Jun 18th, 2014


Capcom announced yesterday that it has not renewed the company’s takeover defense, meaning that it’s now open to buyout from another third party interest. This measure was put in place in 2008 to prevent a third-party takeover from stock purchases, but due to lack of investor interest in renewing the objective, the company is now open to buyout should another company buy a large amount of its stock.

Capcom has been in a bit of trouble lately in terms of sales and the fact that investors opted to leave the company open to buyout means they’re not too confident in Capcom’s abilities as a stand alone publisher anymore. So where does this leave them? Currently they’re still operating as an independent publisher, but should another interest acquire a large amount of their stock, the board will examine the stock purchase to determine if the deal should go through.

Should Nintendo consider making a controlling interest purchase in Capcom? It depends on whether or not Nintendo has a vested interest in any of Capcom’s properties. We’ve seen crossovers such as Mega Man making his way to Super Smash Bros., so it makes sense that Nintendo might be interested in buying Capcom. If Nintendo were to purchase Capcom, it would add a huge bevy of characters to its roster and imagine seeing Zangief in a Super Smash Bros. game, or a Mega Man/Metroid crossover game of some type.

Capcom has been an ardent supporter of the Wii U virtual console, bringing several of its past Mega Man and Ghosts n’ Goblins titles to the Virtual Console. Monster Hunter is also a driving force behind Nintendo 3DS sales in Japan, thanks to the popularity of the franchise. Just imagine what Nintendo could do with the IP in their hands, especially if another Wii U title were to be made at the behest of Nintendo in order to boost sales.

Nintendo is also pretty lacking on survival horror games outside of reviving old GameCube franchises like Fatal Frame and Eternal Darkness, so if the Resident Evil series could be brought back to its roots away from the “modern military shooter” vibe of Resident Evil 6 and more like Resident Evil: Revelations, fans of those games might be more interested in having a Nintendo console in their home.

Either way, the fact that Capcom is now open to buyout means we could see any vested interest in the game industry snap up the controlling share of the company. What do you think? Would you be happy with Nintendo having control of Capcom as a company?

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  • matthew garcia

    Nintendo should try but I believe microsoft and Sony have a better chance

    • Riddley

      How so? Neither really has the $$ on hand. MS is still billions in debt from R&D and Sony is still billions in debt from poor management. Nintendo has the $$ and HAS to protect their system sellers (3DS was brought back by monster hunter) Losing that and others to MS or Sony would take a ton of wind out of Nintendos sails.

    • Officer Raichu

      sony cant afford them with there financial problems and you think microsoft should have them after what they did to rare

      • matthew garcia

        Sony could afford them on there gaming division alone. They still have money. I believe capcom titles like resident evil and street fighter would sale better on ps4 then Wii u

        • Officer Raichu

          well imo
          ill divide it up
          sony: resident evil,street fighter,some other franchises(i only know so many
          microsoft: dead rising also ghouls and goblins
          nintendo: ace attorney,monster hunter,megaman,okami(okami sold well on nintendo platforms πŸ™‚ )
          nintendo and sony share viutiful joe πŸ™‚

          • Gameonfool

            Sounds like a good idea

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          I agree with Mathew keep Resident Evil a third party.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Sony loses money no games all delays. Nintendo makes more money on 3DS.

  • Mayoo

    Nintendo should buy them but should also let them do their own thing afterwards.

    • Riddley

      Do their own thing, but develop all their ips exclusively to Nintendo.

  • Francis Jairam

    They just have to buy Capcom. Besides they have Megaman

  • Allvalve

    Nintendo should buy a stake, just enough to mean Capcom only develop for Nintendo platforms, but not a controlling share.
    It is essential that Capcom remain independent to do what they do. Brilliant as Nintendo are, Capcom make games that are completely foreign to them (for the most part) so the involvement would most likely be a hindrance rather than a help. (think MS and Rare)
    I expect to see consolidation in the Japanese industry as it will be the only way to survive the shift towards western markets, and I have stated before that Nintendo platforms will be THE place for Japanese developers, as MS are western anyway, and Sony are chasing the western market.

    • Riddley

      Umm, they would need a controlling share for capcom to only develop for Nintendo. They would become 2nd party with 51% or more ownership by Nintendo. They dont need to outright buy the company, just get 51% and everything would be exclusive to Nintendo. Nintendo owns like 54% of game freak which means they produce solely for them, but still allows them freedom (i guess)

      • Allvalve

        That’s not the case. It isn’t just about the controlling stake.
        Nintendo would broker a deal where they would get Capcom games exclusively for Nintendo platforms in exchange for Nintendo buying a large enough share for Capcom to be protected from a hostile take over while still maintaining independence.
        They would much rather Nintendo (or any other company) buy 30-40% on this basis than Microsoft (who will likely be the purchaser) buying 51% and calling the shots.
        Its all about the back room meetings, and brokering a deal that suits both. Nintendo buying a controlling stake just adds to their overall liabilities, their shareholders won’t stand for that.

        • Ice Climbers

          Not true. Nintendo and Capcom can work out deals via contract, but once said contract is up, the company with controlling interest in the company can make Capcom’s games exclusive to their system (assuming it would be MS or Sony).

          Capcom’s shareholders will sell to a Japanese company before selling to a western company out of Japanese pride. Sony has too much of their own debt to be adding Capcom’s debt to it. This gives Nintendo the upper hand.

          As for Nintendo’s shareholders, Iwata would only have to mention that not buying controlling stake would result in losing Monster Hunter exclusivity, which would destroy the 3DS. That’s all he would have to say. Nintendo’s shareholders would cringe at the thought of having the 3DS start to fail as much as the Wii U. Positives outweigh the negatives here.

    • Riddley

      And dont remind me of Rare. Shame they wouldnt just sell another 2-4% to Nintendo and then a bidding war broke out. Oh well. Maybe Nintendo can get back the ips in the future from Rare.

      • Allvalve

        Rare orchestrated the bidding war. The stamper Brothers wanted to get out of the gaming industry and wanted as much money for the company as possible.
        Nintendo were right to walk away, and with the money Microsoft paid them for their share, they could have sold 1 Gamecube worldwide and still made more money than Microsoft in that generation.
        Where Nintendo did miss a trick is by not offering the Rare staff the opportunity to leave Rare and become Nintendo UK: Free Radical would have been the UK equivalent of Retro.
        Exclusive Timesplitters would have been good for Nintendo.

    • Riddley

      Nintendo needs to shift towards Western a bit too. The Japanese market has been shrinking considerably and to survive, Nintendo needs to evolve. They need to have Nintendo of America running alongside, but separate, of NoJ. Would allow them to experiment more and position them to flesh out other areas in gaming that arent really well represented currently. Online is big in western, and yet Nintendo still lags far behind competition.

  • Roadkill409

    Capcom has historically been on good terms with Nintendo. I don’t see this as a bad business move. Nintendo would get a huge boost in IP’s. But I bet talks are underway with whoever Capcom might be talking to. But I will be a little sad to see Capcom go way whoever may attempt a buy out.

    • Riddley

      Would be awesome for Nintendo to snatch back RE and snatch away dead rising from MS! Make it happen Nintendo!!!!!!!!!

      • Roadkill409

        I would rather see Nintendo own Capcom than either Sony or the other one.
        How is Konami doing these days? Konami would be the only other non-console making company I would like to see take a stake in Capcom.

        • Hipster Victor

          no NO not Konami….they act stingy with nintendo, especially with the Wii U

          • Roadkill409

            Good point. I think I let my memories of days gone by when Konami was King on Nintendo (Contra, Castlevania, Blades of Steel, Jackal, Gradius, Life Force, Track and Field, Rush’n Attack) cloud my judgment. But that was many many years ago. πŸ™

          • Hipster Victor

            I feel your pain bro. I really miss the old Konami myself (when it’s not a complete egoist like Kojima).

          • Roadkill409

            I remember when Konami was synonymous with awesome games. Maybe it is a selective memory, but Konami was easily one of my favorite 3rd parties when the NES was around.

          • Phoenix Maybe

            Not to mention Konami’s other bad business moves like Ground Zeroes.

          • Hipster Victor

            Ground Zeroes wasn’t a complete bad move, but it could have been 60% better

          • fafonio


        • Until Konami makes a new Bomberman game I say they should not acquire anything new, cause they never use anything new they acquire.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Nah man keep those games on other consoles. If their is no other option then Nintendo should buy out if no one intends to pick it up.

        • Riddley

          Yes, but Nintendo needs to diversify and flesh out. They need more ‘hardcore’ games and picking up capcom as exclusive would be a great step.

      • Dark Link

        Not to mention Devil May Cry and Street Fighter. This would really boost Nintendo’s arsenal

      • Ace J

        snatch back RE??? they never had it in the first place.

        • There have been RE games on Nintendo consoles before. The Gamecube for example.

          • 64 too

          • fafonio

            Even on the Wii with Chronicles and 4 remastered

          • Ace J

            RE was on PlayStation long before it was on the GameCube.

          • clownshoes1982

            except RE4 and RE:0

        • Joel

          They had an exclusive deal for RE in the gamecube days.

      • ChariotMan7

        Lmao can you imagine the hate those Xbox Fans and PS4 fans will have for the Wii U. Holy Shit!!!

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Buying all Capcom is insane. Buying Mega Man is great. Resident Evil will cause controversy across the internet. Don’t want no Bayonetta 2 again. People will hate Ninetindo in the end. I would love Nintendo to revive Mega Man. Mega Man failed once it went full Sony. Sony no appeal in platforms. Rayman Legends sold best on Wii U so does many platforms. I prefer them to buy Mega Man.

      • Riddley

        They are not going to break up the ips. Why would they do that? Its gaining a controlling stake in the company (51%+), purchasing the company completely, or nothing at all. There is no IP selloff so I dont understand why everyone keeps focusing on this.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Well I don’t know. I can’t answer that question. I hope Nintendo does not buy Capcom. No need to buy many IP’s that you can’t use in the end. Like X and many Monolith games where it comes every couple of years. Nintendo have a lot of IP’s so they should buy the ones they will use and make money. Not the ones they don’t use at all.

          • DESTOROYAH!!!

            If they bought Capcom Capcom would probably just continue whatever their doing, except none of their games would come out for non Nintendo Systems along with the opportunity for more crossovers between Nintendo and Capcom.

          • Roadkill409

            I would be ok with that. I own a Nintendo.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Yeah more cross overs for Nintendo agreed. Just look at this side because if buying Capcom as if it happened will cause problem in time management. Nintendo will not have enough time to focus on Metriod, Zelda somewhere after 2015, F-Zero, Pikmin, Mario Party and other second party Nintendo owns.

          • Roadkill409

            or they would gain additional resources to get all those games done faster. It could work both ways.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Seems true. I don’t know as a student engineer. I learned in engineering management that time management is often important in building projects in engineer. Failing to meet demands is impossible to do next project unless you are bad engineer like Square Enix. Lol. Also you need money in order to build project and how long you will get the money back. This involves project decisions as far as I am concerned in this article and the comments it brought, my advice go check engineering management on what it means while searching on google.

          • Roadkill409

            You are right and what you just said is basically the reason why some games are released early and not always as good as they could have been. Most companies are not like Nintendo, they look for a quick return on investment with their current projects. That’s not a bad thing. It just is. I would assume if it was easy to make a game with a long selling life, more companies would be doing it.
            Nintendo does the what they do but a lot of times their games are in development for year. But they, almost always, make a game that can sell for many years. I still see mario kart Wii selling in stores for $39.99. That is crazy for a game that old. But Nintendo does this time and time again.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Because it was planned, Nintendo does the measure of the life equation of single project life span to know how much it can sell. Equation such as this called present value. Also time value money all accounted with annual worth gives you the complete structure before making a decisions like that. Also associating with third party projects should be accounted for as a company such as Nintendo.

          • Roadkill409

            Nintendo must use a bigger number in the years to sell a video game variable than most companies. πŸ™‚

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            No money. Plans no work even contributed with larges variables then ever needed.

          • Metso

            And that would be fucking amazing!
            And also Godzilla will come back to kick your ass Destoroyah!

        • Roadkill409

          I think you are right, it would just be controlling stake for ownership in stock. It sounds like Capcom needs fresh money.
          It does not sound like Capcom is in the same situation that THQ was in.

          • Ice Climbers

            They’re quickly approaching it though. Also, it’s for a hostile takeover. Yes, a potential buyout. Capcom is in that bad of a financial situation. They’re dying.

            Nintendo would basically get 51% of shares (or more), get controlling interest in the company, and then likely buy out the remaining stock, making Capcom a 1st party developer. That’s what they did for Monolith Soft.

          • Roadkill409

            I would be just fine with that. Capcom under the Nintendo banner would be a winner in my book.

        • matt

          If you buy CAPCOM you own all the ip’s end of,that’s what your buying not the CAPCOM name ?? idiot..

        • Patrick Skollerud

          You’re right. By becoming a majority shareholder in Capcom, Nintendo might own the majority of voting interests in the business, but it doesn’t give them the right to just shut down Capcom and take the IPs they want for themselves. There’s still 49% of voting shareholders who can cause a lot of trouble if a new owner decides to do such big changes. As a matter of fact, I could see Capcom staying multiplat, even with Nintendo as the majority shareholder. A hostile takeover would cause a lot of stink, and Nintendo can’t afford to become the bad guy now. If they did buy Capcom, they might assure Capcom developing for Nintendo platforms, but I don’t think they can keep Capcom floating as a second party developer exclusive to Nintendo platforms with how they’re underperforming on the market. Big games should stay multiplatform, but they could release on Nintendo platforms earlier than the competition to assure at least some deciding to stick to the Wii U and later consoles. Capcom is too big to be second party.

          … or at least that’s my thoughts on the matter. I don’t know jack about economy other than my own. πŸ˜›

      • Jason

        Well, Resident Evil 4 was exclusive to the GameCube, until it had low sales.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Well agree Resident Evil has great history on Nintendo but demands and management, also when it releases is important before deciding to buy something. You gotta have a plan before that. Mega Man fits perfect on Nintendo plans.

      • Petri

        Excuse me, but how people, who already do not game on Nintendo systems, hating on Nintendo would be a bad thing?
        If they made Resident Evil challenging again, and less action oriented (Capcoms CoD killer….) it would be fine with me.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          I don’t know. People hated Nintendo a lot last year they gave us lame excuses and this year it turned out to not be true. They said Nintendo is remakes while theor competition is all remakes this year.

          • Petri

            It’s always the minorities, that are the most vocal ones.
            Hardcore Bayonetta fans, like myself, that would buy a Nokia N-Gage for the game, are also a minority.
            But I hope Bayonetta finds new fans in Nintendo fanbase.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Nintendo are brilliant hard cores I doubt any one of them can take them on. Really experts in gaming. People call COD hard core are insane. Although I play it competitively so does FIFA I do find Nintendo fans to play better.

          • Petri

            I do not wish to offend anyone, or start flame wars.
            But I think Super Mario Bros. is more challenging than any CoD game.
            And I’m pretty sure I have spent more time in my childhood with it, than all the CoD’s combined in my life.
            I do not hate the games, but one per year is just too much for me.
            Gamers that started gaming in the 80’s has had the change to experience the most challenging games.
            And I think those are the gamers who enjoy the widest variety of games.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            True I am not one of the people from the eighties. But I am one of the people from nineties. So what I am saying that you never did insulted me or anybody but I am just saying the truth. Nintendo excels in platforming because their games are hard if you play through it after main game completion.

          • Petri

            Well, I’m not that old either, but my family was pretty poor back in the day, so we got consoles with 1 generation lag.
            When people moved to Genesis (megadrive) and snes, we still had a NES.

      • TaintedXGamer

        um….. rayman is Ubisoft….not capcom…..Though ubisoft also need to stop dicking about with nintendo

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          I know but Rayman sells better on Nintendo. That is what I am saying platforms are way better on Nintendo. They are more like kings of platforms. Platforms as if in each year comes in Nintendo continually.

    • lonewolf


      • Roadkill409

        Yes, I am just fine with Sega!

    • Levi Johansen

      It MUST happen!!! Nomatter the price!

      • Roadkill409

        If Capcom and Nintendo were to join up, people would take notice. I think that would get a lot of people’s attention who might have, lets say, drifted away from the companies who started it all.
        I would love to see the next Street Fighter only on Nintendo. I mean Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom on the Wii was awesome!
        So we know they can do it.

        • TaintedXGamer

          Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2 plz? on that note….. MORE FIGHTING IPS ON WII U! i hate the fact that ps3/Xbox360 got fighters we don’t have access to, (I’m still pinning for Skullgirls on wii U, i mean we got all the controllers we need for practically Any Game!)

          • Roadkill409

            Tekken is a fun game and I own it for the Wii U, but Street Fighter is really my game. Even if they would put a retro street fighter with online game play I would be happy with that. But I see no reason that Street Fighter wouldn’t sell well on a Nintendo.
            I second the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2. I was not familiar with half of the fighters are but I didn’t care. The game was fun. And my family really liked Gold Lightan

          • TaintedXGamer

            Gold Lightan is awersome lol

    • Archiq09

      or they will make like with SEGA.

      • Roadkill409

        I am totally ok with Sega.
        Just a little Dream of mine would be for Sega to getting back into the console business. Maybe that would Cast the green X company into video game history.

    • Capt. Smoker

      Completely agree with you, Nintendo have missed on a few occasions, when Atlus were on the market for example, not that I’m complaining, they’ll be in good hands with Sega, after seeing what they do with series like Valkyria Chronicles, Capcom have some pretty good ips that could really help Nintendo spread out, I doubt Nintendo will bother, but for a new Devil may cry game on the Wii U, my fingers are crossed :p

      • Roadkill409

        I would dare to say that Capcom is in a league with only a few other publishers. If Nintendo could acquire some ownership it would be fun to see more Capcom games on a Nintendo system. But I really have no idea what the actual business state of Capcom is. They might only be looking for investors with fresh money and not a total take over from an established video game company.
        I highly doubt that Capcom is in a THQ situation, but without knowing more, we are all guessing and dreaming.
        But what I don’t want is to see Capcom fade away completely. I would miss their Capcom signature music intro.

  • Yes.

  • Officer Raichu

    if they cant buy capcom then buy megaman ace attorney and monster hunter from them
    if they can then make resident evil exclusive to wii u(that should help sell wii us with advertising and such)

    • Officer Raichu

      forgot okami could go for more okami

    • J_Joestar

      I’m sure they can’t simply buy the IPs like that unless either Capcom goes under or they actually decide to sell them.

      • Officer Raichu

        well i just think they would since monster hunter is one of the main reasons the 3ds is doing so well in japan(better than gba sales worse than ds)

        • J_Joestar

          not denying that, just saying that they can’t buy something that isn’t for sale.
          The current situation means that Capcom as a whole is at risk of being bought and not the individual IPs they own.

    • matthew garcia

      Or Ubisoft buys them out and everybody gets capcom games. Except for the ocassional Wii u skip lol

      • Officer Raichu

        ubisoft has enough they dont have to worry about consoles that have no 3rd party support πŸ˜›

      • 00EpicGamer00

        I can just see it now. A new Mega Man game gets released on the PS4 and Xbone, while the Wii U doesn’t get it.

  • Ony

    As long as it’s not Microsoft that kinect buy them.

    • MerryBlind .

      Oh God… that would be awful.

    • Ducked

      I think Microsoft is shying away from gaming with the Xbox One, let’s hope.

      • Petri

        Well, if xbone wont start doing better, and get them up neck to neck with PlayStation again, they might sell it off.

      • Ice Climbers

        Far from. Phil Spencer is committed to gaming.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      Microsoft can’t buy them. Capcom is a Japanese company. It’s against the law.

      • lonewolf

        How come?

      • Clel

        That doesn’t make any sense.

        • rp17

          Isn’t it obvious? Japan hates Xbox, so Microsoft hates Japan!

        • ETMew2348

          U DON’T MAKE SENSE >:O

      • companyoflosers

        i dont get that. is it a law in japan? or do countries really outlaw the buying of foreign companies. and whats the purpose of that too?

        • Wighead

          Well in Canada the government can stop a forein takeover, but usually its just to make sure that no canadian interest is able to buy the company first. If not, after a long time (a year or two of trying, may be more in some cases, if the company is profitable for example) they let the company be bought. In some other cases, the government says nothing at all and all is done rather quickly (it seems there’s jobs more important saving than others). Now, since Nintendo is a company with a high profit potential and is an important Japanese icon, It would be surprising for the japanese government not to use a law or at least a goverment way to block a forein takeover with some kind highest bidder or public offer process. I wouldn’t either be surprised if the US goverment was trying to block, by any means, the sell of wallmart or McDonalds to a chinese corporation…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Actually, Walmart bought the Seiyu Group, a Japanese group of supermarkets, shopping centers and department stores. So it’s obviously not against the law.

    • Zanzama

      We don’t want them to end up like Rare…

      • rp17

        You don’t wanna see Megaman in Project Spark?!?!

    • RecheDiazrivarola

      iwata says.

    • Ice Climbers

      I doubt it would happen. Those shareholders will be more likely to sell to a Japanese company first. Xbox doesn’t sell in Japan. Nintendo, Sega-Sammy, and Namco Bandai are the most likely candidates for purchasing Capcom.

      Either that, or nobody buys Capcom, and then they go bankrupt, and sell the IPs. Then companies can come in and cherry pick IPs for a fraction of the price. Problem is, there’s more competition over those IPs, whereas a buyout now won’t have much competition, and therefore far more likely to go into Nintendo’s favor.

  • J_Joestar

    At the very least, Nintendo should try to get a big enough share to ensure some of the predominantly Nintendo IPs remain exclusive.

  • Hossenfeffer Jones

    I’d like it, but I don’t see that as a move that makes sense for Nintendo.
    Nintendo’s current woes really don’t have anything to do with IP, so acquiring more doesn’t seem as beneficial to the Big N.
    I also don’t think Nintendo would have any interest in moving to developing for multi-platform should they take over, which is a loss for all of us, really (more than one way to take that statement and I’m not sure they aren’t each in some way correct).

    If anything, the prospect of a takeover might be beneficial to their stock in the short term, so I wouldn’t discount some boardroom chicanery at the moment.

    • Riddley

      Popularity of the ip are pretty big though. Monster Hunter almost single handedly brought back 3DS and the recent MH4 has already sold north of 3.2 million copies of software in Japan and pushed a TON of hardware sales. A hardware sales generating ip should not be underestimated, especially in Nintendo’s current state. Mature ips could help Nintendo capture some more western market too. Everyone keeps saying Resident Evil and Dead Rising, ect would be shelved, but Im just going to point out Devils Third as an WiiU exclusive which is pretty hardcore, guts/blood, mature language, sexual, ect, ect. I think the “Kiddie Nintendo” is slowly evolving, which is for the better. They can cater to everyone, why only take a slice of the pie when you can have the whole thing?

  • MerryBlind .

    Nintendo should definitely buy out Capcom. Sure Capcom itself is crap nowadays, but they have excellent IPs. Getting IPs such as Devil May Cry, to hand it back to Platinum Games so they make an amazing Wii U DMC exclusive would be so amazing.

    Speaking of which, they should also buy Platinum Games if they can. Nintendo + Capcom + Platinum would be one hell of a japanese juggernaut.


      I’m surprised Platinum isn’t already part of Nintendo.

      • MerryBlind .

        I know right? With P* now making an X1 exclusive, it seems very unlikely.

    • Metso

      Put there Sega and we have an army of video games

      • MerryBlind .

        Hell yeah, an army of FUN video games!

  • If anyone is going to buy them, I don’t see it being any of the big 3. There is more to gain from certain IP than Capcom itself I think. I see a company not heavily involved in the gaming industry potentially buying them. The IP is probably enticing to a movie or general entertainment company more-so than Capcom itself.

    While Nintendo probably has the best chance of getting Capcom, let’s be honest. Nintendo needs to focus on getting their current projects out and back to profitability before considering purchases like this. Otherwise I don’t see the Wii U getting any Capcom exclusives until the end of it’s life-cycle or on the next Nintendo platform. If they can do that, then maybe go for a few Capcom franchises. But realistically, it isn’t best for gamers if any of the big 3 get complete control of Capcom.

    • Officer Raichu

      i think they need to at least get the rights to ace attorney,okami,megaman, and monster hunter because they do well on nintendo systems πŸ™‚

  • Jeffrey Floyd

    I say yes only so they can revive Mega Man. They treated him amazingly for Smash Bros. more than Capcom has done for the Blue Bomber in a long time. Ace Attorney is always on Nintendo consoles so they could or could not buy that. There’s already a new one in production so the only reason I have is Mega Man. Maybe they could finish Mega Man Legends 3, since it was going to be on 3DS.

  • darkcreap

    Nintendo should buy them if they can tu guarantee games like Monster Hunter or Megaman, correcting Capcom’s flaws, but not being invasive like Microsoft did with Rare. Nonetheless, Megaman might nkt be the same now that Inafune is working on Mighty Number 9 on his own.

    • J_Joestar

      I’m sure Inafune wouldn’t be against doing contract work assuming the first thing they let him to is finish Legends 3.

      • darkcreap

        Maybe. The issue is that, do you think he would go back to Capcom, even one owned by a friendly Nintendo? I don’t follow news about this guy, but I suppose he left Capcom because they didn’t let him do what he considered good for Megaman. Maybe now that he has an IP to which he has the rights and is similar in spirit to Megaman he might prefer to develop his own IP instead of working again for a corporation that owns such a beloved IP. Just speculating, though. I don’t follow Megaman or this guy.

        • J_Joestar

          I’m not saying he has to rejoin the company, many times some publishers outsource their work to smaller studios to develop games, Capcom has even made a few handheld Zelda games.

          i mean that he has openly talked about how much he wants to finish making MMLegends 3. He even asked Capcom about outsourcing the work to his new company but they refused. so if Nintendo owned the Megaman IP and asked him if he wants to make it for them, i’m sure he would.

          • darkcreap

            Yes, that would be great.

  • DoctorFart


  • blindtiger


  • Narwin

    Capcom Amiibos would be amazing!

  • Jared Lytle

    Oh my god nintendo needs to buy capcom. Imagine all they would have! Phoenix Wright, Megaman, Resident Evil! Please nintendo buy capcom fix megaman and make phoenix a first party character! I mean they have some great ips I think nintendo needs. Especially Monster Hunter and Phoenix Wright.

  • Ken Seymour

    Just imagine Nintendo having exclusive titles for Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Breath of Fire, and Lost Planet. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER!!! NINTENDO!! PULL OUT THE CHECK BOOK, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!!!

    • 00EpicGamer00

      You forgot Okami. πŸ˜‰

      • Ken Seymour

        Sadly, I have never played Okami despite rave reviews πŸ™

        • 00EpicGamer00

          You really need to play it. It’s basically like Zelda, but you control this awesome wolf goddess. And the world is huge, Okami is like the definition of an open-world game (it’s not Skyrim big, but it’s pretty big). And it’s a very long game as well. Mark my words when I say, you CANNOT beat this game in one day. I have tried so many times. Even if you skip all the cut scenes.

          • Ken Seymour

            What is more sad is I own it and have never played it, visually I wasn’t impressed with the art style so never even put it in my system. Bought it based on reviews…I think I am going to check out some youtube videos to see what I am missing. With no new wii u games till Hyrule Warriors I will need something to play πŸ™‚

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Well, the game itself is heavily based on Japanese culture. The art style I think is also suppose to resemble Japanese folklore. Actually yeah, after doing some research, I think the art style of the game is heavily based on what is called “emaki” or “emakimono.” Basically a painting done on a scroll. The paintings aren’t suppose to be realistic. Heck, some of them have little to no color, like this one: http://media.artabsolument.com/image/exhibition/big/PHOTO-OFFICIELLE-No2.jpg

      • Ducked

        Okami and Zelda cross over…oh lord have mercy!!!

        • Officer Raichu

          that would be amazing

        • 00EpicGamer00

          That needs to happen! You see fan art of Okami and wolf Link together all the time. There’s clearly a fan base for it. I wish Nintendo would of put Okami in Smash Bros. instead of mega man or at least put both.

          • TaintedXGamer

            the creative minds behind Okami, clover studios…..I thought they died…… I would love for a Okami game on wii u<3

    • Alejandro Castillo

      as long as they market they shit out of those ip’s and make them synonymous with Nintendo ip’s. No use in having awesome games if they don’t sell and don’t leave some sort of long term appeal (legacy?).

  • Charlieblizz

    I don’t see how the answer is anything but yes. Locking up Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, etc. as Nintendo exclusives? No brainer, especially considering one of the largest complaints about Nintendo consoles is the lack of games like Resident Evil.

    • Jared Lytle

      Plus losing Phoenix Wright (if the company were to go to sony or microsoft) would cause nintendo to lose essentially a huge franchise for them. (and one I personally enjoy)

      • And, more significantly in terms of sales, monster hunter. It would be a big blow to them. Especially in Japan.

        • Jared Lytle

          Plus I could actually see nintendo going in another way THAN the shooter genre with resident evil which is something I certainly cannot see microsoft doing. Plus new megaman games that are good would make so many people happy!

          • Charlieblizz

            Resident Halo

  • JB

    I said this elsewhere when I heard about this, I wouldn’t want Nintendo or any of the the OEMs to buy Capcom. If anything, I’d want Sega or some other third party to buy them. That or Nintendo should buy the ips that are important to their brand like MegaMan and the such. Nintendo already have ips that they don’t use. Why add a whole boatload to that?

    On the other hand they could just buy a controlling stake and license out properties they think they wouldn’t use themselves.

    • Roadkill409

      I don’t think that Capcom is in the same situation as THQ. They just need some fresh money. Sega or Konami would be nice to see. But it sounds like it would be stock ownership, not a major buyout or any kind of IP sell off. I don’t think that is what is happening at this point in time. Maybe some time in the future if things go bad, but I think they just need some fresh money that’s all.
      But I don’t think anyone has the pockets that Nintendo has at the moment.

      • JB

        Yea, I agree with the whole Capcom vs. THQ situations. I just know I don’t want any of the console makers touching Capcom. I think that would do more harm than good being that if one OEM gets Capcom in any situation, then the other two fanbases would be alienated. Though if any third party would step up, I say Sega, since they seem to be more Nintendo-friendly than the other ones… I’m not sure how Nintendo-friendly Konami is at this time, they’re still putting out Nintendo games, right?

        This scenario would probably be a long shot in hell, but maybe some sort of consortium would be in order? With each of the three OEMs infusing cash into Capcom then they can fight over who uses what? LOL/

  • mac

    please Nintendo buy Capcom

  • Arthur Jarret

    The only way any company would get to own Capcom is by hostile take-over… that sounds more like EAs style than Nintendos

  • Des

    I would love for Nintendo to have a controlling interest in the country. If not, then Sony would be my second choice. As long as it isn’t Microsoft.

    • Jared Lytle

      I know nintendo should have stake in a company but controlling a country isn’t their style πŸ˜›

      • Des

        Ha ha ha. Oops, yeah meant company. I could easily correct it with an edit but I think I’ll let it stay for spits and giggles. πŸ˜‰

  • Gordon Tillett

    Do it NOW Nintendo! Some of my favorite games are the Capcom fighters from the mid 90s like SFA2 and X-Men Vs Streer Fighter. I have those on my Saturn.

  • Saul Rivera

    As long as a Capcom vs Nintendo game comes out of it…or at least another Tatsunoko vs Capcom…not to mention I still enjoy playing the Resident Evil’s

  • bistricky

    OH YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES ………………………….. YES. πŸ˜€ Ya, it would be a good idea for Nintendo to buyout Capcom. Cheers

  • ActivesiN

    its not even a question of Should Nintendo buy them its more like Nintendo NEEDS to buy Capcom
    3rd party support is as good as dead, and owning Capcom would fill in all the gaps that not having 3rd party leave and we get great games like Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    As long as it’s not Microsoft, I’m fine with whoever buys it.

    • Clifford Warner

      Microsoft is an American company they can’t buy Capcom because it’s illegal for an American company to buy a foriegn company.

  • Brandon Gardner

    Fuck yeah they should what kind of questions is that… Nintendo would be dumb not to….

  • Ducked

    They should. This is a huge opportunity for Nintendo. Resident Evil would be exclusive to Wii U. Imagine a Mega-Man Legends 3! Jump on it Nintendo! So many exclusives! Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Okami, the list goes on.

    • Officer Raichu

      more monster hunter for wii u sparks sales in japan keep them up for a while πŸ˜€

      • Ducked

        Yep. It would certainly increase the chances of MH4 coming to Wii U

        • Officer Raichu

          make an exclusive wii u monster hunter not for 3ds
          bundle it for cheap like 250 yen or something and see the bundles flying off the shelves

          • guest

            Um….. 250 yen is 2.45 US dollars. That’s really cheap. πŸ˜‰

          • Officer Raichu

            oh πŸ˜›

  • Shy_Guy

    I hope they buy Capcom,I think Nintendo would do a great job with Mega Man πŸ™‚

  • jhell


  • http://www.reddit.com/r/nintendo/comments/28dreh/capcom_is_not_officially_for_sale/

    How does this shit work?

    In case you’re too lazy to click on the link, it says Capcom isn’t officially for sale, but they’re accepting buyouts…

  • PS4WiiURocks

    Please Nintendo Buy capcom

  • Super Buu

    Do it Ninty and win this console war at once!!

  • Joseph Oliveira

    I think Nintendo should buy 52% of their shares.

  • Logan Wayman

    Microsoft? NO. Sony? CHIGAU! Nintendo? Let’s see, how would the Kool-Aid Guy put this? Ah, that’s right–OH, YEAH!

  • redd214

    As much as I love Nintendo and Sony, I hope none of the big 3 scoop up capcom. Imo that would be just awful have SF, Megaman, Resident Evil etc all relefated to one console. I know that this is a ninty fan site so most will probably want to see them buy Capcom, personally I hope either they get their crap together or get bought by another devloper/publisher

  • Kevin James McAllister

    Nintendo has acknowledged that they need games to drive the Wii U, and they have enough cash reserves that I’m sure they could buy out Capcom without sweating it much. I think it’d be a great idea for Nintendo to buy Capcom, focus some of the developers on revitalizing their classic IP’s (HD classic Mega Man? Lost Planet sequel exclusive to Wii U? Streetfighter being a Nintendo exclusive?) and using the rest on speeding up and adding to existing Nintendo titles. They could lesson their current workload and expand their 1st/2nd party offerings on Wii U and 3DS. Seems like a solid idea.

  • Mr Ninty

    if capcom is bought by any company, then lets just hope the whole staff including the IPs and the janitor on sunday doesn’t get raped just like micro$ did to rareware

  • Nintendo needs to buy. They’d be able to keep Monster Hunter, Pheonix wright, and a few others that have been really good on Nintendo platforms

  • Zanzama

    We all know what happened when Atlus went bancrupt.

    A lot of companies were like:

    Nintendo on the other hand was like:

  • “I don’t think this would be sound, I mean, what would Nintendo do with all these IPs? They barely have any games now, how could they accommodate Capcom? Not to mention, with the wiik u, it would lak the capablitie of fthe xbox won…”

    Said, no one, ever.

    What has been said:

    • Officer Raichu

      nintendo has shown more care to megaman in 1 game than capcom has the last 10 years πŸ˜›

  • Nookling

    New IP’s is great but it would cost a fat wad of money

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    nintendo please BUY CAPCOM!!!!

  • FutureFox

    Nintendo would have to re-revamp Devil May Cry from its early grave and refocus the survival horror direction of RE. Then reconfigure the Megaman series with tried and true basics; although if Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 proves to sell gangbusters, Nintendo might just take the cheap route (like they always do) and invest in a much fresher company.

    Best bet though is to buy controlling shares. They could also just wait Capcom to fail altogether and pick up the ip scap, but that is a risky consideration.

  • Nookling

    Since they aren’t completely for sale this is a good chance for Nintendo to make some deals for some exclusives. I first want Nintendo to throw a bone to their own IPs that are slowly fading

  • anthony optimo

    Oh my gosh, Nintendo buying Capcom would be, dare I say it? LEGENDARY!

  • FutureFox

    And hey that’s more Amiibo’s for Nintendo too!

  • anthony optimo

    Bring back the Maximo series, is stunning HD as Wii U exclusive.

    The possibility of Capcom being purchased by Nintendo has renewed a child like sense of gittiness I thought I Lost since the days of PS2 and GameCube. Pull the trigger Iwata!!!

  • FutureFox

    Actually Google has been rumored in wanting to get into the gaming industry. Picking up Capcom would a great way for them to break in the market if the rumor is true. Bad news for everyone else though if they did.

    • Ice Climbers

      Amazon would be more likely than Google. Amazon has actually been picking up some smaller studios.

  • Petri

    It’s not up for sale per se, its stocks are open to sale now, so anyone with steep pockets could buy the majority of shares, and start calling the shots or put it up for sale.
    But I don’t see Nintendo doing something like that.

    Here is a list of companies I do not want owning Capcom:
    EA. You have fucked up enough games already, no need to drag Capcom IP’s down with you.
    Ubisoft. You do not support Nintendo anymore, and you PC ports sucks donkey…
    Sony. I’m not buying PS4.
    Microsoft. I’m never buying xbone.
    Square-Enix. Sorry, but you are going down in quality faster than Capcom.
    Sega. I hate you, your bad decisions has ruined a lot from me, and I doubt you would do any good for Capcom IP’s.

    Even though I do not believe Nintendo would embrace all the IP’s that Capcom has, I wish, if it ever comes to it, that Nintendo acquires them.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Nintendo x Capcom!

    But seriously, Nintendo should definitely bid on this. If they don’t, I just hope that whoever does acquire Capcom slaps some sense into them.

  • Liverpiggy

    If Microsoft buy Capcom then RIP Capcom πŸ™

    • Stacey Flewelling

      Microsoft cannot buy Capcom. Capcom is a Japanese owned company. There are laws in Japan preventing sales of Japanese property to foreign countries.

      • Ice Climbers

        There’s a loophole: A Japanese subsidiary of Microsoft would allow them to purchase Capcom.

      • Liverpiggy

        Phew that’s a relief! Thankyou for the info Stacey.

  • Marioman21

    Yes Nintendo should bid.

  • Burnannator

    it would be a disappointment if Nintendo missed out on a opportunity like this Nintendo must buy capcom!

  • Rich Cole

    I’ve always thought N should buy Sega and Capcom. Who needs 3rd party support.

  • Felix De Jesus Gonzalez R.

    is good idea if Nintendo get control for capcom…. Street fighter…. Resident Evil….dead Rising..more and more

  • steveb944

    BUY BUY BUY! Hell, Nintendo has the money.

  • Ideallyreal

    Maybe it might be good for Capcom to go to Microsoft. Then you have have Street Fighter x Killer Instinct. Microsoft might make it big with two giant franchises crossing together like that xD.

    I would highly suggest that Nintendo DO pick up Capcom but I feel like it’s more of a disappointment (on Nintendo’s side) because of the multitude of IPs they have on top of the IPs Nintendo currently has that many people, by “many” I mean everyone, wants to see their other IPs back alive like Mother 3, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Wario, F-Zero, or Pokemon Wii U most likely.

    Either way, Capcom can only boost sales so much, they are know hitting the rock bottom that Square hit almost or more, a decade ago. The only game that I buy from Capcom now is probably Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Capcom makes a lot of hit or miss games and most are a lot of miss for me.

    The day when Breath of Fire’s Ryu and Mega Man X (not .EXE, Volnutt, Megaman or Starforce) is in Marvel vs Capcom series… that will be the day.. πŸ™

    • Alan Michael Hensley

      Microsoft can’t buy out Capcom because of a policy about Asian companies not being able to be bought by foreign country companies.

  • I would say to Nintendo do it, get majority of the shares but probably Nintendo won’t. they didn’t do it with Atlus either, so unlikely they’ll do it with Capcom. To bad, although it would be a very good move, especially with the MH franshise, survival horror genre and the many many games which are brought to VC. Maybe Capcom does it in hope nintendo would step in and buy Capcom…?

    • Ice Climbers

      Capcom isn’t Atlus though. Atlus, while great, makes niche games. Capcom has powerhouse IPs. There’s more reason for Nintendo to be interested in buying Capcom, particularly for keeping Monster Hunter exclusive.

      • Yes, very true. Maybe nintendo will do it but I guess we have to wait and see. I agree with the statement of Capcom being a powerhouse with tons of great IP’s. I’m quite font on Atlus myself love their games, but a game beating for example Monster Hunter is one thing Atlus doesn’t have indeed. For Monster Hunter alone Nintendo should do it.

        Not to forget all other great IP’s they have indeed. Dragon’s Dogma comes to mind all of a sudden. RE, DMC, Mega Man, Streetfighter, MH etc. all are excellent ip’s. I do hope Nintendo thinks the same as you and me. If not MH4 for one will be the last time being seen on Nintendo. If other parties like Sony (although doubtfull) and Microsoft bites.

        Sega wouldn’t be half bad though but Nintendo would be better, both Capcom and Nintendo go back long ways, and seems like Capcom is still loyal to Nintendo, especially after that loooong list of Capcom IP’s coming to VC.

  • Qubonic

    “Mega Man/Metroid crossover”. I just came all over the place!!!!!!

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Yeah they’re not going to bid.

  • David Trail

    Megaman exclusive to Wii U makes perfect sense.

    Also Street Fighter returning to its roots. Come on Nintendo make it happen.

  • companyoflosers

    of course nintendo should buy them! capcom games being exclusive to nintendo would give people that much more reason to buy a wii u! the wii u is already the only console worth buying by itself. the xb1 and ps4 are all mostly multiplatform games you can get pretty much everywhere (a few with the exception of the wii u).

  • Be bold, Nintendo. Do it.

  • LordiMcKill

    Nintendo ain’t exactly strapped for cash either so think they should definitely do it and buy Capcom!

    • Jake D Reiter

      nintendo is sitting on billions bud

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Nintendo getting Capcom for themselves would be awesome! Not only would we have the possibility of Mega Man Legends and the main series coming back, we also would have Nintendo’s policies on DLC over Capcom’s products, which mean a fair price for what you download!

    This is a company Nintendo MUST try to get their hands on.

  • Cole Brinley

    Yes! Nintendo should absolutely bid! I shouldn’t even have to explain why!

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    i hope nintendo buys capcom

  • discuss

    Would it be better for me as a Wii U owner? Yes.
    Would it be better for Nintendo? Doubt it.

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    I get megaman 3 on wii u this morning to say nintendo BUY IT.

  • RecheDiazrivarola


  • Leo


  • AmV

    I hope nintendo does buy them out that way they can bring mega man back!

  • Rich Garriques

    microsoft needs to stay away far far away. imagine if they really controlled the gaming industry. id have to quit gaming..:(

    • Clifford Warner

      Microsoft is an American company they can’t buy Capcom because it’s a Japanese company and it’s illegal for an American company to buy a foriegn company.

      • Volgana

        Nope.. Microsoft just bought Nokia from Finland. Everything is allowed when the money are there.

        • TaintedXGamer

          i just imagined a man with a microsoft Xbox mask Slapping a Nokia masked woman in the face with a wad of money, “I OWN YOU NOW Be-otch!”

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Well duh its not a question of should but more will nintendo. It would be great if they did and get more games on the wii u

  • Jord

    Maybe Nintendo could actually get Mega Man Legends 3 made!

  • Rinslowe

    I don’t think it would hurt them to acquire more intellectual property…

  • Fuzzylittlebastard

    Yes, a million times yes! But TBH I think that this might already be an option that they are discussing in Nintendo HQ.

  • Perryfan74

    If Nintendo buys them I ask for only one thing in return…an epic Zack and Wiki sequel!

  • David Horowitz

    I’d suggest it just for Mega Man.

  • I am Error.

    Better Nintendo than Sony of Microsoft. If one of them bought it up they could make Capcom titles exclusives for their own systems. Capcom really hit it big on home consoles thanks to Nintendo. It makes a lot of sense for Nintendo to pick it up.

    • Ice Climbers

      Sony can’t. Whoever buys Capcom buys Capcom’s debt. Sony has too much of their own debt to be adding Capcom’s to it. Financial issues prevent them.

  • Elitepwnsface
    • Elitepwnsface

      This is AlphaOmegasin’s view on the subject.

  • At the very least Nintendo should own Megaman, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil.

  • Jake D Reiter

    Nintendo needs to do this now they have enough money to swim in

  • Oni
  • C.S. Bailey

    If Nintendo could swing this, they would be a fool not to. I see them at the very least taking an interest in some stock purchases.

  • WellWisher

    Hells yess!!!

  • george

    that would be freaking awesome as you say Roadkill409 the IP will boost to the skies with street fighter, RE, the capcom vs series, okami, megaman and devil may cry that could give the wii u a more mature library of games. Not to mention there could be more onimusha!!! yeah

  • Maximo Zavala III

    Here is the chance for Nintendo to get that much needed 3rd party support they need. BUY NOW!! Make Capcom a 1st party developer!

  • HavokPants

    this is good
    nintendo make sure the quality of the game is good meaning
    we will get old school resident evil
    or deadrising 3
    or a new megaman
    we will have street fighter

  • Logan Waltz

    Street Fighter, RE, Monster Hunter and Mega Man. They can and should buy Capcom. Besides, no reason Ninty couldn’t buy them and after using their IPs to sell consoles go and toss them on the others 1 year later. lol

  • Logan Waltz

    I don’t know if anybody realizes, but they can buy the company and still have them make multi-platform games. They would be guaranteed system sellers if they needed them and would also make money from cross platform content selling. Like Xbox1 and bluray.

  • matt

    Nintendo should 100% buy Capcom,nintendo have always had capcom games and nintendo fans buy capcom games so yes buy them.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Nintendo Buy Capcom because your awesome

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Nintendo needs to take advantage here. This is a great opportunity to expand and get some great exclusives. If someone else beats them too it they could lose franchises like Monster Hunter and Phoenix Wright.
    Of course we all want to see Nintendo bring back Megaman (and they’d do a great job) and how about securing Resident Evil as well, I’m sure Miyamoto would stop them making another RE6 – hand Resi to Retro lol.
    I really can’t see a downside to this, Nintendo can afford it and I’m sure it would pay off soon enough. They need to act fast, if EA or MS were to buy a majority stake in the company then all hope is lost.

  • enigmaxtreme

    Nintendo should buy Okami, give it to Platinum Games to develop and have Miyamoto/Aonuma work as a supervisor…..and then I can die happy

  • David Trail

    Imagine Marvel vs Capcom vs Nintendo?

    • Allvalve

      Not sure how the mechanics would work, but Smash Bros vs Streetfighter would shift a few units.

  • Michael Legault

    Why the hell not Capcom has worked on Zelda games before, and I’m pretty sure Nintendo would put megaman back to work, maybe even get megaman legends 3 finally

    • J_Joestar

      Inafune would probably jump out of his seat if Iwata called him asking if he wanted to finish making it.

      • Michael Legault

        The thing that bugs me most is megaman’s final smash is called megaman legends and volnutt is in the lineup… Damn Nintendo directs can come at any time! Please… πŸ˜›

  • Tim Hart

    If Nintendo buy Capcom they also buy the debt Capcom owe.

    • Roadkill409

      yes, that’s how business works. Do we know if Capcom is in serious debt at the moment?

      • Ice Climbers

        They do have a fair amount of debt. Nintendo would be able to pay the debt off, as they have none or very little themselves.

        This actually removes Sony from the equation, as Sony has a TON of debt themselves. They’re not gonna add Capcom’s debt to it. Doing so would be an absolutely terrible business decision. However, if nobody buys Capcom and Capcom goes bankrupt, then Sony can jump in when Capcom’s IPs are sold off individually.

        • Roadkill409

          It must have been really bad management. Capcom has strong IP’s. Much stronger than other companies that have gone under recently.

          • Ice Climbers

            Pretty much. Too many bad policies, becoming completely oblivious to their fans, westernizing their franchises (DMC, Resident Evil), and attempting to kill off their franchises (Mega Man) despite there being plenty of fans, among many other bad business decisions over the past several years has put them in their current situation.

            Sad to see, but Capcom had it coming. They did it to themselves.

          • Roadkill409

            If they truly go the way of THQ, I will miss their little jingle at the start of the games.

  • The Bluntknight

    the possibilties of NIntendo owning capcom are pretty tantalising. I like the thought of capcom characters appearing in games like mario kart. However Nintendo wont break the bank like that. shrewd investments into up and coming studios are more Nintendo’s style. If Nintendo does get their hands on capcom’s IPs they’ll do it in a way that leaves behind the liabilities and the least valuable assets.

    • Roadkill409

      Nintendo is smart. A company does not stay in business so long and have as deep of pockets buy making too many bad decisions. But maybe passing on the Skylanders might have been one they would like to redo. But we will see how their attempt will go.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    If someone’s going to buy Capcom, I’d want it to be either Nintendo or Sega. Capcom’s IPs could really boost the Wii U’s library (Monster Hunter 4 HD, Street Fighter 5, Mega Man, a good Resident Evil, etc.).

    “imagine seeing Zangief in a Super Smash Bros. game, or a Mega Man/Metroid crossover game of some type”

    Even though I’d love to see Nintendo own Capcom, I hope neither of those things ever happen. Fighting game characters have no place in SSB, and Mega Man and Metroid have very different styles and atmospheres.

  • Silver Man

    I hope Nintendo buys it before Microsoft takes another business down the crapper. we all know Sony can’t afford it.

  • TaintedXGamer

    NINTENDO………. DON’T think, don’t breathe….. F***In’ BUY EM! YOU CAN FIX THEIR MISTAKES, Steer em in the ryt Direction……….please Ninty! I’M BEGGING YOU!
    Come on! Don’T Let them get Grabbed by the OTHERS Competitors! You NEED MORE GUN POWER!

  • Adrian

    I don’t really care what happens, just give me a PokΓ©mon RPG on WiiU.
    PokΓ©mon was Capcom right??

    • Rob Lucci

      The fuck you talkin’ about?

      • Adrian

        Haha i guess i am wrong. I am trying to remember the splash screens for the pokemon i played (red, blue, yellow, gold). Thought i remembered capcom and some sort of surfboard…oh well.

    • MerryBlind .


  • Metso

    Yay finally if Nintendo buys Capcom and give us more Resident evilq games! Love the RE Revelations on wii u & 3DS

  • gamingpalooza


    This would solve a lot of problems…

    Wii U has no wrestling games – Saturday Night Slam Masters
    Wii U needs more fighting games – Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Power Stone, ect..
    Wii U needs more Beat em Ups – Final Fight, Captain Commando
    AND RESIDENT EVIL & DINO CRISIS exclusive on Nintendo consoles!


  • gamingpalooza

    If Nintendo bought out Capcom… I would throw a Nintendo party for the whole block.

  • classicgamer20

    Of course Nintendo should buy Capcom because then we could actually have a new megaman game again

  • Colbster the Man

    I really don’t like how people have been saying that it would be bad if games like resident evil or street fighter where Nintendo exclusives but think about it that’s what Nintendo needs, plus Nintendo needs to buy CAPCOM so they don’t lose key franchises that have been selling their systems. If they don’t act fast enough and Sony buys them then monster hunter and ace attorney go straight to vita

  • Colbster the Man

    Plus its really sad seeing all these Japanese companies doing so bad, hopefully Nintendo brings them all together and brings back the days of the NES and SNES where Japanese studios mattered

  • I’d rather no one at all would buy Capcom. But if I had to choose a company to buy Capcom, it’d be Nintendo. I think Nintendo’s the only company who would, not only employ Capcom the most (because they definitely need the games), but they’ve hosted the Capcom legacy longer than anyone and I think they’ll preserve the legacy even longer.

  • Don Tusk

    wait until it’s bankrupt, then buy their IPs for a penny.

    • Ice Climbers

      There’s more competition then though. Sony, Square Enix, and Tecmo Koei are added to the mix, and it becomes fair game for western companies. Right now, those shareholders will sell to a Japanese company before selling to a western company out of Japanese pride. If Capcom goes bankrupt, then the IPs are sold to the highest bidder, and western companies are fair game. You also don’t get the dev teams if you wait until they’re bankrupt.

      It’s in Nintendo’s best interest to buy Capcom now while they have the upper hand. They can get all those dev teams, something they really need right now as their own teams are spread thin between Wii U and 3DS, as well as the IPs. Nintendo’s biggest reasons would be for Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney, as losing those exclusives would be a MAJOR blow to the 3DS and future handheld sales, especially in Japan.

      Sony can’t get Capcom right now, but if it comes to the point where the IPs are sold off individually, then Sony can jump in. I can GUARANTEE you that Sony will go after Monster Hunter first and foremost.

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    Yes they should then they could do stuff like the mega buster in Kirby or Mario in street fighter and who DOESN’T want Mario in street fighter?

  • blarf

    I would kill for another Gargoyles Quest/Demons Crest Nintendo game. Even another Ghosts N’ Goblins.

  • immachn

    Yes! All those IPS!

  • Nintendo better move fast then since I think Microsoft and Sony would move fast on this deal

  • devmiles

    capcom has released so many good games and is also part of my childhood. it would be so sad if it would go down with all it’s knowledge and great game library. personally i don’t think nintendo is gonna buy capcom because they want to be so much on their own.. i’m sure either sony or microsoft will do this.. most likely sony..

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Nintendo did say a while ago that they’re open to purchasing other devs and such. Sadly this was just after Atlus went to Sega (I think) but never mind, at least Sega got them.
      Hopefully Nintendo isn’t to self-obsessed to realise this is a great opportunity to get a ton of new IPs and really boost their power. If they turn this chance down and MS moves in then we’ll lose Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and many more for good.

  • Linc Kendall

    Make a power stone for wii u… Best dreamcast game ever if not best fighting game ever

  • Dadzilla

    I would love to see Nintendo buy Capcom or Square Enix. This would allow them to publish adult themed games without “sullying” the family friendly Nintendo brand. Similar to how Disney bought Touchstone to be able to put out R rated movies.

  • Trigger Happy

    To think one day I may get to beat the crap out of jigglepuff as dante

  • hansbricks

    I hope no one buys Capcom. They should be able to do what they want, and if they were owned by a company they would have to what the company wanted.
    But if they were to be bought, the company I would them to be bought by would be Sony. Not because I’m a huge Capcom and Sony fan (I like Sony, but I’ve barely played any Capcom games), but for my brother who is a huge Resident Evil fan.
    Personally, I’d like to make it like this:
    Sony: Resident Evil, Okami, Deep Down
    Nintendo: Mega Man, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter
    Microsoft: Dead Rising

    Capcom can keep the rest.

  • ChariotMan7

    Buy that Shit!. One of my favorite Franchise of all time Resident Evil is with them

  • defiant1701

    I think Nintendo would show the most respect to the franchises of Capcom, and in many cases bring a new renaissance to some characters. Others may be held back in terms of Wii U’s inferior hardware, but if Nintendo can produce AAA titles with Capcom, and they can, it would be awesome.

    If nintendo doesnt get it, id rather see it go to sony than microsoft, being a longtime PS owner. Never got into Xbox. Pray to the gods that EA or Activision dont get Capcom. You might as well kiss any decent titles from them ever again.

  • SketchFox7

    Nintendo needs to buy Capcom, and then offer Microsoft the Dead Rising IP in exchange for their Banjo-Kazooie IP. Then figure out a way to work Kameo, Viva Pinata, Perfect Dark & Jet Force Gemini into the deal also and everything would be awesome. Seriously though, Nintendo can’t let Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Viewtiful Joe or Phoenix Wright slip through their hands, they’ve all been so great on Nintendo consoles, don’t want to see them anywhere else.

  • TheSneakyLizard

    You damn right I would be happy if Nintendo bough Capcom.

  • I think Capcom has quite a few IPs that would work wonderfully in Nintendo’s repertoire- Ace Attorney, Megaman, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter are big ones. I think purchasing Capcom would be an amazing move for Nintendo, but we’ll see what happens.

  • eb

    Nintendo is fresh. Sony and Microsoft on the other hand. Gritty, gritty, shoot. SCIFI. No INNOVATION. Nintendo, PLEASE BUY CAPCOM. http://youtu.be/S89v894YkgI

  • Justin Graham

    yes this should be a must i no myselfs alot of the game i like to play are made by capcom i love resident evil and of all the history the two companies have had together over the year should make this a good move by nintendo if they do

  • e_rocket

    Just for Megaman allone they should do it!!!!

  • BlueYoshi211

    I’m still waiting for Ammy to be playable (from Okami), they could just reuse some of her attacks from Capcom vs. Marvel.