie titles or even retail titles in the wii u eshop? Charge more for them well pay it.. Enough lame 10 y o puzzle games already..