Oct 3rd, 2013


Capcom Europe will be undergoing a major restructuring following a difficult year for the company. Several of the high profile titles that were released in this past year have not performed as expected and as such, the company is expected to lay off more than 50% of its staff with several job mergers incoming.

“Following a restructure at its US operation, Capcom’s European organisation is currently evaluating its structure to ensure it is in the best position to take advantage of the changing market conditions the industry is facing.”

These restructuring efforts are thought to be caused by failure of two key titles, including the recent DmC: Devil May Cry reboot, and Lost Planet 3.

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  • Wayne Beck

    Thank You PSBox for making Video Game Development so expensive.

    • Mohammad Badir

      thank you Wii/U and 3/DS for keeping the abillity to make games for cheap.

    • John Andalora

      Don’t blame video game consoles for problems that a video game company has. The problems Capcom has is based on weak sales of their games.

      Oh, and before you call the kettle black, consider the fact that Nintendo is following in their footsteps by making games more expensive to make with full HD.

      • Yen

        Cept Nintendo gave out free dev kits and Wii U games are on average cheaper than PS3 and 360 games. It is a bit of a stretch to blame it all on one console over the other though.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          He was adding that Nintendo is guilty as well, which Wayne only mentioned PS and Xbox and leaving out Nintendo. No one is blaming only one console.

          • Wayne Beck

            Except Nintendo is not guilty. They have adopted the technology at a time when the cost of using has been and will continue to be dramatically reduced. Then Sony and Microsoft both, unnecessarily, raised the bar again. Which will of course make costs go up again.

            This is what happens when you force developers to use unnecessarily over powered Technology and then convince people that anything that doesn’t make full use of that technology isn’t worth buying.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Sorry dude, I don’t play favorites here. Nintendo isn’t much better. While they might not have the same power of the pS4 and xbox one, they are in between. So that makes them guilty too. If they weren’t guilty, then why did they upgrade their tech? Exactly, keeping up is not much different. They could’ve stayed with Wii graphics and Nintendo fans would’ve been satisfied, at least most.

            I’m not here to say who is right or wrong, but we can’t all point the finger at their competitors when they aren’t much better. This isn’t a contest of who is doing harm to the industry. Each have done wrong, and that’s where I stand on all this.

          • Wayne Beck

            I’m sorry, but that is just basic economic ignorance. If someone adopts technology that is not ready for prime time and directly results in skyrocketing costs, it is not the same as someone else adopting that technology nearly a decade later when the costs have no only been reduced, but continue to fall.

            Nintendo is in no way pushing Developers beyond the realm of reasonable levels of technology. They have made the same level of advancement in this generation as they have in every other generation.

            Sony and Microsoft are once again throwing a crazy amount of unnecessary power, not even new tech just raw power, that is going to cost developers a fortune to utilize for little to no gain. Worse, if they don’t figure out some way, also known as spending more money, to actually make things that are noticeable, they won’t hit the eight million sales that are now necessary to break even and their company will fold.

            Trying to lump Nintendo into a problem that has blatantly been caused by Microsoft and Sony’s graphical arms race is possibly the most ridiculous statement you can make on the subject.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Or perhaps you’re defending Nintendo a bit much? Call it ridiculous if you like, it doesn’t change the reality of the situation. Nintendo pushed the Wii U further than the 360 and PS3, so they’re basically doing the same thing. If that weren’t true, then they wouldn’t need a Wii U. Lol. That’s not economic ignorance, that’s reality my friend.

            While I do agree that we don’t need this much power in technology for video games, Nintendo is now pretty much doing that as well.It really doesn’t matter if they aren’t doing it to the extent of their competitors. It falls under the same category, whether you agree with that or not. Lol.

            You’re entitled to believe what you like, I just don’t agree with your views on it. I feel you’re trying to give Nintendo a pass. I’ve been a Nintendo fan for years, but even I hold them accountable.

          • Wayne Beck

            I’m not trying to give Nintendo a pass. If they were over burdening Developers and causing them ridiculous level of unnecessary financial stress, I would call them on it. The simple fact of the matter is they are not. They are going out of their way to develop tools for developers to use to reduce costs and improve development times. Their hardware does not demand higher budget games than the current generation.

            Nintendo pushed the Wii U slightly farther than the PS3 and 360 to relieve the stress of over optimizing the software and reduce costs and development time. They didn’t try to force developers to jump far ahead of what current development programs are capable of handling at a reasonable cost. If the PS3 and 360 had been released three years ago instead of seven years ago, the problem would never had existed.

            The XboxOne and PS4 are repeating the exact same mistake again, but they are shoveling a whole new problem on top of it. For the first four years of the last generations technology, the engines were still advancing at a pace that gave the developers a selling point. Despite having ridiculously high sales goals, they had something to pull consumers in to hit those numbers. A lot of them failed anyway. With the two new systems, they will not get that advancement in game engine technology and graphics. The upgrades are going to be so much less visible that people will not be aw inspired into buying games.

            Nintendo’s technology in the Wii U is in line with the current generation of game development tools and has a small amount of room for growth. Nintendo is not pushing developers to develop the most beautiful games the world has ever seen. The PS4 and XboxOne are promising another leap in graphics capability that developers are not going to be able to achieve. They are practically forcing them to spend the money needed to make that happen. Worse, they are sticking it on top of an already bloated software development process that has unsustainable costs. This has already resulted in the size and variety of developers retracting and is only going to make it worse.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You’re forgetting one fact here that puts this all to rest. No one is forcing these developers to put millions of dollars into developing. Lol. As I said before, it doesn’t change the reality of the situation. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and console manufacturers of the past all contributed to this. You can point the finger if if makes you feel better, but the reality remains, whether you accept it or not.

            Developers have themselves to thank for games being so expensive. Costs don’t always have to be high, that’s their own fault for thinking so. If costs are so high as they claim, then maybe they should keep their games at a lower budget. I’ve seen plenty of good games that took less than 10 million to make. Just because some games sell like hotcakes doesn’t mean every game will. It’s up to developers to figure out when it’s worth going well over budget for blockbuster games.

            The fact remains, that that everyone is to blame for the way the industry is today, not just Microsoft and Sony. Sorry, but you’re clearly wrong on this one, Wayne, but I won’t change your mind on it. You’re entitled to believe what you wish. I’m done on this subject as I gave more than my two cents. Have a good day.

          • Mario

            What can we say? Some of us grew up with the games made by Nintendo. It makes sense that were a little overprotective. That may not change your opinion, but this just how I see it. (Don’t hate me).

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t. I’m fine with anyone’s opinion as long as they’re not trying to call it a fact or anything. Just like you, I grew up with them too and have supported them for years. I’m just not as keen to supporting them too much this generation at the moment. Some see that as treason, but then again, I have no allegiance to any company. That would be silly in my book. I guess I’m just a universal type of gamer.

          • Mario

            I understand.

          • greengecko007

            You make it sound like Sony and Microsoft adopted HD early, while the reality is that neither company was the driving force for the transition to HD technology. Technology as a whole transitioned to HD, including phones, tablets, movies, cameras, cable, satellite, etc. Nintendo simply adopted to HD later.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Well said.

          • Wayne Beck

            There is a significant difference from adopting Video Recorded HD and Building Video Games in HD. For Video it was as simple as building a new camera to record higher quality images. For video games its requires every aspect of the process to be done, in terms of time, in triplicate. The Art takes months longer, the CGI costs hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Every fine detail results in a dramatic increase in both cost and development time. Its has only been in the past three years that game development technology has reached a point where this could be done fairly efficient. When those two consoles were released, it barely existed at all. R&D costs for game development tools skyrocketed almost instantly and didn’t settle down until a few short years before Sony and Microsoft announced a new Ridiculously over the top bar for developers to hit.

          • Michael Legault

            Sony as i remember, was kind of a big pusher of the transition to HD… They only recently scaled down their HDTV department, and they pushed the hell out of blu ray. I mean when I got my HDTV almost 6 years ago (and a 46″ Sony bravia to boot) no tv channels were in 1080p, the only thing that used that was the ps3 blu rays and a scant handful of games, sony was one of the main driving forces for HD… 😛

            edit: cameras have been of HD quality since the mid 80s at least, earlier than that even. that’s why when you watch movies on VHS or DVDs it gives a disclaimer saying this movie has been modified from it’s original version to fit your crappy tube tv

          • greengecko007

            Sony definitely pushed for Blu-ray, but technology still collectively transitioned to HD. Sony didn’t spark any sort of HD revolution, and tech companies worldwide, and across all media forms, didn’t transition to HD just to satisfy Sony.

            Disney also pushed Blu-ray heavily, calling their movies “Disney Blu-ray” discs. As a whole, technology continues to progress. Development costs continue to rise and fall with innovations in technology. You can’t blame what the entire technology industry does on two companies that didn’t even start the transition.

        • Chad Dodsworth

          They also said “This is what it is, this is what it does, make games”. A lot of developers are coming foreword and saying how difficult it is to work with Nintendo because they supply very little support (Example Bethesda). CAPCOM has made horrible decisions resulting in the layoffs… this is in no way PS and Xbox’s fault. John is 100% correct.

          • John Andalora

            Thank you.

          • Yen

            See I think that’s all based on opinion, because a lot of other developers also say that they’re great to work with, Platinum Games for example. “This is what it is, this is what it does, make games”, you see that as a negative thing, but I see it as being given freedom to develop the way I would want to and not how Nintendo wants to. Some developers want support from Nintendo, others probably want to figure things out themselves. It’s not a strictly good or bad thing.

            John is right that you can’t blame the consoles for a 3rd party’s problems. But Nintendo is and has always done things differently than PS and Xbox, so no I don’t agree that he’s right to say Nintendo is following their footsteps and making games more expensive to make.

            In the end, the 3rd parties themselves blame consoles for their problems. Take Ubisoft for example, Zombii U didn’t sell well, Wii U didn’t sell well, so they delayed Rayman Legend and made it multiplatform. When the actual problem is, you put a Zombii survival game with arguable no replayability on a Nintendo console as a launch title and expected it to sell well, that’s the company’s fault not the console.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Not all third parties are saying that. Just random ones. When it comes to third parties talking about working with Nintendo, the responses are basically mixed. My gut says that they are a bit stubborn which does hold them back to me.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Wayne Beck

        Nintendo is adopting this technology when it’s cost and cost of use are going down. Sony and Microsoft imposed it on developers years before both it and they were ready. Their ignorance has cost the world hundreds of game studios and thousands of jobs.

        Now that the tech in their last Consoles is finally in line with the markets, they are raising the bar again and it is going to hurt the industry again. Bloated costs, caused by bloated hardware, are severely damaging the game industry.

        There is a reason why, despite having the best tech available at all times, the Vast Majority of PC Games did not push the limits of Graphics technology. It is unsustainable.

        • John Andalora

          Oh really? So having a piece of hardware that requires people to make different things for it only adds to a bloated cost and costs people more overall is a bad thing?
          So we should consider the possibility that maybe the gamepad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

          As for bloated costs of extreme hardware, I have no idea what you are even talking about. The new consoles right now are like the mid range comps of today. An just because you have the potential for massive games, it NEVER means that you have to make a million overbudgeted sandbox games to be successful.

          I highly doubt that “hundreds of game studios” were lost because console makers added more power to their consoles. That’s like saying the movie industry went dry because the theaters got better sound systems.

          And even then, think about most of the developers that died out. How many of them were actually extremely good to begin with?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Very true. The real problem with these companies going out of business is because a lot of these games are poor quality. They think they can make a game look highly presentable and not put barely an ounce of great gameplay into it. They just want a quick buck, and it backfired on a lot of them. Tech is not the real problem here, it’s the poorly made games of late.

            Only reason games like GTA V, Battlefield and CoD games sell so well is because they left a big impression on people. It had nothing to do with their huge budgets. Their game play is all around good. If these developers learned from some of these companies a bit more, there would be less crappy games on the market. Also to keep in mind, no matter how good a game is, there’s no guarantee it’ll sell like hotcakes, so the developer is to blame for putting so much money into their games.

            People shouldn’t always believe what the industry tells them.

          • Wayne Beck

            Granted “Hundreds” was exaggeration for emphasis. In truth it was dozens of mains stream developers and untold numbers of indies that just could make it.

            3D Realms – 2009
            7 Studios (Activision) – 2011
            Backbone Vancouver
            BigBig (Sony) – 2012
            Bizarre Creations (Activision) – 2010/2011
            Black Rock (Disney) – 2011
            Blue Fang Games – 2011
            Blue Tongue (THQ) – 2011
            BottleRocket – 2009
            Brash Entertainment – 2008
            Budcat (Activision) – 2010
            Castaway Entertainment – 2008
            Cheyenne Mountain – 2010
            Cing – 2010
            Clover Studios (Capcom) – 2006
            Codemasters Guildford – 2011
            Cohort Studios – 2011
            Concrete Games – 2008
            Deep Silver Vienna – 2010
            DICE Canada – 2006
            EA Chicago – 2007
            EA Bright Light – 2011/2012
            EA Japan – 2007
            Eidos Manchester – 2009
            Eidos Hungary – 2010
            Ensemble Studios (Microsoft) – 2008
            Factor 5 – 2009
            FASA (Microsoft) – 2007
            Fizz Factor – 2009
            Flagship Studios – 2008
            Flight Plan – 2010
            Frozen North Productions
            FuzzyEyes – 2009
            Gamelab – 2009
            Game Republic – 2011
            GRIN – 2009
            Helixe (THQ) – 2008
            Hudson Entertainment – 2011
            Humannature Studio (Nexon Vancouver) – 2009
            Ignition London – 2010
            Ignition Florida – 2010
            Incognito Entertainment (Sony) – 2009
            Indie Built (Take-Two) – 2006
            Iron Lore – 2008
            Juice Games (THQ) – 2011
            Kaos Studios (THQ) – 2011
            Killaware – 2011
            Killspace Entertainment – 2011
            KMM Brisbane – 2011
            Krome Studios (might still be operating on skeleton crew) – 2010
            Kuju Manila – 2009
            Kuju Chemistry – 2009
            Kush Games – 2008
            Locomotive Games (THQ) – 2010
            Luxoflux – 2010
            Mass Media (THQ) – 2008
            Monte Cristo – 2010
            Monumental Games – 2012
            Midway Austin – 2009
            Midway Newcastle – 2009
            MTV Games – 2011
            Multiverse – 2012
            NetDevil – 2011
            Ninja Studio – 2009
            Outerlight – 2010
            PAM Development (Take-Two) – 2008
            Pandemic Australia (EA) – 2009
            Pandemic LA (EA) – 2009
            Paradigm Entertainment – 2008
            Pi Studios – 2011
            Pivotal Games (Take-Two) – 2008
            Propaganda Games (Disney) – 2011
            Pseudo Interactive – 2008
            Rainbow Studios (THQ) – 2011
            Realtime Worlds – 2010
            Rebellion Derby – 2010
            Red Octane – 2010
            Rockstar Vienna – 2006
            Sandblast Games (THQ) – 2008
            SEGA San Francisco – 2010
            Shaba Games (Activision) – 2009
            SOE Denver – 2011
            SOE Seattle – 2011
            SOE Tuscon – 2011
            Stormfront Studios – 2008
            Straylight Studios – 2009
            Team Bondi – 2011
            The Code Monkeys – 2011
            Titan Studios – 2009
            THQ Studio Australia – 2009
            THQ Digital Warrington – 2009
            Transmission Games – 2009
            Universomo (THQ) – 2009
            Venom Games (Take Two) – 2008
            Vicarious Visions California – 2007
            Visceral Australia (EA) – 2011
            Wolfpack Studios – 2006
            Yuke’s Company Of America – 2010
            Zoe Mode London – 2009P

          • John Andalora

            Rather big chunk of studios there.
            But I’m noticing a lot of patterns.
            Namely THQ and EA, both massive companies that didn’t always make the best choices despite having big budgeted games.

            And then i looked at one interesting one: Hudson Soft.
            What did they make? Mario Party games.

            There’s blood on everyones hands, and i’d motion that the companies, not the consoles, had more to do with their demise. Bad choices, bad decisions, which left them high and dry and caused them to go defunct.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            No doubt. It’s survival of the fittest. Always has been.

        • ICHI

          I wouldnt be so sure its sony and microsofts fault. The public wanted a war between consoles, wanted to show off the more impressive game to their friends. Its been happening for longer than sony and ms were in the game and Nintendo helped make that situation a reality. You’re naive to believe its just two companies that are responsible for this mess, lots are involved especially big publishers like EA, Konami, Sega, Ubisoft and Activision, they all have their own crosses to bare. Just because nintendo stepped out of that game doesn’t make them any less involved in its inception.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Exactly. If they weren’t involved in this at all, then they wouldn’t need to upgrade to a Wii U just to outshine the PS3 and 360. I don’t see logic in that. Besides, Nintendo back in the SNES days did the same thing. When PSone came around, they upgraded as well. So Nintendo is at fault here as well. They may have sat out one generation, but now they’re trying to play catch up and made their system basically in between generations. It’s not much different than what Sony and Microsoft have done.

            I agree, everyone in the industry is accountable.

        • greengecko007

          “Their ignorance has cost the world hundreds of game studios and thousands of jobs.”

          Completely false. What companies were strong armed into developing for Sony and Microsoft until they were broke? If companies went out of business making video games, it’s because they weren’t successful, not because Sony or Microsoft made an HD console in a transition period of technology.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            To add to that. Did Sony and Microsoft tell these developers to put millions upon millions of dollars into developmental costs? I think not. They caused their own demise for not handling their money well enough. You don’t need to put 100 million plus in every game.

          • Mario

            Well not company is perfect. But at least they try to make things better in the worst of times.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      You can thank Nintendo as well for adding to it. If we don’t need all this high tech, then by your logic, Nintendo doesn’t need a Wii U since that is obviously costing more money to develop on than a Wii. Not to mention developers who encourage the graphical leaps in games. You’re naive as ICHI said to believe that it’s only Sony and Microsoft to blame. Lol.

  • wober2

    I hate to hear about layoffs, so sad… Really feels like if you dont have a mega blockbuster like COD or GTA you are struggling… No wonder publishers do not take risks with new franchises.

    • Except the Dark Souls game that was expected to be a niche title has completely blown up. In April of this year, the game has sold 2.4 million copies. That’s a huge success for From Software, but when Square Enix sold the same amount of copies of Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Sleeping Dogs, for a total of nearly 6 million.. all of those were considered failures.

      Western game makers need to stop having such bloated budgets. It’s simply not sustainable and when you look at games like Dark Souls, where the gameplay is good and players rave about it to others, having generic gameplay because you’ve spent tons on graphics and other assets still makes your game bad.

      To put it bluntly, a shiny turd is still a turd.

      • wober2

        I agree the problem is expensive development. I think gamers used to buy blind and pubs might of been able to convince someone with a flashy trailer. Also, I think gamers do not have the expendable income they used to buy impulsively either. Except for steam sales…

        IDK, maybe because my government is shutdown, but I have been thinking kind of doom and gloom…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Capcom was awesome years ago. Now they’re basically washed up. Least to me. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series has fallen apart and should be retired at least for 5-10 years to renew interest. Indie games show us that we don’t need a market cluttered with games that are all about presentation and less on game play.

        I love games that can have both, but if it’s costing you too much money to develop a game with strong visual quality, then maybe it’s time to take a step back and put that money to making your game fun to play and easy to control.

        Indie games are here to stay and will be the future. Not every game has to be a GTA V, Crysis or Battlefield.

        • Wayne Beck

          We finally agree on something. The only thing Capcom has going for them is Monster Hunter. Square-Enix is falling apart.

          • Mario

            Hope this doesn’t affects the Kingdom hearts series in a negative way. That’s ONE franchise that hasn’t fallen apart yet.

  • Tra Allen

    If only they gave us what we really demanded for (megaman), they wouldn’t have to struggle

    • orpheus bryce

      I’ve played every Mega Man on all systems.. The need to bring it back

    • ICHI

      if only the didnt make resident evil 6 a 15 hour long, oddly controlled, gun fest and actually listened to fans after resi 5’s balls up, perhaps the public would have had a little more faith in the company. The final nail in resident evils coffin is a giraffe getting sucked off! who saw that coming!

    • Sealed by the Holy Spirit

      Don’t forget Final Fantasy 7 HD. Not sure what’s so hard about this for them to realize its a gold mine.

      • Guest

        Final Fantasy is and always was owned by Square Enix…

  • crocodileman94

    An easy way to earn money would be to sell Megaman to Nintendo. It’s not like they’re using him anyways.

    • sdmac200600

      Nintendo is showing Meg MAn more love than Capcom and he’s in only one Nintendo game for possibly only one time.

  • Louie

    Hey Capcom if you need money, try bringing monster hunter 4 to the west.

    • Merrfn

      Nah, they will just end up bringing DLC to the west.

      • Louie

        I’m also hoping they bring back Megaman, but then I remember street fighter X Tekken… y’know the one with a fat realistic looking Megaman.


  • Adam Porter

    when your business philosophy is about re-hashing old products(monster hunter, devil may cry etc etc) and not giving fans(consumers) what they want then it’s only logical that you won’t be successful.

  • Veries Seals

    They should also release this titles on Wii U and give the Wii U crowd a go at them. They may find a good home with us.

  • Joel

    Another undeserved victory for the Megaman fanbase, the lowest scum on planet earth.

    • Sealed by the Holy Spirit

      The year is 20XX and no sure if you serious or…

      • Joel

        Dead serious, and more intelligent than most video game fans these days, apparently.

  • The Clockwork Being

    Well Capcom is close to becoming bankrupt. If they do they should just sell Megamn to NIntendo.

    • CMB

      megaman to join where most of the gods of gaming are living, would be awesome indeed

      • sdmac200600

        Yep Nintendo is pretty much only missing Sonic and Mega Man. Oh man when I seen that Sonic smash reveal and Mario, Mega Man and Sonic were on screen at once (For a couple of seconds :P) It just felt right. The platforming kings all in one game…I think I need new pants…

  • greengecko007

    An easy but unwise decision in the long run. They could learn something from Nintendo who claim they will not lay off employees to make a temporary profit. Does a mechanic sell all his tools just say he can pay his bills for the month? No, you can’t make money without tools.

  • Mario

    Does this mean they’re firing half of their staff!?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Well it is the same thing anyways, just a nicer way of doing it. I call it a cop out.

      • Mario

        It still sounds bad! Where are those 50% of staff members gonna go!?
        To the streets!? I just don’t like the idea of firing people just to make a profit! They don’t deserve this!

  • Simon Stevens

    viewtiful joe would have been nice, hope someone buys them like Sega did with Atlus

  • Dez

    Devil May Cry failed because it completely ruined the franchise and they thought gamers would like seeing Dante/Vergil look like dirty hobos. I’m just very disappointed with that decision much like I’m eternally disappointed with Square Enix. Also, enough Resident Evil games, apparently people don’t like when you mess with franchises they love too much and screw them up.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Shame. Maybe if they’d make games people actually asked for like MH4 for the west, a new Megaman or a proper Resi instead of blowing money on mediocre stuff like Resi 6 then they wouldn’t be in this mess. Nintendo should buy them 🙂 Or at least get Megaman and MH.

  • sdmac200600

    They only have a little over 250 million dollars in the bank. I think Capcom will be the next THQ unless you know….MAKE A MEGA MAN GAME! HA who am I kidding? Inafune won’t be working on it so it would be garbage anyways and Mighty No. 9 is pretty much the spiritual successor to Mega Man so yeah…I hate to say it but Capcom is dead…

  • devmiles

    the answer for capcom is there and it’s called megaman.

    just make a very good megaman game like the megaman x series with the wii-u, ps3 and xbox360 specs, no lame update or HD remake, i mean a REAL NEW megaman game with all bells and whistles…. hereby the solution..now go and develop!!!!

  • Adam Porter

    monster hunter mmo, come on capcom, you have to move on from the old online system. time to create a vast open world filled with awesome monsters, imagine actually travelling to a deadly volcano to hunt a rathlos, actually hopping into a tavern in a town to meet other hunters for your team, it would be amaze balls

  • Sealed by the Holy Spirit

    Ah, so the “next gen” viper strikes again?

  • oman

    There ya go ninty, couple of potential employees for you! You could mix n match with ex sega staff as well……….just a suggestion!

  • oman

    Maybe if they tried to reboot said titles for the wii u, may work in their favour, as long as they dont try to gimp em! A new audience couldnt hurt, surely?

  • Leo

    CRAPcom is not what it used to be and it hurts me profoundly to see this IMPOSTER of the former glorious CAPCOM messing with such a legendary developer. I mean, i better off be without them than keep witnessing they digging their own grave. If only they could LISTEN to their former fans, nothing this would have happened. Sigh.

  • ItzameyaToad

    It’s simple people, Capcom is in deep shit. They are close to biting the dust and quite frankly its there own damn fault for poor policies, lack of listening to fans and have huge budgets set aside for games that flop. While it will be a sad day if they do go bankrupt hopefully other publishers will take notice that pushing out shitty DLC policies and rehashing games as well as not listening to fans will screw you over in the long run. Hell even if they don’t go bankrupt other publishers need to take notice that even a well known/respected dev can be brought to it’s knees.

  • Akai

    i really did see absolutely no advertisement for lost planet 3 so i imagine thats one of the reasons for its failure