May 7th, 2013


For those of you who look forward to spending those well-earned Club Nintendo coins on new downloadable games, the latest batch is ready for you. The biggest title this month is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, available for the Wii Virtual Console. The rest of the titles aren’t too bad, but that’s certainly the title I’d go after if I didn’t already own it. No word on when that game will be convertible to the Wii U Virtual Console, so keep your eyes out.

  • Super Mario RPG – Wii Virtual Console – 200 coins
  • Maboshi’s Arcade – WiiWare – 150 coins
  • 3D Classics: Excitebike – 3DS eShop – 150 coins
  • Art Style: Aquia – DSiWare on 3DS – 100 coins
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  • Andrew Forza

    super mario rpg is one of the most underrated rpg’s ever i reckon

    • juancamiloarq

      It was more appealing to a wider audience than most RPGs back then; has made it into every best-RPG-ever-made list and two Nintendo franchises are based on its foundations. Underrated?

      • Andrew Forza

        it’s nowhere near as well known as say chrono trigger or final fantasy 3 (6)

    • Adrian

      Yeah, I was under the impression that this game was very well received, and very highly rated. When i was a kid I wanted this game so badly! I don’t think it was underrated at all.

  • Ken Seymour

    Are they going to start putting up Wii U VC games to buy at club Nintendo?

    • I’m sure they will once there are more games available on the WII U VC. Right now, it’s just the previous 30 cent promotion titles and a few extra games Capcom announced.

  • angel

    mario 64 on the wii u, thats all i want

    • Mason742

      i want it how they released it on the gamecube

    • Javy G

      Mario Kart 64 is I what I want. Making all the Virtual Console games playable with the Pro Controller is a SERIOUS upgrade that will make life a whole lot simpler.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    I want Super Mario RPG for Wii U VC…

  • Eduardo

    If I get Super Mario RPG with my coins for the Wii mode inside Wii U I’ll be able to pay 1.50 to upgrade to Wii U VC when it gets released to Wii U right?

    I just wish Wii VC games could be played with Wii U Pro Controller as I don’t have the classic controller to connect to a Wii Remote.

    • That’s right. It’s unfortunate you’ll have to pay for what was a “free” game in order to convert them. But hey, when it is ported to Wii U, which will probably be soon since it is a popular game, you will be able to use your Pro Controller.

    • Ace J

      yup thats what i did with super mario 64 i got for free a few months ago.

      • Adrian

        You mean you got SM64, but did not upgrade yet (but plan to upgrade), right? If you already upgraded…how did you do it? Haha

        • Ace J

          i meant i went to wii mode on my wii u to download mario 64 for free with my club coins. i haven’t upgraded because its not out yet on the wii u virtual console

  • Austin Troth

    Yeah I am also waiting until they have wii u VC games up. Hopefully my 1100 coins don’t expire before then :/

  • Devilus

    club nintendo aint available sweden =( would have lots of coins otherwise, you still get just can’t use em here =(

    • juancamiloarq

      Same here in Colombia. How come it isn’t available worldwide!? My money is on you, Nintendo, but you won’t let me!!

  • Adrian

    Bummed that this will not be Wii U VC. But I think I will get it so I can upgrade it to Wii U VC later at a discount (And I will not play it till then!). I am 30 coins away from platinum status for 2013! I hope this contributes to it!

  • MasterPpv

    I still have a working copy of Super Mario RPG for my SNES. Two of my friends and I spent our ENTIRE summer between 8th grade and high school doing almost nothing but playing through that game, and we don’t regret it one bit. Definitely one of my favorite games I’ve ever played <3

  • LopsidedPasta

    I might have been one of the first people to get the SMRPG reward yesterday. I was constantly refreshing their website, and I’m glad I did!

  • Steve

    Getting it right now 🙂