Jan 2nd, 2013

Resident Evil fans who own the Wii U have one less thing to look forward to, as Capcom has confirmed it has no intention to port the series to the console. The statement released by Capcom’s Christian Svensson on the company’s forums states:

“With regard to WiiU, in general we’re looking forward, not back so late ports are generally not on the table.”

Not only does this rule out Resident Evil 6 for Wii U players, but also Dragon’s Dogma, DmC: Devil May Cry and Street Fighter X Tekken. It’s always a sad state of affairs when a company refuses to bring some of their most popular titles to a console, but given Capcom’s recent troubles with keeping up interest in their games there’s little wonder why the company wants to focus on new products instead of rehashing old ones for a new console. Are any Wii U fans disappointed with Capcom’s decision regarding Resident Evil 6?

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  • Thank god RE6 sucked

    • ipaxton

      I played the first one and thought that one sucked I can only imagine how terrible the 6th one is.

      • jlenoconel

        Except the first one didn’t suck.  Its still awesome to this day.

        • ipaxton

          Except it did suck even to this day.


            Resi 1 along with Tomb Raider 1 were the two seminal games that turned gaming from a geeky pastime into a viable form of adult entertainment. So not only do me and James say your wrong but the the history of video gaming says your wrong, noobie!

          • ipaxton

             We weren’t talking about Tomb Raider noob.


            Seems my point has gone right over your sloped forehead XP

    • Saul Rivera

      I actually had a blast playing RE
      6 co-op with a friend…and I would have loved an anthology including the RE remake and RE0

  • Johny

    Capcom ? ….Monster hunter…. thats ALL i want from you… nothing more… if you give me that, i will be more than happy.  

  • Oh thank god… I mean oh dear >.> 


    give me megaman

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Please people this isnt all bad. It basically means Capcom is committed to making original games for Wii U and not just late half baked ports.

    • original like MH3 for the Wii U?

    • TheBoldman67

      Yeah and I heard Resident Evil 6 is S@#$. 

  • tronic307

    I guess Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is not considered a port, then? Whatever, Crapcom.

    • DemonRoach

       Nope, since it’s being completely redone with graphics and more quests.

      • Jon Turner

        Then what’ll that make RESIDENT EVIL 6 GOLD EDITION with revamped issues, a port?

  • Ultranist

    Monster hunter 3 ultimate is port too you know, but with outdated graphics

    • SoulSilverZero

      Protip: It’s the gameplay that matters.

  • Johnny Star

    Wii U is beginning to look like a terrible purchasing decision!! All the good launch titles have been delayed, and the Wii U will never see a lot of good games or download content. Wondering why we purchased a Wii U. Hopefully I can sell it to get some money to put down on the next Playstation or XBox 🙁 I do not care for Resident Evil, just speaking of other games

    • Johnny Star

       Not saying RE is good anymore, but mostly talking of other games

    • Laud

      Hopefully you can sell it so we can cut out the idiots in the community.

      I call you an idiot because you think RE6 is a good game, not even the developers think it’s a good game.

      • Johnny Star

        Read the post I posted on the comment you idiot! Resident Evil hasn’t been good in a long time. I am speaking of other games and download content that has been either delayed, or canceled all together!

    • sdmac200600

      the console came out when alot of good games were already released for a year. it launched at a bad time. nintendo should have wait til 2013. but just because these specific games aren’t coming to the wii u doesn’t mean the franchase won’t see the light of day on a nintendo console. in the quote, they said they are looking forward and putting a late port on the console would pretty much be useless and a waste of time and money. that means that RE7 dragons dogma and a street fighter game can still come to the console. i don’t want the wii u to be nothing but ports. at E3, games will be announced for the wii u and i can almost garuntee that they will be sick titles that were actually build from the ground up on the console.

    • Colin Tosh

      Wii u is looking bad because you can’t have a port of a bad game? lol.

      If there is one company who will deliver the goods on wii u it will be capcom. They delivered on gamecube, ds, wii and currently 3ds.

    • Why not keep the Wii U for its exclusives like Zelda, Mario games, Metroid, Pikmin, and Star Fox….seems like Nintendo gets the best/most exclusives….

    • MichelChartrand

      It’s been less than 2 months, if you’re that bored and thinking it was a bad decision I’d be wondering why you purchased it too.

      I think the Wii U has a decent amount of games, and good games too, released during this launch window compared to some other systems.

      If you bought the system not for the launch window titles but for the games that were planned for later release, then you probably should have waited on the purchase.  Never buy a console at launch unless you think you’ll be happy with the launch titles.

  • Mark Thom

    Wii U will get the stuff in 2013 🙂

  • Wayne Beck

    I would much rather see some new originals than get a bad port of a series that should have been retired a long time ago. 

  • fireheartis1

    Thank God because Resident Evil 6 sucks really really bad.

  • I Prefer a lot Resident Evil 5 than 6. Thats not a problem at all if RE6 is not coming to Wii U. Im worried about RE5, DmC, MVC, SFxTK Ver2013.

  • GTMacc

    Good news :D, a truly awful game. give me zombiu over this any day

  • who cares, all of those games are decent AT BEST, keep the trash where it belongs, on the last Gen

  • Wilfredo Sanchez Jr.

    I don’t believe Capcom when it says crap like this. RE4 was supposed to be a GC exclusive and ended up on every other system a year later.

    • kyuubikid213

      And now we’re looking at them porting Resident Evil Revelations (a 3DS exclusive) going to the PS3…

  • Good.  I’m really enjoying the Wii U ports I picked up (DS2, Arkham City, AC3) but the last thing a new system needs is more ports to fuel the doom patrol and their video comparisons.  

  • MikeChritopher

    This game is ass on ps3.

  • GeDDeN

    I am BUT I like the fact that capcom stated LOOKING “forward”. Hopefully that means NEW games for WiiU and not NextGen in graphics…

  • One LESS thing to look forward to? I’m not so sure anyone was looking forward to this to begin with. Glad it’s not coming to the Wii U personally.

  • Capcom also said they don’t want to port anything for Wii U, they want to start everything new.

  • SoulSilverZero

    At least they’re still making MH3U

  • GeDDeN

    Fine by me! Just make some NEW AWESOME GAMES! and QUICKLY

  • marius valasinas

    I’ve got resi 6 on my PS3. I’d rather have it on Wii U since I love it more, but life is life. They better make exclusive resi game on it.

  • DragonSilths

    Remember back when that guy hacked the Miiverse…Yoshi Land, Metal Gear Solid, RESIDENT EVIL was shown. However there was no number beside Resident Evil meaning either a EXCLUSIVE Resident Evil game for Wii U or just Resident Evil 7 will be on Wii U. RE6 was terrible I dont want it on the Wii U anyway. Only thing I want from Capcom is Megaman Legends 3 lol.

    • ScrewAttack

      What’s this? I’ve not heard of this, could you tell me more please?

  • Elem187

    No, don’t care at all. RE 5 and 6 were terrible… Sounds like they don’t want to release old games, which makes sense. So RE 7 will come. Awesome!


    You would think that Capcom would show Ninny some extra love due to the fact that they were allowed to make alot of the portable Zelda games for Nintendo.  Capcom needs to remember their roots and throw all the support they can to the Wii U ..  Bad Move Capcom 🙁

  • john madsen

    i have to agree great to here capcom isn’t bringing the same old console port garbage 

  • Resident Evil 6 was terrible anyway. Probably a good thing it isn’t being ported over.

  • it is not a big loss, i mean RE have lost a lot of quality after RE4, RE5 was just meh.. and 6 doesn’t look good enough to spend my money on it

  • We now live in a two console era… so if you never got it for your PS3 or Xbox360, then you will never get it for the Wii U. I own a PS3 and now a Wii U… and still have no interest in RE6. The last one I played was RE4 and the series has been down hill from there. DMC: Devil May Cry I will be picking up for my PS3. In the near future I will own both the Wii U/PS4 combo and any key 3rd party games that do not make it to the Wii U i will get it for the PS4. 

    The reason I will go with the PS4/Wii U combo is real simple, Nintendo and Sony still have the superior 1st and 2nd party franchise portfolio. I already know the AAA 3rd party games will all be on both or more so on the PS4. 

  • Marcell Wade

    This bothers me a little, but their are always good things in the future, I respect them for looking ahead & not back. :-/

  • That doesn’t bother me .  Why  because ever since RE4 Capcom has tried to make RE a shooter game which it is not!  So yeah I am upset but there ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY WHICH THE ARE NOT GOING TO DO!  SO UNTIL THEN we have Zombie U.

  • Christopher Coonan

    Good;  I would love to see if the rumors are true about Revelations being ported to consoles, though. A Wii U version of THAT would be simply amazing.

  • Not disapointed at all. Those games weren’t made for the U. No point in porting them over. This gen, as it seems that we are going to see releases more spread out. I sincerely hope this means we’ll see titles tailored to the U. Not featured ports.

  • That statement doesn’t really give much proof that Capcom is referencing to Resident Evil 6..

  • DemonRoach

    This is great news.

  • Inzanoflex

    dont bother to port that dissapoint game on this great console, better bring us something new and special like monster hunter 😀

  • Petri

    Resident Evil should get back to its roots, series needs a serious reboot.
    I blame the COD kid generation, devs are pressured to make their games piles of steaming xxxx,
    Resident Evil should be survival horror, not another shooter in the gray mass.
    Was excited when they announced that regular zombies was returning to RE6,
    but they managed to shit all over it.

    • jlenoconel

      I totally agree.

  • jlenoconel

    Sort of but not really.  Resident Evil 6 looked shit anyway.  HD ports of 4 & 5 would be awesome though.

  • uPadWatcher

    The only Resident Evil that doesn’t suck last year was REVELATIONS!

  • Cameron rogers



  • tacos_bitches01

    resident evil to make a new name as the resident evil 3ds reveletions the best hase I put in instead of numbers like in the movies 😀