Mar 19th, 2014

Child of Light is scheduled to hit the Wii U eShop in April and brings a unique blend of platforming and strategy for multiple players. Based on the same engine technology as Rayman Legends, this behind the scenes video is the first in a series of videos that Ubisoft will release to detail the story of the game, as well as some of the more technical details that went into making the game.

During this video we learn the story behind Child of Light and how she came to be within the land of Lemuria and what she must do to return to her own world. According to one of the developers in the video, the game is targeted toward people who grew up on classic RPGs. They wanted the RPG to evolve with those who now have families of their own, which is why there’s a second player function.

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  • Lil J Moore

    Still beautiful. can’t wait to play this

  • That guy who hates Spike

    The UbiArt Engine is spectacular. I really want to see a sidescrolling Assassin’s Creed game with the UbiArt Engine. I think it’d look cool.

    • Blue Hernandez

      Yeah or a side scrolling Splinter Cell like the old school days of shooters.

      • thedeciderU


      • Quicksilver88

        Play Mark of the Ninja as that is the best 2D stealth game maybe ever. Its only on x360 or PC but it was a top 5 game for me last year.

        • Blue Hernandez

          Cool I’ll check it out. You should check out The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, probably my favorite indie title on 360.

    • Dark-Link73

      Well I’m glad you all like it because at the rate the Wii U is going, this might be the only engine, and type of games for that matter, that Ubisoft will use and make for Wii U.

      • Quicksilver88

        I agree, but think COL is a test to see if the eShop mid price market is viable. I plan to buy this day 1 as I like this type of gaming. Lets hope it does better than some of Ubi releases.

        • Dark-Link73

          Most definitely. Although I don’t know what kind of sakes Ubisoft is hoping to achieve on Wii U alone but, for instance, Zombi U had reached almost 700k copies sold. I know it has been out for a year and I haven’t checked the other Ubisoft games (which I heard they did bad overall like Splinter Cell and Rayman), but those numbers for a third party exclusive are not too bad.

          • Quicksilver88

            Well Rayman sold poorly overall, but actually sold better on WiiU than all other platforms combined (prior to ps4/xb1). It still only did a little over 100K on WiiU which is a crying shame given how great a game it is. I don’t know what Ubi was expecting with ZombieU, but I agree that sales of 700K are not bad for a launch title and a new franchise. Splinter Cell sold poorly as well (across all platforms) but was like in the 10Ks on WiiU which is just pitiful. Still have not heard on AC4. I think some games have done really well on eShop and Child of Light may not do to bad on WiiU as the spring launch schedule is weak and this is the best looking game until MK8 hits at the end of May.

  • darkcreap

    Ummm, great. Just judging by the artwork look, it looks fine. The music also seems great. I would like to see a little bit more about the gameplay details to have a better idea.

    First impression is that this game is an artistic jewel. Let’s hope that the gameplay is also great!!!! I am definitely taking this game from Ubisoft. I like the way they can combine big budget games (like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Watchdogs) with lower budget games (like Rayman Legends or Child of Light). They are not closed to flavours or variety. There is more to videogames than just photorealistic graphics and hollywood-movie-like plots.

  • val berger

    Such a shame that I just can’t play roundbased RPG. Dunno why, I just never liked it. Damn Damn Damn. Would really love to love it 🙁

  • The Clockwork Being

    Looks good!

  • Moreck

    This looks gorgeous! I can’t wait!

  • Alex Olney

    Those first two notes set me up for a Metroid game.