Sep 26th, 2013


Capcom has acknowledged fans desire to see Monster Hunter 4 available in the West. They’ve stated that they’re listening to the fan feedback and those of you who want to see Monster Hunter 4 released elsewhere, you should continue to let Capcom know that you want the game released in your region. Here’s Capcom’s official statement on the issue frome Facebook:

Hey hunters! We’ve seen many of you ask for us to #BRINGMH4TOTHEWEST. We’re excited to see the fan base growing and you all showing your passion, keep it coming! We are continuing to evaluate new Monster Hunter titles for the west, and will share any new information with you here on Facebook as soon as we have it..

So there you have it, folks. Capcom knows you want Monster Hunter 4 and they’re eager to make an announcement as soon as they have more information, but in the meantime, make sure you continue to let them know that you’re interested.

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  • Marcus Navarro

    “Capcom acknowledges…”
    That’s all I even gotta read.

    • Ace J

      damn right

  • SleepySkullhead

    Now I need to get MH3U

    • teknik1200

      You really do, it’s a great game with tons of monsters to hunt

  • AAAkabob

    Woot, really hope it comes soon. Preferably during a drought so I can be occupied for weeks

    • teknik1200

      weeks and not months?

      • AAAkabob

        I like to try a lot of games, lest I incur a huge backlog=d

  • CEObrainz

    This game will be so great. Keep up the good work I guess….

  • Ony

    AW YISS <3

  • Madmagican

    Well, I guess it’s progress but until there’s more solid evidence that MH4’s coming to the western audience I’ll stay cautiously optimistic

  • Schultz38

    Even if no one else buys it, I’ll be there buyin it. ;_; Localize it for meeeeeee ;____;

    • and meeeeeeee 🙂

      • the great tigrex

        I must have this game it must come to america

  • Connor Devlin

    OK, good. Now, Nintendo, I think we’d all appreciate it if you’d TRANSLATE MOTHER 3!!!

  • Skelterz

    I don’t understand capcom there like completely broke i think like 152 million is all they’ve got why are they not bringing this game to the west sooner….it don’t make sense bring it to us bring it to wii u get on with it you need the money i hope to be honest they go broke and nintendo buy them out with all there lovely IP’s and actually do things properly.

  • Skelterz

    there’s an article saying monster hunter 4 sells 2 million copy’s in two days if they had of released that game over in england and america erm it coulda been 6 million in two days maybe more…capcom…no wonder your broke.

  • Skelterz

    correction the article says 4 days but hey not being funny you catch my drift capcom fail?!?!

  • Adam Ridsdale

    Hell yea monster hunter 4 is coming to the uk hopefully in the next few months im soo existed we have to get more fan base in the uk tho i love the monster hunter series :3

  • manowaffles

    If it’s only on the 3DS, that will be the reason I get one. I’m hoping for a bundle. Ok, if they release a sweet Monster Hunter Bundle with an 3DSXL & Circle Pad, even if it’s not the only option, that will get me to buy a 3DS as well.