May 31st, 2013


If you’re looking for a snazzy multi-player game to impress your friends with and you don’t yet own Chasing Aurora, developer Broken Rules have announced that the game has received a permanent price drop. The game originally launched at $14.00, but will now be available for $7.99. The game received a substantial update in March and features five player co-op action. You can check out the trailer below if you’ve never played the game and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Fred

    Has anyone played this game? How fun is it? Is it fun 2-player?

    • manowaffles

      It’s more fun than single player, but still pretty lame. It reaches maximum fun at 5 players and drops significantly with each missing player.

      • Fred

        Thanks, at what point is it no longer really worth playing 3, 4 or is it basically 5 or you’re not going to really want to play?

        • manowaffles

          It depends on how many other options you have and for how long multiple people will be around to play. I think it’s worth it even for occasional fun, but if you already have a lot of other multiplayer options besides Nintendo Land, wait. It’s small enough that if you keep the $7.99 + tax in your eShop credit, you should be able to download it mid-play session if your party seems to need an extra-kick.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    A price cut is nice, but I’m still not picking this up. I played the demo with my sister and it’s really boring…

    • Aqua Team

      Me too, not even worth 7.99

    • If you ever get the chance to play it with 4 or 5 players it’s worth the money. The game gets so much better the more people are playing. Single player, despite the fun controls, is really boring.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        But when I do get the chance, that will probably just happen a few times and that isn’t worth €8,- 4 mii…

    • Yeah, the game needs a character like me

      • Bob Charlie

        Or me! 😉

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        No no no… This game only needs Ghirahim.

  • Jon

    I didn’t even know this game existed… lol

    looks interesting however, i don’t think it is my type of game.

  • david jarman

    Please, check this out

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    • Aqua Team

      Looks fun, but come on, 1 Mill dollars? Lol yea right

      KickStarter projects fail SOLELY on the oversized goals.

      Its all or nothing with that site.

      • david jarman

        I’ve seen it done. Look publishers these are going to keep pumping out the same crap and won’t take risks in video gaming anymore. Consoles are getting more advance these days but games are going to get more generic.

      • Ouya?

  • Desend

    I also played this and found it to be really boring

  • Sam

    That looks boring.

  • QuizmasterBos

    As everybody else already stated, the game looks and is really boring. When you play a videogame you aren’t looking for a game that gives only ambiance, you want gameplay. This is something you want to listen to to relax, not play a game of.

    And I am not surprised the game saw a price cut, I mean 14 dollars?! Who puts that down for a game that isn’t even really a game? I find 8 dollars to still be severely overpriced, it should be a dollar or so. Sad to see they put all that time and money in a game that not many people like.

    • I think they over-estimated how well a party game not by Nintendo would be received at launch. Honestly, the title should be at max $5.

      • Agent721

        Given that Nintendoland launched with the system, putting out another party game seems dumb to me.

        • manowaffles

          It’s not really the same kind of game as Nintendo Land. That said, it really is a pity it doesn’t include more content.

  • Hezkore

    I bought this at full price back when there was no Demo for it, and I must say that I’m pretty damn disappointed!
    This price-cut doesn’t help either, it feels like I’ve paid way too much now…

  • wober2

    the demo had an interesting control mechanic. I wish there was more of a story to the single player part and not so much about racing and time trials.

    I do really like the art direction though! pretty!

  • Johny

    the idea is good, and it looks and plays great.. but the game is REALLY boring if you play it alone. Its really fun and awesome if you can play 4 or 5 players.. but i wouldnt recomment it otherwise

  • DemonRoach

    make it 2-4 bucks like any other iOS game.

    • Revolution5268

      why u are not going to buy it…in fact u dont even own a wii u.

      • DemonRoach

        Bought a Wii U day it was released. I have the 380$ receipt on my fridge to date.

        • Andrew Longo

          why is it on your fridge? haha

          • DemonRoach

            Don’t know. Remind me to not make rash decisions.

          • Einar

            You won’t say that when the next Zelda game is released 🙂 (In 2015..)

          • DemonRoach

            Well, my Skyword Sword savestate is at the end boss, and it’s been that way for 4 months. If the new Zelda is anything like skyward sword, we will all be let down.

          • DemonRoach

            On the otherhand, twilight princess was awesome.

          • manowaffles

            Having trouble finishing the job? I recommend invincibility potions till you get the hang of stealing his lighting attacks. Then it’s just a matter of being quicker than him for the final blow!

      • Nikko Ybanez

        ….I won’t even…. I can’t..

  • Josiah Parsons

    Just Downloaded!

  • John Madsen

    you need more players no online play and not a very engaging story this was a wii u bomb title because it is so bad

  • Seth Callahan

    This game is AMAZING. I love the learning curve on the nuanced flight mechanic. Perfect for multiplayer challenges!

  • manowaffles

    That’s good. It’s a great party game, but it really falls kinda flat without other people around to play with. Single player is pretty bland.

    Glad I got it when it was on sale though back in December. It was only $7.49 then!