Nov 12th, 2015


Capcom’s quarterly investor Q&A session has finally been posted online and from it, we’ve gleaned some interesting information about the upcoming plans for the company. One of the questions presented by investors was whether or not Capcom plans on supporting the Nintendo NX with games at launch.

Capcom has a less than positive answer to that question, but didn’t rule anything out.

Q: What are your plans involving new platforms (NX, PlayStation® VR and others) and
the timing of launches of Capcom titles for these platforms?

A. Our R&D operations are working on technologies for many types of hardware. We
will consider the possibility of creating technology demonstrations and making
versions of titles under development for these new platforms. At this time, we have
not announced any plans for specific products or the timing of a product launch.

Ouch. The Nintendo NX has been lumped in with peripherals like the PlayStation VR system, which doesn’t bode well. It’s likely Capcom wants to see how the Nintendo NX is received by critics before committing fully to the platform, which is understandable. Either way, I’d still like to see a fully HD Monster Hunter game in a console setting.

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