Jun 12th, 2013


Activision has been pretty tight-lipped about the Wii U version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, but the game’s executive producer has pretty much confirmed the game for Wii U. Mark Rubin spoke to GameSpot at an E3 stage show yesterday and when asked about Wii U release, he stated:

“we’re not actually talking about the Wii U yet. Because we want to keep it mysterious. That’s PR guys, that’s not my fault.”

So there you have it, folks. Ghosts will hit the Wii U as a platform, even if Activision isn’t talking about it just yet.

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  • Guhtere

    In this version will fish swim out of the way?

    • Dan Jacobson

      you need tech far beyond wiius capabilities for that to work…

      • Weraru

        They did in Super Mario 64.

        • jay

          yeah i thought he was serious lol

        • MetroidZero


      • jay

        NICE ONE!!!

      • I lolled there but the fish in next gen engine do look better then on the N64 though (get the sarcasm here before flaming me 😉 )

    • Clel

      I doubt it–you know, with the Wii U being an outdated box, no way it could compete with another (X)box.

      • companyoflosers

        except it doesnt restrict you against used games, doesnt have to stay connected to play AND gives you all those tv watching features all without having to pay any sort of membership fee. wii u may not be quite as powerful hardware-wise but nintendo consoles never have been and still always lead in sales. you can complain about 3rd party support but they are getting there. you can complain about it not having enough gaes that appeal to “core gamers” but casual gamers outnumber them 10 to 1 which again is why nintendo consoles always sell more. the wii u has sold more units up to this point then the 360 and ps3 sold within the same amount of time from their releases. clearly nintendo is doing something right that people just dont appreciate. its never been about raw hardwar power with nintendo, its been about making good quality games without ruining them by rushing them like big companies such as EA do with all the studios they own. nintendo sets its own deadlines and extend them if they feel they need to. microsoft and sony set deadlines to sell as many copies as they can as fast as possible without necissarily the game being finished to full potential. THAT is why nintendo doesnt even try to associate itself with these so called console wars.

        • thedeciderU

          i agree with almost everything you said, but, didn’t nintendo have competitively powerful hardware up until the wii? SNES vs. genesis, N64 vs. PS1, Gamecube vs. PS2 (GC was much more powerful). and here’s where i agree – it’s about the games.

    • DeedsGaming .

      Hmm, I don’t think the Wii U will handle that :/

  • Edward

    I don’t think that confirms it but it is something

    • Schultz38

      By saying, “We want to keep it mysterious,” they’re confirming its existence. They would have to be total douche bags for the “mystery” to be that it’s not coming to the WiiU ha.

      • Edward

        Yeah and the Aliens game for Wii U was proved to be in existence and they stop production on Wii U. I know it was a crap game but they could have fixed it and then sent it to Wii U.

        • Schultz38

          …Just because a single game was cancelled for the Wii U doesn’t mean they all will.

          • Edward

            I didn’t say all of them will. You can’t cancel something that hasn’t been confirmed. Don’t get me wrong I want more support for Wii U but until it is confirmed I’m not getting my hopes up.

        • James Enk

          your example destroys your argument 🙂

      • thedeciderU

        this better not turn into crysis

  • LoZ4life98

    Oh cool. I’ll pull out another $60 for the same game!

    • RockGod

      This one is totally innovative tho dude…. It’s got a dog

  • Desend

    Yep, this doesn’t confirm anything. I am hoping it will come though.

  • Schultz38

    Not surprising, but nice to have confirmation.

    Even though I’m not a huge CoD fan, I’m glad Nintendo is getting it. Such a huge franchise will do the system nothing but good.

    • Nintedward

      Basically Microsoft have payed them to keep quiet about other versions lol…

      Same thing happened with Black ops , they didn’t announce it initialy and then they did a month or two later…

      • Potemkin

        Paid*. Also, can you confirm with a source that Microsoft paid Activision to keep quiet about that issue?

      • JB

        It wouldn’t suprise me, It seems Mircosoft has been throwing out money left and right recently with all their “exclusive” partnerships.

    • Luna Moonfang

      As long as it has Wiimote support, i’m totally buying it.
      Only Mouse+Keyboard can be better than the wiimote in FPS’s >.>

      • companyoflosers

        are you kidding me?! have you EVER played a fps back on the wii?! controls were horrible! yes it was roughly point and shoot but moving around was a nightmare. everyone would pretty much rather play CoD with a controller which is what they will do because of negative feedback from modern warfare 1 using the wii remote. wii u first person shooters will for the most part use gamepad or pro controller layouts.

        • Arthur Zennig

          Dude, CoD 3 for WII was the best version. It was extremely interactive!

          • companyoflosers

            no, CoD 3 was just as interactive on every other console because it was an EXACT copy of the other version just with unweildy motion controls tacked on. i bought the game, ive compared each console’s version. the EXACT same thing down to the game’s levels and ai. it only seemed more interactive to you because you are probably one of the people who enjoyed motion controls. not trying to offend you seriously, im just being frank but you are totally the minority opinion here. if you somehow made CoD 3 multiplayer go online with the wii version vs lets say the xbox version. the person using a controller would mop the floor with the guy using motion controls and this is assuming both players have the same level of skill.

          • RockGod

            Yeah, I’ve played both and I completely disagree with this guy! Wii Remote is much more comfortable and far more accurate than dual stick controls for any shooting game period. Why else would the biggest complaint about RE: Revelations was no option to use Wii Remote. RE4 on Wii was so amazing with it, that the other versions are a joke in comparison.

          • companyoflosers

            was i talking about RE: revalations?! NO! different games handle differently. revalations isnt even a fps so you cant compare them. accuracy isnt always what saves ur ass online. sure i can be a flipping accurate as i want but if i cant freaking turn in time to react to the guy who has already unloaded 10 rounds, all the accuracy in the world wont save me. its accuracy vs mobility. dual stick controls are better for making your way around and reacting faster. motion controls are just accuracy.

          • Arthur Zennig

            I just mentioned campaign gameplay experience. And I compared with pc version only. Hard to deny the extra fun with those controllers.

            if you compare serious online gaming performance, ohhhhhhhh forget all consoles, always take PC versions.

        • CapnCrumbles436

          Prime3 felt amazing with the Wiimote. You felt like you were immersed in the environment.

          • Arthur Zennig

            totally agree.

          • RockGod

            Metroid Prime Trilogy upgraded the whole series to those controls…

        • get a grip fanboys


          Go twiddle stick scum casual aim scum canot CORE MOUSE POINT A FPS GAME AND BLAMES WII


          • companyoflosers

            mind being a bit more coherent. i cant fucking understand what youve typed without reading it ten tims over which i wont because you didnt take the effort to be understandable, i wont take the effort to read it.

      • get a grip fanboys


        Arm chair mouse with no scrolling destroys mouse and nunchuck analog stick seriously owns direction buttons on a qwerty keyboard thats inferior to dpad dude

        And were is the mouse rumble motion and sound feed back also WHO EVER SAID FPS HAS TO BE TWITCH PLAYRED REAL DEVELOPERS WOULD ENRICH FPS WITH WII REMOTE

        Like weght snf feel of each weapon etc NO MOUSE CAN DO THAT

        Now apply commonsense to say a wii u zapper using both screens twin stick fps and mouse fps are obsolete

        Scroling is something I do whilst web serfing not aiming at high speed

        Scroling is that reposition move again you have to do with stick aiming OUTDATED AND WRONG

        Scolling on oc is lifting the moyse reposition and move again AGAIN OBSOLETE DUMB AND PLAIN WRONG


        • companyoflosers

          sure if your just aiming. what if i want to actually MOVE? wii motion controls are some of the worst when it comes to moving aroud because you have to point your aim to the side of the screen to turn vs with dual sticks you just tilt the stick and it turns. wii remote is MUCH slower when you are reactng to someone who has already opened fire on you. you will have better reaction time with dual sticks. maybe slightly less accuracy but i dont see that being a problem since i see people no scoping each other all the time in shooters utilizing only a controller. id say people who feel the wii remotes are better accuracy wise are the ones who didnt pick up as fast on the accuracy of a controller. controllers take practice to aim, wii remote is point and shoot. the system does a certain amount of auto correction on your aim.

    • Alex

      I’m wondering is Nintendo going to have another direct?

      • Schultz38

        This. I read all day yesterday that we should just be patient and that they will have another one, but I couldn’t find any info on when they are or IF they are having another one.

        If this is all Nintendo has to show, then I’m extremely disappointed with Nintendo’s “E3” this year. But I’m withholding judgement until I know for sure they have no more announcements.

        • companyoflosers

          only things to be disappointed about are the lack of a full blown brand new Zelda game for the wii u and an open world mario game. they delivered mario but not nearly in the way people wanted them to. instead they just gave people a console version of the 3ds’ mario 3d land. with zelda they gave us pretty much everything they could give us without actually giving us what we REALLY wanted. we got a hd remake and a 3ds sequel to link to the past… but no brand new console zelda. othr than those two things, i felt pretty good about how it went. i DO howevr think nintendo is trying to set a precedent for how they show games from now on. they are trying to free themselves of having to present at major events and instead presenting things when they are ready to be revealed instead of being rushed for reveal. It a good way to maintain quality if consumers dont mind waiting a bit longer.

  • Robert Distefano

    WTH does that mean?

  • RockGod

    I missed this, but heard about it a little while ago. Anybody else seeing the reports about Sony… saying Sorry 3rd party PS4 games to contain DRM after all… this could be another game changer as that means MOST PS4 games will have it.

    • bootymathis

      well i mean its up to the developers if they choose to make it drm or not.

      • RockGod

        Their almost all willing to back it, their greedy enough to do it for XBONE but their gonna grow morals for PS4. Doubtful… Also they kinda lied by making it seem it would be non-restrictive console, now their saying they ONLY meant their own games. Seriously 3rd party games (most) WILL support this and I bet once more people realize… their gonna be pissed!

    • ronin4life

      As far as I know, The ps4 will be exactly like ps3 is now; Online passes have been around for awhile.

      Maybe some pubs will try to enact OP more often or will change the concept to be more restrictive, but as of now ps4 doesn’t have deticated drm and publishers won’t be taliking about such ideas on their end anytime soon.

      • RockGod

        How many of these 3rd party devs and pubs won’t put it in when their already doing it on it’s rival console???

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Well Sony is leaving DRM up to the publishers and developers

      • RockGod

        I know! The same devs and pubs that are supporting XBONE are the ones who get decide? Their already supporting these ideas, Why would they not do it on PS4 as well… They obviously all will. Why wouldn’t they? Another little tidbit is PS4 comes with it’s own cam n mic Kinect substitute. So the list of ways they can be implemented is nearly the entire list that MS is being blasted for using. We’ll have to wait for more info obviously, but none of this sounds GOOD so far…

  • Martijn Plasmans

    If the multiplayer looks nice i might be buying it.
    Black Ops 2 Multiplay was not as nice as the Modern Warfare games and with it’s near future theme.

  • Guest

    Cool that this

  • XroyD

    This is good although I don’t really care.

  • RockGod

    Guys, give it a chance… It’s got a DOG!

    • Ony

      woof! /( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)

  • devmiles

    for a campain mode ok but multiplayer? i played blackops2 several times at a friends house for the wii-u, this sucked soooo hard online that i’m happy to play this on ps3

  • Ony

    Oh that’s so great, I can’t wait to play this game ( ͞° ̲ʖ ͞°)

  • bizzy gie

    Ha! Ha! I love the laissez-faire style this article is written in.

    But uh yeah. I already knew this.

  • Dj

    They should add exclusive DLC to Wii U, since they were so mad about BO2’s sales.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      They don’t even need to have exclusive DLC, just having DLCs that the other consoles have is good enough.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Since I’m not yet sure if I’ll ever get into PS4 online (I’m definitely getting the console though) I’ve decided that I’m getting the Wii U version of this latest CoD game. Hopefully all the proper DLC gets brought over, since they should be more experienced with working with the Wii U’s tech by now.

    • thedeciderU

      i really hope so. still NO reason they haven’t brought over a multiplayer map pack for blops 2… people that bought blops 2 for wiiu want the dlc.

      • ItzameyaToad

        I think they left out DLC because lack of a large userbase on Wii U BO2.

        • thedeciderU

          i get that, but i feel like now less people will buy ghosts without a promise of dlc, and the cycle continues… if it comes to wiiu i will most likely get it for the multiplayer if it is good. depends on what else i see of this game before launch.

        • TAKANYAN

          Well, they could have given DLC (without it no other versions better). Wii U was set to be the definitive version but the lack of DLC, port, and they could have added more features that would have made the game on Wii U better. 1/2 cent.

  • JB

    Well it’s good to know. Hopefully they clean up the multiplayer a bit and get DLC this time around and I’ll pick it up. Can’t deny that CoD moves systems. Like I said somewhere else, It could very well sell quite a few Wii U units , paticuarly since the Wii U hardware is cheaper than the competition so you could tecnically get the game and the system for less than price of a new PS4 and XB1 without a game.

    I think Nintendo should consider doing some sort of Ghost bundle. That would be pretty awesome for all the CoD’ers out there.

    • ItzameyaToad

      I agree I think Activision will be much more supportive of the Wii U if Nintendo bundles Call of Duty with Wii U. This will also be sort of double advertisement, when people look at COD ghost online they will see a Wii U bundle version for less money than buying a PS4/Xbox One and the game. It could work to both companies favor, and I could see Wii U getting dlc seeing as lack of sales of Wii U BO2 led to no dlc.

      • Jairo

        CoD bundled with the WiiU… is actually not a bad idea. Would definitely boost the user base.

  • D.M.T

    It’s stupid how we never get confirmation right away like others.

    We are always the last ones to find out if a came is coming out to our platform.

    Anyway…bring it and I’ll consider buying it for my Wii U

    • eli

      there probably having some big announcement that should be separate from other consoles

  • ancientgamer

    doesn’t mean squat if its another game missing out on dlc, im not a big fan of dlc my self, but many wont buy it unless it gets dlc

    • eli


  • Levi Johansen

    Of course it comes out for the Wii U!

    Any great game company knows that the Wii U is worth making games for; Sega, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom, Konami, and the list goes on.

    Only fools would ignore the Wii U, and the guys at Activision are not fools.

    • Petri

      What is Konami making for Wii U?

      • $41809923

        heard frogger and contra and new ip of somesort

      • Levi Johansen

        Maybe I spoke too soon, it appears Konami has no major title for the Wii U. In fact they have no next-gen games at all, nothing for the PS4 or Xbox One either. I guess their waiting to make any commitments.

        They’re releasing a bunch of Virtual Console games on Wii U and 3DS though, and we know from history that they’ve allways supported Nintendo.

        Anyway, Warner Bros. and Disney Interactive is supporting the Wii U too. Disney Infinity is actually one of the games I look the most forward to this year.

  • Ducked

    Call of Duty Ghosts on Wii U will be only next gen version where you won’t have to pay for online.

    • Extra Vinegary

      So true.

    • MetroidZero


    • RockGod

      It will also be the only version that won’t come with DRM, as Sony have now stated full support for DRM is built into the console and 3rd parties can put whatever they want in. The lines between XBONE and PS4 begin to blur…

  • Randall Hellmer

    This isn’t confirmation. At best, it’s confirming that the game is being considered for Wii U, but don’t assume it is going to be released just because he said they aren’t discussing it right now.

  • Kieran Sedgwick

    It isn’t confirmed. Trying to stay “mysterious” is a cowardly way of saving face without saying no. My guess is they haven’t decided yet, and are keeping their options open. If you think about it, there’s nothing they can possibly gain by keeping this information a secret.

    Like, seriously? Announcing it officially could /only/ do good things for EA and Wii U. This is a delay tactic, nothing else.

    Definitely not a confirmation…

  • Stephen Davis

    YAY!!! Activision U showing some third party love? 🙂

  • Agent721

    I hope its true…Black Ops 2 is really fun on the Wii U.

  • Knguro

    If we want the Wii U to do a better job we need to support and buy the system and buy the games. That’s it. Great games are coming so we have to be ready… with our wallets.

    • RockGod

      I Agree! My body is ready, but my wallet is scared!

  • Antar Rodríguez

    that really doesnt state anything, and besides why another call of duty game when previous titles practiacally had no support?

  • kevin nun—-

    Yes! Now where’s that dlc for BO? no? BO2? no? Guess I’ll have to stay and find out for Ghosts 🙂

  • Brandon Charles

    It’s tough, I have a wii u, I preordered a ps4 and I have a high end pc. I want to support the wii u but I can’t justify buying the wii u version over the ps4 or pc version.

    • John Raybell

      the wiiu version alone will be awesome for the two player having its own screen, like black ops 2.

      I have Blackops2 for my high end PC, but the wiiu one gets played tons more since me and my brother can play that with our own screen like we are running two consoles, but only running the one, to me thats a major selling point for the wiiu version, couch co-op two screens is awesome

      • Brandon Charles

        Oh cool, didn’t think of that, thanks John! Wii U version it is!

  • Christopher Acuna

    Looks like I will get this for my WiiU to continue my ongoing thrid party WiiU support. But I will most likely be playing BF4 on my PS4 by then. mwahahaha

    • Jairo

      Oh man I wanna play BF4, never played any other in the series and it looks real fun. Darn you EA and not supporting Wii U! *shakes fist angrily*

      • John Raybell

        trust me, you dont want to play battlefield games on consoles, Its a PC title first for a reason.

    • John Raybell

      bf4 on a console, barf, ill be playing the full version on my PC while you play your demo version of BF4 on your ps4 🙂

  • david daniel wharton camacho
  • Super Buu

    Why should this be considered a surprise?

  • Mc Robins

    Watch us get a better version..

    • John Raybell

      lol It wont be a better version, it will be a scaled down port, that and in the end may not even get DLC, look at Black ops2

      • Mc Robins

        Hey no need to shatter dreams man haha

  • RockGod

    I’m not sure if this is really coming…. Do you have any idea how mind blowing the hardware will have to be to power that dog???

    • John Raybell

      um it doesnt have to be anything crazy, both ps3 and xbox360 are getting it, so why not the more powerful WiiU.

      Console power has nothing todo with this game coming our on last gen consoles nor the WiiU.

      It will be a port, it wont look as good as say ps4 xboxone, but it wont look bad, will look better then Blackops 2 on wiiU.

      And for the fact that COD engine wasn’t anything amazing or anything, in fact some last gen titles on 360 and ps3 look better.

      It looks good for a COD game yes, but for a next gen game, meh.

      Engine looks like last gen games, a really good looking last gen game, so yeah no reason the wiiu wont run it.

      Psssssst and its been confirmed so yeah, why dont you think its coming out for wiiu? any REAL reasons mr.rock man

      • RockGod

        Oh John, actually it was meant to be a joke. I thought the DOG announcement was a bit humorous and was playing off that, and Yeah I know it’s coming to Wii U.
        Sorry man, I guess it wasn’t very funny, I’ll try harder in the future. lol

        • John Raybell

          shit well in that case im sorry lol haha, im kind of interested in the dog, also the dynamic multiplayer maps, i can see some very neat things the dog could be used for in both multi and single player.
          It was the fish that cracked me up, next gen is fish that move out of your way, um ok lame wtf.

          I dont think i read your comment the right way the first time, that’s all on me 🙂

  • get a grip fanboys

    Average hand motion wii remote fps 1 inch of wii remote

    Mouse motion fps pc like moving the mouse round a fucking poll table Out dated and dumb

  • get a grip fanboys


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  • get a grip fanboys

    Lol robotic robocop anaolg stick aiming is cool core and better

    Go watch any fps screen were a guys playing twin sticks vs guy playing wii remote U RETARDS

    The analog screen will move robotically and in clunky movements and the cros hair moves like a darlik from dr who or robo cops head

    Wii remote moves freely LIKE THE HUMAN EYE DOES RETARDSSZ

    And is precsion like a pc mouse 1 mm by 1 mm THATS WHY THERES A CURSER DOT IN THE CROSSHAIR. In cod on wii wiiu IDIOTs

    Move like a human being or move like a robot ERM not rocket science

    Sony and ms fans ARE retards

  • get a grip fanboys


    Analog fps fucking disgusting

  • Some dude with a brain

    I cannot reason with fathom understand any human being defending auto aim and out dated wooden analog stick aiming for the love of Christ your Sony and ms fanboy ism does not belong here

  • ACE

    finally a good 3rd party game coming i support COD