Jul 8th, 2014


The new game rewards are up on Club Nintendo for July and coins have rolled over for next year, so hopefully you were able to get in your last minute surveys to get either Gold or Platinum for the year of 2013. If you were holding onto a bunch of surveys and wanted to save them to start your year of 2014, you’re now safe to start filling them out.

This month we have a classic collection of games available for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. For 3DS owners, you can get Kid Icarus or Metal Torrent for 200 coins. Wii U owners can pick up Donkey Kong Jr. for 200 coins, or Paper Mario for 250 coins. The extra 50 coins for Paper Mario is worth it, considering it’s one of the best RPGs that started the whole Paper Mario franchise.

Platinum and Gold rewards for 2013 haven’t been announced yet, but we’ll be sure and let you know when they are so you can choose what you’ll receive.

Will you be picking up any of these games?

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  • Shagrath1983

    I like turtles

  • LevenThumps

    Does anyone know for sure if the Gamecube adapter for the WiiU will work with Paper Mario? I want to get the game, and I’m willing to wait for the adapter to come out, but I want to make sure I can use my Gamecube controllers.

    • chocodino

      The adapter is for the wii u, while paper mario is for the wii VC, therefore, no, the only way to play paper mario with a gamecube controler is using a wii [the older ones with gamecube compatibility], or using emulation on a pc

      you can also use a gemcube to wiimote adapter, to use your gamecube controles as a wii clasic controler

      • MerryBlind .

        Heerr….. what makes you think the adapter will only work in Wii U mode? Did they confirm this? I’m really hoping too that they’re going to work in Wii mode, otherwise I won’t bother with them since I already have Pro Controllers.

        • chocodino

          never confirmed but……

          for them to be compatible with the wii mode, they would need to update ALL the games and ALL the IOS, at most, they could give compatibility with downloaded games, but the wii is more than death, it’s not profitable and not worth the efforth [updating everything is hard work, if the wii worked on a diferent way it might have been easier, but they basically would have to remake the entire wii software, because IOS can only do as much as they where programed to, and you can only use one at a time, thats why you can only use SDHC in games that use an IOS who supports them and the game have to be actually programed to read the SDHC [thats why SSBB doesn’t read SDHC, and Robckband 3 does, even after the “SDHC update”, [that added a SDHC compatible IOS (54 if I remember right] and updated the menu IOS to allow SDHC]

          in fact, the wii had a lot of potential, just look at the scene there is, you can load games off a HHD, apply on-the-fly patches, download content directly to the SD, even make SSBB read an SDHC (using a code and forcing the game to load using a IOS with SDHC compatibility]

          • MerryBlind .

            Ok I have no idea what you’re talking about sorry.

            What I am thinking is simply that since the Wii was compatible with GameCube controllers, well the adapter might just fool the Wii into thinking it’s the same thing as the GameCube ports on the original Wiis.

          • chocodino

            That could be possible if the adapter made an on-the-fly patch to
            redirect the gamecube I/O to the USB [or the menu IOS], I’m not saying
            is impossible, but I don’t think nintendo would do it [it requires money
            and time, for something that will make them 0$, especially if they make
            a 64 virtual console, they would give another reason to “update” your
            already bought games (for a fee, of course) giving them Gamecube
            controller compatibility].

            sorry that you didn’t understand, in summary, while possible, it’s not something nintendo would normally invest resources on

            note: if this reaches you two times, its because Disqus didn’t seem to process my coment

  • 00EpicGamer00

    I got Paper Mario. :3
    I just need the right controller. -.-

  • desgraciado79

    They’ve been up since yesterday…

  • Ben Woolley

    Why can’t the Nintendo club in Europe have these offers instead of the rubbish star catalog?

    • Victor Gonçalves

      if it eases your pain, in south america we don’t even have a club nintendo and we change our region to canada to use Eshop decently : (

      • Merry_Blind

        Why Canada?

  • Ducked

    Well I hope August has better in store for us.

  • anthony optimo

    DK jr for 200 coins, and Paper Mario for 250? That’s seem highly unreasonable, DK Jr should be 50 coins and Paper Mario’s price sounds just right.

    I’ve never played PM, is it worth it? I really want Star Fox 64 to be an option.

    • Will W

      Paper Mario is a great game. Not as fun as Mario RPG, but it definitely is worth playing!

    • Timothy Mercier

      PM is definately worth it! Better then any other mario rpg’s (mario and luigi/any other paper mario). Never played super mario rpg so i cant speak to that.

      • AM Real

        Thousand Year Door > Paper Mario

        • Timothy Mercier

          didnt like that one as much

          • anthony optimo

            I think I just might roll the dice and download it but I guess I need more convincing.

      • Royan Rannedos

        Mario RPG is the perfect blend of Squaresoft and Nintendo.

  • Sdudyoy

    If I didn’t already have Paper Mario.

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    Oooh, Paper Mario. I’ve always wanted to try that.

    200 coins for DK Jr. is crazy, though.

    • pacheco90

      Dude… Go for Paper Mario, you won´t regret it…

    • JCdude

      Paper Mario looked interesting to me as well, too bad the Gamecube controller adaptor for Wii U doesn’t come out until later this year…

      • triplegamer3K .

        The vwii doesn’t have nearly enough memory for vc games,so i usually pass.hopefully they will be on the wii u virtual console soon.

        • Michael Legault

          you can download them on the wii u, just have to start wii mode

          • triplegamer3K .

            Yeah.But really,i’d rather have wii u vc,and they could have put something more recent for the club nintendo spot.

          • Elsemir

            But you have to have a Classic Controller, connected to a Wii Remote. Gamepad and Wii U Pro Controller do not work in Wii Mode at all.

      • MerryBlind .

        Yeah I’m really hoping that adapter will work in Wii Mode. I would already have bought plenty of Wii VC titles like Smash Bros. or Zelda if I was able to use my Pro Controller with those. And I don’t want to buy Classic Controllers…

        • Elsemir

          I would not have high hopes. Stupid unreasonable hardware incompatibility seems to be Nintendo thing,,,

          • MerryBlind .

            Well since the GameCube controller was compatible with the original Wii, maybe this adapter will just fool the console into thinking it’s the exact same thing as the GameCube ports the Wii had on top.

          • JCdude

            Same here, I’m hoping the adaptor will work for Wii games that use GameCube controllers as well, my brother specifically loves to use GameCube controllers in Brawl.

          • Merry_Blind

            I bought Smash Brawl with my Wii U thinking it would work with Pro Controllers -.-

            I barely played the game because I have to use Wiimote+Nunchuk…

          • JCdude

            I was going to get a classic controller before I saw the GameCube controller adapter. Saves me money, because classic controllers and Wiimotes are still pretty expensive. Also, you can play Brawl with just a Wiimote.

          • Merry_Blind

            Just a Wiimote is even worse than Wiimote+Nunchuk.

          • JCdude

            I actually prefer it, but everyone has their own opinion.

  • Timothy Mercier

    I didnt know paper mario was on virtual console! buying as soon as i get home! this game made me fall in love with RPG’s, mario and most important nintendo! everyone should buy and play, sooo much fun!

    • Timothy Mercier

      im trying to buy this game on eshop. what am i missing? lol

      • MerryBlind .

        It’s not on the Wii U eShop right now; only on the Wii eShop. So you have to go into Wii Mode, go in the eShop in there, and buy it there. Then to access it, you have to be in Wii Mode. It’s like that for many games. For example, people complain there still aren’t N64 games on the Wii U eShop, but you can get many on the Wii Mode right now!

        The only downside, at least for me, is that you need Wii controllers to play them; Wii U Pro Controllers and GamePad aren’t compatible. I don’t really feel like playing Zelda or Mario 64 with a Wiimote….

        Which is why I REALLY hope the GameCube adapter for Smash will work in Wii Mode, so that I can play some Ocarina of Time with a GameCube controller. Sounds good to me.

        • Timothy Mercier

          Why wouldnt they have one e-shop for both consoles like PS? Thats insane that they would be seperate! With both systems the library would be massive! I too do not wanna play this game with a wii mote, dont even have one to start the wii menu.. this is all very dissapointing! Im ready to give my money to you nintendo..

          • MerryBlind .

            Totally agree, it’s really retarded. It seems it’s the best way they’ve found to give us retro-compatibility with the Wii. I guess I’m happy that we at least did get retro-compatibility.

  • Jason

    Got Paper Mario. Does Mario’s HP stay at 10 throughout the whole game? I leveled up and it stayed the same.

    • Alan Michael Hensley

      no, i believe you can choose to get more HP, FP or one other thing each time you lv up

      • pacheco90

        HP is your life, Fp for special abilities and BP to equip badges

  • Vk-

    Paper Mario!

    Next-gen can burn for what i care!

  • Brandon Burce

    Just got Kid Icarus 3D, I think I’m gonna have fun 🙂

  • steveb944


  • Phil A

    Do you have a list of all the previous months games?

  • firedragonsage88

    I nabbed Paper Mario. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time.

  • Nintendofreak

    HEY ASHLEY WE ARE IN 2014 NOT 2013!!!!!!!!