Aug 1st, 2013


While Club Nintendo in America usually has the better items for purchase with coins, it looks like Club Nintendo Europe is stepping it up a bit with the recent release of two Pikmin keychains. The first is a yellow pikmin sitting atop a strawberry and the second is a red pikmin on an orange. They’re both adorably cute and can be yours for just 1700 star points.

Hopefully Club Nintendo of America will see something similar for the release of Pikmin 3 here, as I’ve got tons of points I’ve been itching to spend with nothing worth buying just yet.

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  • Justin Carlson

    Can I change my platinum reward for that please?

    • Right? I’d rather have both of those than the posters I picked for platinum this year.

    • Elem187

      I don’t know, I chose the Majora’s Mask soundtrack 😉 I need some jams in the car, so why not some kickass Zelda music?

  • awww… its adorable! Enjoy it my UK brothers 🙂

    • gamesplayswill

      *hugs* Thanks man…. *sniff sniff*

      • XD *super hug across the ocean* No prob :3 hope it comes to the US as well!

      • KnowledgeIsPower

        I really want one of these. How much is that converted to NOA coins? Also, apparently you guys can get that amazing statue of the mario bros cast. Someone get e that pikmin keychain, I will gladly return the favor.

    • Zombie Boy

      I’ve just ordered the red Pikmin keyring 😀

      • lucky…

      • Shaise

        I ordered the Yellow one just now as well

    • Shaise

      I will

  • CMB

    Awesome! Too bad I lost all of my club nintendo pamphlets

  • Rioto

    Just ordered the Yellow one 🙂

  • SonicLucario

    I hope I could get my hands on one 🙂 maybe a Rock Pikmin if the make one?

  • Elem187

    I really hope NOA comes up with some sort of Pikmin swag… Everything is mario mario mario mario mario, link, mario mario mario, luigi, mario mario mario.

    • Zombie Boy

      No, you can’t have it, IT’S MINE, ALL MINE!!! Lol

  • Please tell me NOA will get these once Pikmin 3 is officially released in the US. I just got the notification that my pre-order of the game has shipped so with a little luck I could have the game on Saturday.

    • Shaise

      In the UK, I got a winged Pikmin keyring with my copy because I preordered it

  • Clel


    • Mario

      LOL! Horton hears a who. I really liked that movie!

      • bizzy gie

        -Knock! Knock!

        *Who’s there?

        -Horton hears a…

        *Horton hears a who?


        • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Ernie Sanguyo

    Has anyone ever receive the reward from elite club nintendo yet?

    • incoherent1

      If you’re referring to the rewards announced in July, then they won’t ship for awhile. Hope this helps!

  • Ren

    Meanwhile in Brazil, we paid double for every game. And the Club Nintendo does not apply to us ):

  • Mr. J

    I’ve got 950 coins right now I WANT THESE!!


    The red Pikmin is not on an orange, but a peach. Still very awesome 😀

  • david jarman

    3 more days!!!!

  • Doctors Tardis

    Really? cause I just looked though the UK club nintendo and almost everything in there looked better than the US one. I’m sitting here on 1500 coins with NOTHING I want in the club nintendo store (come on gold nunchuck… bring back the gold nunchuck)

    • Jon

      lol, yeah I know what you mean, sitting on 1230 coins myself with 270 coins worth of surveys, the Hanafuda cards I would get if they ever got them back but yeah, when the gold nunchucks came out, I had just about 1800 coins and when they did, I had 1800 coins so I got two. Now I am back up to 1230 coins….

      ok, I am quite surprised now because they even get one of the Platinum prizes from 2010 for 7000 stars….. Which kind of annoys me because I was happy with that prize as it was my first platinum prize. Then can also get Music soundtracks, points cards, actually cleaning cloths (something I have been asking for) and a few other cool things…. man I wish we could get some of those prizes

      • KnowledgeIsPower

        I know exactly how you feel. I have wanted that statue since the minute I laid eyes on its image being displayed on my personal computer’s monitor. I was not a club nintendo member when they offered it so I missed my chance. I was a member of “MyNintendo” which preceded club nintendo. You would think they gave me those for being a long time loyal customer.

    • Shaise

      Hurray! I’m in the UK, I’m only deciding which one to get?

  • Jon

    I’ve got 1230 coins on my account and another potential 270 coins and nothing I want to spend them on except the stuff that is currently unavailable….. I’d get the Hanafuda cards which is the last thing I want that NOA club Nintendo offers but they have not been in stock for a while. NoA really needs to get new stuff… it’s been mostly the same stuff since 2007.

  • NintendoNoob

    Just 1700 star points!?

  • Ducked

    My cars keys need this. At least European gamers get to enjoy this.

  • I have 1850 points, guess it’s time to spend those hard earned points 😛

  • Shaise

    I got a winged Pikmin one, I got it because I preordered it from Game. So this is how you get the other type Pikmin ones, one Club Nintendo.
    So yeah, to have gotten the winged Pikmin ones, you should have preordered Pikmin 3. Which one should I get on club Nintendo? I only have enough stars for one. theres the one with the yellow pikmin carrying a strawberry, or a red pikmin carrying an orange

  • Mochlum

    I wish the NA Club Nintendo had better prizes. 90$ of our stuff is related to Mario, and maybe one or two Kirby or Animal Crossing things. The only thing I ever spend my points on is the VC games, and even those are often reused multiple months… I just want at least one of the Pikmin plushies.

  • everyone

    Is there a conversion rate of coins to star points?

    • Shaise

      Well if you work out from how many coins did you get for your Wii U? I got 1000 stars for mine

      • KnowledgeIsPower

        I think we get like 240 for the wiiU.

  • RoboticLink

    Well, I get Majora’s Mask Complete Soundtrack, so I’m not complaining

  • Matski

    I was holding out for the Game & Watch but these are cooler, ordered both! cant wait!

  • Shaise

    So I just ordered the Yellow Pikmin one, when this arrives I’ll have two key rings in total

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    We get a receipt with ours 😛

  • where is our Golden Nunchuck voor 3000 starpoints in Europe the wait killed me so recently I ordered the platinum soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy for 5200 starpoints even though I never Played Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2 though but I telt I was wasting my starspoints and would get expired every month so I made this choice 🙂 as European awards are completely useless compared to US collectibles. And now they bring the better stuff, I hate you Nintendo Europe almost same ammount of hate as my ammount of love for Nintendo Europe.

    • Andreas Sunde

      At least you have access to Club Nintendo Europe. I live in Europe, and I don’t have that access.

      • the perfect example of the hate for Nintendo Europe. Europe wants to be one whole but even European sites/communities fail to cover all of Europe. May I ask which country you live? Because I didn’t know that it isn’t even available in all of Europe, that seriously sucks. I feel for you man it’s ridiculous that it isn’t even available in all of Europe 0_o

        Edit: nvm I read that you’re from Scandinavia Norway to be precise. Is there really no Club Nintendo Scandinavia or something? Man that sucks >_<

        • ICHI

          Someone at the top just said there’s no availability in Sweden either so there must not be 🙁 NOE can be a bit sh!t, still waiting for scribblenaughts!

          • ETeach

            Scribblenauts STILL isn’t out yet? Are you Serious???

          • ICHI

            Yeah totally, probably won’t get a release now thanks to the Nyan cat thing and that a new one is only a few months away:-(

  • Philip Johnsson

    I wish there was a club Nintendo in Sweden 🙁

    • Andreas Sunde

      Norway as well. I really don’t see the why we don’t get it.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        U guys really don’t have it? That’s a pity man… Can’t you just make an account on another nintendo website that does have club nintendo?

        • Christopher Acuna

          Club Nintendo accounts are linked to your console, and the console is locked to a region…that is why.

          • Tim van Broekhoven

            That must really suck…

        • Andreas Sunde

          I have one, registered as UK. I’ve tried to register my console, but it’s the wrong region. I can’t change the consoles region, because it doesn’t match with my Mii. And I can’t change my Mii’s region, because it has to match my console.
          But the fact that I have to do this in the first place is just bullshit.

  • Andreas Sunde

    “Club Nintendo Europe”
    More like “Club Nintendo the parts of Europe we chose to give a fuck about”.

  • JBeauregard

    I want cool sh%t, too!

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Oh yeah finally something cool 🙂 I was going for the shoelaces, but now I’m gonna order one of these! I just need 600 more stars.

  • discuss

    Since I consider everything in the Club Nintendo store junk the only thing going though my mind was “I wonder for how much I could sell this keychain”

    • KnowledgeIsPower

      I will gladly buy it. Not joking.

  • ICHI

    I got two, been waiting to spend my stars on something after I found out I couldnt get wii points on my Wii U.

  • Ross Brocklesby

    I’m sitting on 6050 points…….want the mario statue for my son at a mind blowing 7000 almost there!

  • Kane89xl

    Too bad that Club Nintendo dosen’t exist in Sweden…

  • ETeach

    First time I’ve been jealous of Club Nintendo Europe in a while, and I’m glad to see it. They could use a little Ninty love over there, it seems like they’re always getting the short end of the stick.

  • Chris Jones

    Awesome just ordered 1 of each

  • brian

    Star points?