Apr 18th, 2013


It’s never good when a publisher announces the need to restructure itself, but Capcom is reporting a loss of $73 million due to game cancellations. The cause? Too much outsourcing to overseas studios. As a result, Capcom have announced that they will be making more of their future game development internal to prevent the drop in quality from excessive outsourcing.

Capcom also mentioned that they’re seeking to increase their digital strategy through more DLC output. Despite the announcement of a restructuring plan, the company did report a net profit for the fiscal year–which ended March 31st–of around $29.5 million. It should be mentioned that Capcom has been one of the Wii U’s most tepid supporters, only Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is currently available and the only other game on the system that’s planned from the publisher is Resident Evil: Revelations, a remake of a previous 3DS release.

Perhaps with their newly restructured policy, we could see more Capcom games headed our way as they attempt to grow their target markets.

[via Joystiq]

  • Gregory Edcius

    Let’s hope they’ll start bringing good RE titles and never allow another abomination that Operation Raccoon City was.
    Also more Viewtiful Joe

    • Evang3los

      Viewtiful Joe would be amazing! Our capcom could create another handheld style Zelda game that could be a wii u eshop title. Oracle’s games were amazing!

  • Step 1: Renew Tatsunoko license.

    Step 2: Release Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2 as a Wii U exclusive.

    Step 3: ????

    Step 4: PROFIT!!!!

  • Ducked

    Hmm, Capcom could bring good games like Okami 2, and Mega man Legends 3 to the Wii U.

  • Jerry Garcia

    Please read CAPCOM……………………………………………………………………………

    Make and RELEASE a new “Megaman U” game where it’s classic 2D, but with updated graphics and co-op play with Protoman. If Mario can sell in 2D, then so can Megaman.

    Frickin hell Capcom….

    Why do you not see what everyone else does?

    It is then, and only then, that you will redeem your company.

    The. End.

    • Javy G

      Your are great company Capcom! Go back in your great history, reach down deep into the best of developers can give you and create Megaman U (preferably from Megaman X)

    • Arthur Jarret

      Messages like this might have more use on the Capcom unity boards, where capcom employees will actually read it…

      Megaman X7/8 were on PS2 and 2.5D: I wouldn’t even mind that.

      But what I would really want – is for capcom to be bought out of the megaman IP by nintendo and Retro making a new megaman game.

      Same goes for ghouls and ghost, bionic commando and many other classic capcom franchises… just let them focus on fighting games for now.
      If needed, allow a line in the contract to allow capcom to retain the rights to use these characters for their vs. series fighting games.

  • Capcom, do whatever you want, but BRING US MONSTER HUNTER ONLINE *_*

  • thesavagelife4

    Its time for a Devil May Cry game on a Nintendo console.

  • Sami Rautio

    Only thing Came to my mind is…(MEGAMAN 8) KIND OF SUPER AWESOME GAME AND BRING US DINO CRISIS 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but on Wii U 🙂


    You want some more sales then how about these bringing these games to the U Capcom…

    1) A new Street Fighter (or even the last one would be great)

    2) A totally new/re-vamped Mega Man game would be awesome

    3) That new Castlevania game that didn’t come to the U would be great or a whole new one

    4) Port Monster Hunter 4 from the 3DS to the U

    5) If you make any new versions of any of the above or Resident Evil or Devil May Cry or Lost Planet or Dead Rising or any new IP you’re making now just bring them to the WiiU as well

    • all up for option 4! I’m literally buying a japanese 3ds for it….. I can’t speak let alone read japanese yet, BUT I WILL LEARN!

      • Given the popularity of the Monster Hunter series here in the States, I think it’ll make its way over.

        • It’s gaining popularity but it’s really not that popular yet, which is a shame!

    • 3) that new Castlevania game that didn’t come to the U would be great or make a whole new one…

      Castlevania isn’t from Capcom Castlevania is from Konami FYI 😉
      minor mistake no problem.

      Anyway totally agree with the other 4 points.

    • Ace J

      a street fighter game on the wii u is a day 1 buy for me

    • NkoSekirei

      dude konami publishes castlevania not capcom just to let u know

    • Castlevania… ? That’s Konami, dude.

      • SH*TBLOCK

        Yeah my bad everyone, I just had a brain fart. I was thinkting of all the games that didn’t come to Nintendo from Capcom, and Castlevania, Konami, Capcom…all those Ca/Ka sounds. I am usually writing quick and not checking in with Google/Wiki/whatever else.

      • Guest

        Yeah my bad everybody, I had a brain fart. I was thinking of all the Capcom games that didn’t come to Nintendo over the years, and Capcom, Castlevania, Konami all those Ca/Ka sounds got my caught up. I am usually writing fast without checking in with Google/Wiki/whatever else.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Capcom have said nothing about Wii U except that they’re focusing on bringing new content and not ports. 2 ports later and they are in trouble and axing internal teams. Not good for anyone.

    Maybe, just maybe, Nintendo have a few collaborations to announce at e3 or in the next Wii U direct. I’d imagine that Capcom are one of the few 3rd parties that Nintendo would happily grease up for some exclusives.

  • As long as they dont pull more on disc dlc bs

  • usama notkani

    Plz Capcom release Mega-Man X9 on WiiU. It’s a long time coming

  • audi lover

    Im not worried capcom have always supported nintendo and with some great exclusives as well

  • ICHI

    Best news ever!!!! Well probably not for capcom, but Japanese companies shouldn’t chase the western market, they should stay true to what they know. The western releases are slowly becoming boring repeats of the same thing, Japanese games often have many sequels which are similar but just filled with creativity and a joy for games which is lost on the wests need to make everything as close to the real thing as possible. Now we need konami to stop being little bitches and make a proper 2 or 3D metroid-vania castlevania sequel rather than that current thing, Begbie- The Vampire Slayer.

  • Ace J

    resident evil and street fighter is all i want from capcom on the wii u

  • Tim

    Just give us OKAMI HD. Wii U is made for this game! 🙂

  • Johny

    holding fingers crossed for a 4th gen monster hunter game on wii u (also MADE for wii u…. not a port of a 3ds game )

  • Archiq09

    Please! Lost Planet 3 on WiiU too 😀

  • Aiddon

    we are at least getting the Ducktales remake and Chronicles of Mystara on the eShop.

    Anyway, hopefully this means CAPCOM finally got the memo to stop being ashamed of its cultural identity, despite what the West would like them to do. Their track record with overseas outsourcing has been BAD and hopefully they can follow Nintendo’s example and try to expand their internal staff to help bring out more titles.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Capcom is doing right by the Wii U – and they are smart in knowing that once we got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, we wouldn’t need anything else for a while – haha!

    But I think their decision to stop outsourcing is a solid one. Multiple of their franchise suffered because they were handled by studios that just didn’t get it. I have higher hopes for a proper DMC 5 now.

    I hope they get to work on a new zelda game, actually – oracles and minish cap were amazing, and I’d love them to work on a four swords-type game on wii U

  • Jon Neale

    Capcom all I want from you is dragons dogma, resident evil from 4 onwards and I’ll be happy!