Jun 10th, 2014

Last year when Super Mario 3D World debuted on the Wii U, the Captain Toad levels were so well received that Nintendo decided to announce a game based solely on those levels. They’re puzzle in nature, meaning you’ll have to use Captain Toad’s abilities to get through the different levels. While the levels in the Super Mario 3D World were pretty basic, this new game will feature more fleshed out puzzles and enemies to trump.


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  • Ghasfarost

    it seems Nintendo is finally listening… there is no better Nintendo than a cornered Nintendo XD

  • brandon

    This looks fun! I really enjoyed these puzzles in Super Mario 3d World.

  • Steve

    No release date? 🙁

    • bWov1

      Holiday 2014.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    And there were so many jokes about Toad U…I guess Nintendo really does listen to their fans. Just not the way the fans were expecting.

  • LJay

    This is going to be great!

  • Looks like a newer version of Super Mario Bros 2 with the veggies 😀 cool.

  • Moreck


  • Ducked

    This should have been a DLC for Super Mario 3D World.

    • oontz

      Yes, it should have been.

      • monk

        Why? I don’t think so.

        • oontz

          This could have been a standalone DLC for SM3DW… not sure it has the legs to carry it as its own game.

          • monk

            I will buy it. Love character and like gameplay. Let’s give them a chance 🙂

          • oontz

            You can use your money to give them a chance. Enjoy

  • C4

    Levels still small. Will pass. Well, unless it’s free.

    Edit: Good for Captain Toad fans of course 🙂

  • Michael Hancock



    Should be a fun game