Feb 1st, 2013

Last month when Capcom announced that they’ll be re-releasing Resident Evil: Revelations on Wii U, many of you were excited. This port to the Wii U could be an entire new spark for the Resident Evil series if it does ell, however. Speaking to Eurogamer, producer Masachika Kawata said Capcom will be closely monitoring the feedback surrounding the port. This is good news for fans of the series, since the latest installments have bombed critically.

“I think we’ll get a lot of input from the fanbase and the media on what it means for Resident Evil, and what it could mean for the future of the series. We’ll definitely be looking at that as a signpost for where we need to be going next.”

Kawata also mentions that after the release of Revelations, Capcom will be focusing more on the horror and fear aspect of the series. It’s as if Capcom  magically remembered what made the original trilogy fun, instead of trying to emulate Modern Military Shooter with Zombies 2013.

Resident Evil: Revelations fared well in reviews from fans and critics alike when it was released in January of 2012 for 3DS, so we’re eager to see what Capcom can do with the title to make it an amazing Wii U game. Are you excited about the port? Will you be picking it up when it launches on May 21st? Let us know in the comments.

[via Eurogamer]

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  • Wayne Beck

    Good to hear. Resident Evil has easily become the worst Zombie game on the market. I hope they go back to their roots and create another Zombi U/Resident Evil(1) style game with a resident evil storyline.

  • sharon hurst

    its a 5 hour game why should we buy it if its a cheap port 

    • iambubbaq

      I’ve been playing Resident Evil since 1997. I have played every game in the series multiple times and it’s probably one of my favorite series. Almost every single game in the series is about 5 hours or less. That argument is invalid as a reason to not by the port because that’s just saying why should you buy a Resident Evil game in general lol

      • RyuNoHadouken

        yep…to get an S ranking, you have to beat them in under five hours

  • I’m having a lot of fun playing it on my 3DS, great game imo and graphically it really does look astounishing. The only thing I miss a little is the well known scared to dead moments, like in RE1 the hounds jumping through the windows in the west hallway, it scared me to dead, that is what made RE so great and I’m very happy to hear after revelations re-release for home consoles Capcom will focus on that again.

    Will I consider getting it on WiiU/PC/PS360, honestly I don’t think I will, instead I think I’ll wait for the new RE games which should go back to the roots with the Horror and Fear as Capcom stated. So that is what I’m looking forward too, maybe I’ll pick up a used version of this remake later on though but I won’t buy a HD remake for full retail price unless it’s a remake like RE1(gamecube) compared to the original on the playstation, then I’ll pay a full retail price. (PS version was great, GC version was OSM in gameplay and graphics)

    • That’s the thing though, If most people who have Wii U skip this; Capcom MAY see it as a reason to NOT bring the next R.E to the system. They are a business and if they cant sell on a certain system…Why bother? Capcom is looking for where they have the biggest fan base at, so that they can focus on that/those platform(s) and make money. All that talk of “skip and wait” could lead to future disappointment. Since Capcom has been on shaky ground with the R.E6 fiasco, they’re probably hesitant about tossing titles out on everything. The complaints they were bombarded with about it sent shockwaves through the company because they thought it was a good Idea (and now they know otherwise) They were too busy trying to impress sony/ms fanboys and instead of releasing it later with more polish and a port for Wii U…they ruined it and they know it!

  • Colin Tosh

    “for the Resident Evil series if it does ell, however.”

    I assume you mean that sentence to read “if it does well, however”.

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  • Laud

    I’m gonna buy this game only because they said they were gonna go back to horror afterwards, this is the last chance I’m giving them.

  • SirDjss

    I never played this one , i hope they will improve the grafics , since its a 3ds game and all . Im not gonna buy a 3ds game that is upscaled from a 3ds :/

  • RoyCar69

    I don’t have a 3DS yet (XL soon) so I did not get a chance to play RE:R. I will definately buy and play it on the WiiU. I’m a big fan and have had fun with all except Survivor & Gaiden. I’m really glad that Capcom is going to start listening to the fans more and try and turn things around for the franchise. I’d like to share a moment with you all; My first experience with RE was at a Fry’s Electronics. My girlfriend at the time and I were playing the demo (1996) and when Chris walks past the dead zombie on the floor and it suddenly grabs his leg ~ My girlfriends scream could be heard echoing the store. From then on I was hooked…

  • uPadWatcher

    Since Revelations on the 3DS was better than Resident Evil 6 for both X360 and PS3, it would be a great helping for Capcom to port Revelations for the Wii U.

  • Juan Manuel Hornos

    I bought it back in january 2012 and i’ll buy it again, this time for Wii U. Im really excited about this, this games is the best RE in years

  • Coval83

    absolutely i’m going in…

  • Quan ManChu

    After Zombi U…I want more..some I’m in for RE in Wii U.

    • would sound really interesting. the asymetric gameplay could bring more fun to the old RE franchise.

  • Coval83

    Hmm… Nintendo has always be a pioneer with the technology, that everyone’s copy. So why developers is so carafully with they releases? It’s beautifull piece of hardware and possibilities…      Go to the path as Nintendo going and trying to change the way of play my dear developers… And You will not regret… 

  • AKT4

    Interesting how the article makes it seem like they were talking specifically about the Wii U version and how it will sell specifically on that console. I like reading this site, but sometimes some reading comprehension would be good to have. Or maybe it’s just about desperately trying to get views.

    The original news didn’t mention Wii U at all. They just generally talked about how they will monitor the sales and general response to the game.

  • angel

    i want to get a 3ds xl just for the new smash, monster hunter, revelations, pokemon x and y and so on. hope to getting it soon. my brother and sister have a regular 3ds and play pokemon and do  not let me even play their 3ds

    • steveb944

      Monster Hunter, Super Smash Bros., and Revelations will all be on the Wii U. I have a 3DS and I’m not playing it at all other than the new Fire Emblem that I’ll be purchasing, it’s all about the Wii U right now.

  • Marcell Wade

    My Birthday’s in May, we’ll see.

  • Bill Bong

    How about remaking RE 4 for the Wii U. It was a great game on the Gamebube. Would be nice to play it in HD with updated graphics.

    • They already gave it a Wii edition, and the Wii U upscales Wii games.  Given the nature of Capcom’s existing “HD collections,” you might as well play the Wii version on your Wii U.

  • Cesar Barroso

    Well, what i understood from the quote alone is that developer are looking forward for the feedbacks, so they can implement new mechanics on the next RE games. If you want to twist it a little bit, I would say that the more effective way for them to looks at those feedbacks are on Miiverse, which it is the only of its kind with respect to last gen system.

  • As much as I’d like the help the cause, already got it on 3DS, not getting it again…

  • Just if they explote the graphics capabilities of the WiiU and make a good gamepad integration to the gameplay.


  • Jonn McNally

    Resident Evil: Revelations has a perfect 5-stars on Amazon…

  • Larry Howell

    So….. they’ll monitor the Wii U version, but not the other?.  Capcom still giving Nintendo fans ‘tests’ eh?

    • it was a vague statement. RE4 for wii was the best one.

    • RattleGore

      or it could mean the faith of the RE series on a Nintendo platform.. Yes ssure they know RE4 sold well on Gamecube/Wii but they are looking to trim the multi-platform releases if it doesn’t fit a console.. Make so sense financially to do a multi-platform release if say only 20k person is going to buy it on whatever system..

      Just My take!! 

    • val berger

      actually I don’t think they were referring to the WIiU Version, it’s a mistake by the wiiUdaily-editors. Capcom just said, they’ll be monitoring this new Revelations-take and didn’t mention a specific system.

  • hell yes i will!!!

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Since I don’t have it on 3DS yet, I’ll probably just wait and get it for my Wii U! Finally a good RE game, after 5 and 6…