Jan 24th, 2014

Nintendo has had a rough time since recently lowering their Wii U sales expectations, and several media outlets and consumers are about ready to count it out of the latest console generation. To truly understand the Wii U’s current situation, one must also understand how it got here. Check out my thoughts on the Wii U’s journey in the video below.

What are your thoughts on the Wii U’s life cycle so far? What would you change? Also, how do you hope Nintendo handles the console in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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  • greengecko007

    Can it survive? The short, and obvious, answer is yes. It may not be selling great, but it would be far worse for Nintendo to drop it and screw over its loyal fans. Besides, sales aren’t the most important thing anyway. Being sold at a loss, Nintendo makes money off of Wii U owners buying games.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I agree to only half of what you said. It’s true that selling the console at loss, selling games makes up for it, but there’s one thing wrong: people are not buying Wii U consoles, and ultimately, not buying games for it.

      I do care for sales because of two reasons: 1) more sales means more third party support, which means more third party games, which means Nintendo is going to stop gaining people with titles similar to what they have on the 3DS and start making real exclusives only playable on the Wii U, and 2) if they go real bad, they might go desperate and start accepting help from the outside and may be able to get some money selling ideas for advertisement to NoA.

      Aside from that, I agree to what you said regarding Nintendo surviving and and dropping the Wii U being the worst possible choice.

      • greengecko007

        I’m not trying to pretend that sales aren’t important, as everything you said is true. However, I don’t believe that they are as important as many believe. Obviously more units sold and more games sold would be preferable, but if you could have only one or the other, a less popular console with a game attachment rate of 5 (just an example) is more profitable than a popular console that someone only buys a single game for (i.e. what many people did with the Wii).

        • Shy Guy

          It’s been my experience that the more popular a console is the more generic copycat shovelware one has to dig through to find hidden gems.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Ah, the Wii. I remember when people would come to me and say they loved playing on their Wii. I would then ask them what games did they have. “Metroid? Fire Emblem? Zelda?”, but their answer would always be “Tennis!”… from the entire library of games the Wii had, they got the game system to play one single game, and from that game that contains 5 sports, they would only play Tennis, leaving the other 4 unattended… and those are the consumers Nintendo wants to appeal to instead of the core gamers who are willing to spend their money on their IPs…

          I understand your point perfectly!

  • AAAkabob

    It’s another GameCube, which I’m ok w/. Just wish I didn’t buy around launch.

    • ~OMEGA~

      the only thing i wish it had was battlefield 4 with cross platform online multiplayer….. but even if the wii u got battlefield 4 it wouldn’t get cross platform online

    • Magnus Eriksson

      More like another Virtual Boy

      • AAAkabob

        Nah. Virtual Boy was their 3rd pillar, while Wii U and 3DS make up the two pillars. If you look back you’ll find that the gamecube was already going to be released when the VB failed.

      • crocodileman94

        If that was the case, it would’ve been cancelled long ago.

  • Lil J Moore

    Back in my day we didn’t care about sales. It was all about the great games. If Nintendo produces more good games they get better sales. Simple ( I’m 24 and I feel like a old man already)

    • Donaald

      This is the correct way to state that.

    • ~OMEGA~

      yeah but the more sales the more great games…… so you should care about sales

    • Kyle

      I’m 24 aswell, nintendo 64 didn’t sell as much as the PS1 but it had better power and better games. I still play n64 games but I dont care for the PS1’s.

      • Rick Valenta

        PS1 did not age well… Agree I still play my 64 all the time. I can play PS1 games on my PS3 but only a handful are still worth playing..

        • Andrew Clear

          Yeah, I have a problem with PS1 games (had a problem then as well). It always looked like someone took sand paper over the image before it was rendered to the screen.

          Glad the PS2 didn’t suffer that problem. I still play a lot of PS2 games.

          Still don’t understand why we need a PS4, the PS3 still looks great. I understand an Xbox One, so they could finally include a bigger capacity disc drive. I understand the Wii U, so they could finally have an HD system.

          Aren’t the graphics good enough now? Can we actually focus on making good games?

          • Marcos Parreira

            I really never cared about the graphics. They need to upgrade the graphics because today we have HD everywhere. But yet I think PS4 and Xbox One graphics are stupid, it will just take more time to finish games and they will care about graphics before thinking about fun.

          • Kyle

            I do think that way too, thats why I love WiiU, the graphics look beautiful enough for me. People just always want more and more. I only wish there was more games to play, like 3rd party support, or even more nintendo games like a pokemon stadium to link with X/Y, star fox, metroid.

      • Andrew Clear

        But, during the PS1 and N64 days, no one cared about power, they cared about games. Now you have companies advertising their systems power, because they know their systems do not have any games to advertise.

        Basically, once Microsoft entered the console space with the original Xbox, the world of consoles forever changed, and it was no longer about games.

        • DK_Hadouken

          I feel that these companies try to get attention of kids more then back-in-the-day gamers. I can see a kids saying: “My console is better than yours because x, y and z.”

        • John Andalora

          You’re kidding, right?
          Of course they cared about power! If you’ve ever seen a single commercial from the old days, it’s pretty obvious that power meant something.
          The difference was wading through the $hit like Atari Jaguar and 32X.
          That’s why they upgraded from 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 bits! That’s why they tried to make the more powerful console in the line-up.

          However, like in our modern era, power comes in multiple forms, so while the N64 was the most graphically capable machine of the time, the cartridges didn’t have nearly the memory space that a single PS1 disc had.

          • Andrew Clear

            Hmmm, tell me how the more bits = more power?

            I am not kidding. More bits just means how much memory the primitive data types will occupy in memory, which means that the primitive data types can hold larger numbers. The larger numbers means they can hold more info for colors, meaning that their were more colors available each time the bit was increased.

            One really significant increase with bits is the floating point precision (decimal numbers). This is crucial to physics calculations and pretty much any calculation in a 3D engine.

            Now, a bit increase doesn’t increase clock speed at all. If Nintendo used the same chip as the NES in the SNES, just a 16 bit version, then the SNES would have been a prettier NES, and wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of what the SNES could.

            Clock speed, ram size, and ram speed have nothing to do with the systems bit size.

            Cartridges did have less memory, but they do load a lot faster. They were also more expensive than discs, causing the 64 games to be 60, 70, and 80 dollars (depending on the cartridge size). Neither disc nor cartridge will make the system more powerful as well.

          • John Andalora

            1) Well, much like how the graphic capabilities of today need to be praised a million times or are otherwise considered insignificant, so too were the graphic capabilities of the past.

            However that graphical update requires a faster and more capable CPU and GPU, quicker processors, more and more RAM, and of course all those other things we don’t think about.

            To test this, try running Bioshock Infinite on the computer specs from 10 years ago.

            While more bits in itself doesn’t mean more power, the upgrade in bits did require upgrades in hardware to better suit the bits as well as the bigger and bigger games that we keep making with all new features.

            2) The original point was not whether or not more bits meant more power, but rather that people cared a lot about power. And I mean A LOT.

            Here are some videos to show that.


            (Basic gist 1:42 – 2:22)


        • Nintendosonyfan

          Um one of nintendos slogans was, “now you’re playing with POWER!” U fail.

          • Andrew Clear

            before they even used that slogan (during the SNES days I believe), they actually had the Nintendo Power maagzine….just saying.

        • Jonathan George Anaya

          You’re right! MS focused on the Gamers πŸ˜‰ That’s why you have Online Multiplayer, Hard drives, and E Stores

          • Andrew Clear

            Was optional hard drives before MS πŸ™‚

            Online Multiplayer existed before MS also, and the dreamcast had a built in modem.

            E-stores, well, they did do that first.

    • Nintenjoe82

      This is because we bought video game magazines that used to have a whole month to digest what was going on in the world of gaming, usually via press releases or their own hands-on with games, so the ups and downs would balance out before being reported. Now we have thousands of publications reacting to one piece of news and using us to generate hits. Also, Sony absolutely dominated for two generations so nobody really cared how well they sold. When it was SNES vs MegaDrive we definitely argued about sales. If “Nintendo Power” had slaughtered Nintendo games, executives and consoles every month, we would never have bought it but when IGN or WiiUDailly post a ‘negative’ article we flock to it to try to prove them wrong.

    • Michael DeVore

      It’s nice how people like to subjectively scrub the past. Your statement is only valid for the Atari 2600 Era, and NES Era, and that’s only because they were basically the only option to pick. You’re also a bit too young to have been in those generations. There were a few outside picks like the Master System, but you can effectively say that the 2600 and NES were a Virtual Monopoly for their generations. Everything after that has been a “My Systems better than your system”, and yes even sales figures got into the arguments. I remember way back to the 16 bit era, and the “arguments” have very little to do about games.

      • Eric

        Yeah, this is true. I still remember the “Sega Does What Nintendon’t “and “Do The Math” ad campaigns. Console war… Console war never changes.

        • Lil J Moore

          Don’t forget Blast Processing and We are What Segain’t. lol I miss those days

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Agree. It was more about games. Blast processing and Now you play with power was something very different from comparing specs today. Today its to much bs and hate. Also there is one too many consoles now. Microsoft should leave.

          • Rinslowe

            Bingo… EA can leave too. But not before handing over their studio’s and contracts to another couple of hardware, software companies – Sony and Nintendo equally.
            Hell, even Activision would be more capable to share the love than EA currently.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            EA is an asshole company yes. But they fill an important spot with sport games and the like, and they are mainly keeping into this section of the industry. Microsoft on the other hand shouldnt that easily get to monopolize the computer/videogame industry. Its a moral issue involved here too. And we know their history. I dont want MS to set the paradigm on the whole computer industry. Monopoly is very rarely a good thing, and never when it comes to information industries.

      • audi lover

        Na im 31 that never happened just talk about playing great games regardless if it was master system or nes, snes and mega drive i used to swap consoles just to play something different, i think there’s a lot of jaded gamers out there after the playstation generation

      • Dan

        The Intellivision had some pretty nasty smear ads out there against the Atari 2600 back in the early 80’s. The Intellivision was technologically superior in to the 2600 and sold very well. But all of the official licensed arcade ports people wanted (Space Invaders, Pac Man, Asteroids…) were only on Atari. So Atari retaliated with their own ads making sure consumers were reminded of this. Atari vs. Intellivision is generally accepted as the first major console war. With the NES rising from the ashes of the Video Game crash I would agree that it did not have any real competition. The Sega Master System and Atari 7800 were there but never drew much attention. I would almost say the NES’s greatest rival didn’t arrive until the end of it’s life with the Genesis spawning the “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” ads. Which just forced the release of the SNES to put Nintendo on equal ground for a true console war.

        • Michael DeVore

          As much as they probably had nasty ads the sales figures show exactly what happened. Intellivision sold 3 million units which on the surface might sound like that would be good for the time. However, the 2600 sold around 30 million which means that intellivision represented less than 10 percent of the market. Which is why I said Virtual Monopoly rather than Absolute Monopoly. The 7800, which most people forget even existed, sold about 3 – 4 million as well but because the NES sold 60 million the 7800 had less than 5 percent. The Master System did better in Europe at 6.8M, but only sold 1 million in Japan and 2 million in the US. Heck because Brazil has high taxes the Master System currently sells there. The NES and 2600 were monsters of their day commanding 90% and more of the market. Even the PS2 only could control 75% of the market. Everyone always has fond memories of the system they had. Even the Poor TurboGraphics 16 and it’s paltry 2.5 Million US had some fans, but in all honesty they didn’t amount to much in their day compared to the competition.

          • Dan

            Right, but you have to remember that the 2600 was on sale for 15 years from 1977-1992 to accumulate that 30 million figure! The Intellivision was only at retail for 5 years from 1979 to 1984. While the total sales numbers were always tipped in Atari’s favor, the gap was not quite as huge back in the early 80’s when the 2nd generation console war was in full force. Around 1982-1983, just before the crash, there were roughly 10 million 2600 units in homes versus about 2.5 million Intellivisions. This is not unlike the PS2 vs. Gamecube numbers at the end of the 6th generation where PS2 had sold just over 100 million by 2005 vs. The Gamecube’s 21 million. Just like the Intellivision to Atari, the Gamecube install base was only 20% of the total PS2’s. And of course, the PS2 continued on retail shelves until 2013 going on to sell 155 million in it’s life making it the best selling console in history. πŸ™‚

      • Nein

        This, it got worse during the PSX era because some already had Internet access, Google Groups was the thing, specially around 1996 right before the N64 came out and many though Nintendo would stomp the floor with Sega and Sony. It wasn’t UNTIL the PS2 released that most staryed acknowleding the N64 had failed (including Nintendo fans).

        • Shy Guy

          Personally I don’t even judge a console a success or a failure until at least five years after it’s no longer officially supported when I can look back and see how much of the library I still find enjoyable. In that respect the Nintendo 64 was a success, to this day I still enjoy playing F-Zero X, Pilotwings 64, Bomberman 64, Resident Evil 2, and Yoshi’s Story just to name a few. The PSX on the other hand about the only games I can think of that I would want to play again are Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Wipeout XL.

          The most powerful console is only the most powerful for a single generation, but a console with well made games will be enjoyed for decades to come.

        • Michael DeVore

          Google Groups… Google Groups… Did you mean News Groups, or did more people call it Usenet? I think Yahoo was the thing you used to search for stuff in 96, and Google didn’t exist until 98. Google Groups came around in 2001 though that was through the acquisition of Deja News that did go back to 95.

      • Shy Guy

        Blast Processing vs Mode 7, or how I learned to stop caring about marketing and just enjoy the games.

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan

      Never believe what you read on the internet. WII U will survive.

      • Clel

        Wait, you just told me to never believe what I read on the internet, on the internet.

        I’m conflicted…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Thats the spirit.

    • That guy who hates Spike

      Sales are a big factor. Bad sales scare third parties.

    • Andrew Clear

      Sadly, it seems a lot of gamers today simply do not care about the actual games. They would rather just be able to say that they own a device that has x amount of power, instead of actually playing a game on said device.

      I normally wait til a system has the games that I like before I buy one (except with the PS4, I just knew I wasn’t going to have the money in the future, so I just bought it on launch). I hope my PS4 will have good games within the year, until then it is the job of my PS3 and Wii U to keep me busy.

    • im 29, and i remember that too, when i was a kid once in a year we see a magazine with consoles seales information, but we jump to the review section, or anything else.


      like everything, there was a “vs” situation, but not like to day, is like a real war.

    • DK_Hadouken

      Man, I’m 25, have two kids and I feel ancient as hell.

    • Nintendosonyfan

      False, no sales means no companies will make games for it, which is one reason the wiiU is failing, one reason out of 100s.

      • Will W

        I beg to differ. “Companies” will still make games for things with relatively no sales. The Zune, for instance. The Jaguar, Even the Dreamcast. Not a lot of sales, but still got software from “Companies”.

    • Rob

      Yeah as long as you like your Wii U and its games, who care how it sells? It’s really all about you having fun, either by yourself or with friends.

  • Skelterz

    The answer is Yes it can and will survive MK8 SSB DK & Zelda say no more.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      those games combined MIGHT move 100,000 units…people dont wanna spend 400 bucks just to play a couple of games

      • Lil J Moore

        They’re doing it with the Ps4 and Xbox1. Just saying

        • RyuNoHadouken

          no, people KNOW every major game will come to those consoles…Wii U doesnt hardly have any support outside of Nintendo

      • Skelterz

        Well that’s a opinion with nothing to back it up how do you know there’s not like 5-10 million people waiting for either one of those titles its not entirely inconceivable usually people would say your guess is as good as mine but in this case i find it more plausible that the majority of people thats don’t own a wii u are waiting for a specific title and when it comes BOOM sales.

  • Ony

    Let’s just time warp into a couple of year laters to find a new, fresh, juicy and sexy Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft would be in better health, and Activision & EA would actually be making good games.

    Lol just kidding EA went bankrupt.

  • Skelterz

    You know what back in the day gaming felt a little more niche i feel the reason things turn out like this is because its so mainstream now gaming has become like lady gaga or something!

    • Fred

      doesn’t it have to be? games are so expensive to make they have to sell like crazy to make money

      • Skelterz

        yes and no back in the day alot of the best games we look at today for being unsung classics such as earthbound for example were really niche games and yeah it didnt sell well but genrally is regarded as one of the most original and interesting RPG’s of all time so i mean truly i prefer things not to be so hyped its easier to be let down that way i like the idea of a game gaining momentum for being original over time as opposed to something being thrown in your face for being amazing when its just another FPS.

        • Fred

          I’m certainly not a fan of the “new iteration every year” philosophy. I’ll buy 1 version of NBA 2K and Madden per console, but I refuse to buy a second (which works out really well on Wii U because I bought Madden 13 and NBA 2K13 and then they didn’t release another so where I normally have an outdated version, compared to everyone else, after a year or two I’ll now always have the latest and greatest.

          However I still like big well done games that look really good. For example, currently my favorite Wii U game is Wonderful 101 and my favorite 3DS game is Fire Emblem: Awakening. Both are big games and I’m sure they both cost a lot of money to produce (in fact I’d bet that W101 lost money I wish most people would give that one a chance) so Nintendo needed both of them to sell well or they lose money.

    • Leo

      and she is also flopping too lol

      • Skelterz

        yeah thats right i heard she’s lost so much money she had to sell her dick.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    its another Gamecube…fine with me…i was never expecting Wii U to move a lot of units…gamers care more about power now a days and Mario is on the decline

    • Lil J Moore

      Mario on the decline? Sorry my friend but after 3D World he he is stronger then ever. 3D World was to me better then any game last year.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        well, its not better than any game from last year…Mario is wack…they need to come up with something else

        • Lil J Moore

          We agree to disagree

          • RyuNoHadouken


        • RockieOllie

          I would love to see a DK64 Sequel than another mario game.

  • XypherCode

    After a year or two after a console launch there’s always a new console in the works. It’s normal for hardware makers to work on their next big thing. So it’s not really that a big deal. And it also doesn’t mean they replacing Wii U. That’s just weird…
    Just sayin’.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Its already a cold corpse. You should pay respect to the dead. Is it to much to ask?

    • Lil J Moore

      Can I poke it with a stick?

    • Skelterz

      Lol you have a wii u and love mario 3d world so shh magnus DMT is sick of you cause he’s a wrestler and they don’t like to talk they like to fight i would be quiet braa cause hes raging he told me personally over E-harmony.

    • Mario


  • D.M.T

    I’m so sick and tired of everyone trying to be analysts. Just wait and see if the Wii U will be successful or not.

    • Skelterz

      Come on DMT don’t sit there and try to be the ”bigger man”, We all love to speculate about these matters this is a website that posts things like this so people can chew through the fat and discuss things they find interesting if you don’t like it you know where to go, This is a place for gamers not virgins braa.

      • D.M.T

        You seem to be talking about me and replying to comments very often lately. I know you want my attention but you don’t need to try so hard

        • Skelterz

          Your in the wrong part of town buddy its WWE daily your looking for for not WII U.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Bit strong, but can’t argue with that.

        • Skelterz

          hello my old punching bag nah im only kidding the kids a joke he comes on this site moaning that people are debating im thinking hang on you do know that’s sorta what the point is right to discuss and debate amongst gamers alike, prior to that he’s calling magnus a troller and shit im thinking hmmm either he wants peace or he’s mighty confused.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I just think he lacks a sense of humor and takes his gaming a bit too serious. I get he’s a loyal Nintendo fan, but not everyone who comments here, is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but not in love with them. Lol. I actually prefer Sony over Nintendo nowadays. I still give Nintendo credit when they do something good.

            I certainly agree, we are here to discuss and debate as gamers. It’s a sad day when debating against one’s favorite console or company, makes you a troll. It’s a pity.

          • Skelterz

            Indeed although i do a fair amount of trolling myself its usually harmless for the most part STEAM MACHINE FTW!!

  • s00preme

    After the Gamecube I bought an X360 and haven’t looked back since. Which is sad considering I owned every console up until then. Nintendo is just too stubborn for its own good when it comes to making consoles, instead of making it marketable to everyone WITH the power to go with it they do weird things that put them in the back row.

  • Old School

    So far it has been a failure, no doubt about it

    BUT! Once Mario Kart 8 comes out it’s going to be ridiculous how many Wii U’s will be sold. I am just really disappointed in the people in charge of Mario Kart 8’s marketing/updates. Those that have been around since the start of Nintendo will know that Nintendo likes to be secretive when it comes to upcoming games. Well wake the F*$K up Nintendo, now is not the time to play that game! It’s time to be agressive and also not cater to the little kiddies. If Nintendo did any of their homework they would see Nintendo has gamers of all ages.

    Nintendo, look at who’s in charge of Smash Bros updates/marketing….that’s how it’s done. That’s how you keep the hype going and show potential new Wii U owners about a great game/system

    • Spookoyo

      The marketing situations are very different for certain games.
      Smash bros. has tons of content and characters so they could easily show something new each day to get people excited. I think they’re doing well with Mario Kart 8 by showing off great trailers of a a few stages instead of showing off every fine detail. With pretty much every Mario kart game, the bulk of Mario Kart 8’s marketing is most likely going to be in the commercials/ads and other forms of media. But yes, Mario Kart 8 is Nintendo’s Super Mushroom at the moment, and if they advertise just right… The Wii U will be in 1st place in no time.

      • Old School

        Of course there will be different marketing strategies for each game but we’re talking about Nintendo’s biggest game that could make or break 2014. Mario Kart 8 has so much depth that it could show off small updates each month instead of just 2 trailers. I really hope they take a lesson from Mario Kart Wii, add more characters, more courses, more items, more battle courses and customization throughout the game.

  • Skelterz
    • Lil J Moore

      Sucks if this is true.

    • Will teach me never to get excited for third party games πŸ™

      • D.M.T

        It’s not cancelled for Wii U. Relax

  • It’s not how you start, It’s how you finish. -Looks at how the 3DS started-

    • Gameonfool

      The wii u already has a bloody nose, Nintendo is the little one in the corner of the playground again and when they make a move they get beat down. It’s. tough world lets see if they can rise above it.

      • Mario

        And yet, they always get back up and try again. Tell me why?

        • Gameonfool

          Cus they make the most of what they have where as others take advantage of what they have. And you wouldn’t beat some one down unless you felt threatened or are a complete fool. They have a fair share of many gamers cus they always make unique games even when using a familiar ip

          • Mario

            Mmmm… Understandable.

  • ETeach

    Can we talk about something else? Just for a little while? Because there’s plenty of other news to report on. I’m not saying WiiU sales isn’t a big deal, but there’s, like, 50 thousand articles about it already.

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    People keep saying, Another Gamecube. No! Even the GCN sold well. The GCN had Strong Third Party support. The WiiU NEEDS a price cut to $149 without the gamepad and only then will Nintendo start seeing their software sell millions

    • greengecko007

      What? The gamecube did not sell well and did not have “strong” third part support. A little more than 21million units over its 5+ year lifetime is only an average of 4 million units a year sold, worse than the Wii U is doing currently.

      • ENDOT123

        it had way more 3rd party support than wii u does.

        • greengecko007

          That’s not saying much of anything. More than isn’t synonymous with strong.

          • ENDOT123

            im just sayin… :/

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      May wanna check hardware sales for the GCN again. They are anything but good sales. Lol. It didn’t have strong third party support, just average at best.

      • Jonathan George Anaya

        The GCN tied with the Xbox that gen. It would be a MIRACLE if the WiiU could match the Xbox One’s numbers this Gen…

        PS: the GCN had Solid 3rd party support. A Star Wars launch title, Soul Caliber, SPORT games, EA games, ect ect. Whenever games were made, they were made for all three consoles back then. Niw/, they’re just being made for Sony and MS

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Actually, no. Xbox sold 24 million+. GCN sold 21.74. Information on it is easy to find on the web. It didn’t have solid support, but respectable enough. To each their own as you’re entitled to your opinion on that. I did love my gamecube and still play it from time to time to this day.

  • Rocky Math

    The 3rd party games that’s all its missing, no metal gear 5, no middle-earth:shadow of modor, no thief, etc. Also if the consumer know if the spec’s are stronger and it plays blu-ray it’s enough for them to choose PS4 or Xbone over the Wii u. My friend that have ps4 and Wii u he chose to buy assassin creed 4 and call of duty: ghost for the PS4 because it had better graphics, if he did this I’m wondering how many other people are doing this that have Wii u and another second console. Especially with ign and YouTube comparing graphic, the Wii u is left out only mentioning PS4 and Xbone, so the hype for the Wii u isn’t there.

  • jhell

    it just need more third party

  • William Martinez

    Fatal frame is a very good idea, i want a real horror game…. i don’t know what to expect about the wii u sales but i’m loving the console so far, when i’m at home i never shut it off and that’s a good sign.

  • Luke Wilson

    A fatal frame would be AMAZING with the gamepad

  • cThreep

    Way to put things into perspective. Very concise, simple explanation of why the Wii U was a great idea but poorly executed. I agree that Nintendo should shift its focus to core gamers and get some AWESOME 1st and 2nd party games that utilize the gamepad (Zombi U was incredible as far as gamepad integration is concerned…and as far as anything is concerned). 3rd party…it’s gonna take more Wii U system sales for anything spectacular to happen in that realm.

  • Kenshin0011

    They need some interesting and unique games for 2015. Their 2014 line up is great, but it’s predictable as well. For 2015 we need a new, top of the line Metroid and Startex game. Also come out with some new, interesting IPs. Other than that, the wii u’s game line up isn’t bad like the media is boasting

  • Noah

    It will survive. It may not SUCCEED WITH SUPER AWESOME FLYING COLORS, but it’s far from dead.

  • Nintendofreak

    the dude is right the people from the wii arent going to jump in the wiiu bandwagon, and fatal frame would be cool especially if we use the gamepad like a camera

  • Simon Stevens

    A new console won’t do any better, even rumours of watch dogs being cancelled isn’t bothering most because most, myself included, won’t be running out to get it, people don’t tend to buy Nintendo consoles for mature games, as is the old moto, make something exclusive and appealing or don’t make it at all, as for what I would do to change things, I’d take a long hard look at the gamepad and figure out quickly what they want to do with it, maybe free to play Facebook games?, more on demand video services, a separate app store for mobile games?, 3ds adapter?, ds games?, anything like that makes sense and serves a purpose, if none of the above, patch the system and make the gamepad optional, sell it separately and use it for some games but mostly offtv play, this and a great library would make it almost too good to pass up, and PLEASE please please please please, make your next game controller pro with the comfort and style of the gamecube controller, just for me, mmmkay? πŸ™‚

    • Zuxs13

      Ill be running out to buy Watch Dogs (probably DL it actually).

      • AAAkabob

        I agree, if it doesn’t come out on Wii U, I’ll buy it used on PS4 just to make sure UbiSoft doesn’t get my money.

        • Simon Stevens

          Well, they did fuck Nintendo with the Rayman deal, I thought that was really shitty of them, tbh, I just wish they’d bring out another Prince of Persia, like the one back in 2008

      • Simon Stevens

        Compared to how Nintendo games sell, I have very little faith it’ll do well on the system, that’s just how good the games are, I’m hoping Boomerang rentals send it me upon release but I won’t lose any sleep if they don’t

        • Zuxs13

          So ar you buying it on another console then? or not at all? This is why the Wii u is failing with third party

          • Simon Stevens

            I’ll be renting it for the Wii U, it’s my only console next to my Vita tv, and believe me, I want 3rd party to do well, I just know it does best when it’s something that’s for the Nintendo platform only

  • PS4/WiiU

    11:24 min……. HELL NO I’m not watching all of that

    • ENDOT123

      don’t be silly

  • RichM

    The Wii U is far from over, but it has failed thus far. Sales are extremely important, but I look at it from a completely different perspective. I was a gamecube owner and we have been through this before. Same with the N64. People buy Nintendo Systems to play Nintendo games. That is where they have failed. There are not enough NINTENDO games available for the Wii U. It takes a few years.

    Gamecube First 3 years:
    2001: Luigi Mansion, Pikmin, Super Smash Brothers Melee
    2002: Animal Crossing, Mario Party 4, Metroid Prime,
    Star Fox Adventures, Super Mario Sunshine
    2003: FZero GX, Kirby Air Ride, 4 Zelda Games (Zelda CE, OOT Master, WW, 4 Swords), Mario Golf, Mario Kart: DD, Mario Party 5 and 6, Metroid Prime 2, Pikmin 2, Pokemon Colosseum, Paper mario and a couple more games

    Wii U First 3 Years:
    2012: NSMU, Nintendo Land
    2013: NSLU, Pikmin 3, WWHD, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, SM3DW, Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic Olympics, Wonderful 101
    2014: DKC:TF, MK8, SSB, X, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, X……….???

    Let’s hope Wii U has a 2014 like the gamecude had in 2003. It was in year 3 that the games finally started coming from Nintendo. This could be an awesome year. I don’t think we’ll ever be seen as the must have console, but at least we can get people to shut up!

    • RichM

      So, if the Wii U is to be compared to the gamecube, then we should be getting the following this year:

      1 mario kart game-confirmed
      1 SSB game-confirmed
      3 mario party games
      2 metroid games
      1 F Zero game
      1 Star Fox game
      A couple zelda games, one confirmed (Hyrule Warriors)
      Another Pikmin Game
      1 pokemon game for the Wii U
      1 Kirby game
      And 1 Animal crossing game.

      Obviously we’re not going to get even half of this list, but do you see my point on how the Nintendo Fans have less Nintendo games. I looked over the Wii list and it was not too impressive ever, but no one is wowed by motion tech anymore. Nintendo…WE WANT “YOUR” GAMES!!! This is how Nintendo has failed. I realize production times are longer, but even if we got half that list it would be a remarkable year for the system.

  • Pikachief

    Here’s my response to the question:

    Short answer: “Yes”

    Long answer: “Yes.”

  • darkcreap

    I pretty much agree with your conclusions about third party support:

    -Nintendo needs more collaborations to bring versions of certain franchises to the WiiU (eg, see the collaboration with Tecmo Koei for Hyrule Warriors).
    -Nintendo has to find opportunities in IPs that have not been taken to their full potential and finance the game (eg: Bayonetta).
    -Nintendo can also other studies make new IPs for them (see TW101)
    -They also need other studios to make versions of their games if they don’t have the resources to make them (see Retro for DKC or the studio that did Ocarina of Time 3D).

    The problem, I think, is the quantity of these collaborations. They already have done things like these, but they need more. Furthermore, I think they should be a bit less conservative and give third parties certain incentives. Eg: promoting third party titles to ensure they sell well. Of course, that should come with third parties giving the full experience, not removing DLC and all that. Nevertheless, I think that, having seen that Assassin’s Creed IV dropped DLC for the WiiU, I think it has to do with low ACIII DLC sales.

  • RichM

    I completely agree with this video. Let’s hope E3 does something to get people to shut up.

  • Michael Rowlands

    why do people say the wii u is unberpowered now i am not saying the wii u is more powerful then the ps4 and xbox one put its not that unberpowered it like saying the ps2 was unberpowered to say the xbox and gamecube…..it can still handle all the games that are coiming out on ps4 and xbox one

  • Leo

    “how it got here?” simple: media massacre on daily basis funded by the western game industry and competitors on behalf of Nintendo’s missteps. And WiiU Daily you are part of the problem.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Can the Wii U survive this console generation? Yes.

    P.S. – It wouldn’t be wise for Nintendo to not make new games…that would hurt them worse down the line. People will just say all Nintendo has is remakes of games that have been out years ago. I’m not saying it’s not a good idea to bring some the successful games from the past to the Wii U, but Nintendo HAS to make new games too.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Here is my honest opinion: Yes, Wii U can survive. It can even do very good this generation. But it need to shift focus in some ways. I think Zaccari’s video was good, but I disagree on some points. First of all; Nintendo is Nintendo and must keep on to being that. They are making great and fun games that should appeal to all ages, however for some reasons they got the kiddie image stuck to them the last years.

    I can see why. The palettes they are using today are much more childish than the palettes used ten-fifteen years ago. I think they want to reach out to girls aswell as boys, by implementing a colour scheme that will appeal to both – and the result is a bit kiddy. This goes especially for Mario. Somewhere I feel that they dropped what Mario really is about – a crazy story about a fat plumber, who saves the princess caught by an evil dinosaur-turtle. The story is actually crazy comedian, but something got lost and repetetive (although I loved the last entry) but in a little too childish-kiddy-cute way.

    Many of us was somewhat disappointed with the NSMBU because it offered little to a new console that should show why we should upgrade from Wii to Wii U. The reason seemed to be a more colourful palette, a candy-kiddy-cute one, and not a crazy-comedian. Other than that it was basically the same as NSMB Wii.

    The contrast from this NSMBU to my other game ZombiU was huge. ZU was a very dark, stressful and uncomfortable experience. But it gave the WiiU kind of a schizophrenic feel. A console trying to appeal to all, from very young children to a small section of horror survival game fans. Who was it directing itself to? What was the next step after this?

    What was the other games? Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, Aliens: CM, Batman, Assassins Creed, Darksiders etc.

    Ports were bad, or mediocre. Aliens that could appeal to ZombiU players was basically a hoax, but had promised to be the best version – and never came to the console. This, together with the Rayman push back made the Wii U less appealing for one section of gamers that N. tried to address. This made those people to cry out for a new Zelda U, Metroid etc. And hopes were high for E3 that promised too much, but didnt show much for those gamers. Donkey Kong killed the hope for many Metroid fans, who was disappointed after getting nothing after ZombiU. The same thing got repeated at VGX.

    Zelda WindWaker was amazing, but it shouldnt been released this early in Wii U’s lifetime. Especially not when third parties had flooded the console with half hearted ports. Instead N. should have hyped with a new Zelda, not unhyping it. Wind Waker was the game no one had asked for, but Majoras Mask was the game everyone asked for.

    Virtual Console quickly became a lackluster experience. Promises of GBA and N64 wasnt met. Everyone had hoped for a continuation of Wii catalogues with GCN games, and Zelda WW kind of killed that hope. When no N64 or GBA was to see that died too. Instead of becoming everything VC on Wii wasnt the product made everyone miss how great VC on Wii had been (despites it lacks and flaws).

    Wii mode felt awkward, didnt support pad, and when it did at last it was only as a second screen without button mapping – felt half hearted again.

    Nintendos biggest problem was their good intentions to make a console appealing to all and everyone. We and you should play it. But it was too much, and ended up being compromizes on to many levels. It was too much to fix. Sadly instead of fixing those things that should be possible to fix quite easy, Nintendo kept on carving out and focusing its adress towards casuals. I think that made some gamers feeling betrayed. But I also think they could come back, one at a time – after N. fix the holes in the ship.

    – Nintendo Fusion rumour shows something interesting. It shows what people really thought and want Wii U to be. N. have already taken some steps this direction. But they should do more. 3DS and WiiU connectivity should be fully implemented. Let WiiU gamers share games and play them on WiiU and vice versa if possible.
    – Wii mode should be available more directly. The same goes for games downloaded on it.
    – N. shouldnt focus on all gamers as Zaccari correctly (edited) pointed out. Focus on those willing to spend a buck. Metroid and the like are games that perfectly well can appeal to most of the socalled hardcore gamers. Make it as dark and claustrophobic as it first was.
    – Take Virtual Console serious and try to make it as good as possible, not a slow milking machine. In the long run its better to have satisfied gamers than annoyed.
    – More APPs to the pad. Free games like Othello, chess, candy crush etc. Lower the bar for casuals to join in instead of directly addressing them with high cost stuff.

    • William Martinez

      finally you said something coherent and with good arguments, i agree.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Lol, you know what? I said the exact same thing three-four months ago, six months ago and eight months ago. Back then I was called a troll, hater, SONY-fanboy and that I should crawl back into my moms cellar masturbating and playing COD – for pointing this out. If you see something different in what I write, then its because you’ve got a new perspective on things and not that I have changed.

        • William Martinez

          nope i’m relatively new posting on wiiudaily but i visit it everyday and lately i’ve been watching you writing things like wii u is a dead cold corpse and that piss me off buddy, first because wii u is a great console (not the most powerful but it offers to me what i’m searching for, FUN) even though wii u doesn’t has a huge library right now it will grow, meanwhile first party titles are amazing and you should agree on that, one of the problems is the confusion with its name, the VC also need more games from other platforms than nes-snes and better advertising, the last 2 problems can be solved easily.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Ah, ok πŸ™‚ Yeah, I like to provoke people with things like that.

          • Will W

            In regards to the Video: I can pretty much agree with most of it. I’m certainly not as big a fan of survival horrors. I’d like to go on record and say Jimmy Fallon is an idiot. That’s more true than Wii U’s Doom.

            Nintendo expected for, as they said, lighting to hit the same spot twice.

            Thanks, Magnus, for being objective, yourself, and actually including reasoning in your replies… reasoning that isn’t simply opinion based.

            I find moving into “Wii Mode” on my Wii U quite simple. I think you can start it immediately from startup by holding B (I’m not 100% on it)? Going back to Wii U, from Wii mode requires a restart, but I’m patient. I suppose not being able to play games right on the G-Pad is a bit annoying, but I keep my Wii controllers close by.

            The funny thing about OoT (and to a lesser extent, MM) is that it managed to appeal to all crowds. The contrast between WW (too bright) and TP (too dark) proved that all “fans” want a porridge that’s JUUUUST right. People want new games to be different, but not too different (Not applying to Just the LoZ series, obviously). WW HD’s release date may have been best, last fall, since the “LoZ Wii U” and “Hyrule Warriors” will be seeing relatively ‘not-too-distant-future” release; it would have been drowned out, completely. Since repeating you would be redundant I’m going to end with that — other than my dislike of Majora’s Mask, and think a remake is a waste of time. To contradict myself, It seems to be such a popular title, I expect it would sell better (Then again, you can’t trust anonymous sources online…).

            I’m not looking forward to a new addition of “Metroid Prime”. I’d rather see a 2D Metroid, personally. One thing that I’d really like to see is that the Next Super Mario Game is called “SUPER MARIO [bros.]: UNIVERSE”. It would fit the Wii U perfectly. There are a lot of titles I’d like to see, as well as titles I’d like to see announced.
            I’m not expecting a huge GCN lineup to make it onto the VC, but more titles, for any VC console, shouldn’t be such a far-fetched idea.

            Nintendo (Iwata ) Said they were going to “change” some things. Hopefully they finally clear up the confusions people still have about the difference between Wii and Wii U.

    • Enumerating Wishes

      I agree wholeheartedly. Their decision to go “super casual” (I’m exaggerating) was by no means a bad move. However it got awkward towards the end of the Wii’s life and at times I think they were trying too hard to appeal to non-gamers.

      The issue with the Wii U is Nintendo has been milking the same cows too hard (Mario, Zelda) while they’ve got great franchises waiting to be reborn. Furthermore is as you say the ports on the Wii U. It’s a new console but shares a lot of last gen games and last gen concepts (New Super Mario Bros shouldn’t even be called new anymore.) Another is Donkey Kong Country Returns TF, it’ll be a great game but it looks identical to its Wii counterpart. The amount of “original” gems isn’t quite there if you ask me.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I agree. But N. should try to listen to some fancries. Metroid is wanted, so is a darker tone Zelda. I think N. should reflect a little bit on that. Twilight Princess is IMO a good game, but I know many hated it (too strong word, but see it as a relative one in contrast to other in the series). But what they disliked the most wasnt the tone of the game, but that it tried to be a huger version of OoT.

        Then lets take a look on that. It tried to be OoT. OoT is by many deemed as the best Zelda ever made, and those who disagree tend to highlight the much darker tragedy-like Majoras Mask as the best in the series. OoT and Majoras Mask shares some things – its game engine, models, graphical style and many characters. No one says that TP tries to be MM. But most people seems to uphold that either OoT or MM is counted as the best. Wind Waker and Skyward Sword breaks with this pattern, as they are both colourful and joyful in tone. Wind Waker was a break from the dark tone of its predessors. Some hated it, some loved it.

        TP tried to reach out to those who hated it, but the result was disappointing for many. Why? It evolved around the wrong elements. Expanding on a story from OoT, but evolving it in the wrong direction (try to be objective here, I liked the game). It was a graphical dark game – but not a true dark Zelda experience as we had in OoT and MM. It wasnt really darker than Wind Waker or Skyward Sword. And it was too linear rushing through (the bulletpoints of the story although in a slow pace).

        I think N. should look into the dark elements of OoT and MM, but without necessarly relying on a dark cosmetic appearance as TP was. They could make it dark or colourful graphic wise, thats a secondary. But the dark tragic feel should be explored yet again. Of course with all the light hearted comedy that different character gives to the game.

        N. should ask themselves; Why are people crying out for Majoras Mask? Why did OoT succeed? Why did so many feel disappointed with the TP? Did we reach out for the wrong elements? Zelda have always had a tragic feel to it in its history. Zelda II starts in the same room as Zelda lying on a bed – in a mausoleum fashioned way. Zelda ALttP starts with getting a sword from your dying father figure, who failed saving the princess. Tension between a dark and a light world (turning into the dark). OoT and MM had their dark parts. OoT ends up by nothing happened. MM is full of choices that causes someone to live and another to die. Wind Waker broke from that path, and at that time it was a good thing to do because it was needed. TP tried to return, but failed. And SS largely built further on those things but turning back and mixing it with elements from WW.

        I think much can still be done with Zelda. And I think N. should try to do what they tried to do with TP, but doing it right this time. Explore more in the psychological and philosophical-existential inner journey risen in the first Zeldas (ZII-MM). This is the real magic of Zeldas. Thats the experiences that the next game should be built around. It doesnt matter if the palette isnt as dark as TP, but the magic should be dark.

        So my point is. They can still rely on their franchises, but they should do it right.

        • Enumerating Wishes

          I guess I could have left Zelda out of it. Merely I was looking at all the releases and the top 2 were Mario and Zelda games. Yes they can rely on their franchises but (I could be wrong) I’ve never seen Nintendo put out so many Mario games before in such a time frame (Super Mario Advance series were just ports of the SNES version but upgraded.) With Skyward Sword, Windwaker HD, MM HD, & a link between two worlds I completely forgot the Wii U was overdue for an original Zelda title.

        • C4

          “Twilight Princess is IMO a good game, but I know many hated it (too
          strong word, but see it as a relative one in contrast to other in the

          That’s not my impression, some fans were just so hyped about the game and expected too much. Maybe it’s almost too polished, ALttP had some weird puzzles and dungeons, OoT had some issues here and there of course (one of the first larger scale Nintendo 3D games after all) but it all worked out in the end and as you said TP tried to put all elements into one game even if they don’t fit or enhance the game. Only thing I “hated” is that shadow world kinda thing, darker color palettes and synth music doesn’t make things dark, it’s just weird in a way it adds little to the atmosphere IMHO and on top of that controlling the wolf which feels overall inferior to controlling Link. It could have done better…

          About Majora’s Mask and also Link’s Awakening what I like it is they thought ‘f… it we’re doing something different but still as good as the main Zeldas’. And they succeeded, somehow πŸ™‚

    • I read your response… The whole response, haha. And I’d like to clarify that I said Nintendo should go after “core” gamers, who I believe are the same people you say are “willing to spend a buck.” Those are the people who typically buy one or more games a month. It boggles my mind how Nintendo will run Wii Fit U ads on TV that target moms who bought Wii Fit years ago, and leave many people completely unaware of titles like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Sorry, my grammar made that sentence a little ambiguous. I meant “what zaccari was correct in pointing out”. And Lol, it was somewhat long. I wrote in the beginning that I disagree on some parts. One of these is a Pokemon title now. I think N. should bring it to the console, but later. Now it should hype up things as X, Bayonetta, a new Metroid and titles like that. To put it short – show another palette.

        Grandma can also wait, so can my girlfriend. If N. put some free APPs with candy crush like games, then some casual players might join in eventually. But not by forcing them in the way they tried with Fit U and the like.

      • shaun

        Agree, the original wii launched with everyone get together wii sports and a sword swinging I feel like i’m in Hyrule Zelda. What could stop them? inovative software sells any hardware.. no matter what the industry

    • Rinslowe

      Nice to get up in the morning, browse Wii U Daily… Have a spiel ready and realise, no need – someone else said it exactly.
      Much easier to just upvote with one hand, coffee in the other, lol.

  • Rick Valenta

    Gamecube only sold 22 million and I consider that one of my favorite systems of all time. Still play it regularly. As long as the games keep coming I will love my Wii U forever!

  • Kyle

    Why publish this article? Hear it enough already!

  • Daniel Carvalho

    As I keep saying, Nintendo needs to advertise! Make the Wii U known to public, show the console more than the Gamepad, make it clear you can use past generation controllers on the new generation console, advertise the Miiverse, showcase the games, first second an third parties! All they have to do is advertise!

    I don’t know why, but Nintendo seems rather timid with the Wii U. They have all those incredible exclusives, yet they are afraid of showing off their games. Instead they show functions on the Gamepad that have nothing to do with gaming! I seriously don’t know how Nintendo went from the Wii to Wii U on the marketing department, but there’s something really wrong there!

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Nes needs to get adds everywere dk is coming out and i have not seen 1 add on tv or anyweare other than here

  • Shy Guy

    Came here expecting a video of Reggie Fils-Aime talking about the state of the Wii U, got a video of someone repeating the same talking points that have been covered by everyone and their grandma already.
    Here’s a thought, maybe the general public would be more interested in the Wii U if almost every gaming site they visit (even ones devoted to the Wii U apparently) didn’t constantly talk about how the console is doomed. I almost expect that sort of reporting from places like Machinima or IGN, but this is Wii U Daily, if I can’t point someone interested in the Wii U here for stories that might get them to actually buy a Wii U, where can I?

    • Fred

      Seriously! I want to see more review articles here. Play all the games and tell us which ones are good and really good so that we’ll want to go buy and play them. Tell us things like Trine 2 has online multiplayer and it’s set up so that voicechat works with either a headset or the mic that’s built into the Gamepad.

  • Angel Lopez

    If Nintendo wants to market to the core gamer in 2014, there are two games they have to market the shit out of: X and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem.

  • Mario

    John Zaccari, your videos are, as always, the best.

  • Paqi

    Nintendo mistake was trying to win back casual gamers from their smartphones and tablets. They based the console design around this goal, and failed, so the system failed.

    The Wii was successful because casual gamers helped skyrocket its install base, and Nintendo was making a profit, from the get-go, on each unit sold. However, they were disappointed to find they could not get these casuals to buy games on a regular basis. And core-gamers weren’t buying third-party games on their console, which hurt their long-term profitability.

    Nintendo’s management openly acknowledged this in interviews before the Wii-U’s launch, and said they were going to make an effort to get core-gamers back to the Wii-U. Unfortunately, they also decided to continue to chase the casual gamers that made the Wii a success, and that decision doomed the Wii-U.

    Nintendo intentionally made the Wii-U underpowered compared to the new XBox and Playstation cosoles, because they didn’t want the machine’s fan to “be too loud in the living room”. They were also hoping the touch-pad controller would entice causal gamers to try their system. To win the core-gamer crowd, they hoped third parties would use the touch pad interface to make games innovative enough . None of these hopes panned out.

    For the casuals, the Wii-U’s pitch was botched; it was never clear that this was a new console. Further, from their perspective, it just wasn’t enticing enough to spend that much money on something they wouldn’t enjoy much more than a new smartphone or tablet, both of which are more portable and have more utility.

    For the core-gamers, it’s possible third-parties would have created compelling touchpad based games on the console if its install base was high enough to justify the risk. But the huge mistakes made at launch (the confusing E3 reveal, the bad press from the huge day 1 patch, the lack-luster library at launch) killed the momentum Nintendo needed to get these consoles sold. Even if the launch had gone well, it’s not clear that it would have been enticing enough to get core gamers to ignore the next-gen X-Box and PlayStation titles, with their superior processing power that not only enables better graphics, but also more complicated game play elements. (Having a bigger processor allows for more enemies on screen, more complicated AI, etc etc).

    What Nintendo SHOULD have done was just made a simple iteration from the Wii. The Wii’s pointer controller was widely hailed as the most useful innovation in a while, with many outlets saying it was second only to a desktop mouse. The pointer had vast potential that was never capitalized on both because of the Wii’s low hardware specs, and because of the limited number of buttons available when using the nunchuck/wii-mote combo. If they made a system that was as powerful as the nextgen PlayStation and XBox, and augmented the nunchuck/wiimote setup to have a button count similar to their competitor’s controllers, Nintendo would have been a strong contender this generation. They would have the best first-person shooters. Multiplatform games would look and perform just as well on their system, and could be optimized to take advantage othe Wiimote’s pointer and motion-sensing abilities.

    Also, why not ship a small keyboard with the system, that connects to the wiimote in place of the nunchuck. All of a sudden, Nintendo has the first console where real-time strategy games are viable. Now that we have a keyboard, why not have this new console be able to connect to a PC, and provide a way to use my Wiimote/keyboard combination to control my PC on my TV. Now I don’t need a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. I can watch all the webcontent I want, via my Nintendo console’s interface to my PC. I can browse personal photos, videos, and whatever via my Nintendo console, because it’s just providing a control interface for my PC. Hell, I could probably play some PC games with my Wii-Mote/Keyboard combo. All of a sudden, you have a system that’s not only attractive to core-gamers, but also to people that are looking for useful tools to augment their home theater setups.

  • mojack411

    Great video analysis with many points I’ve been telling to other people for ages now. As for the last bit of the vid describing what you’d like to see, I also fully agree and think they are likely EXCEPT for the home console Pokemon game. I read an interview with the Game Freak director and he said that he truly believed that handhelds are the best place for full fledged Pokemon games. I don’t think they’ll ever be leaving there. No a spin-off like Coliseum and Gale of Darkness? More likely. It may not be the full fledged Pokemon games people want, but those were still damn good games and I’d love to see a game like them on Wii U.

    Making the Wii U the home for the underdogs? Hmm, I never thought of that and that is a great suggestion. I would die and go to heaven on the spot if the Wii U got a brand new Fatal Frame game. Not to mention, it’s those underdog games that I tend to love. I can’t wait for Bayonetta even though it’ll suffer the Platinum curse of low sales.

    • C4

      It just should’t _look_ like a spinoff. A more RPG / Monster Hunter game could work, and it can also be well received by the Pokemon Fanbase. 10 years ago not that many people asked for something different in the Pokemon universe so that’s likely why the GC games didn’t sell as well as expected (people already had the best Pokemon experience on GBC and GBA) and made people buy GCs. Different situation today, as far as I can see.

  • starwars360

    Well all we can hopes is Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and more games save Wii U this year. It is hard to knew. Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U, Wii U Party, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, New Super Mario U, Pikmin 3 and some more games sold quite well but didn’t save Wii U enough.
    2014 might changes from what late 2012 to now until major of games coming for Wii U into upcoming months in this year.
    We have wait and see. I love my Wii U, XB1, 3DS and PS4 lots. Also seem Wii U might similar route from GameCube’s lifetime so that is ok as long as system sellers is fine and 3DS sold like crazy.
    I bet Nintendo will stood up by next generation and maybe Nintendo Fusion from rumours for example

  • gamer4life

    Yes. DKCTF, MK8, SSB4, X, SMTxFE, Bayonetta 2, Zelda U, Zelda Majora’s Mask HD (I think it is pretty much confirmed), Hyrule Warriors, Yarn Yoshi, are all coming out in 1 year. The Wii U is just getting started. It will flying off shelves.

    • oontz

      “It will flying off shelves.”

      You should change your name to “grammar4life”

      • gamer4life

        Since when is this English class. I missed one word, “be.” People like you are so annoying.

        • oontz

          Sorry, because of your user name… I just couldn’t help myself.

  • Nintendoro

    I’m 31 and I’m still on Nintendo (why wouldn’t I ?). GameCube has always been my number 1 console ever. I could not have cared less about PS2 back in those days since it wasn’t right for me. Xbox was super system too.

  • Shinigami King

    Something that he said brought an interesting connection to my mind. People may have already said this but I haven’t noticed so sorry if I’m preaching to the choir

    Because N. sold to a casual audience with the wii, they immediately lost a huge portion of that audience with the wii U. It may be that they don’t know the difference but even those that do, if they are casual gamers, they don’t see a reason to be buying a new console; they have a large enough library with one! What I’m trying to say is that this was almost an inevitability as the huge audience of casual gamers N. supplied are no longer consumers.

    Of course, there is the next problem. This means that if the average casual gamer is out of the equation, that leaves really leaves the hardcore audience. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, especially as I believe that there are already many must have titles on the wii u. However, because of N.’s marketing strategy which is trying (poorly) to encompass every part of the “gaming society”, most of the time “casuals” are shown playing. Also, though there are serious games for hardcore gamers on he wii u, the most advertised are “kiddy” games. This results in the hardcore gamers being scared away which is ultimately at this point (due to reasons already explained) removing the majority of N.’s main audience at this point.

    At least that is my take on the situation.

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Good, objective video. I agree with alot of your comments. I just don’t know if Nintendo will move swiftly enough to capitalize on the opportunities you have described. I hope they do. Injecting capital investment into games that would not have otherwise come about is a sure way to increase longevity into the wii u system.

  • DragonSilths

    Nintendo CAN fix the situation. Iwata realizing he fucked up was the 1st step but only time will tell.

  • lonewolf

    You are wrong β€œmatureβ€œ games never did sold well on a nintendo platform at least compared to the milliona that their main game franchises sold so even if they released metroid or fatal frame i don’t think it will lure many buyers (according to some web sites metroid prime games together sold only 5.5 million games which is not bad but compared to mario kart or super smash brothers is bad) what will rise the sales are exactly what they are going to release this year.

    • C4

      Yes, but as a manufactor they don’t necessarily need every game to be a huge financial success if it sells consoles.

      The first Smash or Mario Kart were not specifically designed to be a million and/or system seller. More like the right game, at the right time at the right place, and then Nintendo continued to work and improve those IPs. They can’t do something like that again? I think they can if they try hard enough.

  • TheRaven

    Naming it the wii u was the first mistake

  • Sheiky Baby

    Nintendo doesn’t need to do anything magical to “survive” this generation. It’s actually quite simple. Be AGGRESSIVE. That’s all. Remind everyone what you did with the Wii Virtual Console, and give us what we want. We are more than willing to throw money at you for it. Sign exclusive deals with big players. Revive a troubling franchise… Not something like Bayonetta(although I’m highly grateful for it). The other two honchos are constantly imitating you. Take some pages from their book, and fix their problems while making them your strength!

    You know, Nintendo… If you were as aggressive as we all want you to be, some of us wouldn’t mind paying for an upgraded console that integrated everything you gave us for the Wii U/Wii generation so you could compete and stop missing out on all the games coming out. If the Fusion rumors are half true… Then make us want it!!!

    I want some neo geo on my wii u :(:(:(

  • FutureFox

    In the end the Wii U will endure and it will shock many pundits just like years past.

  • Karim Metwaly

    Well if you want to be honest. Nintendo kind of deserves it. it is called Karma. they treated a lot of developers like shit and other companies too when they were on top.

  • Brandon

    Nintendo is releasing some great games this year but it wont be enough to lure in core gamers it’ll be fine for casual or family. A few games are core gamer worthy but with not alot of 3rd party titles its not worth it. It falls behind in power and features so they need more heavy 1st party games to keep it alive. The wii u is not going to win the war but nintendo can at least try.

    • David Trail

      So X and Bayonetta 2 are for the family?

      • Virus6

        X can be. Bayonetta? Nope

  • Daniel

    As much as I hate to admit it, but Wii U needs to get EA to put their sports games on their consoles. There is no denying their catalogue of killer franchises.

    Nintendo should finance some big 3rd parties to create unique titles or already existing titles that would draw attention to the console. Simply porting big games across may not be enough. Here are a few ideas which I think would help bring some street cred to the system.

    Examples/Wishful thinking:
    + Finance Capcom to release a Street Fighter Vs Mortal Kombat game.
    + Get Capcom to release a 3D Ghosts & Goblins sequel.
    + Get Factor 5 to do another Rogue Squadron.
    + Get exclusive rights for EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 3 game. This could be the systems biggest online game next to Smash Bros and Mario Kart.
    + Lure a big scalp like Destiny or the next GTA game on the console.
    + Put Minecraft on the system. It’s a little too late, but it will still sell.
    + Back the recently dropped Eternal Darkness franchise and get them to finish the title and make it an exclusive for the system. The game is already half way there.
    + Go out and get Timesplitters 4. The developers are recreating it on a shoe string budget at the moment. Back their asses and get it as an exclusive FPS for the console.
    + Get Ubisoft to make the next Bond for the Wii U using Splinter Cells’ stealth engine. Bond games usually sell well on Nintendo consoles, and a FPS might be too predictable after Goldeneye for the Wii. Maybe if they had a mix of 3rd Person and 1st person, the game would be unique and interesting.
    + Try and get the next Skyrim on the system.

    Nintendo needs to swallow their pride and put some amazing third party support on their console. The Wii U’s current install base is too low to get exclusives, but money talks.

  • David Trail

    I’ve enjoyed my Wii U so much. I like it better than the Wii, GameCube and N64.

    • Agent721

      I don’t know, its not up to N64 standards quite yet, but I do love it as well.

      • C4

        Not yet, also GC had some good racing and RPG games.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Can The xbox one Survive This Console Generation?


  • ICHI

    Before the Wii U launched Nintendo said it was going back after the core gamers, the gamepad was for off TV play, they got their third party sorted and had an indie developer plan to die for. The indie dev’s came and the games are coming, the console feels more like an older Nintendo console and something Nintendo want to really make core games on but the Third Party’s didn’t turn up properly and the media seems to think the gamepad should perform fallacio before it’s use has been justified. To top that off Nintendo started advertising it like it was made for 5 year olds! By the power of Greyskull there was more wrong with this last year than I can shake a wiimote at! But then I’m still loving the console, Nintendo need to get out how fun it actually is, but I think the only way they will do that is by courting 3rd parties, If they dont want to throw money at them just to release a game maybe bribe them with the Nintendo IP’s Nintendo doesn’t know what to do with eg: F-Zero, Battalion Wars, 1080, Wave Race, Excite Bike/Truck/Bots, Star Fox,. Make a HD monster Hunter exclusive to the console or MH4Ultimate, oh my goodness what I wouldn’t give for that Project Zero game! and yes John is right, put Pokemon on the console, and if Gamefreak wont do it then give it to someone else, dont make Pokemon Battle Arena Colosseum Camera Typing Adventure(ish).

  • linxz

    duuuuuude drop the uptalk! you really do sound like a 7 year old


    We all want that Pokemon on a console really bad!!!!

    • C4

      Imagine a Pokemon game like Monster Hunter. Fight larger monsters with Pokemon, it would be different to all existing Pokemon games but I think they are right that a game 1:1 like on the portables won’t work that well. Of course it could also have regular Pokemon fights.

      • Virus6

        A Pokemon x Monster Hunter crossover. Pokemon Hunter *drools*

  • Nintendosonyfan

    Can it survive? No lol, it already failed.

  • Carmen Michael Abramo

    I’m happy with the Wii-U. I have had nothing but a blast playing the games, I love the controller and I love the Nintendo Direct and how entertaining it is. Nintendo just is a fun company and I hope sales go up. I’m not even interested in the new systems because there’s really nothing different about them besides being a cheap computer. I already have a computer hooked to my tv so I really don’t need another media player. But that’s my opinion if you like the other systems that’s cool, but for me I think the Wii-U is just cooler and I like the people I’ve met on the Wii-U and how everyone seems to be having a great time especially when a new game comes out and we can all enjoy it together. To me the Wii-U is the last real gaming console, while as I said before the other systems really just remind me of a low budget computer. Once again this is just my opinion.

  • rafael

    Ive read somewhere that nintendo owns Fatal Frame now…they bought the franchise πŸ˜‰

  • C4

    Wii U needs more variety, they need to have 2 years of good software
    output in all genres and flavors. Maybe one title will be hugely successful, if not the whole package itself maybe will. If that doesn’t sell Wii Us nothing
    will ever sell consoles.

  • Agent721

    Nintendo just needs more game and especially sports games. I just don’t see how high school boys, many obsessed with sports (as I was) can choose a Wii U over the other consoles, given the dirth of sports games.

    Finally, more adult games like the Fatal Frame you suggest. More RPGs. More action/adventure. Nice youtube video John!

  • Huxley Tanner

    Great Video

  • edge

    Nintendo has to go outside of its comfort zone if it wants to compete, because three factors make Wii U the most expensive platform to develop for:
    1)PowerPC architecture. XB1 and PS4 are x86 based, meaning porting games over takes a lot of re-writing of code, adding to time and cost
    2)The gamepad. Using this effectively also involves time and cost.
    3)The lower install base and slow sales of the hardware greatly increases the risk to publishers.

    Unless Point 3 turns around dramatically, third party support is going to continue to be soft. Nintendo has to reach out to gamers who like other genres and styles besides Nintendo’s traditional franchises. X and Bayonetta are a good start, but I’d like to see them get back into sports like NBA and MLB, and shooters/action games. Nintendo has made these games before. They just stopped. And a whole bunch of older gamers left them because of it. They have to get over this stubborn attitude that there’s games they simply don’t want to make.