Dec 5th, 2013


If you’ve been enjoying playing Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U, then you’ll be happy to know that the Wii U version of the game just received a patch to help with some issues people have been experiencing. Most notably, individual players can now be muted, so you can get rid of annoyances without compromising talk with the rest of the team. The GamePad also got a scoreboard panel, so you can quickly check the kills and deaths of everyone in the match. Here’s a few other things that have been fixed:

  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to move hit markers around during a killcam with the Wii Remote
  • Addressed and improved texture resolution in Campaign
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a second player from signing on in some situations
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to go prone in some portions of the Strikezone map
  • Improved placement of hit markers when using the Wii Remote
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to spawn in without a team in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where players could get inside a wall in Stormfront
  • Disabling music will now also disable the rank-up music
  • Fix for Search and Rescue exploit using worldspawn damage to produce tag.
  • Fixed split screen UI issue that could potentially leave player in a bad state.
  • Fixed not showing attachments and weapon camo for players while in private match lobby.
  • Fixed dog’s extended kill not showing properly in final killcam.
  • Fixed loadouts appearing restricted if a restricted perk was selected in specialist strike package even though specialist wasn’t equipped.
  • Fixed an exploit of spawns where a player would constantly respawn at his team spawn in the first quarter minute of a game.
  • Fixed a few map specific spawn issues
  • Fixed a crash when entering and leaving lobbies
  • Fixed a crash when ejecting the disc while a sub-user was signed in

You can view the official patch notes on the community forum here.

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  • DJKeens

    Texture resolution? Anyone verify this? What does it even mean?

    • TheHaydenator

      The resolution of the textures wasn’t the best so they fixed it
      If you still don’t know what I mean here’s an example

      • Guest
        • Guest


        • Laud

          So random, I got a chuckle out of it.

          • Guest

          • Laud

            Oh boy, the downvoters Christmas break has begun. It’s to be expected, break begins sooner for middle schoolers.

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    • If you looked at the foliage, camo on the soldier’s fatigues, and other textures throughout the campaign, it was abysmal. I’m talking PS2/Wii texture level quality. Maybe the patch did improve those textures, but if you haven’t tried the campaign yet, there’s no reason why you should. Even if you did, there’s no reason to go back just for improved textures because the campaign is terrible, even by COD standards.

    • Wayne Beck

      If you look up the Comparison Video of the Wii U and the Xbox and PS versions, you will see random texture like the Dogs collar that do not fully load in. People jumped to the conclusion that the Wii U couldn’t do it, but it was really just a bug.

    • Rinslowe
    • Brandon

      Wow when you look at the resolution the last gen consoles are running at its like wow this sucks then you look at the wii u version and its a little better but still not that great. Now look at the other next gen consoles and pc and its like a god given Beauty.

  • Wow. Nice to see some support. Good on ya, Activision. Now patch Skylanders >.>

    • val berger

      It’s not really nice, to have this support. It’s more like embarrassing, how they could sell this game at such a bad state. ridiculous, developers like these should be sent back to N64times where they had to launch a complete product without the chance to patch it afterwards.

      • Lee

        It’s a brand new console so they can’t iron out every little thing, in the amount of time they’ve produced this fixes I find it impressive. Look at EA and some of their games, you won’t see a patch for months on-end.

        Do you even know how much money goes into testing these games when on a deadline? Do you know how much the developments for the patches cost? I really don’t think you do…

        • val berger

          what the hell are you talking about; stop those poor excuses, it’s ridiculous.

          • Lee

            Val don’t get so upset its just a comment jesus haha.

          • val berger

            not as upset as it may seem, it’s just always the same with those franchise-cashcows

          • Lee

            Well the best thing to do in your situation is buy the game a month or two after its release, that way you will get more of a complete version.

            I personally don’t mind a few bugs here and there, especially when they’re patched up so fast. I don’t have time to play games for lengthy periods of time so I guess the urgency to fix certain things effects me less.

          • val berger

            I usually don’t play games like COD, actually I’m one of those crazy minds who bought a WiiU to not have to play stuff like that ;D All I’m actually sayin is, that there are surely games that get a little fix and optimization afterwards and then there are franchise-games with the tight schedule that just NEED to be launched 1 game per year right on time. AC, Fifa, Need For Speed, BF, COD MOH, you name it. It’s just not possible to really do a god job on bugfixing with such a policy in your neck and in the end it’s completely f*cked up. I really liked GTAV and it was also filled with bugs that needed to be fixed, but considering the scale and the work of this title, it’s a no brainer to accept this as it’s schedule just wasn’t the reason for it. But with streamlined, linear games it’s just something different. I’m not even talking about COD but this whole soulless franchise-bullshit in general. It just sucks.

      • Wildman

        I hope you know. This is a good thing. Some PS3 and 360 games got patched too. Does that make them bad games? Hell No! Some 3DS games got a patch to fix some things and add new content.
        It’s called developer support. The devs may not notice bugs during development and they have the ability to fix it. The PC gamers know all about this.

        • val berger

          there’s a difference between support and throwing something out just to meet some marketing-mastermind’s schedule. and COD is everything but such an original franchise that would excuse such bullshit. If they need to throw out a buggy game yr after yr, then maybe a little bit of criticism is allowed? yes, please? thank you.

          • WhataShame

            It’s wildly apparent that you have no idea what went into the Wii U build, so you should probably reserve comments until you inform your talking points. Treyarch was given Infinity Ward’s broken (as has been show since launch) code and told to make it work on the Wii U. The Wii U version wasn’t allowed the same resources as the other systems, and yet they managed to incorporate off-screen play, and support (and customization) of every method of play available on the system, as well as create a beautiful game that many have compared favorably with the PS4 version (with the caveat that the PS4 version is obviously visually superior). Add to that the fact that they are putting time and resources into a console that hasn’t been profitable for them, and it’s really good news to hear that this update even exists. Given that there’s a new iteration every year, and next year is Treyarch’s turn, I really think you should check your uninformed attitude at the door, because they could obviously use the time and money to start working on the next game. And saying this doesn’t give a free pass to sloppy or lazy developers, it merely points out the fact that this sort of effort isn’t usually put into software that doesn’t see a return on investment. Especially when they didn’t even need to make a Wii U version. There was no logical or business savvy reason for them to do it.

      • Nintenjoe82

        Amen. It’s getting ridiculous that games are sent out for retail with no disc optimisation and game crashing bugs but Activision are no worse than any of their peers and it’s nice that Activision didn’t just leave it in a buggy heap like EA have done with FIFA on Wii U.

        • val berger

          haha don’t get me started on EA =D
          sure, companies like Activision or Ubisoft look like angels next to EA. although I gotta say Need for Speed Most Wanted U was quite some reason to miss em.

  • Christopher Acuna



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    • readypembroke

      wow so many downvotes.

      • NintenScience


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  • Will.F. Martinez

    Nice to see the support is still around

    • Rinslowe

      It’s nice to see support – full stop. 🙂 If that is anything to go by, Activision has earned this gamers respect on that one…. What has been Wii U owners no’ 1 gripe when talking about ports? Exactly.

  • Dylan Clark

    DLC ? 🙂

  • Nintendofreak

    about time the game looked better in multiplayer than in singleplayer u.u

  • PS4/WiiU

    Yes, I had many of these problems while playing ghosts.
    I was hoping they would be fixed sooner or later.
    There were even more problems than I thought

  • Archiq09

    Nice :3

    => Now we need Headset for talk with friends~

  • PaulyG

    Why patch a game for a dead community? Lol

    • Deadpool U

      Why make an idiotic comment?

      • NintenScience

        @disqus_RCJg1lckUj:disqus hates Nintendo Co., Ltd.

  • Rinslowe

    Just about every issue DF had with the Wii U build looks to be addressed in the list there! But still I wonder if they will bother to re-review it like they have been doing with some PS4 titles….?
    I got the PC version so not sure how well the game runs now compared to before on the U…
    Still that is good looking out on Activision’s behalf, supporting the WIi U version.

    EDIT: Seems as though a major patch didn’t make it – Activision promised a fix to get the framerate running consistently in the high 50fps to bang on 60fps. The DF face-off claimed that to be the biggest issue with Wii U’s version. Hopefully they are still working on it.

    • WellWisher

      I got the PC version too and regret it. It doesn’t play well with my SLI’d GPUs and I get objects constantly flickering. This support for the Wii U version makes me think I got the wrong version….

      • Rinslowe

        I’ve got a pretty decent rig myself and the game still won’t perform consistently. It’s just infinity ward vs PC is this case not much you can do about it…

  • Jared Garcia

    Obviously Activision wanted to let people know that the Wii U version wasn’t a push out and place under the rug kind of deal. I guess they really did care about the tiny audience that’s there.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    So tell me … I haven’t cared for CALL OF DUTY since MODERN WARFARE 1 . black ops 2 sucked… well the online did…. is this game good on Wii U?.. cuz i have one and am thinking about getting it?… I miss Rainbow Six… why didn’t that get more popular? ugh….

    • Nintenjoe82

      I have a similar problem. I didn’t like BO2 much so would upgrade to Ghosts if it had double the community and got rid of the problems in MP but I have a feeling it does neither and that the community might already be back on BO2.

      Why can’t we get CS:GO or a port of CoD4 on Wii U? 🙁

  • Ducked

    That’s a lot of problems

  • XxLitning_StrikerxX

    I got the update but as it was downloading I accidentally canceled it and had to re download. As the download finished and the game was starting it said my disc was scratched which I thought was crazy because last time I used ghost was about 30 min. ago while on the the internet browser. Help ?

  • thedeciderU

    for those who have the game, do you like it? and also, i’m sorry. this list is fucking huge. i remember a day when games were released when they were ready (though nintendo does this, to their credit), with ZERO bugs. or at least really funny rare ones that you’d strive to show your friends when they came over.