Mar 1st, 2013



The Monster Hunter series has always enjoyed huge popularity in Japan and somewhat moderate success here in the west, but with the latest release, Capcom hopes to change that. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a high-profile release for the Wii U and 3DS in the month of March.

Speaking about the success of Monster Hunter both inside and outside of Japan to Eurogamer, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained that Capcom hopes the new release will bridge cultural gaps and achieve strong sales by giving fans what they want. In the interview, Tsujimoto also addresses the long wait Western consumers have had to endure for the game.

Monster Hunter in Japan started and developed in a very different way to how it’s been in Europe so far, Japan being a rather densely populated place with a quite prominent culture of visiting each other’s places to play games together. You see kids carrying their consoles taking them to their friends. They already had this basis of playing games through local network, whereas it’s a bit more difficult in the US and Europe where your neighbour is seven miles away.

With Wii U, which is online compatible, and with 3DS with its portability, releasing both of them together, we’re giving opportunity and options to consumers to really pick up the version they want and the one that suits them.

By doing that we might be able to actually have a breakthrough. That’s definitely our intention.

We’re well aware of the complaints from the fans about the time difference of releases. We have been trying our best to try to reduce it.

So this time, with great help from Nintendo, we’ve managed to greatly shorten the delay in release and at the same time we’re releasing it for both platforms, which is an achievement in a sense. So hopefully we can implement a more systematic way of doing this in the future.

Another new feature of the game is the ability to lock-on monsters, which was added to be useful to those playing on 3DS without the Circle Pad Pro. Tsujimoto acknowledges that the series requires a high degree of skill and dedication in order to be enjoyable, but he feels that this is exactly what attracts people to the series. That level of dedication and reward that makes people want to play new installments.

Monster Hunter is an action game. It’s got to be challenging. It’s got to be solid in that sense. Not to the extent that it’s heartbreaking. But it’s got to have significant points to it.

You have a breakthrough. You hit a wall. You ponder for a bit. And then you breakthrough again. There are significant steps where you are satisfied in each, but it’s never heartbreaking. It’s a matter of balance in that sense.

…At the end of the day, the Monster Hunter difficulty is in the action element, not the camera control. We don’t want people to be hindered because the camera control is awkward. We wanted to provide a comfortable environment for the players without spoiling the solidness of the game itself.

It’s nice to see Tsujimoto open up about the development of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for both Wii U and the 3DS. For those interested in checking the games out, you can find demos in each of the respective eShops. Will you be getting this game when it’s released?

[via Eurogamer]

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  • whatevs, im still buying. >:D

  • Adam Porter

    nooooooooo, can you leave camera lock off?? ūüôĀ i don’t want to be tempted to use it and make the game easier. this is as bad as FFXIII with that auto battle option.

    • Laud

      A lock on mechanic is definitely not as bad as an option that destroys all reason to hold a controller. >_>

      • Adam Porter

        ¬†yes it is, it’ll make the game alot easier, am i the only one who thinks it shouldn’t be dumbed down. -_-

        • You don’t have to use the camera lock

          • Gregory Edcius

            i tried the lock on in the demo and i hated it very annoying glad its optional

    • savisn

      ¬†Assuming the demo is accurate to the full game the answer on WiiU is yes you can turn off camera lock.¬†¬† I will note that it’s not like Zelda Z targeting.¬† When you press the camera lock (L button I think) it locks the camera on the monster but doesn’t change your character’s positioning.

      As someone new to MH I used it because otherwise I got disoriented staring at some ceiling with no clue where the monster had gone because the camera was weird.¬† To me that’s not at all like real life where you can use your senses to pretty quickly locate things spatially – so from my perspective it’s a good thing.

    • DragonSilths

      Buy the Wii U version then. Out Lock is only on the 3DS version.

      • DragonSilths

        Auto Lock*

      • Johny

        actually its on wii u too. but dont worry. its not a game breaker. it only gives aid controling camera for beginners at the beginning.. trust me. its actually well done. it only centers the camera on the monster for a BRIEF moment. also it does does after a NOTICABLE delay after you press the button. just trust me man ūüôā i used it on a demo for like 3-4 hours… by then i COMPLETELY got used to the touch controll camera and NEVER used it again. i got 15+ hours on a demo now and i honestly think its a good feature for beginners, and its not as bad as it sounds and certanly not a game breaker, as people WONT be using it after they get used to controlling camera (which to be honest, HAS alittle learning curve to get used to in monster hunter games) ^^

        also i got over 600+ hours on mh3 on wii… for what its worth:)

        • Adam Porter

          ah right ok thanks for clearing that up for me, i guess aslong as it doesn’t make the game alot easier it’s ok.

        • Ahiam94

          600+ HOURS!? That’s insane!! Now I’m REALLY happy that I pre-ordered both the 3DS and Wii U version. I had no idea that the game had THAT many hours of gameplay. I’m so excited now!!

        • Gregory Edcius

          nice i played 300+ on tri japanese and european version and 200+ on monster hunter freedom unite switch axe ftw cant wait for it on my wii u

    • Johny

      nah dont worry… its REALLY not that bad. have you tried it on 3ds ? (you wont use it on wii u for sure lol) its not as it sounds. it really just aids you if you get “lost” while trying to controll camera (which happens at the start while getting used to the camera controlling on the touchscreen-which works BRILLIANTLY by the way). You toggle if the L button centers camera on player, or on monster. and when you press it, then it redirects the camera toward the monster for a MOMENTARILY brief moment. and thats it. and it actually happens after some noticable delay AFTER you press the button (im pretty sure its on purpose).

      After all i think its a very balanced feature to aid players with camera at the beginning. ¬†after like.. around 3-5 hours of playing the game, you wont use it ever again. Trust me:) i have over 15 hours of gameplay on mh3u DEMO xD… haha also 600+ hours on mh3 on wii. So dont worry. its not a game breaker ūüôā

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Auto battle was lame, but it’s not like you had to use it.

      • Adam Porter

        can you realistically say that you wouldn’t use it though, it’s the easiest way to play the game, it just makes going to all the extra effort pointless, and the game became pointless. all to try and make final fantasy more appealing to less hardcore gamers, but in the process they ruined the game for fans. just wish they would go back to the battle system like 10 or 8 even

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Just from my personal experience, I played FF13 with slowed down time, and never used auto battle. ¬†It played just like the original ATB games for the series. ¬†I didn’t feel that it ruined anything, just a quick fix under the options.

          • Gregory Edcius

            slow down time in ff13 ? i didnt know that was possible not that it made a difference for me to buy it but what option in the menu does that i wanna go back and see how the game plays like that

  • WiiUltra


  • RoXas

    ¬†Too bad people in the west (Europe & America) seem to prefer shooters (CoD,BF etc…) over¬† well made RPG’s from Japan. I guess people here like mindless shooters more..

    • Sdudyoy

       Why use your brain when you could just SHOOT!

      • David

        I take it you die a lot.

        • Sdudyoy

          ¬†In COD? the first I played that game online I was winning matches after my first thirty minute’s, But yes I did die a lot.

    • Zorlac79

      Tell me about it! ¬†I see one of my friends, trade names (whether it be WiiU or 360), and the first thing they say is “we will get down on some CoD”. ¬†Ugh ¬†Here we go again. ¬†We never end up playing together….lol.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Western RPGs have been on the rise lately, and are probably the main reason why JRPGs are suffering overseas. ¬†I’m a major RPGer, but Monster Hunter doesn’t appeal to me very much.

      • ECM

        MonHun isn’t an RPG, which might explain your issues, and it’s an order of magnitude more demanding, skill-wise, than any dozen Mass Effects/Dragon Ages/Elder Scrolls, where the focus is NOT on gameplay (as it is with MH), but STORY, which is why so many modern era gamers can’t get their heads ’round it.

        A game like MH would have been much more popular, in the West, pre-2002, before games began an inexorable slide into laughable difficulty territory, where rewarding gameplay took a backseat to ‘epic’ storylines and grossly dumbed down gameplay. I mark the date as, effectively, the demise of the Dreamcast, but that’s more for convenience than anything else.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          The only reason why it doesn’t appeal to me is it seems like just a generic action game with RPG elements. ¬†Like you said, it’s obviously focused more on gameplay and rewarding fights, but it doesn’t seem to offer much else to me. ¬†I’m sure it’s a perfectly good game for a group of people, but it faces stiff competition from the western RPGs that you listed, which is reflected in western sales.

          • Adam Porter

            ¬†generic action game?? name on generic action game like monster hunter. seriously these people who think they know everything about MH from one demo o.O’
            you should play the full game, when weapons aren’t handed to you and you face off against a beast with crap armour and crap weapons, and the only way to get better is to beat it continuously.
            hell the hardest monsters to hunt can sometimes be the first ones you face, cause you literally have no armor and only real low power weapons.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I don’t know much about Monster Hunter, and I’m not trying to pretend like I do. ¬†I was just saying that it seems generic to me because I don’t see anything really different about it except for the obvious monster fights, which doesn’t sell the game to me. ¬†It’s just my opinion though, just because it doesn’t appeal to me doesn’t mean it isn’t a good game.

    • Maybe a lot¬†do indeed. I’ll be one of the few who don’t like shooters like CoD. I prefer MH over any shooter out there ūüôā

      Last shooter I played was Timesplitters local 4 player mayhem, which is fun, but after I have tasted MH on the Wii I say MH > Any other shooter.

      Edit: I should say I prefer monster hunter over any shooter, not like how I wrote at first, reading it myself again it turns out that when written in that way (above the edit) it seems like I compare MH to a shooter, which obviously is wrong in more ways then I care to write down. Hopefully that clearifies it a bit better ūüôā


      I have to take some offense to this and speak up for all shooter fans out there. Now I love JRPG’s and most games in general (just check out my vids on youtube).¬†

      1) Playing against another person or people is way WAY different than playing Co-Op against AI any day. To beat a person at Madden on-line, have your clan beat out and out-play another on COD/BF/Halo, or win in SSBB/Street Fighter, or on a PC like in LOL, WOW is way more of the competition, challenge, and you need to be an overall better/pro gamer to do this. To have a good group in Co-Op and go out and win against AI, takes skill of the game for the gamer’s BUT THAT’S IT.¬†

      2) COD/BF/Halo ARE NOT mindless shooters. Even their Campaigns are not on Rails, and you have freedom to play the levels the way you want. On MP you are playing against real people WITH REAL MINDS. Any shooter game like “Resident Evil; The Umbrella Chronicles” and “Dead-Space; Extraction” on the Wii are mindless shooters that are on rails (But still very fun/scary games). Now COD Zombies/Spec Ops is a mindless shooter as well, and in-turn anything that you just face AI ARE ALL MINDLESS ON-LINE GAMES ala MH3 too.

      3) I am not saying that MH3 is bad, or that Co-Op games are bad at all. Hell I am ranked 4th in the world on Mass Effect 3 on the WiiU, and that is Co-Op. I have said before I have tried to get into MH3 but it is just not my cup of tea, but I will still probably get it on the U. But the base of this game is four people going out yes creating and building a character with RPG elements BUT going out and hack n slash a big AI monster for 20 mins to an hour. Yes it has challenge, BUT once you know the AI’s moves it becomes another mindless game to waste time and have fun with.

      4) To say that MH3 is a true JRPG is like saying “New Coke” was a great idea. It is a hack n slash Co-Op game with RPG elements…that happens to come from Japan. The Monster Hunter’s series is in no way a true JRPG and will in no way ever be compared to real RPG’s or JRPG’s like “Final Fantasy”, “Orge Battle”, “The Last Story”, “Xenoblade Chronicles”, and that list goes on. The main reason is those I mentioned have a big epic story and adventure you do. In “MH” they just scaled the story away and you just go out and have fun wacking monsters, and their is nothing wrong with that either.

      5) That’s enough from me, I have some killing of pixels to do!

      • Adam Porter

        ¬†you should have just cut to the chase and admitted you were crap at monster hunter at the beginning, just because you are good at other games but can’t get the hang of this one does not mean anything. if you don’t think it takes more skill to beat AI than “real” opponents, well then you obviously haven’t played enough MH to make that judgment because the AI later on is amaze balls difficult.
        describing monster hunter as a hack and slash game is just ridiculous, the fun is not in the story, the fun is being the best hunter, working in a group, developing skills with weapon and armour sets, learning monsters movements etc etc……..
        games like COD are fun and all, but their essence lies in pick up and playability, all it takes to get good at COD is learning spawn points and quick paths between them.

        • SH*TBLOCK

          I have one word for that reply of yours…


          Man, I don’t want to be mean about it, I don’t know you.

          I have played plenty of MH to know what it is all about, and what I wrote is how I feel about it. I didn’t say it was easy at all, or it had weak AI. I did say you fight monsters for like an hour sometimes…that is a battle and challenge and yes you do feel a real sense of accomplishment when you beat one. I didn’t say who ever think/likes this game is a lame gamer. I did say it wasn’t my fav type of game/cup of tea, but I would probably get it on the U.

          BUT if you don’t think it is an RPG hack n slash that is on you man. Yes you can talk with four buddies and yell out strategy and what you gonna do, etc, but it is 4 players trying to get close enough with out taking to much damage to just hack n slash a big monster OVER AND OVER until it goes down. Oh wait you can put down traps/bombs, clap clap. Lets not over think this to much ok.

          Next time be little nicer and maybe I would have added ya so you could’ve seen how bad-@ss I am at most games and even MH3…even would’ve taught you some good tactics as well. #owned

          • You both need to get over yourselves, although I think Shizblock is making a better argument.

          • SH*TBLOCK

            Yeah I should have been nicer about my reply. I just felt like my 1st comment was true to my opinion, and that I stated facts about gamer’s playing gamer’s vs AI, and not degrading anyone who likes or doesn’t like certain games, and I in no way talked about a person on here or their gaming ability, so his comment p*ssed me off a little, ya know. It’s all good though, many gamer’s know who and how I game, that I don’t/never cheat, glitch, hack, I love the Nintendo community, stuck up for it countless times, and a great gamer friend to have and I am friends will all the main youtube commentators for the Nintendo community because of this.

          • I 100% agree with you on MH3. It’s not a bad game. Hell, it’s a pretty good game and will be a must have title for Wii U at this point (though to be fair there aren’t many games for the U, soooo….).

            That being said, it is not an RPG/JRPG. Call it a hack & slash, call it an action game in a fantasy type setting, call it whatever you want, but it’s not an RPG…Unless simply defining an RPG has you imagine yourself in the role of the character you’re playing, and then even a shooter is an RPG.

            RPGs tend to have very similar and consistent elements, of which only one is present in the MH franchise:

            1) Customizable/upgradeable gear: Yup, present

            2) Character development: No, sorry, upgrading gear or skill level is not character development. You can’t have character development when there’s no story to build on

            3) Rich and engaging story: No

            4) Character levelling: No, though I know some may argue this one. But there’s no classic leveling where you have choices of new skills or anything like that

            Now there’s other elements that can be present in RPGs, but not all have them and aren’t core components (such as random loot, crafting, story choices, etc)

            Again, not hating on MH3 or the MH franchise (though I know people will come to its rescue) but to call it an RPG is just disengenious.

            You want some good RPGs/JRPGs, try these (old/new, Western/Eastern):

            Baldur’s Gate
            Torment Planescape
            Fallout (1, 2, 3, New Vegas)
            Xenoblade Chronicles
            Last Story
            Ys (any of them, though the later ones got better)
            Final Fantasy (though I will admit I don’t like FF)
            Dragon Quest
            Dragon’s Dogma
            Dragon Age: Origins
            MAss Effect
            Kingdoms of Amalur
            Morrowind (still better story than Oblivion/Skyrim)
            Borderlands 2 (yes, it’s a FPS and RPG)

            The list goes on, but any of these would be worth checking out if looking for a good RPG

          • Adam Porter

            ¬†well it is a “Role-Playing Game” so it is an RPG.
            you just listed off loads of western orientated RPGs. someone earlier used the term generic to describe monster hunter, but you have just presented a list of generic RPGs. they all play the same, have the same kind of story driven element to them. Monster Hunter doesn’t need a story, you are a hunter, hunting badass monsters, you make your own journey and your own stories. my most memorable moments of MH are with my friends online questing, we have great moments we remember when we overcame monsters for the first time and others when we finally mastered each monster. and through that you really feel like you are living through your character i find it more immersive than any other RPG ive played. so in fact i think that makes it more of an RPG than most other RPGs

          • Actually, I listed a bunch of RPGs that fit the classic mode of RPGs.

            And I’d say look again at the ones I listed as there are several JRPGs in there (Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story, Ys, and Dragon’s Dogma are all JRPGs…Though granted Dragon’s Dogma is more Western styled)

            Once again, I’m not mocking MH3…It’s enjoyable and a good game, but I’m not sure you can classify it as an RPG. I’m not really sure what MH classifies as, but it doesn’t fit the RPG mold in any conventional sense.

            Plus if you look at a lot of the RPGs made by Black Isle (Baldur’s Gate, Torment, Fallout, etC), I’m not sure you can¬†call them generic RPGs. You have to give Black Isle credit where credits due, they re-invigorated the RPG genre in the 90’s. Prior to them, the RPG genre was dying out from the old Apple 2GS model. Most PRGs that have come since owe a lot to the existence of these games, including the extremely popular Neverwinter Nights. Now they may be generic for what came later, but at the time they re-defined the mold.

            MH is a good line of games, but the lack of character advancement (not just leveling) and narrative would lead me to state they are not RPGs.

          • Jaron Swain

            You skipped Dark Souls…shame on you

          • WiiUltra

            I don’t agree with you. You said you played MH3 and I don’t understand why you would call it a hack and slash game. You know that every sword/gun/bow is different. That gives you almost endless possibilities of killing a boss monster. This game also takes way more strategy and honing of your skills to hunt/capture the monster faster each time. The boss monsters have a ton of life, thats why you might spend 55 minutes to complete the quest. Plus there are much more quests that DON’T even involve hunting. You also have to learn how to put as many positive skills on your armor and at the same time removing all the negative ones. Those skills also add to the outcome of your hunt. There is a lot of preparation before hunting a boss monster that is extremely difficult.
            In my opinion a Hack and Slash game is one like Devil May Cry or something similar where that is all you do. But all that aside, if you’re getting Monster Hunter for Wii U, I look forward to playing with you online.

          • SH*TBLOCK

            And yes I agree with you in what you said. You can for sure build and re-build your character and you seem like you’re like me in gaming and you want to try everything/get everything. BUT one thing you didn’t take into consideration, not everyone is like you that plays the game. In MH or ME3, or any other Co-Op game, you need to find a good group of gamer’s that talk/work with each other to beat the level, boss, what have you. We all know that way to many times you will get in matches with randoms, that are squeakers or Newbies or don’t talk, or just don’t care and all they will do is run to the monster and just hack n slash it until they die or it dies. MH is not a button masher hack n slash type of game but the essence of the battle is a hack n slash type of game no matter how you make your character. Bottom line is you have attack attack attack to get the job done.

          • Adam Porter

            ¬†this is getting ridiculous, exactly how do you beat COD’s campaign?? SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. or final fantasy, attack attack attack. you could sum every single game up like this.
            and as for noobs in your party, well i kind of enjoy having them around, it’s fun to help them and watch them getting better. each time i meet a noob it’s like the game reinvents itself over again and we start the journey anew, everyone quests different and it’s fun being a part of that.

          • MadCrain

            Lol at using Hashtags outside of Twitter.

          • Adam Porter

            believe me i don’t need tips from a COD head on how to play MH, someone who thinks the essence of the game is just hit the monster over and over and over to win i doubt is actually very good at the game.
            but then again i would expect no less from someone who is so obsessed with themselves as you seem to be, shooters would suit you, you just have to hit the target, again and again and again and again…………..

          • SH*TBLOCK

            I really don’t see what your hate is on me man. I stated an opinion that anyone with logic would have to agree with. Pro Gamer’s don’t win money against AI, they play against other human opponents which means that is where the real competition and true challenge is and has always been.¬†

            You were the one that tried accusing me of being a bad gamer at MH because of my comment. I never said people who play MH or Co-Op games are bad gamer’s. You made it personal to me in your comment. Where is the logic of what you said about “it takes more skill to beat AI than “real” opponents!” AI literally means artificial intelligence. They have a set amount of moves/choices they can do while a human can do anything they can think of in that moment.

            Obviously you have either spawn trapped or just been trapped on COD and most likely are an average COD gamer that plays in random matches and never had a true team gaming with you. You haven’t really played a true clan vs clan war in several game-modes to understand how truly difficult it is to win and strategize against another good/great clan, no spawn-trapping there. Co-Op games are great, MH is fun and hard to play BUT it will never be like it is human vs human, in any/every type of gaming out there like I stated above.

            I’m sorry you felt like I was throwing a low-blow at MH, I really wasn’t. I am going to take the high road and not make it personal. You’re defending this game because you like it, I get that, again I like this game just ain’t my fav. I’ve been a gamer probably since before you were born, I know games, play games and have beat more games than you have even played yet. Maybe we’ll get into a random match on MH3 or ME3 or AC3, Madden, COD, MarioKart, etc one day and you will see that I am a really good gamer and maybe you can teach me something on MH3 too…

            BTW, I’m not hard to find;
            In COD clan; 4H/4 Horseman
            Gamer-tag has always been/NNID; SH*TBLOCK|4H
            also SBLOCKgaming
            and on at youtube/SBLOCKgaming 

          • Adam Porter

             look the whole AI vs real opponents argument is kind of ridiculous, beating games on insane difficulty is alot harder than facing any real opponents, the game basically cheats usually, AI never makes a mistake where a real person will, for shooters especially AI is a bitch because it can one pop head shot you instantly every time if it wanted. AI gets dumbed down to be more like facing a real opponent.
            i could go on and on in this argument, but there would be no point, you like shooters and i like RPGs and in my opinion monster hunter is one of the best, i don’t need to change your opinion you can think what you want.

          • SH*TBLOCK

            Ok my counter-point to this is, how many Monsters in MH3 you didn’t beat or haven’t beaten? How many games in your life have you played that you couldn’t beat, hell even on the hardest difficulty? I truly only recall for myself just can’t beating only a handful of games in my lifetime, like maybe at most 10, and most of them were back on NES and Super NES before they dumbed downed the games to let most people win and make this generation feel accomplished at something hahahaha.¬†

            Now on the other hand I know in real life like in playing Pool/B-ball, as well as in certain video games there has been certain individuals that I can not go even with or win against at all. No matter how often I play the game, or for how many years. With games, you play, learn, memorize, adapt, and beat them with practice, people can surprise you at any moment.

            Yeah AI can be made very difficult like if you were going against a super computer at chess, but not MH and it is as difficult as any other game on hard, BUT not impossibly hard to beat.

            And for the last time, I freaking love RPG’s, also love FPS, I am a gamer’s gamer, and love all games in general. I am not hating on MH and know it’s a challenge, and a lot of fun to play. My over all statement is and was playing against people is a hell of a lot harder and more of a challenge than playing Co-Op against any AI in any game. And you’re right about gamer’s make mistakes. We make them against AI and against each other. But the stakes of who wins against each-other matter a lot more to us as gamer’s than do when we lose in a Co-Op match to AI, right or wrong?

          • David

            So what is the essences? How does one kill the monster without repeatly hitting, bombing it, healing yourself and switching up weapons to hit it some more. I love monster hunter, but I’m just curious.

        • WiiUltra

          Just because you play COD with other people doesn’t mean its not a mindless shooter. You’re just shooting mindlessly with friends/strangers.

          • whats your nintendo network id? i need more friends on miiverse.

          • WiiUltra

            LeaveLuckToHeavn. I didn’t mispell it on purpose, I ran out of space haha.

          • mine is ChiwawaBoi. register me in the friend list.

      • DragonSilths

        COD and BF and Halo are mindless shooters, More COD then the rest but all you do in the campaigns is shoot guys who block you’re path then move onto the next enemies in you’re way then kill them, rinse and repeat then get to the end of the level.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Must be playing on the easiest difficulty.

        • SH*TBLOCK

          SO how is swinging your sword at a big monster for 45 mins until it dies, then getting better equipment, building your character, then going after another 50 other monsters not getting mindless. Plus add into the fact that their isn’t really any reason why you are doing this NO STORY!. Hey at least in games like Xenoblade and The Last Story you battle a lot of big monsters but there is that great crazy-fun story there that makes you want to play the game. To me MH lacks a good story except that you are a monster hunter and this is what they do, so go do it.

          In the FPS Campaigns of those games, you are going against AI too but they have a story, and cut scenes show the characters yelling at each-other, gives the game plot, plus you jump out of planes, ride tanks, boats, choppers, they totally engross you in that adventure. The main thing MH does, is they march out together and then cheer and dance at the end. Again, I’m not hating on MH at all, I like Co-Op games a lot. To me going against any AI in any game is like debating apples to apples. My main point is you vs AI against you vs another human, that is not mindless and that is the real apples vs oranges debate.

          • DragonSilths

            COD uses the same game engine every year on every game. Monster Hunter gets a new engine every game and actually changes. How many COD games are there compared to Monster Hunter games? Hell of alot more. Monster Hunter is about FUN WITH FRIENDS. FPS games are just shoot, bitch, shoot, whine, shoot, complain, rage quit.

          • Andres Trujillo

            I have as much fun with RPGs as I do playing FPSs with my friends. Sure FPSs don’t take as much planning or strategy, but they aren’t all about bitching, rage quitting, whining, and complaining, at least not in my experience. I actually have many more friends who play FPSs than RPGs, so its actually much easier for me to enjoy them with others, while I end up playing RPGs with one or two friends and only half the time its multiplayer.

          • David

            I guess you missed the point about having fun. Just cause you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you have to insult it. Monster hunter is awesome. Black ops 2 story is much more deeper then monster hunter. Sorry. Besides multiplayer on cod has a lot of strategy with it so its not really mindless. At least not for everyone. For example I use a sniper rifle with a silencer to pick off opponents that are med to long range and I carry an smg in case I’m spotted or someone comes into the room I’m in and I use a bouncy Betty to either cover my back or at least warn me that someone is coming. I never camp in one spot. I use light foot perk to be maneuverable. I use scavenger to replenish my ammo and bouncy Betty’s. I use dexterity perk for quicker aiming when coming out of a sprint. And I use fast mag on my smg for quicker reloads when I’m gunning people down as I move to my next spot. I memorize the maps and figure out where all the vantage points are. As you can see its not as mindless as you think. I’d like to no the kdr (kill death ratio) of those who just say its mindless shooting.

          • Justin Gray

            ¬†In Last Story, I don’t care how leveled up you are, some battles are impossible unless you use strategy. I just bought Fire Emblem Awakening. If you think there is as much to think about in Call of Dooty as there is in that game, you are mistaken. BO online: Shoot them before they shoot you.

          • val berger

            I’m really asking myself, why the hell you all are comparing JRPGs with … Battlefield and COD??? Makes no sense to me. Why not take games like Skyrim and Mass Effect?Then you suddenly see that western games got their strengths, as well as eastern games do. I wouldn’t compare Resident Evil 6 with Mass Effect either, because it’s just no match. Or at least it would be a bad comparison, if I would just make it to point out, how much better western games are, as ¬†RE6 isn’t the best representative for eastern quality games. I think people are thinking too much in borders. why does it play such a role, if a game is from east or west? as long as it’s good and fun, you shouldn’t avoid a game just because of it’s heritage. It’s true that western games are balanced a bit different than eastern games, especially in terms of the importance of atmosphere, gameplay, arcade-controls, a fun or serious setting and so on. so of course you can have preferences here, but I don’t think you should like totally get stuck onto them. I used to be very japan games/movies/manga-focused until one day I realized how much quality stuff is going on just around ¬†me and how much I’m about to miss.

          • Justin Gray

             I think the core argument was the comparison of one genre with another and RPGs being the genre that requires the most thought. I completely agree with you remarks.

          • that guy

            ok, saying it’s just swinging a sword at a monster for 45 minutes is showing that your ignorant to how this game fully operates. it’s more of a strategy based game if anything as in order for you to beat a monster you usually have to lose a few times and develop a method for you to beat it, find an armor that isn’t weak to it, and find a weapon that is effective against it. because there is no one combination that works for all the monsters it is far more skill based than you give it credit for.

          • Silent

            I have to agree in something, Crapcom sure is turning into EA.

        • michael546k

          Those shooters might be mindless, but, at least for BF, it’s shit loads of fun. I’ve played BF3’s multiplayer for so many hours since i could just come home, plop on the couch, and play it. Repetitiveness could also be addicting, but BF3 also constantly adds new weapons, vehicles, game modes, and maps to play on, and there’s always satisfaction out of running people over with a buggy or bombing people out of a gunship.

      • TheLast

        I just like games so I don’t care for what genre it is. However, you can’t pretend that the West doesn’t care more for FPS/TPS, while the East don’t care more for Strategy based games either.

        • SH*TBLOCK

          I didn’t say that we did. Yeah for sure the FPS is the dominant game type now in the West, and it sucks we have to petition and beg Nintendo to give us games like Xenoblade and The Last Story.

          My point was more to the fact that playing against people on MP isn’t mindless at all and is a lot harder over all than playing Co-Op against AI that’s all.

          • Jaron Swain

            It would depend actually, because people seem to praise the game over getting the same stuff constantly. I can understand having fun in multiplayer for a little bit, but what makes it mindless to me is that people praise the game for almost no improvements over installments. The story is almost always the same, and the multiplayer has the same stuff in it everytime.

            Honestly, the only thing I found really interesting in Black Ops 2 post story was zombies.

      • Elem187

        You failed to make your case.. The depth of COD (I’m a COD fan, still play a few rounds per day) is pretty shallow, BF is probably a little deeper, but not by much. ME3, I love, while the deepest shooter with small RPG elements is still a mindless shooter. Don’t take it as an offense, but shooters are mindless, they are supposed to be. There is a reason why they start to get stale after a few weeks….

        RPG’s on the other hand are MASSIVE and DEEP and if its a good RPG, you can easily log 100 hours or more before its starts to feel boring.

        Sorry, the depth involved in RPG’s like MH3/WoW is just DEEP, no shooter, not even Mass Effect 3 can touch it.

    • MadCrain

      I have so many shooter on my Xbox, I don’t even feel like touching it, I’m so tired of FPS games, I’m even replaying Batman Arkham city to play something different, IT’S BUSTING MY BALLS.

      • Elem187

        I have been playing shooters since the very first one back in ’93 (Wolfenstein 3D)

        When most console gamers were arguing who’s faster between Mario and Sonic, I was fragging Nazi’s. And I have been playing shooters ever since.

        I have to agree completely. Lately, I think the genre is way over used and needs a breather. Every shooter that comes out I just roll my eyes now…. I’m embarrassed that here in the west, shooters are the only thing that sells.

        • MadCrain

          Dude, totally, I can’t even go back to something as¬†great¬†as Far Cry, I get bored so quickly, I bought Dragons Dogma recently, I’m lost but at least I’m entertained, oh, and I’m playing a but-load of DS games xD
          But yeah, I get what you mean,¬†Ironically¬†I also started gaming on PC, with things like Doom, Quake, even Wolfenstein, but damn, it’s just, too, much.

      • David

        And I have so many RPGs that just sit there cause I completed them. They were glorious games but the story was over. I love the stories, but just like any good story it will end. Just because you use different weapons. You still have to hack and you still have to slash. You’re acting like you’re in denial of that as if calling a game hack slash was an insult. It’s not!


    • catsby

      wtf are you on about? There are shooters that are very good out there, Stupid thing to say mindless.

  • Nintedward

    Big in the west ? The formula is Love it or hate it. So it will just be Hardcore niche in the west once more. If it can sell over a million copies in EU and USA combined in 2013 then that would be cool! ¬† And before someone says ”but it only sold 150K in Japan derp!” ¬†Nope that was only physical copies.¬†
    About half of Wiiu’s sold in Japan at launch were Monster Hunter HD ver. Bundles…

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      ¬†I think it’ll do well over here, I’ve talked to a couple of people online who have never played the game before and they said that they enjoyed the demo and are definitely going to buy it.

    • whats your nintendo network id?

  • I’m having doubts about the game for the 3DS for some reason the very awkward camera control on 3DS without circlepad pro atleast was/is terrible. So not sure if I will buy the 3DS version, first of all next week Castlevania LoS2:¬†MoF, after that tales of the abyss, I will get MH3U for sure but¬†I think¬†only on the WiiU.

    • DragonSilths

      I’m only getting MH3U for the Wii U.

    • Gregory Edcius

      your late with tales of the abbys should have played that one already epic story line with good character development and tales series has in my opinion the best rpg combat system

      • I played most other tales games and I agree on what you say, as for tales of the abyss, friends of mine told¬†me about¬†it and honestly I didn’t know it was released on 3ds, until I saw it on the shelve in a games store (I¬†believe¬†it was ps2 which got the first release:) but I’m looking forward to it, even more so after what you just said as well and my friends told the same. So yes, really¬†looking forward to it.

        • Gregory Edcius

          yes it was first on ps2 get ready for 60+ hours storyline on your handheld

  • DemonRoach

    IF they are going to release MH4 this year, they need to discount MH3 hard.  60 bucks is too much.

    • Gregory Edcius

      MH4 is only for 3ds and i think we’ll get it next year or something

      • DragonSilths

        MH4 comes to Japan this month. It will be out in North America by Christmas.

        • DragonSilths

          Whoops was it delayed? Cause apparently it comes out in the Summer lol. Either way lol.

          • Gregory Edcius

            i hope it comes out this year too but i don’t count on it as i’m living in holland but i wouldn’t mind cause i’ll have tri for wii u and a lot of games are coming by the end of the year like zelda and hopefully bayonetta i already preordered watch dogs so if it’s a little late i don’t mind my wallet will be empty anyway

  • Gregory Edcius

    already preordered it wii u id Mr_Greg add me if you wanna hunt at the end of the month

  • Already preordered both. 18 days. lets do this.

    • lego city undercover: 17 days >:D

      • DragonSilths

        Need For Speed Most Wanted U 18 days away.

        • which is more exciting?? lcu or nfs? ūüėÄ

          • DragonSilths

            NFS I guess for me…Im not getting LCU till wayyyyyy down the line if I get it at all. To many other games take priority over it.

      • DragonSilths

        3 big title games in 2 days lol.

      • now that I sold my psp, i’m getting both >:D

  • Sidney Majurie

    “Capcom hopes Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 will catch on in the West”
    So do I. Nintendo could really use a killer app for Wii U…

    • Huge dislike for calling a video game an app.

      • Kirzan

        What do you think the console boots when you start the game? Applications, they’ve been there since before your birth.

        • Oh I know the definition of applications.¬† But the meaning that “app” has taken on in pop culture should not be broadened to console video games.¬† Even if you take the meaning literally, video games would be a subcategory of applications, or a combination of multiple applications.

          • Sidney Majurie

            ¬†The term “killer app” in video games has ALWAYS meant a GAME that sells systems. Geez… my statement really didn’t require a debate, LOL.

      • RoadyMike

        I wish we actually had a dislike button on this site like we had a few months ago.Any troll or hate comment would just get downvoted to oblivion and not be shown….now comments like those have a billion replies

        • RoadyMike

          Ahh,would you look at that.They heard my plea
          Thnx..uhh..whoever did this ūüėÄ

  • They have good reason to hope. ¬†I’ve never played any of the games (save the latest demo) and I have the game preordered on Wii U and 3ds. ¬†I’m really hoping there ARE some other MH noobs.

    • Adam Porter

      don’t worry, if you pay attention and are willing to learn you’ll get on fine.;) the MH community is awesome, most are real friendly people.

      • Gregory Edcius

        true one of the most helpful communities when you just start hunting when playing RE5 i couldn’t even find someone who wouldn’t take all the guns

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      The learning is pretty steep but it’s not impossible, just like Adam said ” pay attention and be willing to learn.” So don’t beat yourself up if you die a couple times getting your bearings. Make sure to stay well stocked before going on a mission, in most games it doesn’t really matter because you can do fine without it but trust me, it really matters here.

  • Am buying after playing the demo which I must admit played the demo more then once ,first ever time on mh I enjoy you can see more to the game and different challenge to other rpg.Well end up spending many hours on the game which I prefer.What I will say after watching videos of monolish soft new game looking forward to that game then any I remember looks pretty fantastic.

  • DragonSilths

    The camera is the only issue I have with MH3U lol. Make it a fixed camera please Capcom lol.

    • Kirzan

      Not going to happen / Most of the fans who will buy the game strongly disagree with you. The only issue with MH’s camera is the snap when you pull it up. Be better at 3D video games.

      • DragonSilths

        Fail. Ocarina of Time has a fixed camera yet its a 3D game same with the 3D Mario games and Zelda so your “get better at 3D games” point is null and void.

        • Adam Porter

          ¬†a fixed camera wouldn’t really work well though because you need to look around and be aware of things, there will also be quests where you face off against 2 monsters at once, a fixed camera would not allow you to watch both them accurately enough.

  • Joey Perez

    im sorry to say but i tried the demo.. i have never played a monster hunter but after trying this for two hours i think its clunky and not smooth at all controls are bad… no buy for me.

    • $41809923


      • Adam Porter

        the game works exactly how it’s meant to. if you don’t like one weapon try another. you try a light bowgun yet or maybe just the bow?? might be a better option for you than the greatsword or switch axe.

        • Noteak

          I can’t decide¬†whether¬†or not I like the bow or switch¬†ax¬†is better, tough decisions

          • Gregory Edcius

            switch axe ftw no defense but heavy attack power quick dodging and built in great sword with elemental effects and charge hits

        • Joey Perez

          its not about weapons its about it not being a good game… its just really not.¬†

          • it is. That clunkiness is by design. you just need more time with it. even though you’ve already made your choice, which is fair.

          • Elem187

            Its not a mindless action, hack and slash game like Ninja Gaiden.

            Its a thoughtful, deep RPG. Requires learning everything, from how your character behaves and how the monster reacts/attacks/moves.

            You have to take all these elements into account react…. I have never played a MH game before this demo, but after playing just the demo I can tell I will like it better than WoW(says alot because I was addicted for years on this game)

          • Joey Perez

            hey you know elem it may be fun for you… and thats cool but from a standpoint of a person who loves all games and plays all variables i find this clunky… wow is not clunky its pretty polished… however if you like this game have at it.

  • GermGerm

    Happy March! Where’s Zen Pinball 2??

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    To me RPGs can be hit or miss…I really liked the Kingdom Hearts series, so I’m having a hard time wondering if this game is for me or not.

    • Gregory Edcius

      it’s nothing like kingdom hearts i love both franchises but kingdom hearts is hack n slash rpg monster hunter is more of an action/adventure rpg where you go out and hunt bigger monsters every time but give it a chance if you have a wii u or 3ds download the demo but keep in mind the demo throws you in the deep with no tutorial whatsoever so it can be difficult for new players

  • [000]

    Holy crap! I just saw a real ad for this game! I think this may be the start of something. I haven’t seen any ads for Wii U stuff since December.

  • $41809923


    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Actually, that’s how the game is. It’s always been that way even in the previous installments. It takes time to pull your weapon out, depending on the weapon of course, and obviously monsters are going to be faster than you, that’s how it is in real life; most animals can travel faster than the average man and seeing as how they’re monsters it makes even more sense. If you don’t like a weapon because of it’s speed choose another one. You have to find one that suits you. Also, there are skills as well that reduce actions time, for example, the annoying wait after drinking a potion can be reduced drastically. Finally, there is no jumping in the game; although I think MH4 might end that.

      • $41809923


        • Nathaniel Lopez

          ¬†I never played any of the skylander games and I’m not too familiar with it. It’s okay if you don’t like MH, I’m sure lots of people don’t, but I didn’t think the inability to jump was going to turn people off from a game, the camera I could I understand…either way it’s not your cup of tea. What’s with the caps lock though?

        • NkoSekirei

          why dont u turn off the caps its getting annoying

          • $41809923


    • dgallo911

      ¬†ive only just started playing on the psp (bout 14 hrs in – so im a noob lol) but from what ive found it really depends on the weapon as the sword/shield is pretty quick (and you can block)but a massive club (which im using now) is alot slower. The camera is a bit annoying but the fighting system does work well, you just need to adjust your attacking style to the weapon in hand. Im not sure how effective those bunnies will be in the Wii U but the “cats” on the PSP are useless so i wouldnt be relying on them to much (i think my “cat” bombs me more than the monsters lol). All in all, just give it a decent go and once you get a handle of the weapons you will find the combat alot more rewarding

  • $41809923


  • Hezkore

    I really love Monster Hunter, infact it’s probably the game series I love the most, but it’s a bit backwards when it comes to certain things. (Camera anyone?)
    They seem to very slowly change things for the better, but there’s still a mountain of things that could be fixed in the game to make it appeal more to Western players, and I’m not so sure Ultimate 3 is going to do much to be honest.
    Ontop of that, Ultimate 3 feels like a cheap port from the 3DS version, all the textures have really really low resolution and not even the gamepad menu has been changed from the menu on the 3DS, which means it doesn’t cover the entire gamepad screen… Guess that’s why it’s just called “HD” in Japan.
    Oh well, I hope things end up well anyways, It’d be great with more MH games!

  • Retro Cool

    I am still on the fence with this game.  The demo really did not thrill me to buy this game.  Everyone points out is completely different and I feel I should have had at least the option to play the demo from the beginning to get a feel, I guess.  IDK, but I will be renting it to see if I was completely wrong from the demo.

  • person

    ‘the US and Europe where your neighbour is seven miles away’ err, has this guy ever visited¬†England? Some parts of it must almost be as¬†densely¬†populated as Japan!

    • Elem187

      I think he’s speaking of like America/Australia/Canada

  • Michael Jurado

    If I buy this will the money go to making a MH4? or hell a kick butt megaman game? … you know what they need to bring a Megaman armor DLC to this game lol

    • Kirzan

      Capcom probably OK’d the off-screen play/cross-region update as an experiment to see if gamers truly, positively respond to actual fan service. Let’s be honest here, they haven’t been that good since a long time. And I know it’s not THAT much… But Capcom’s DLC and other practices have been so shady and wrong lately. So there has to be another reason.¬†

      On the other hand, Monster Hunter is probably their less volatile fan-base. I’m sure not a lot of MH fans “quit” or “boycott” MH ever, the fanbase just grows. So maybe they finally understand that they have to pony up the working/good franchises with true, hardcore fans, instead of making 20 versions of SF4.

      After this move here, if they make another solid Mega Man, maybe Capcom can redeem itself and start climbing back to the top.

  • Jon Turner

    MH3U did quite well in Japan — Capcom was satisfied with the 200k sold. ¬†If this sells just as much here in America, they’ll be glad. ¬†Either way, the more titles like this that come to WiiU, the better.

  • dgallo911

    I reckon the reason MH hasnt taken off in the Western market is simply due to Lack of infrastructure (wifi hot spots etc) and the simple fact that population in Japan is staggering compared to the actual size of the country. If i could play multiplayer at home, the park, on trains etc (like they can there) then im sure it would be very successful here. MH is one of the few games where your character doesnt really level up (only your equipment does) and since you need help to defeat some of the monsters its very easy to “grind” and get very little out of it. A few days ago i reckon i spent 2-3 hrs trying to kill some electrical wyvern (that doesnt have eyes) solo on Freedom Unite 2 and im only on the 2 star quests lol.
    If Nintendo get a solid server up and running and allow for multiplayer on the same console im sure this will become very successful here but the game is very difficult solo and without the “leveling” up of characters even grinding can become tedious.

  • ¬†Maybe if it wasn’t only for the Nintendo platforms???

  • darkstar18
  • darkstar18