Jul 17th, 2014


The Super Smash Bros. reveal that took place on Monday revealed the long awaited Captain Falcon, as well as Robin and Lucina from the Fire Emblem franchise. This move surprised many fans who expected Chrom to be announced for the game. For those hoping Chrom is yet to come, it looks like Sakurai has ruled him out because he has no interesting characteristics that set him apart from fighters already in the game. This was discussed in detail in Sakurai’s latest column in Famitsu.

At the end of the day, Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics.

For a bit more detailed explanation, Sakurai delves into why he chose Robin and Lucina and what roles they’ll end up playing on the battlefield.

Robin appears in the game as a Tactician and functions much like a Mystic Knight (note: FF terminology, but equivalent to magic swordsman). I thought to utilize his all-around nature by assigning swordplay to his Smash attacks and magic tomes to his special attacks–that is, allow him to use magic.

His neutral special is thunder magic that grows stronger the larger you charge it. He uses fire magic for his side special, and wind magic for recovery as his up special. Although Robin doesn’t use dark magic in FE:A, I decided to assign it as his down special. It isn’t the first time I’ve given moves to a character that they don’t use in their respective game in order to capture certain aspects of the original title.

And of course, Sakurai mentions that Lucina does use the same techniques as Marth, but she’s designed to be much easier to play than Marth, so novice players can get used to the playstyle.

Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth, a fighter with whom I’m sure most of you are already familiar. I even went so far as to make their strength, speed, and special attacks almost identical.

However, what sets Lucina apart is the fact that the strength of her attacks is uniform along the blade. Marth’s playstyle emulates the elegant swordplay of a fencer by dealing more damage when he strikes with the tip of his blade, but the damage Lucina deals is evened out. Thus, I think that Lucina will be much easier than Marth for novice players to play with.

I played all the way through FE:A and really wanted to include a character from that rich cast in Smash Bros. Naturally, I considered adding Chrom to the roster, but the decision wasn’t easy by any means.

So there you have it, folks. It looks like Chrom is sitting on the sidelines for this game, unless Nintendo decides to add DLC fighters in a future patch. What do you think of this news?

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  • Smurfman256

    I think he could’ve summed it up with “we wanted more ranged magic users.”

    • J_Joestar

      more liek “we wanted more girls”

  • CEObrainz

    “Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike.”

    “Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth”

    Sakurai – The ultimate troll…..

    • Virus6

      No kidding right? He should just be more honest and say they wanted more female characters. That’s what this is all about anyway…

      • CEObrainz

        That and making a clone character must be so much easier then animating new moves…

    • Vorpal Blade

      Good to know I wasn’t the only one reading that.

    • Gideon

      He was talking about choosing Robin over Chrom! Lucina has nothing to do with that, she would be in even IF he chose chrom over robin! He just made another skin for marth and he changed it that much that he decided to make it a seperate character…
      Don’t get confused even though Sakurai sais it in a weird way or maybe it’s just wrongly translated

      • CEObrainz

        Sakurai said Chrom would just be another sword wielder added to the game, then proceeds to talk about how similar Lucina is to Marth. It’s bad enough that she fits the same profile as Chrom (another sword wielder), but what makes it worse it that she’s one of the most clone-y characters is smash to date….

        That all being said, I’ve wanted Lucina in smash (in some way) since awakening….just found Sakurai’s reasoning’s very odd is all….

    • The Clockwork Being

      I know. I was reading this and I’m just like: What on Earth is he saying, he’s basically contradicting himself.

    • Sdudyoy

      My thoughts exactly.

    • rp17

      I heard that Sakurai said that Lucina was originally going to be a skin for Marth. So Sakurai had only planned for Marth, Ike and Robin. But throughout development, he realized Lucina was becoming too different to be a skin, so he made her an “easier Marth” clone.

      So the reasoning make sense if you think about it over a long period of time. However I still realize the irony of those two sentences being so close together.

    • RARE

      I would have opted for Chrom over Ike, but can’t really complain too much. I’m happy with Lucina and Robin.

    • Tecpedz94

      Maybe the translation was not done very well. lol….

      • Michael Brown

        I’m pretty sure the translation was fine lol. There was a guy who had speculations on what characters would be in smash from Mega-man all the way to Lucina and Chrom. Until the reveal he got everyone of them correct including Pac-Man. This reveal seemed to be a slap in the face of the leaker. The leaker dropped this info sometime late last year and pushed the Chrom one pretty hard. From the trailer to this interview Sakurai seemed to be trolling the dude

  • Christian Schoff

    Makes complete sense to me.

  • barwiifan

    I’ve never played a Smash Bros. game before, so it’s nice that Sakurai acknowledges us. I see how some people could be angry over this, but I trust Nintendo and their reasoning.

  • Ben English

    Chrom is just sort of boring on his own. He needs someone to play off of, so it makes sense for him to be Robin’s final smash. Lucina is a crazy mofo who traveled back in time, took the name of the Hero King in a wild gambit to save the future. Also she’s voiced by Laura Bailey so hell yeah.

  • Sean Reihani

    I like Lucina more than Marth, but now I’ll feel like a novice for playing as her. Screw you Sakurai

  • Oni

    Sooo let me get this straight. He kicked Chrom to the side because he thought he wasn’t interesting enough to fit in with the rest of the cast of Smash, yet he puts Lucina in as almost identical to a fighter that already exist instead? That makes no logical sense. And not only that, she’s just a “Marth for dummies” so-to-speak. Sakurai really though?

    • Gideon

      Lucina has nothing to do with choosing robin over chrom -.- people are really confused by that…!

      • Oni

        Did I mention Robin? I said Lucina

        • Gideon

          You didn’t mention him directly but I think you understand what i was saying

          • Oni

            No I don’t what you were saying, because I wasn’t talking about Robin. I’m fine with Robin. My whole post was about the choice for Lucina being in over Chrom when Sakurai’s whole reason made no sense. So i’m not sure where you got the impression I was talking about Robin.

          • Gideon

            But that’s the point! Lucina is NOT in over Chrom!!! If Chrom was chosen and Robin was not chosen, Lucina would still be in the game! Because shewas gonna be an alt skin of marth but sakurai tweaked her a little and thatms why she is her own character!!! Do you understand?

  • crocodileman94

    Before more people misprint what he’s saying; The reason Chrom’s not in is because he was replaced by Robin. Lucina was never meant to be its own character to begin with but as a costume for Marth, thus gaining his moveset. But when they later added her characteristics to the 3d model and her moves, she became too different of a character to stay as a costume. The Robin/Chrom affair and the Marth/Lucina affair are two completely unrealted matters.

    • Gideon

      Exactly! People don’t understand this and I donmt know why exactly

    • greengecko007

      Where does he say that Lucina started off as a costume for Marth? The Wii Fit trainers, villagers, and Robin, all are able to have different genders and designs in their respective games. Marth on the other hand, is always male. Lucina being a costume for Marth is just as ridiculous as Tetra being a costume for Toon Link. Aside from the obvious gender differences, they are also completely different characters.

      • crocodileman94

        It’s mentioned in the original article:

        “I had considered including Lucina as one of Marth’s alternate costumes. After all, she has a close relationship with him in FE:A. In such cases, even if two characters’ names and voices differ, as long as they function the same way, I assign them as alternate costumes. The Wii Fit Trainers, Villagers, and Robin are examples of this setup.
        However, even though Lucina shares her physical stats and techniques with Marth, the characteristics of their attacks differ. When two such similar characters function in an even slightly different manner, I give them a separate spot on the roster since that will affect battle records and whatnot. In that sense, you could say she was very lucky to join the fray!”

        • greengecko007

          I’m glad the he decided against it. I have no problem with her being a playable character, but I would have been really annoyed to hear the in game announcer say “versus Marth!” and it end up being a different character entirely.

          • Yen

            I’m sure it would’ve been the masked version so still be considered “Marth?”. You make good points about why they should be separate, and I think it’s good that Sakurai agreed with you.

          • J_Joestar

            I would hope that wouldn’t be the case, since the way he words is “even if two characters’ names and voices differ…” makes it sound like there are alternate character costumes beyond gender changes. So it could be possible that a Daisy or Dark Pit skin being used could actually have the announcer say their names.

            I doubt that little additional sound bite would use up that much resources and Sakurai is known for going all out.

      • Gideon

        Does that also count for male and female Robin? Because they differ almost exactly the same as lucina and marth, the only thing is that sakurai tweaked her just that little bit extra that she needs to be a standalone char…

        • greengecko007

          Robin is a character of many appearances, just like the other characters that have such different costumes. Marth is always Marth, never Lucina. They are two separate characters. It wouldn’t make sense for Lucina to be a costume for Marth, and I’m glad Sakurai decided against it.

  • Enumerating Wishes

    I liked Roy a whole lot better.

  • ZeldaFan83

    Hahahaha I find it funny that when Sakurai adds a character that people like everyone’s like I love you Sakurai but when another character gets added over a character they wanted then their like screw you Sakurai…. What a bunch of 10 yr olds haha.

  • RockieOllie

    There are also Famitsu scans


  • Merry_Blind

    Lucina should have been made different from Marth, both being almost the same is redundant, much moreso than having both Mart hand Ike, since at least these two play quite differently. That, or she could have just been an alternative skin to Marth.

  • Epicstuf


  • Kmac

    I just can’t wait til play the next Super Smash game!!! ughhh…. I am currently prepping myself through my customized N64.

  • Guest

    I just can’t wait til play the next Super Smash game!!! ughhh…. I am currently prepping myself through my customized N64!!

    • That table system… is hella cool. is it pieced inside or can the system slide out?

  • Kmac

    I just can’t wait til play the next Super Smash game!!! ughhh…. I am currently prepping myself through my customized N64. #Anticipation

    • Merry_Blind

      Sooo…. Your N64 is a table?

    • Wooopigsooie

      That is SICK bro!
      Go Lakers! #blackmambaforsmash

    • Sdudyoy

      That’s pretty awesome!

    • Rinslowe

      That’s awesome!

    • fireheartis1

      That is freaking awesome I’ve never seen such a creative thing before. How the heck did you come up with that?

    • ChristopherK

      So you’re Mike Hagget?

  • Squid

    Not that I’m complaining, but if Chrom is a non unique character than why does Lucina have a almost identical fighting style as Marth?

    • J_Joestar

      at the end of the discussion, It was probably the difference of having girl rather than a guy.

  • greengecko007

    “Thus, I think that Lucina will be much easier than Marth for novice players to play with.”

    It sounds to me like Lucina is just the better option overall. Consistent power is much better than a small sweetspot that players will be able to avoid easier. Lucina is also supposedly shorter than Marth, making her hitbox smaller, which is always an advantage. With their strength and speed also being nearly identical, the only way Lucina doesn’t end up completely outclassing Marth is if she’s made lighter.

  • Roaming Pear

    “…. the larger you charge it”? laRger?

  • FutureFox

    Does this guy NOT own any other shirts?

    • Merry_Blind

      I just think all his shirts have those weird textured hippy patterns lol…

      • FutureFox

        You’re right. Its really the over shirt he wears but that’s more like a sweater shirt.

  • Ducked

    What a load of crap, Chrom should’ve been added.

  • I think that everyone is well aware that the end of the world would come early if Falcon didn’t make it into next Smash.

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    It’s a weird way to explain Lucina’s presence, but I’m glad he tried to give a reason that wasn’t just, “I was told to add more girls.”

  • gerb1977

    I could have done without Chrom and Robin……both are ehhh characters to me. So many other FE characters I find more interesting.

  • Epicstuf

    Off topic:
    Come watch this faggot’s channel to hate all things Nintendo. He is so butthurt.


    • Mike

      He said it himself that he’s a troll…

  • Einscengi

    Chrom would have been a better choice than Lucina, imo. He could have at least taken the Roy-route and gave her the same moves as Marth but change their speed/effects/damage. If it were up to me, Lyndis would have been included over Lucina anyhow. She fits the profile of sword-wielding female, whose style differs from Marth and Ike, drastically.

  • Niknique

    Dang it Sakurai… but that last part of your article Ashley really intrigues me, “Unless Nintendo decides to add DLC fighters in a future patch.”
    How awesome would it be to have more fighters later on in Spring/Summer? Sounds awesome to me!

  • Chase U

    When are they going to reveal WARIO DAMMIT?! That’s all I care about… Wario and Peach and Mario are the only fighters I use. I have never even played Fire Emblem so I have no idea who Robin or Lucina are.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    right, because we love clones so much right

    • Vile-Okami

      I seem to remember a lot of people wanting Roy back, so apparently we do. Lucina is basically him without the fancy fire effects.

      • Merry_Blind

        So she’s not like him.

      • Nicolas Dorion

        At least Roy was at least visually different. His appearance (costume, height, face, hair color, ect.) was different and his sword had fancy fire effects.

        Besides from the face that she’s a girl, Lucina is identical to Marth. She has the blue hair, the little golden crown, the dark blue cape that is red from the inside, the red jewel surrounded in gold that holds the cape, she has the blue suit with the gold lines around the openings, she has long the fingerless gloves, the armour pieces on the elbows and the leather belt that holds the scabbard to the left. Besides from the boots, she is almost identical to Marth in every way. I could excuse it if she was visually different, but she just looks like a female-version of Marth, like the female version of Robin. Seriously, compare the picture of both characters.

  • BananaGram

    I just was new smash bros.

    Give me that and I will be at peace…

  • great deku tree

    I can’t believe that the majority of my prediction of the character reveal was correct (on miiverse, my NNID is mikeyboy17). on miiverse I said that at least 3 characters would be revealed, 1 Cpt Falcon, 2 a female FE character and 3 Ganondorf (whom I was wrong about of course) I also said that Chrom wouldn’t make the roster.

  • Zanzama

    If he scraps Chrom for having no interesting characteristics over Ike/Marth then why did he allow Lucina to get in when she has the same lack of characteristics? How am I supposed to understand that logic in a way that goes beyond “well she has tits and Chrom doesn’t”?

  • Alex

    when I saw Sakurai for the first time, I thought “wow, how wonderful that such a young man in his 20s is in charge of big Nintendo games”
    but he turned out to be 43 ! lol


    Sakuri doesn’t need to explain to me on why a character isn’t in the game. Just finish the thing so I can get my hands on this bad boy!

  • nintendope

    Chrom skin for Marth then?

  • Enoch Ashan Devendran
  • bizzy gie

    All these FE characters are alike. Too many in the game.

  • TheKnowing

    I completely disagree with Sakura, this may be one of the biggest, blatant back tracking statements ever. Even if Chrom would be just “another swordsman” he still would be more unique than a carbon copy of Marth. I am really disappointed in these two picks, this game needs more females okay, but what about villians? Black Knight would have been a great addition along with Lyn a female. To me Sakurai just trolled Chrom fans and ended up trolling the whole smash community by adding a complete clone and a inconsistent character (robin). You can’t want females that much that you would end up cloning a character just to get more in the game. And I don’t care if they are ally swordsman thats what FE is all about, swordsmanship, the mages are usually secondary characters.