Feb 22nd, 2013

For those of you waiting for Lego City: Undercover, Nintendo have just released a new preview trailer for the main hero, Chase McCain. It’s a funny look at the man you’ll be controlling in Undercover and provides plenty of in-game footage for you to drool over.

The game will be released on March 18th and Nintendo is making sure to do everything it can to hype the game up before then. That’s a good thing, because this is unlike any other Lego game we’ve played. Are you picking this one up? Let us know what you think about the trailer in the comments section below.

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  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Still looks pretty good.
    Although I’ve never really been a fan of the LEGO games

    • CChaplin

      I’ve disliked every LEGO game since the original Lego Star Wars, since they all played more or less exactly the same. But this one looks really good and is actually themed around LEGO instead of some popular movie, so I’m stoked for this 🙂

  • Mr. Nick

    YES! YES! YES! I shall be getting this. Never too old for Legos.

    • Zelly Jeffers

      I still have huge containers of it. I built a town on my bedroom floor at one point. I must’ve been 25. And yes, surprisingly I still ended up in a relationship.

  • oh my gosh! oh my gosh!!! holy shit!! this is epic! I already wanna see part 2

    • Fred


      • no. I mean part 2 of the video. it said to be continued at the end. theres suppost to be six episode i’ve heard. oh, and im getting the one on 3ds too.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Collector edition, day one. Also, if you buy the toy Lego City Chase box, you get a code to unlock vehicles and stuff. Omg, i’m regressing to childhood

  • Johny

    with every video that comes out for this game, i get more convinced…

    as long as there wont be those money bits laying EVERYWHERE… that just pisses me off -.- and really ruins it for me.

  • tooby77

    Dont know who is the most exited. Me or my 8y son. 🙂 buying it for sure

    • Zelly Jeffers

      If I had a kid, this would definitely be a game that would make them whine a lot.

      “But, Mom, you said you’d stop playing a million hours ago! Could I pleeeeeease have a turn? Pleeeeeease? Mommyyyyy! I love you. Pleeeeeease let me play.”

      Hmm… Actually, substitute ‘Mom’ with my name and this may very well be my boyfriend.

      • tooby77

        Got 8y, 2y and 1y. 2y start to like mario. 🙂

      • Silent

        The games are good, the building blocks? I feel im too old for that. Im 14 yrs old

        • D Moness

           euh i am 35 and i finished this today.

          • Zelly Jeffers

            LOVE! I wish I had the space in this house. The dogs would nom any Lego I put on the floor. When we buy a house we’ll definitely need a Lego room. 🙂

        • Zelly Jeffers

          I’m 33. 🙂

          There’s also something very liberating being an adult, walking into a toy store, and buying whatever you like. I find playing with Lego a good way to release stress.

          • Silent

            Lucky you miss. You dont have to live in the shadow of your parents anymore. And I thought being an adult had its disadvantages. Ahhh….I hope someday i can buy consoles by myself.

          • Zelly Jeffers

            Oh, growing up is totally a trap! Don’t do it! There’s the whole being responsible crud. Bills, rent, work, relationships.

            The ONLY perks are being able to eat cheesecake for lunch, or cookies for dinner (I’ve done both), and being able to buy stuff. But even the last bit gets tricky if you and your boyfriend share finances.

          • Silent

            Lol And I had planned to live by myself. 

  • cool_jet

    PlayStation 4
    Main Processor
    Single-chip custom processorCPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 coresGPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
    MemoryGDDR5 8GB
    Hard Disk DriveBuilt-in
    Optical Drive (read only)BD 6xCAVDVD 8xCAV
    I/OSuper-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX
    CommunicationEthernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)IEEE 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
    AV outputHDMIAnalog-AV outDigital Output (optical) That’s still on par with Wii U. Sorry this is off topic but it’s true

    • Nintedward

      And?  Woopty doooo!

      Wiiu specs 

      5 gigabytes of Mario 
      1.2 GHZ of Zelda 
      32MB of Smash bros Edram

      and a whole lot of fun.

    • Laud

      Let’s not forget the endless stream of generic shooters that come WITH the console!

    • audi lover

      Got wiiu and its great to play also have and i7 intel power pc, everyone knws the playstation only uses amd architecture and its laughable even now its a joke its not the power house you think it is

      •  AMD makes great processors but that Jaguar core is in the class of the Intel Atom.   It may be eight cores but I think that is more of a gimmick to make the people that only care about specs cream their pants.    It just seems to me that Sony is trying to use their specs to sell the system.   Lets see the games and how it actually performs.

        • Will Carpenter

          Seems like that is the only thing people want in first place. Because personally I have seen far to many people whine about having the best specs.


        • RoboConker

          And processors with 8 cores gets really really hot, so it could be YLOD all over again if they don’t add a good heatsink and grate airflow true the console.

        • audi lover

          Not saying there bad actually built my first 3-4 pc with amd when I was strapped for cash, just prefer intel i7 in my systems nowadays, just saying its not the power house that sony fans will be trying to rub in your face, quite happy with the tri core in my wii u

    •  You forgot these features:


    • MujuraNoKamen

      No backwards compatibility? ouch, Sony are going to regret that one!
      I don’t want to seem like a fanboy and whine about PS4 too much but rather predictably they’ve tried to imitate what Nintendo did, and a piss-poor job they did too. The touch panel is trying to compete with the gamepad only it can’t – correct me if I’m wrong but it is only a touch panel right, not an actual screen, so how can you play games on it? or anything else for that matter? If it cant play games on the [tiny] screen then why does it have a head phone jack? With PS4 you’re still relying on the TV to show the game so plugging headphones into the controller serves no purpose as the TV will still be in use, it’s not like with Wii U where 1 person can watch TV and the other can play on the gamepad using headphones so as the sound doesn’t interfere with the TV show.
      What’s with that light bar on the front of the “Dualshock 4” I heard it can be tracked for motion controls a bit like PS Move which is OK, but I also heard it “gives players feedback” by flashing when, for example, your character gets shot in CoD. Again, what’s the point, this elongated light bulb is located at the front of the controller so it’s not like you’d be able to see the “feedback” not to mention all that information would be shown on the TV screen anyway. I read on some [misinformed] article that said the “Playstation app” is better than Wii U. For those out there who don’t know what this is, it’s an app (obviously) that allows you to stream other people games onto a phone/tablet for you to watch, NOT PLAY. This is Smartglass all over again, you don’t get the main pro of the Gamepad which is off TV play, instead you have to have multiple devices and keep switching between your PS4 controller and a tablet to look at a load of unnecessary bull-shit. This brings me onto my next rant: Vita cross-play. We’ve been here before, yes it’s better than Smartglass and the PS app but buying an expensive PSV and, a presumably very expensive PS4 is not something the masses will want to do. And since it’s not an out-of-the box feature like with Wii U, no dev is going to use it.

  • bizzy gie

    Crap! That Pegi chick was 18 just few days ago! Oh well. 🙁

  • EvanescentHero

    I’ll probably pick this up soon. Looks great!

  • Nintedward

    Lego city undercover , Watchdogs ! When will the Sandbox madness ever end on Wiiu ?

    Sandbox games are great , cus you always want to revisit them for that little joy ride 🙂

    Nintendo are you listening ? Would love Demo’s for lego and NFS right about now…

  • Already on pre-order. The reason I have just bought a Wii U. 

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Oh my cookies! I so can’t wait for this game! I may not leave my house for the first week. My boyfriend will just have to deal.

    • audi lover

      Im sure he can wait after all he will prob go out and buy his own copy once hes seen you play it

      • Zelly Jeffers

        We live together, but I have a feeling he’ll only be able to play it when I fall asleep. IF I fall asleep.

        **stocks up on coffee and Red Bull**

    • Sidney Majurie

      I wish my wife was a gamer like me, then I could game longer. Your Bo is lucky :]

      • Zelly Jeffers

        I’m definitely the bigger game geek, but he played ZombiU this afternoon for five hours. We need more co-op games.

  • Graphics look really good.

  • Mr. Nidoking

    “One down, the rest to go.”  Well thanks Chase McObvious.  And did he just take that guys hands off?

  • audi lover

    Well what can I say wasnt interested in this game…..unti now chase mc.cain looks like a playable legend, I guess thats both lego city and monster hunter in my wii u next month, let the good time roll

  • Zombie_Andrew

    “Yeah, well, I pick things up” “Not any more you don’t” EPIC. 

    If it wasn’t Legos that’d take on a whole different tone hahaha

  • Preordered – looks like this will (finally) be my first retail game since NSMBU.  Driving all kinds of lego vehicles around looks like a lot of fun.  

  • Sidney Majurie

    This game is going to sell a million copies in two days cause Wii U-sers are starving for a new game, lol. I know I am 😀

    • Jon Turner

      I doubt it will sell that much, but either way, yes, the more games, the better.  If anything, I see this as a sleeper hit, but not necessarily a system OR million seller.

  • nigeriangamer

    am really into this game…hope people are just as interested as i am.havent gotten a wiiu yet, but this is definitely one to look forward to. NINTENDO FTW

  • therealruben1

    im so gonna get this game !!!

  • audi lover

    A bit of topic but getting really frustrated with not being able to watch videos of sum games because of the crap Germany laws, I live in uk and im 30 for f*** sake I should be able to watch the content when I want to, nintendo do sumthing about it now cause your missing out on game sales

  • Aston Readings

    Got this message from Amazon (UK). I like Sony and Nintendo but ouch.

    • Captain Falcon

      Oh God, ouch indeed… 😐

    • Silent

      That “‘Next generation” console is going to be $500. Ouch. Besides, we are in the current generation of consoles. Next generation is something thats not out yet. Thats mainly the reason Sony is not doing better than Nintendo right now. lack of Humility

      • NkoSekirei

         ah dude wii u is next gen not current gen idiot

        • Silent

          Go back to preschool. We are in the current gen of consoles. Wii U/Ps3/Xbox 360 were all last gen.

          • NkoSekirei

            nope idiot wii u runs on 2011 specs and its next gen not current gen u douche u dont read articles really well.Also u lack any knowledge about this issue is just like any other troll who dont know jack.As i recall many third party developers alrdy have said wii u is far more powerful then current gen consoles and even unreal and nintendo president iwata confirmed that the wii u can run unreal engine 4 and games too and the current gen consoles like 360,ps3 and wii cant run it period.

          • Silent

            Please learn to write properly before arguing. The Wii U is current generation even if it has year 1 graphics. Wii U is part of the current generation of consoles. You are obviously making a fool of yourself.

          • Anthony K Aurelia

            It is not…generations go by sequential order not what the graphics are…

          • NkoSekirei

             dont bother with silent hes to ignorant to understand about specs and other things

          • Michael Jurado

            silent sir you are 100% incorrect last gen was ps3/360/wii with the wii coming in 1st place i know you don’t like this but get over it. the ps4/nextbox/wii u is indeed the next gen hence why nintendo already has a 3 million sales head start XD

          • NkoSekirei

             ur only 14 years old dude im 27 i have more knowledge then u kid wii u is next gen and not current gen if u cant understand then stfu

          • Silent

            No point in arguing with you.

          • Anthony K Aurelia

            Exactly…cause we’re right, LoL

          • NkoSekirei

             nobody gonna listen to a noob who knows nothing about game systems tech

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      Yep, nothing like a good kick to the groin

    • Nintedward

      Still doesn’t make it true , some Sony fan has wrote that in.

      Sorry but 7th gen consoles didn’t come release in late 2012 and have a tablet controller.

      Wiiu is DEFINITELY , unquestionably a ”next gen” console. Whether it will compete with PS4 graphically is unlikely , that doesn’t make it not next gen.
      Where is the PS4’s Tablet controller ? The gamepad shits on Sony’s controller.

  • Marco Hrnjez

    Chase McCain is the lego version of Clint Eastwood.

  • Can’t wait for this game this is the reason got wii u and got rid ps3 nintendo games have personality.

  • Michael Jurado

    this game is going to blow GTA V out of the water XD

  • mikeloveswiiu

    looks awesome!

  • scarlet

    I saw in the end of this commercial, that LEGO City Undercover comes in a box. If you pre-order it, do you get that box? Because I just pre-ordered it and the clerk didn’t ask me if I wanted a box or a normal case.