Oct 21st, 2013

The launch trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts has been made available by Activision and it’s nothing short of action-packed. Eminem returns with one of his new songs scoring the background as scenes of war unfold, including tanks running over other vehicles, men in suits rappelling down the side of buildings, and for some reason, astronauts getting blown apart in a space ship.

Both the diving and the dog which are new features for the series make an appearance as well. Will you be getting this game? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernรกnde


  • Nintenjoe82

    Looks pretty CoDdish to me. I quite like the idea of getting this but surely it’s going to split the already small userbase on Wii U.

  • D.M.T

    This will be my first COD game but I won’t buy it at launch

    • Ducked

      *crosses wings hoping there will be a black friday special*

  • Squirrel09

    I hate COD… but for some unknown reason i’ll end up with this game. O well. BTW currently playing though wind waker, hopefully going to finish it in time for ACIV… I’m getting sea sick.

    • Nintedward

      Guilty as charged , I’ll probably get Ghost’s on Wiiu ๐Ÿ™‚

      • pedro rosado

        me too, and i hope that many people buy it. Lets go back to black ops 1 on the wii with 30,000 players online!

        • LoZ4life98

          Isn’t it like 800,000 online on the xbox? So small to the mid thousands online on Black Ops II

          • ItzameyaToad

            Haha maybe when it first launched, more like 100,000-200,000 on the Xbox now.

    • Ducked

      You should end up with this game, Wii U owners need to support 3rd party games like this. If sales are good for COD on Wii U, then EA could possibly bring the next Battlefield on Wii U ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Clockwork Being

      Same. Although I have never owned a COD game so I will mostly buy this as my first one.

    • Rocky
      • Hipster Victor

        HA! good luck with that buddy.

  • palomino blue

    Haven’t played a CoD game since the first one for the 360. I’ll probably be picking this up just to play a modern CoD.

  • Petri

    Might not be day one for me, but most probably buying this.

  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    The last time I played a call of duty game was the first modern warfare. In my opinion modern warfare 1 is the best one in the series. I’m not sure about the others, but this one seems kinda overhyped with the new “technology”. I don’t think it’s worth the full price with 60$ price tag.

  • mar laguna

    I really like CoD ill buy this one tow but not at launch

    • Ducked

      I’d buy it at launch if it had zombies

      • mar laguna

        ITยดS a shame that they dont -.-

        • Ducked

          I know, treyarch is keeping it exclusive to their games

          • mar laguna

            but i hope the next one has it

      • Mr. Hobo

        Mw3 had a similar mode where you fight off waves if enemies. Maybe they will bring this back and make it much better.

  • D.M.T

    This is completely off topic and I hope Ashley doesn’t delete my comment but would you guys like it if I create a website where I will post opinionated articles about Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and the game industry as a whole?

    Don’t expect news articles because I’m not a journalist but I would like to give my thoughts on things that goes on in the gaming industry and if you care to read them then I’ll create a website. My articles will have a comment section.

    I will try to be unbiased in my articles but being unbiased doesn’t mean that i won’t speak my mind. I will criticize Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft if I have to and say positive things about them if I have to.

    So…should I do it or you’re not interested? Let me know.

    • Nintedward

      Nobody stopping you buddy. I’ll give it a look because you make some good comments here.

      • D.M.T

        Thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yeah. Why not? Also, you shouldnt try to be “objective”. Instead write about whatever you want, as you said yourself, you are not a journalist. If you give your own opinions people can agree or disagree in the comment field. Anyway, good luck with your page ๐Ÿ™‚

      • D.M.T

        Thanks Magnus. I think I rather be “objective” because I want everyone to enjoy my articles but i dont know if i can do that. We’ll see.

    • Yobrolo

      unbiased and speak my mind is not possible

      • D.M.T

        Actually it is possible. Unbiased means that i’m being fair, giving criticism when needed and giving credit when needed. Being biased would mean that all i do is praise Nintendo but i won’t do that.

    • Darkness

      I think you should go for it. I would also like responses to articles about gaming. Don’t worry Wii U Daily I will still visit daily

      • D.M.T

        Yes I’m planning on responding to articles about gaming and giving my thoughts on reviews.

        • Darkness

          Sounds great! Expect a visit from me. One more suggestion: Please use Disqus as your comment section

    • The Clockwork Being

      As long as it is disqus then go for it. Ill add it to Wii U, Xbox and PS4 daily in the sites that I look .A good tip for you is the following: Don’t go biased. Game on all platforms and have an open mind.

      • D.M.T

        Thank you for your support, I will not disappoint. I’ll do my best to stay unbiased and keep an open mind. I don’t know if I can game on all platforms because I cannot afford all 3 next gen consoles but i have friends who will buy a PS4 and Xbox One so I will be at their house playing their games.

    • darkcreap

      Yeah, give it a try. More points of view on the web are always welcome. But being unbiased is a tall order. As much as I love Nintendo since my childhood, I try to be critical, but it can be tough some times. Good luck!!

      • D.M.T

        Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mike A

      Do it buddy and let us know when your site is up. looking forward to reading your articles.

      • D.M.T

        Thanks man i’ll let you know when my site is up.

  • CaesarGood

    this did not show me nothing…

  • person

    I’ve taken a break from Call of Duty since 2008, (due to the abysmal quality of the Wii versions) but thee Wii U version of Ghosts actually looks very good, so I’m definitely getting this. (I just Activision don’t inexplicably axe Wii U support, just when I’m beginning to enjoy Call of Duty again).

  • Mark Thom


  • bizzy gie

    “Eminem returns with one of his new songs scoring the background as scenes of war unfold”

    Eminem has been back for a few weeks now. He released Berzerk and Rap God (last Monday) as well as the whole tracklist for his upcoming album MMLP2.

    • Christian Perez II

      yeah but this was hes first song and it was in the first COD ghost trailer a month ago con and search it

    • Ducked

      I didn’t think he still had it in him

      • bizzy gie

        I knew he did. I’ve been waiting for this FOREVER. The latest thing he put out was Straight From The Vault in 2011 which was an EP not LP (still had good songs though). It’s been 2 long ears and now the kin- god of rap is back.

        • Ducked

          Well I’m not a fan of rap anymore, but he’s much better then drake or kanye west

  • SleepySkullhead

    I’m not at all a CoD player, but I must say, the under water part in this trailer looked cool.

    • Ducked

      We can now swim like we did in Super Mario 64!

      • SleepySkullhead

        I’m hoping that it’s a full level instead of a brief navigation to the next area.

  • SickPhantom

    I’d really like to see how many new players that will be playing CoD Ghosts are we getting this year.

    All the players that didn’t buy WiiU-CoD: Black Ops 2 but will buy WiiU-CoD Ghosts UPVOTE this comment.
    All the players that owned WiiU-CoD: Black Ops 2 and will also buy WiiU-CoD Ghosts DOWNVOTE this comment

    • SickPhantom

      By far it looks like we’re getting twice as much players as we had last year. 10k online hopefully -.-

  • Christian Perez II

    the only thing Im waring about are DLC and the bonus map Free fall

  • Ben Bizarro

    i wanna get this game as well but im afraid there isnt gonna be anyone online, black ops 2 barely has 2000 people online on a good day

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Definitely getting this game, and Miiverse integration makes it an obvious choice to go with the Wii U this time around. My only regret with Black Ops II last year was that I wanted to post my playercards on Miiverse.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Another copy/paste game from Activision. Ahh well. At this point Wii U needs the third party. Even if it’s a redundant franchise.

    • starwars360

      You alway repeats with same thing about negative on Wii U. Lol

  • Lusunup

    From a Dog to Astronaut wtf is going on!!!!

  • Ducked

    I’m buying this game, I like some of the new features they’re bringing. Plus I wanted next years COD to be on Wii U because zombies is so addicting

  • Cyberus

    Eh, no thanks

  • Rinslowe

    I’ll buy this one on Wii U if it is comparable to the other versions of the game in terms of performance stability in campaign and if the online mutliplayer is as good a conversion as BLOPS 2 (install base aside).
    Just to support Activision supporting the U.

    BF4 definitely a PC purchase… Next Gen consoles need not apply.

    Watchdogs and AC4 will wait and see…

  • devmiles

    if i buy this game it won’t be on wii-u for sure. see black ops 2..says enough already plus very many more people will play this on ps3 and x360 and servers are more tuned and ready for this. i’m quite sure we will hear afterwards the wii-u sales will look pale in comparison to the rest of the concoles

    • Petri

      I heard somewhere that Wii U version had less lag online than on PS3.

    • Mr. Hobo

      Cod ghosts will be getting dedicated servers, so lag will practically be a nonissue for all platforms.

  • only god can judge me

    This will be a day one pickup for me that is wii u of course i must say I can’t wait until november 5 arrive.I enjoyed black ops 2 on wii u last year other than the framerate issues and the lack of players online however,that won’t stop me from enjoying a great third party game on the wii u.

  • iamserious

    Astronauts in COD?

  • Noel Canales

    how many peeps are getting this for Wii U?

  • demann78

    cool beans

  • demann78

    I hope they make the graphix better.

  • demann78

    Use the wii u to its fullest

  • demann78

    I also hope they have download content

  • demann78

    wii u rules

  • demann78

    I love wii u

  • farrellbr

    this game looks great I am going to get this game

  • Saikyo

    might give this a chance, just for 3rd party sales boosts