Jun 27th, 2013


When it comes to the Wii U, some developers have been pretty vocal in their distaste for the console. Most of them still work for EA, but Darksiders 2 developer Xander Davis had specific reasons why he didn’t enjoy the Wii U at all, calling it an underpowered Xbox 360 delivered seven years too late. Now the developer seems to be changing his tune and he’s outlined five reasons on his blog as to why the Wii U is a great console.

“Finally, you may know that I had previously been pretty vocal before on how I felt about the Wii-U and the Gamepad, and admittedly, did so with less tact than I wish I had displayed. I’ve taken heat for those words, but that also didn’t change my mind. I still had my reasons. So what finally did change my mind? Nintendo changed my mind.”

So what are Davis’ reasons for the change? He’s currently working on an indie game called CIDER and fans of the game asked him to consider the Wii U as a home. Not 24 hours after fans made their opinion apparent, Nintendo reached out to him with their outline for indie developers and releasing content on the Wii U. When this happened, Davis says he went straight out and bought a Wii U in order to evaluate the experience.

Nintendo’s indie support won over a critical developer, which is a huge step in getting games you want to play onto the console you currently own. If you’re interested in reading Davis’ full blog post, you can find it here. What do you think about this news? Should Nintendo be doing this with almost every indie developer who has expressed interest in the Wii U, be it positive or negative? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks David!

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  • Way to go Nintendo!

  • uPadWatcher

    Xander Davis has finally seen the light.

    • Nothing5555

      There would be more developers like him if they were not under mega publishers who shun the Wii U because they speculate they are unable to make a buck. Due to him being an indie developer he is willing to take more risk where generate a thousand additional sales means more.

  • Tyler

    Welcome to the family, Xander Davis!

    • Nintedward

      His argument was 100% moot in the first place. The 360 never had a Gamepad which allowed Off TV play and Asymmetric play… He was being sour because THQ were going bust….

      • Nintyfan

        This is a console you need to play and see to understand it. Nintendo is killing it with the indies! Keep it up Big N!

        • Beat

          Completely agree. I had friends who were dubious about it, so I invited them to play it, and it seems everyone loves it once they actually expereience it.

          • Ibi Salmon

            That isn’t too far off the mark. While I was on my Grad-nite trip at Disneyland, we saw that they were showing off the Wii U at Downtown Disney. At around 8pm, we went to the showcase and played Nintendo Land in. Some of my friends who had reservations about the system now want to buy the system. One of them even said they were going to save the money they brought for Grad-nite to buy the Wii U.

            The Wii U is a system you need to try out to see if you are going to like it or not.

          • Leeroy

            i convinced ten wii u haters to buyone by making them play it at a party! three already got it therest are saving mony!

        • Nintyfan

          This game looks really cool. It is inspired by Chrono Trigger and Zelda: Link to the Past. Here’s a trailer of his prototype. 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH_VBv92zw0

  • A_7

    EA …. take notes.

    • Nothing5555

      The problem with EA is they are a Mega Corporation where it is purely focused on business growth.

      • Levi Johansen

        But the growth is not there, because they’re doing it wrong.

        They need to study and follow Activition and Ubisoft, they’re doing it right.

        • DragonSilths

          I respect Activison in some aspects. But in order for me to be a big supporter of Activision again they must bring Destiny to Wii U!!!

          • Levi Johansen

            I agree. I only respect and like them because they brought the entire (-1) Call of Duty series to the Wii, which was really underpowered.

            They continued to do so though when the games sold poorly (relatively to the other releases and considering they had to redesign most of the game every time). They even bothered to make patches and such for fixing bugs and lagging.

            That is great support!

            I didn’t play CoD on the Wii, but I love that they made it available. I am playing Blops2 on the Wii U though and loving it.

          • DragonSilths

            Activison isnt the people who make the patches. They just fund COD not make it.

          • AlCaPwn

            its a common misconception, its tryarch a d infinity ward that actually make CoD, activision publishes it. However, when it came too wii, tryarch was the one who ported both their CoDs and Infinity Wards CoDs to the Wii

  • Maxid765

    Great! It’d be awesome to see other developers have a change of heart as well!!

  • DemonRoach

    $$$ changes your mind. Why do you think hookers have jobs?

    • Nintyfan

      So you’re saying everyone who has a job are hookers?

    • Nothing5555

      Maybe they are smarter than us. Instead of giving it up for a date with movies and dinner they’d rather have cash and buy the things they want.

  • Luna Moonfang

    NIntendo Train just keeps getting faster and faster!

    • Cesar Barroso

      you know, it is hard to break the initial momentum. Once it starts moving, game over for the competence.

      (Nintendo DS, 2004)

  • ICHI

    It’s nice that he is so honest about his change of heart. It’s obviously had a major effect on him as he’s now giving free advertising to the system. The Wii U is a strange beast and the community felt by so many owners thanks to miiverse can quickly get word around if a dev isn’t taking the system seriously. That same community is bound to act positively towards his news and even if the game is only average in the end, it will be supported by some as a show of good faith between the nintendo fans and their machines game devs.

  • JB

    Man, talking about a complete 180°! This is probably one of the best pro-Nintendo arguments I’ve heard so far. It just proves what Nintendo and everyone else who has one have been saying: You have to experience it to understand it. Hopefully when N starts their marketing blitz, they can get the message across. I hope more developers start to see the light!

  • bizzy gie

    Good. Good…

  • Thomas Vienna

    This is such good news. A strong indie line-up fits perfectly with the spirit of Nintendo. Let’s hope Xander Davis can convince some more indie developers that the Wii U isn’t a black cat, never to be crossed.

  • Jon

    Nice to hear, was a bit let down from the Wii U releases for this week but this made my mood a bit better.

  • boynhisblobs

    Great blog post, the entire post deserves to be up here.

    Really, his stance is the position most developers are going to be taking soon. Once everyone actually tries it, they love it. The gamepad alone makes it feel next gen. You really do have to experience it to appreciate how amazing it is.

  • AlThor

    Hey, people are entitled to their opinions. But I think to make an informed opinion you should have checked out the Wii U first Mr. Davis!

  • FoxMulder900

    I appreciate his support now, but I feel like his initial statements prove that there are a lot of people out there like him who rejected the Wii U without even trying it first.

  • Wanderlei

    Devs slag off Nintendo to get their name in the news. Then sony viral marketers spam it all over neofag and their sock puppets parrot it every where.

  • Greytruth

    I hope the days are coming to an end where people say that the Wii U is under powered and not a next gen console. I can understand why people would want to play games with great graphics but at the end of the day that’s not what makes a good game. Wii U’s graphical capabilities are fine. If people really cared so strongly about specs, they should buy a gaming pc.

    Its been a dodgy few months but the future is looking up. In time people will understand exactly what the Wii U is about, it really is a great console with a massive amount of potential. We haven’t even scratched the surface of its capabilities. Just wish it had a bigger internal storage.

    • Nintedward

      Great comment , spot on.

      But If you’re so hell bent on getting digital content then you should pick up a hard drive. For people who play physical discs 32GB is enough to satisfy basic usage!

    • Guest

      The Wii U is underpowered in comparison to the new consoles that are coming out. The problem is that the Wii U doesn’t seem as cool as those other systems that can do everything. Why would a system like that be around the same price?

      • Cesar Barroso

        Wii U is not around the same price. There are $100 in difference between the PS4 and Wii U, both the basic edition without a game or even the Deluxe Digital Promotion of the Wii U Deluxe Edition.

      • Leeroy

        wii ucan do alotof this everythin the ps4 has.and wii u has that plus gamepad!

      • dog darn

        underpowered PLEASE GIVE UP

    • jay


      Look the graphics debate should have died last gen.

      This upcoming genereation you will see games on the ps4 that look better than the Wii U, you will see games on Wii U that look better than ps4. DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE!

  • david jarman

    This just touched my heart.

  • It’s amazing on how many developers and publishers had preconceived notions
    about the Wii U and never worked with it hands on. Then once they do they
    find out they were wrong for the most part. Even now some developers
    are saying the Wii U is too underpowered and never tried to develop on
    it to be sure. Sure it is less powerful than the XB One and PS4 but not
    substantial enough to make the claims some have made.

    • Leeroy

      that or nintendo decidedo get out the checkbook

      • Oh I forgot about troll logic… If something negative is said or something negative is made up about Nintendo it is the truth but if something positive is said or someone changes their mind about Nintendo after having actually played it then it is because Nintendo paid them off.

        • Leeroy

          no no, im no troll, i love nintendo. im just saying, third parties hate them so much, that might be true.

          • Actually I tend to think that some the reasons why Nintendo gets flack from 3rd parties is because they are NOT willing to pay out for compliments or willing to bend over to 3rd party demands. That much should be evident with the EA situation alone.

          • Leeroy

            Thats what im saying. i think they either finally became willing to, or your first comment was right and theres no need to worry!

  • Carlos Andres Uribe

    i think that the graphics doesnt make the game… is the story, the game modes and all the development itself…. WiiU is a new gen console because it have too much to offer….

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    This post put a smile on my face, now i know people can change dratically their opinions and not just cover it with big and smart words. Like when he sad ” what did change my mind, nintendo changed my mind”. More people should be like this guy, though he made some mistakes i cant fully forgive him right now.

  • That’s good news and also great blog from him, it’s a good and interesting blog to read with many valid points.

  • Bemeovo

    There’s some spastic on Youtube who quote on quote said “lmfao wii u is the weakest of the 3 when it comes to indie games”.
    He is a hardcore Sony Drone.

    • NkoSekirei

      wii u is far more powerful then ps3 and 360 but trolls dont get it cause they got their heads up their @$$es

  • Jared Garcia

    What I get out of this is that Nintendo knows that healthy game economy has designers great and small. Like the lion and the mouse, it takes humility and knowledge to ask the smallest creatures for help out of the net.

  • Ducked

    The Wii U console actually looks better than the PS4 and Xbox One

    • ByteManNeo

      I actually dig the eraser shape of the PS4… but yeah, the Wii U is sexier.

      • Ducked

        Yes, less boxier lol

  • Juan Ceballos

    Great now pick up MH3U and forget about the game youre working on, or like me, life in general. JUST ONE MORE PELAGICITE ORE.

  • Ony

    Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere (2).

  • PerdeskiCloyn

    Wow, he hadn’t even PLAYED a Wii U before he said all that.






  • CoLiNieS

    This is amazing! Awesome job nintendo!

  • Dez

    That’s just the thing about EA, they don’t even try to hide their greed. EA is the most blatantly greedy what with the 10 or so Sims expansions which are ridiculously overpriced. The funny thing is that EA actually didn’t do that great this generation and they blamed it on their Frostbite engine not being up and running from the start. To me, it is EA refusing to admit people are getting sick of being taken advantage of with their Nazi DRM requirements, overpriced expansions which are worth little more than $10 at most, buggy as hell with no support, unfinished products sold at full price then you have to buy the expansions for the full game and any minor fixes they actually do offer, if you have a PC, they try to make you install their crappy software services, their horrible treatment of development studios, barring too many from entry into the industry, and the list goes on and on.

    On that note, Nintendo has really stepped up his generation with support for indie developers. I must say I am impressed. Nintendo just needs a little more time before the games start really flooding the market then everyone will be much happier. Also, any estimated time when we may see the summer update?


    EA GAMES we do not want to back NEXT GEN ,we dont want tactile real time second screens in BATTLEFIELD advanced touch screen enhancments whilst playing with wii remote and nunchuck


    • Christopher Acuna

      You are right, they are not a talented studio…they are a publisher!

  • majora :D

    http://gemakei.com/content/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/clap-gif.gif congratulations, nintendo. we’re losing the war, but we’re changing the tides

  • Justis Bistawros

    Its like Nintendo has fully sent its power to Davids mind now hes a even more happy/better person towards the wii u.

    The power of Nintendo

  • Lyle Edwards


  • WellWisher

    See what happens when people actually get their hands on it? Now we just need all those damn games he talked about.

  • companyoflosers

    another big example of how people who dont own the console bash it when they have no hands on experience with the console to base any of their bashing on. it is in fact, not an underpowered xbox 360, 7 years late, it is in fact about twice as powerful as a 360. the games on it are fun and innovative and nintendo’s ip would never work on any other company’s console. nintendo is a smart choice to partner with to release good games. they dont pressure you to finish by the holiday like most big publishers would, they want your game to be finished and good. the wii u may not have the hardware the xb1 and ps4 will have but you have what you need to make good games that people will remember. nintendo makes the games we all wanna go back and play years from now when we want to feel nostaligic but still play something that holds its own even with more modern games. id could die happy if i knew something i made was going to be part of that nostalgia people were going to feel years from now. you wont get that on playstation or xbox because they make games to sell not games to remember.

  • Baconfat23

    Please Nintendo do this to Gears For Breakfast. I want A Hat In Time on Wii U so bad.

  • Logan Waltz

    he found out that he had no fucking idea what he was talking about and so he changed his mind based on reality. what a jack ass

  • Linskarmo

    I like this guy. I appreciated his ‘five reasons’ post a ton. It sure is a good thing Ninty is so friendly with indie devs.

  • dog darn

    silly ps4 fanboys pre cum glistening on there small bellends awaiting the ps4 graphics show ONLY FOR WIIU TO COME PRISON RAPE THERE ASS WITH LITTLE OLD MARIO KART

    deal with your dealings guys wiiiii dont give a U about your butt hurt LOL NO MOTION CAMERA PACKED IN AND HALF OF DS4S FUNCTIONS USLESS


    • Christopher Acuna

      Take it easy buddy.

  • Devon Day

    The more people berate Nintendo, the more they shut them up. Do not believe me? Just wait until August when games like Wonderful 101 come out. Nintendo is going to blast ahead for the remainder of this year due to their line-up. Sorry EA, you lose.. Oh I am sorry, you have BEEN losing ever since you snatched the NFL rights, and now you detest Nintendo for not putting Origin on their system? (True fact BTW). How does karma feel now EA?

  • TrueWiiMaster

    So this was the same idiot who bashed the Wii U without ever touching it?

  • zhenyaivan

    The power of Nintendos ninjas…

  • FlyingBoat

    ‘should nintendo be doing this with every indie developer’? actually they already did, by giving out free dev engines. i really hope developers will actually come to their senses and see that the wii u and nintendo are great platforms

  • ZeldaFan83

    The Wii U is definitely a console that needs to be experienced first hand because there has never been a console or gaming experience quite like it so people don’t typically understand it. Most understand XBox and Playstation but that’s because Microsoft and Sony stick to the same control scheme every generation where Nintendo tries to make new and innovative ways to experience games and push the envelope of how games can be played every generation in the gaming industry instead of playing it safe like all other gaming consoles. This is one of the reasons why I truly have the greatest respect for Nintendo, they aren’t afraid to try new things which may be risky but do work out. It’s not about playing games because of how good they look but because they are just simply fun to play and enjoy!