Nov 17th, 2013

Super Mario 3D World release date is just a week from now, and some lucky gamers out there (and members of the press), have already gotten their hands on the latest Mario game for the Wii U. We’ve got a quick new video that shows one of the boss fights in the game, and what you can expect. It’s pretty standard Mario, so fans of the series should feel right at home.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto recently said that while Nintendo has lately focused on Super Mario 3D World, it does not mean they are finished with the Super Mario Galaxy series. Hopefully they’re working on a new Mario Galaxy game for the Wii U — if there’s one game that could sell a boatload of Wii U’s (along with Metroid and Zelda), it’s Super Mario Galaxy.

For more Super Mario 3D World videos, check out the recent TV commercial that focuses on the multiplayer aspect of the game, and the latest trailer that shows 10 things you didn’t know about Super Mario 3D World.

Will you be picking up Super Mario 3D World for your Wii U when it comes out later this month? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • A_7

    i seriously need stop watching all these SM3DW videos!
    Their giving so much away.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Oh and I need to wait until the 5th of december! All the video’s I can’t watch will kill me then! :'(

    • PS4/WiiU

      that’s why I didn’t watch it 🙂

  • Steven_Segal


    • Ducked

      Yeah I know right? I’ve spoiled so much, I just can’t watch any more vids of SM3DW sadly.

      • Steven_Segal

        Yeah, even the Rosalina thing… I tried not to, but everywhere I went (on the internet) had that article (spoiling the surprise)…

        • felony211662

          First vid I’ve watched… Thanks for the extra spoiler lol. I love the galaxy games though so this is very welcome news

          • Steven_Segal

            lol, sorry if I ruined a surprise… but yeah, Super Mario Galaxy is the best game of all-time for me, for Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. We are Big fans of that series. We are very happy 🙂

          • felony211662

            Nah man someone else did I was just kiddin but ya it took NE a while to get it but when I played smg I was awed

        • Justagamer

          It’s hard to go anywhere anymore without seeing some kind of spoiler..But the game looks Awesome

          • Steven_Segal

            Yes, it’s amazing how one trailer can change everybody’s mind (myself included). I was very disappointed (Hercules lol) at first when this game was announced but after those last 2 trailers I was sold.

          • Justagamer

            This mario game really looks to take mario to a new level and i am so excited to play this again..I first played it at the best buy thing in june

        • Clel

          Yeah…. I hadn’t heard about the Rosalina thing until I read your comment…

    • Sdudyoy

      I was going to write the same thing.

  • Huraiz Algaoud

    I’ll be getting it by Tuesday

    • Lusunup

      your getting it early??

      • Lusunup

        asked question *gets voted down to oblivion*

  • Selina Kyle

    5 days left!

  • PS4/WiiU

    I’m so not going to watch the game was this. Rosalina was already enough of a spoiler

  • Ducked

    I’ve watched enough already! I’m putting my webbed foot down on this! 🙂

    • DarkLegacy

      And now, this means you are going to sleep?

      • Ducked

        Nah, staying tuned for Kingdom Hearts III trailers.

        • DarkLegacy

          Same. And FFXV trailers

  • Adrian

    For the record, this video doesn’t give anything away except how the game generally looks and the fact that you can jump and run..

  • DarkLegacy

    I don’t have long to wait now

  • Graham Gillman


  • Ony


    By Retro Studios.


    • Gameonfool

      That will be their next project.

  • Nintendoplaystation

    Can’t wait to have a mario Christmas

    • victor

      Mario Christmas and happy new yoshi.

  • I<3supermario3DworldandimAgirl

    If Nitendo wants people to buy there games then they shud make their bos fights a litte harder. Seriusly this stuff is for lik dum babyes. And this game is stuped haite this game

    • Deadpool U

      So you say this game is for babies but proceed to use the grammar and spelling of a 3 year old?

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I can take a guess and say he spells poorly on purpose like all trolls do. No use responding to them. You’ll get the same poor grammar. 😛

        • DarkLegacy

          You sure it’s a he? I see “imAgirl” in it’s user name

        • ETeach

          Not to mention he actually made his user name “I love Mario 3D World” and he made his only comment about how much he “haites” this game. Trolling 101 XD

  • Felix

    just exactly the same as super mario bros u.

    • Deadpool U

      I don’t think NSMBU was 3D and I’m very sure Boom-Boom couldn’t turn invisible.

      • Felix

        so what if its 3D or not? supposedly, nintendo fans doesnt care about graphics, dont? (now they do?)

        Same boss, same 3 hits to kill him, same mechanics (hit and run/wait). What if you can now run on the Z-axis ? Its just the fking same.

        • Deadpool U

          So just because the same enemy dies the same way the whole game is the same? Well then I guess every FPS is the same all the time.

          • Felix

            maybe you should go back school and take some reading classes instead of playing all mario bros games.

            when i said “the whole game is the same” ? i just said that the FIGHT is the same as smbu.

            FPS have a random factor, this is just the same thing every game.

          • Felixh8er

            i cannnnnottt wait for this gameeeeee!!!!! yipppeeeeeeee

        • C4

          Most NSMBU bosses are not that good IMHO, especially the middle castle bosses.

          SMG and SMG2 has some great boss battles.

          I also remember some in Yoshi’s Island felt very original even in “2D” (but maybe too easy?) – can’t even use the power ups properly in NSMBU, it would be fun if they could lead to different strategies 🙂

        • ETeach

          Graphics have nothing to do with 3d. 3d influences gameplay, like, you know, being able to move in more than two directions…

          • Felix

            best comments ever. “graphics have nothing to do with 3d”. enough reading today. atari best graphics ever. cause 3d have nothing to do with graphics x’D

          • ETeach

            lol, silly, you know what I mean. A game like Ducktales Remastered can have the same kind of High def graphics as a game like 3D world, the difference isn’t in the quality of how the game looks. The difference is in how the game PLAYS.

  • Mike A

    Wow it’s same boss in Super Mario 3D Land. Way to go Nintendo! Even though I’m disappointed from watching the video I still believe it’s a must have game.

    • The Clockwork Being

      No worries this is most certainly only one boss that will be returning from 3D Land. From the other trailers you can realized there have been much more.

      • Mike A

        True. I shouldn’t judge from one video clip when the others look awesome. I can’t wait to play this and see the new content along with some recycle content from Super Mario 3D Land, which I rate as one of the best Mario games.

  • Mario

    The epicness is just 5 days away…

  • verymetal

    Oh look, how cute!

  • Decker Shado

    Going to try to go to one of the Super Mario 3D World midnight launches. Just have to get past all those people who want the X.. thing? Anyway, I’m sure it would make for an interesting video. 😉

  • DragonSilths

    Was excited…then saw it was that fucking idiot GameXplain. I dont watch his videos anymore.

    • Deadpool U

      What’s wrong with GameXplain? I love his analysis videos.

      • DragonSilths

        He hates Zelda. Every single video of his about Zelda he just insults Zelda and says its the same over and over again. Zelda is my favorite Nintendo franchise. So just cant put up with him.

  • Sdudyoy

    I can’t chose this or a Link between worlds, IGN and Gamexplain had great reviews on Link between worlds, but SM3D World looks really fun, and as I have a bigger family I always love family games but I also love Zelda as It’s my favorite game series, but I haven’t beaten A Link to the past yet so I’m thinking that will hold me off till I get ALBW, but man I really can’t chose.

    • Justagamer

      Get both..I am

      • Sdudyoy

        I intend too but I don’t have the money to get the other tell next year, so I’m deciding what one I want until then.

  • hopefully when I get a Wii U I can play this with my son. so excited!

  • WiiUisgaming

    I do not want a Mario Galaxy, I want a new Mario with the 120 Stars

  • Justagamer

    I get this Friday at midnight on the Eshop And Zelda Too..Now this makes for one Awesome night..No sleep for me

  • Justagamer

    Got some new games coming on thursday to on the Eshop,Indie games
    Not too bad for a thursday release
    Coaster Crazy Deluxe
    The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths

  • Looks like they have added a couple new challenging elements to the mid-level boss. This game is going to take up my entire weekend starting Friday me thinks

  • rico

    getting it day one, cant wait!

  • Cube

    Nintendo needs to make their games harder, SMW U is to easy. SMB 3 for Nintendo was great, the game shouldn’t be easy.

    • Rinslowe

      Was the galaxy series easy? If so… Then you’re a legend. I found them both quite challenging.

    • Brian

      don’t forget who their audience is… do you remember playing this as a kid?

      • gamerinexile

        Really? I thought their audience was mostly just adults who grew up on Nintendo’s games and still like to play them. Such as myself.

        • Brian

          Really? do you really expect a company to solely really on past peoples experience (such as yourself) to be their only purchase audience. people get old, change interest, and die. so would the company by your standards. glad you don’t work for them…

          • gamerinexile

            Wow, did you get some sand in your vagina or something? I was mostly just poking fun at the stance industry analysts always take, which is that kids these days never play nintendo games and the only people that do are adults that grew up playing them. That’s what dicks like michael pachter always say- that kids these days start out playing mobile games and graduate to xbox, and that’s why nintendo is supposedly failing. But I apologize for assuming that you were aware of all that.

  • Rinslowe


    I’m excited for this game!

  • Yerba_Sutra

    WHERE IS MARIO’S HAT?!?!?!?!?!

  • Petri

    Don’t like the boss fights of these games, but otherwise this game looks awesome.

  • DarkK

    Boom Boom. Again. Same strategy as 3D Land, even the same music.

    For fuck’s sake, Nintendo…. You want me to buy this or not?

  • Rick van der Linde

    Why didn’t he grabbed all the coins first?! MY OCD!

  • Kholby

    I love coming in here to read the comments and skip the video… and seeing that so many other have done the same thing! haha.

  • William Cole

    Boom Boom was way better on Super Mario Bros. 3. He actually used to kill me all the time with those wavy arms of his and oh God when I found out he could fly!