Aug 14th, 2012

Remember Me Wii UCapcom has yet to reveal a single Wii U game, but the publisher is reportedly working on a few games that they’ll unveil soon. The latest Wii U news from Capcom is that its newly unveiled game, Remember Me, was at one point considered for the Wii U. Remember Me was unveiled at GamesCom, and is a sci-fi action game, with a blend of Mass Effect and Deus Ex. It centers around a woman who got her memory deleted and goes on a quest to find out what happened. Speaking about a potential Wii U version, Capcom producer Christian Svensson answered questions on the official forums, saying:

“As for Wii U, this project was started many years ago, long before Wii U was even a twinkle in Nintendo’s eye. We explored the idea of adding a SKU, but in the name of keeping the team focused and not adding dev tasks for the team to get up to speed on new hardware and time to the schedule, we’ve opted to keep it on the original platforms for which it was planned.”

Remember Me is developed by a Dontnod Entertainment, a new, Paris-based developer who has been working on the title for years. The game is scheduled for release in May 2013 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For more on Remember Me, check out the first trailer of the game below:

Via Capcom

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  • Mikey

    It’s a shame it won’t be on Wii U. Looked like it could have been pretty good.

    • deSSy2724

      Remember GTA IV and PC and maybe Dark Souls for PC:

      Never say never (im not a dumb Bieber fan lol).

    • Luis

      wow this makes me want to play my wii sport.Never liked any of the accessoriesexcept for the sword and shelid for zelda twilight princess and the boxing gloves, but they’re only good to used with wireless nunchucks.

  • Kyron

    Sounds like a boring setup for a plot. How many times do we have to revisit the “I don’t know (or I don’t remember) who I am” idea. That idea has been used countless times, in both games, movies, and television shows.

    I hope whatever games Capcom has in store for us future Wii U owners are mind-blowing.

    But guess what, you can’t bash Nintendo for this one folks.

    • Mikey

      It is an overused idea, but do you know how hard it is to come up with a truly original idea or plot nowadays? Virtually impossible, all the best ideas have already been used at least once.

      • Lord Carlisle

        “Everything that can be done has been done.” That’s what some news reporter said about us making it to the moon, in a negative manner. Boy was he wrong. I’ll bet you some of the best ideas have yet to be taken, they will just be hard to think up.

        • Kyron

          Exactly. There’s an intelligent idea waiting right around the corner. It just hasn’t been discovered yet. As for this game, everything looks good and all but the story, even the title, sounds completely unoriginal. Like its the video game female version of the movie Total Recall (or the Bourne series for that matter).

        • Mikey

          Well, I hope you’re right and that one of these days somebody surprises us with something toatlly original and awesome.

  • SuperShyGuy

    Still waiting for “some good stuff” – said in the Merchant’s (RE4) voice

  • amy

    2 bad. sounds like a good game.

  • LordiMcKill

    Typical of Capcom, It would have been nice to have reassurance that they are supporting the Wii U by showing us physical content or an officially announcement for a game and putting people’s minds to rest.

  • trainerblk

    well its capcom. So we get gold edtion in 6 months after its realese. & ultimate two months after that

  • Roedburn

    There’s still hope for a good Capcom game. Keeping my fingers crossed for Street Fighter.

    • Kirbo99

      Street Fighter for the Wii U is pretty much a guarantee…

      • Elmer

        when you box swing wildly in the lower armsuaem tennis hit it high and smoke will go and it will go really quickp.s. when you play tennis while the screen is black hold 2 and you will get a blue arena

  • D2K

    Gimme PowerStone 3 Capcom, or tell your story walking.

    • Kyron

      Yeah!!! PowerStone 3 would be beast! I loved the original.

      In the words of Edward Falcon collecting Power Stones, “Yes…………….. Yes…………..Yes……………….”

      By the way, after your comment brought back so many fond memories of playing that game, I looked it up on google and found out that Power Stone is an anime series as well. Call me slow but I sure am glad that I discovered this awesome news.

      • D2K

        Well, I HOPE that they bring back Power Stone. I have no idea if they will. Based on the decision making process at Capcom right now I would not expect to see another Power Stone game because it makes SENSE and people actually WANT that game.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    I would have loved this on the Wii u. Well, I need a blueray player anyhow, guess I might as well make it a ps3 so I can try this out, maybe some other games we aren’t getting too I guess. Then again, maybe they’ll port it over if the Wii u blows up this holiday season. Unfortunately, I think people will wanna wait to see what the competition is offering and for what price next year, before the boarderline people pick up the system. Sure we all are gonna get the U, let’s hope it’s enough to warrent a few more of these ports. They wanna see that they’ll make money on this, so it kinda makes sense since there literally isn’t an install base and it’ll take a while to get it built up enough to make these games profitable, since people won’t be buying a new console for multiplats, it’ll be a short while before we start getting every multiplat, unfortunately. I’m just hoping watchdogs makes the cut, and would love if this went back and made the cit as well, even if we have to wait an extra few months

  • Nitro

    I just want some monster hunter for the wii u.

  • PS360Wii

    Though I would like to have seen this released on the Wii U, it wont bother me much that its not going to be. Would rather a game be build from the ground up on Wii U than one that was being built for PS3 / 360 before Wii U was even announced.

  • metroidfusion2

    A lot of the games the wii u might or might not get are on the developers or time or whatever but the games can come later and will have better graphics and will use the controller for different reasons

  • PS360Wii

    I want to see a return of Viewtiful Joe capcom!

    • Kyron

      …another classic mentioned on this page. Hey Capcom, are you listening?! This is what the people want!

      • PS360Wii

        From what I looked up online, Platinum Games Director Hideki Kamiya said he would prefer to make a third entry in the Viewtiful Joe series than a Bayonetta sequel.

        So still a chance. I just hope its for the Wii U 😛 (hell, Viewtiful Joe was part of gamecube’s Capcom 5… time for Wii U to have a Capcom 5. Start with Viewtiful Joe 3 😀 )



    • Kyron

      …and yet another true classic.

  • Draco Breach

    Really, Capcom’s comments don’t seem committal. They don’t want to distract the team with an additional SDK – which leads to commercial SKU. I understand that point. I hope they are at the very least considering a port. They might not have mentioned it as a possibility yet because it is post-launch window, and there may still be a NDA on post-launch titles.

    I’ve been following Remember Me for a while now. It’s coming along rather nicely. I’ll wait until closer to launch to commit to a purchase, myself. I want to find out if Capcom makes a less abstract statement – such as confirmed or denied port to Wii.

    Personally, I want Capcom to announced a role-playing game for the Wii U. I’ll take Rockman (Megaman), Street Fighter, or any one of their other great franchises. I’m just a RPG fanboy ay heart.


  • Melk

    In other words, it will be ported after the original versions are finished. Capcom loves its money.

    Oh, and the game’s story is the most original ever. A girl losing her memory? Oh my, tell me more.

    • Kyron

      Sarcasm. lol. I love it…

  • Super Sonic128

    To bad, but Im sure Capcom has something spectacular in store for Wii U.

    • Hannia

      didn’t have it on all the way , yeah right of they just tend to fly off if you play hard, but he had to find something else to say to make the pudorct not look bad

  • Collected

    Did anyone get a cliched sci-fi movie feel to the trailer, in how she narrated and how the settings and fights were shown.

    • Kyron



    “Fancy meeting you here princess, Remember Me?” -Anthony Figgs

  • Skozo

    I hope DmC: Devil May Cry comes to the Wii-U.
    Hated the series, but that one looks promising. (Don’t start an argument, this post isn’t meant to start one).

  • Captain Potato

    Confirmed as Wii U releases from Capcom..These releases are said to use the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad in new and innovative ways!

    Street Fighter:The Movie HD
    MegaMan Soccer HD
    DinoCrisis HD
    Final Fight HD
    Bonkers HD
    Disney’s Aladdin HD

    These games were specifically chosen by Capcom to be available on Wii U at launch! All new IP’s are restricted until further notice! Enjoy!


    she has nice hair. that’s all that matters now lmao

  • GirlGamer

    I really want a resident evil on the wii u it would be sick. Mann i am lovin it

  • Moon-Doggie

    ZZZZzzzZZZzzzzz this game is dull and boring I am actually A oh kay with the wii u missing out on this, assuming it is.

  • AwayToHit

    At least its on PC 🙂

  • Hi8us

    So many companies don’t want to take the time or money needed to get Wii U game development started. What the heck are they waiting for!? I can’t wait to see what games Nintendo shows from themselves as well as third parties in september.

  • Mc88

    I thought Anthony Higgs from Metroid Other M was going to be the main character. Hence, “Remember Me?”

  • Jon Turner

    I can live without this game on WiiU just as long as Capcom has another RE for the WiiU; a real one, not a throwaway rails-shooter.

  • Zero

    Id like the World Ends With You for Wii U. Or maybe hurry up and finish your next Ace Attourney. (either 5 or vs. Proffesor Layton)
    PD: You may not know all the games I mentioned, hey are all for the DS, are awesome and should be played be YOU!