Dec 16th, 2012

We reported months ago that a Chinese company was building a Wii U knock-off device, and now it looks like they’re serious about it. The Android-powered device known as the JXD S7300, also known as “Dual Core HD GamePad 2” looks very much like a GamePad, and if that’s not enough, it even plays pirated Nintendo games.

As the manufacturer explains, it has “9 kinds of simulator games with the fastest speed”. According to the official product page, it’s powered by a dual core CPU, has 1 GB of RAM, and can “run any game scene, whatever big angle of broad background or details the protagonist’s action feature. It shows perfectly”. Indeed.

Check out the full product page here, complete with tons of broken English.

Wii U knockoff

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  • looks cheap i can imagine apple will be doin something like this in the future

    • NintendoNoob

       Apple never makes their products cheap. They are all overpriced

  • Send it to Ashens

    • Ashens?  I don’t get it.

      • Amin Amin

        Ashens is an Internet reviewer, his reviews are quite funny. You should check him out on Youtube.

  • aleksandar antonijevic

    lol nice

  • Genesect4ssb4


    • Chris Da Rocha

      This thing came out before Wii U. It is original. Was out in China 2010. Wii was announced year after.

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        Stop talking BS.

        The wiiu is nothing like this piece of trash. The wiiu is a home console that uses your tv and the Gamepad at the same time. This thing is a horrible tablet rip off of the Gamepad. Nothing more , nothing less. 

        • william maxwell

          well it does seem pretty cool

        • Chris Da Rocha

          This tablet came out before the Wii U was even announced you moronic bastard. I never compared this thing to Wii U, the author of this post did. This is not a Wii U, not even close. How ever this is exactly what it is:

          Master System
          Turbo Grafx 16
          Game Gear
          Game Boy
          Game Boy Advance
          Atari 2600-7800
          CPS1 Arcade

          And pretty much anything else that was ever released on cart. Having the holy grail of gaming in your hands which plays EVERYTHING up until ps1/n64 which also has internet access as well as Android games and apps, you’re right, playing over 10,000 games on it is nothing like the Wii U. Emulation compatibility is higher than most emulated shit you buy off PSN, runs better too.

      • Justin Katt

        Y U SO STUPID?

        • Chris Da Rocha

          Stupid? Grammar, it’s for real.

      • Mlambert890

        It is neither a “rip off” nor is it original.  It’s yet another cheap, generic, tablet dressed up in “portable console” skin.  it’s no different than a GamePark.  Its a platform for people to play pirated ROMs (the same way you could on anything). 

        I get that you’re in love with this device, and I agree that it is ridiculous to call it a “ripoff” of the WiiU (thats just typical blog “click whoring”), but you’re being equally ridiculous positioning this as some kind of break through in technical innovation.  

        What makes the Wii U remote interesting isnt that its just some BS tablet, its the fact that the tablet *is the controller* and is an extension of the main console.

        Whether or not that works, or is even a good idea, remains to be seen; but this isnt really relevant.  That system is what makes the Wii U controller an innovative evolution of the old Dreamcast VMU.  The only thing it shares with a generic Android “game” device is the fact it is in the shape of a slate and has controller buttons.

        • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

          ”Whether or not it works, or is even a good idea, remains to be seen” 

          Are you serious ? lol. 

          Okay , what are we comparing it with ? an xbox 360 , a dualshock 3 a wii remote a gamecube controller ? 

          It does everything they can do but a TON more. There is no latency issue with 1/60th of a second latency. 

          It does remote play , allowing you to switch off the tv and carry on playing your game- absoloutly GENIUS. 

          Gamers can have a screen each as demonstrated in TTT2 , Blops 2 , SASRT etc.

          ZombiU proves it can easily add a new layer of gameplay to the game. 

          It’s a Normal twin stick controller , with a 6.2” touch screen , Loud speakers , Gyroscope , Accelorometer , Geo magnetic sensor , NFC reader ,a TV remote , Full media streaming capabilities .

          It makes ALL other controller seem like inferior nothings compared to it.
          It has absoloutly nothing to prove in my opinion. It’s just waiting for more games to come along and use it more.

          • nicolascy32

            Please don’t start going Nintendo Defence Force here.We have yet to see anything decent from nintendo that makes the wii u worthwhile.

            I am sick of people repeating the same things about inovation and new way of gaming and other bullshit like those.The basic function of a gaming console is to be able to play games smoothly,fastly,with good graphical quality and good and comfortable control.Does the wii u do those better than the ps3 and xbox360 ?

            The sad answer is simply NO.Games run at lower framerates than on the other consoles,often taking dips lower than 30 frames per second ,at unplayable sideshow sub 30 frames per second…
            Games to be really smooth need at least a rock solid of 60 fps not…barely reaching 30….And is it possible to blame all developers for lazy ports ? I mean is it possible Black ops 2,batman arhkam city,ac3 and me3 all to have frame rate problems ? And even Darksiders that was considered as a excellent port when it was tested against the other versions it was discovered that at open areas almost all trees,vegetation and scenery details were removed to keep frame rate smooth…Even special lighting effects were removed to make the game smooth.But on the other 7 years consoles those game run really good,as black ops 2 plays with 55 fps on average on the xbox360…

            The reason for the frame rate problems is the lackluster Cpu that is clocked at a laughable 1.2 Ghz and is based on ancient antiqueted circa 1997 technology… of the Ibm power 750…not power 7 that was implied in the rumors….

            Unless Nintendo straight their act together,and at least ,even at this very late stage,releases a mark 2 wii u with a decent 300-500 hdd ,usb 3 controller and a built in Ethernet controller alongside a new Pro controller with Analogue thump triggers The Wii u will be a huge disaster.

        • Chris Da Rocha

          When you can play Angry Birds, GTA 3, Triggerdead, and all of those games with actual buttons instead of swiping glass “controls”, it is that damn good. Being able to play NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, Game Gear, Turbo Grafx 16, Atari2600-7800, Game boy, Gameboy Advance, colecovision, ps1, N64, plus all the Android games. All in one device without having to lug around a laptop or deal with crappy emulation/compatibility issues through phones, it’s kind of a big deal.

          I own one of these how ever not from this brand, mine is a psvita knock off made by yinlips which emulates the games better than anything JXD releases. Imagine a holy grail of retro goodness. Thats exactly what this thing is. It can surf the net as well. This is pretty much a tablet which has all the functionality of a Nexus but with dedicated controls. Nvidia is making an Android console as well. Problem is, it’s been done already, by companies like JXD and you don’t have to hack the thing to get it to run old school games. GPS as well as Djing software runs on my G19 flawlessly.

          Whether or not it works? Unless you have ever played with a Yinlips G19 G29, or one of these types of systems ( first one I got was a Dingoo A-320) you needn’t comment on it and give your 2 cents on it. I can tell you they work, better than emulation on Dreamcast and even ports released on ps3/xbox.

          I have not played this model specifically, I played the first tablet a few years ago, looks exactly the same as this one. But when I compare my G19 to that JXD tablet I played, the JXD didn’t even come close to how awsome the G19 is. Maybe they upgraded the hell out of this thing, I would expect them to do so, but I don’t think most of these pirates really care about actual upgrades.

      • TheLast

        Meeeeeh, Nope. They pretty much just combined the top and bottom parts of the 3DS into one, and China has a long history of release “ripoff” electronics of other countries in order to reduce their value (making trade a bitch plus 2).

  • sdmac200600

    lol looks like china isn’t allowed to have fun things to they have to make something that looks fun but really isn’t 

  • Ibi Salmon

    Looks an awful lot like the Gamepad shown at E3 2011.

    • Chris Da Rocha

      I disagree.

      • uPadWatcher

        U mad Chrissy baby?

  • Robert Papageorge

    Nintendo should sue.

    • Chris Da Rocha

      Nintendo would get sued. Because this came out before Wii U was even announced. S7100 was the original that came out 2010. The only reason the pirates aren’t sueing Nintendo for finally ripping off it’s idea is cuz they are letting Nintendo get away with it because they feel bad about what they did to Nintendo with pirate famicom carts and 45-1 games lol

      • jedidethfreak

        You go ahead and think that.  There are pictures of the prototype GamePad dating back to 2007.

        Nice try, though.

        • Kuzon

          Prototypes don’t matter if it’s not patented and released will 2012

          •  I am sure they had a patent before 2012. Either way they will be better off shutting them down on the piracy part.

      • NintendoNoob

         Uh hello? Nintendo started making prototypes for the Wii U back in 2008
        Stupid people these days

      • Sarah Solberg

        This is a simulator that plays Nintendo games. So they could sue for that.

  • Chris Da Rocha

    This device is incredibly original. It plays all rom files upto psx and N64. This is the S7300, It’s also the second model in this product line. I played the S7100 in 2010, the Wii U was announced 2011. For the very frist time in history, Nintendo has ripped someone else off.  Not saying it was a bad idea. I love my Wii U and am glad motion controls are a thing of the past.

    • jedidethfreak

      Again, pics of the Wii U GamePad were taken in 2007.

      China stole more stuff.

    • Phillip Fauble

       There is no ripoff from Nintendo here. Like Paul said there are pictures of the gamepad from 2007. This is a completely different device with completely different functionality. AND! the S7100 and gamepad aren’t really that similar…. in a lot of ways. The button layout is different, button types are different, camera is in a different spot. It is a tablet with a controller on it. The S7100 resembles a PSP as much as it resembles the gamepad..

      actually… now that I say that it kind of looks like PSP and the Wii U GamePad had a baby.

    • Nintendude


  • Linskarmo

    Umm… interesting. Definitely has an air of “fake” about it.

  • Mickey Mouse

    The Chinese have no scrouples, they can’t innovate so they immitate.

  • Jeffery02

    I guess it’s not too bad as far as android tablets. I’ll still stick with getting a Galaxy S Note II though. And functionally, the Wii U is vastly different than this, so I don’t really feel like it’s fair to call this a knock off. This is more of a similar cosmetic design, and cosmetic is the least important aspect of technology, to me at least.

    • Phillip Fauble

       I agree.

  • satwik pani

    just fuck china

    • satwik pani

      well, just the chinese developer of this device

      • NintendoNoob

         Dont fuck. RAPE

  • Juan Manuel Hornos

    if i ever go to china im so getting this, and every rip off i find in my way. I find it hilarious the stuff they come out with.

    • Phillip Fauble

       I don’t think I get how it’s a rip off…. I mean sure… it looks quite a bit like the gamepad.. but this is an Android tablet.. not a dedicated gaming console as this for it’s controller.

      It’s a design ripoff to a neat extent.. but that’s all.

  • NintendoNoob

    Go ahead China. Make Ripoffs. They wont make you any money anyway. Stupid China *double facepalm*

    • Petri

      Going to make an assumption, that you are american (tough doesnt really matter where from),
      how does it feel to owe China so much money, that even grand children of your children is paying off that debt?
      Rest of us owe China so much money, that if things keep going the same way, they can declare earth to be theirs and kindly ask us to leave their property.
      And funny thing is, still in 2008, our country paid China development aid (maybe still does?)

      But yes, its sad that they waste their potential to just making rip-off’s,
      if they really wanted to, they have the resources to make so much more, but communism is still in the way.

  • Austin Burn

    i am getting one

  • PacoJerte

    let me guess who made it Chintendo

  • brian

    “electrodeless damping analogy rocker” lmfao

  • Rob Lucci


  • appleaction

    google “JXD S7300”. this is the ONLY site (wiiudaily, big surprise) that claims it is a knockoff. nobody else is dumb enough to find these two completely different products similar enough.

  • appleaction

     oh, and its obvious the author has no clue about emulators such as Project64 and Dolphin. if this is a knock off, then i wonder what the reaction is if you find out you can use a wii remote with the dolphin emulator as well as dl GC and Wii games for free at various emulator rom sites.

  • DVE

    This is a form of flattery, I bet Nintendo would say the same thing xD.

  • China is always making cheap knock offs, they won’t buy from other countries but will sell to other countries.,  they will adjust their money system so that their cheap labor entices manufactorers. Yes they make products we buy, but No they do not buy from us. This should be illegal by world leaders and they also should not copy or pirate but should respect patents.

     But really its their downfall cause now all their citizens get cheap knock offs and we get a real Wii U and we get it at a low low cost from their cheap labor, so we win, China loses. :p

  • Guymelef

    if you checked the website, they also have PSVita/PSP clones… Android tablets act’ly

  • Ford Crews

    I like the idea of an android with buttons a lot, would really be great for emulators, for sure.   Mame would rock on this, some super realistic portable pacman, galaga, digdug, stargate, metalslug, etc.    

  • NkoSekirei

    here comes a lawsuit from nintendo

  • Night0fCore

    Can play PS1, Neo-Geo, N64, GBA, SFC, MD and FC games. Shows picture of Wii game playing on it