Aug 19th, 2013


If Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U interests you, the official site has revealed that pre-orders for the Wii U will receive the Free Fall dynamic map downloadable content for free. It’s nice to see Activision supporting this generation of Call of Duty on the Wii U with pre-order maps as bonuses, so hopefully we’ll see future DLC and map packs as well. You can check out the multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts below.

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  • Guest

    I want to say something positive…but it says ‘Call Of Duty’ in the title, so I don’t know how to approach this.

    • Gregg Cerenzio

      Say “I AM A TROLL” “I NEED A LIFE” then, go away

  • Link

    Fingers crossed for DLC!!

  • Metal_Man_v2

    This reconfirms that I will be getting the Wii U version this time.

    • Orto

      The war against fony and their new machine of evil has begun. This fine gentleman has decided that he will not buy a fony version but instead will buy the version that supports the great gaming community. I thank you my fellow brother in standing by my side against the fony plague that we can beat together.

      • Josiah Parsons

        Sony isn’t all that bad. If I cared more about getting the best graphics possible than innovative gameplay and awesome first person software, I’d go PS4 before XBone.

    • Keyser

      Always get the wii u version, unless its an EA game… Then just don’t get it at all

      • disqus_jnx8BgXLZd

        We are the same!

      • Dez

        If only more people understood that. EA makes garbage always has and always will. Sure some people will bring up Mass Effect, Battlefield, The Sims, Dragon Age, etc. Check out what EA did to each of those games, DLC, they try to sway you to pick it up that is when the greedy really explodes. Moreover, look at their sequels and gradually EA’s facade drops. My advice, no one should ever pick up a game with an EA label on it, they are not good games, and the few creative ones are from dev studios they bought who will inevitably be laid off because of EA’s bullshit policies.

        • thedeciderU

          but skitchin’ on the genesis was awesome! before dlc 🙂

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      Well if we get everything on Wii U it’s set, but if Activision fucks it up like Blops 2, I’ll try to get it on PS4.
      Guess I’ll do it for all games like that. If I’m buying a game I want the full experience, but it’s sad, that Wii U owners have to live with gimped ports :/

      • Metal_Man_v2

        I just realistically don’t have the money for a PS4 and games yet. I got Black Ops II on the PS3 last year, but I really liked seeing all the creative playercards and emblems people made on Miiverse which made me wish I had gotten the Wii U version. So this year I’m going Wii U!

        • Baum 「ツリー」

          Me neither, therefore “I’ll try” 😀

          I really hope we get full support. My wallet’s gonna thank Activision, if I’m able to delay the console purchase a bit ^.^

      • Gregg Cerenzio

        The WiiU version was excellent. Just playing ZOMBIES alone, with 2 people online together, here in the same couch, was epicly cool

        • Baum 「ツリー」

          Yup, I totally agree, but I meant the DLC ^^
          The games themself ARE really fun to play, but it’s a bit frustrating, when you don’t get your “Pre-Order Reward”

    • ScrewAttack

      Nice, I’m definitely thinking Wii U too! Hopefully it’ll mean fewer campers and screaming kids cos “it’s a kiddy console” so they’ll automatically not buy it. Perfect plan.
      I do want to confirm that we’ll be receiving the regular DLC too of course, but this is a good sign.

    • Andreas Sunde

      I’d get it, but the Wii U version isn’t available in Europe…

  • ezquimacore

    yay! we’re receiving a complete game!!

  • Christopher Acuna

    Are they sure this time. lol. I will pick up CoD for WiiU 🙂

  • felony211662

    they say that the next generation of consoles is going to be pretty much an even playing field. call of duty for the Wii U is simply your best Value

    • Christopher Acuna

      The wow factor for graphics is not going to be as prevalent as it was for this gen, that is for sure.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    still not convinced, ill wait till i see full support and future DLC

    • Same here. We all know how BO2 turned out…

  • Link

    (On a different note) Why haven’t we heard anything about Wii U sales since Pikmin 3 launched in america??

    • American sales aren’t released weekly like Japan. They’re a monthly thing and Pikmin 3 was released August 4th.

      • NkoSekirei

        were did u guys get the source to confirm this just want to know cause theirs alot of people doubting this confirmation

        • Guest

 haas pretty reliable sales numbers.

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        Correct, VGcharts although pathetically inaccurate does show Pikmin3 as being this weeks best selling game!

  • Deadpool U

    Now we’re getting somewhere!.

  • Jake

    I hope activision does a wii u specific trailer like what Ubisoft did for blacklist. In fact, all these multiplats should. If they put all this time, it would be nice to get like +250,000 sold. Thats what Nintendo should do, show when you get their exclusives, get te multiplats which, like Rayman, they best version

  • Greyson

    Can you make an article about the pokemon game show. It shows all the pokemon games ever made almost at the end of the video they show a scene that probably hints an actual pokemon game for the wii u. The scene is at 2:14.

    • Baum 「ツリー」

      I’m not sure, what to think about this…I’m really excited to see what it is, but they didn’t even mention it at PGS :/

      I hope we get more information soon and that they won’t wait until X and Y are released…

    • jay

      LOOKS freaking AMAZING 0.O

    • Guest

      I’m not sure that hinted at anything. It was just showing all of the pokemon games including the spin-offs and the Wii U game was Pokemon Rumble U which I believe is already out in Japan and almost out, if not out already, in the west.

  • AAAkabob

    Where do we have to preorder in order to get the map…

  • TheBoldman67

    Ok, I know it looks promising and all, but do not get your hopes to high everyone. When Black Ops 2 was coming out, they said the same thing about Nuketown 2025, and then at the last second, about almost a week before the Wii U was released they took down the Nuketown 2025 image, and no one got Nuketown.

  • This is good news. Don’t gimp the game and it will sell better.

  • JBeauregard

    Awesome, but I want DLC in general. Not just a pre-order map.

  • Skunk

    I’m going to play it safe and just get it on my PS4.

    • Smartass2

      If you want to play it safe get it on the PS3. There will be more people online. I want to get it for the Wii U but money has been tight. I think other people are in the same boat. That would explain low sales across gaming.

      • Christopher Acuna

        Digital Downloads are supposed to fix that but for some reason we have to see it.

    • guest

      If you’re really going to play it safe go with the pc version. It will have the most people playing online and the best graphics.

      On the console side i would say get it on the wii u. Being able to have two people in the same room play the same game in online matches, from the same machine on separate screens is the cream of the crop for consoles.

  • Steve Walsh

    I dunno guys….this is off the FAQ – No mention on here:

    5.Will Free Fall be available on current gen and next gen platforms?

    A.Yes, it is a multiplatform pre-order program. The Free Fall downloadable bonus map will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4 and PC.

    • thesupertomek

      This FAQ was available before Wii U version was confirmed.

  • SonicLucario

    This is awesome, I hope they dont pull a Nuketown on us again >.<

  • Steve Rees

    I’ve decided to get this on WiiU, let’s just hope enough people do get it, as this will probably be my last push for supporting the WiiU with day one games. I’ve been doing my bit up till now. Fingers crossed.

    • Gregg Cerenzio

      Last? The WiiU is just getting started….

      • Steve Rees

        I see what your saying, but I’ve bought 12 day one titles and this will be my 13th. With the PS4 coming out I can’t afford to give my support 100% to two consoles. I’ve devoted myself to praising, recommending and pushing the WiiU for the last 8 months, so I’ve done my part but it doesn’t seem to have helped much. 🙁

        • Mark

          This Fall is gonna be a great time for Wii U; we’re getting a lot of great exclusives so I can’t wait. Let’s honestly talk about the PS4’s lauch lineup; it’s not that much packed full of content. If you’re shooter fan, the PS4 is a great choice for this year, but for the all around gaming experience, I’d very much well prefer the Wii U’s lineup.

        • Gregg Cerenzio

          Sure it has. It’s reached the eyes of fellow gamers like myself and brought to light positive reflections on the system. It takes you & me x 1000000 to make a real impact, and, it takes time. The WiiU is comming together amd revving it’s Engines. Our Support, plus Nintendo delivering on it’s big Guns, will equal great things. The reality is, most who own a WiiU, really enjoy it. It’s important that that fact remains communicated to fellow gamers, who have turned a blind eye to a super cool machine.

          • Steve Rees

            I have to agree with everything you just said. And its true that it is a really fun system and everyone that had a go on mine has said the same, but not one of the buggers has gone out and bought one! Oh well, I love playing the WiiU and that won’t change! WiiU FTW! Lol

  • Ryushi

    Well, now I know for sure I’m getting the Wii U version; Activision better not screw us over with DLC again. But the fact we’re getting Freefall as a free add-on, does give me some assurance.

  • bizzy gie


  • Ducked

    We’re not left in dust, thanks Activision

  • Jack5221

    Its nice to see Wii U get some love with a bonus map + possible DLC in the near future. Even though I never buy DLC maps (Too expensive for me) Its there for those who want it!

  • Gregg Cerenzio

    Yes please. COD WiiU is excellent, and 2 player local online is AMAZING fun….

    • Aleksander

      and with that your saying?!

      • Christopher Acuna

        you can play two player online multiplayer without having to split one screen man!!!

    • Agent721

      He’ll yeah! That feature is the only reason I picked it up!

  • Activision’s actually been really good with Wii U support. Skylanders Giants had better textures on Wii U than the rest of the systems, and the Dark Set preorder was announced for Wii AND Wii U. Activision’s support is rivaling Ubisoft

    • Christopher Acuna

      I would not say Skylanders is a good argument for a show of their support BLOPS2 dlc should have came to WiiU not matter what the install base was.

      • I think it is. *shrugs*

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        Well considering that Skylanders besides Call of Duty is their biggest cash cow I’d say putting preference on the Wii U is a bold move. They also know where the audience is!

  • Hassan

    I’ll be picking this up on the PS4. They might be giving away a map for free at launch but what about future DLC? Also I know there will be enough people online on the PS4 so I can play all of the various modes. Almost 90 percent of the people on the WiiU only played TDM and kill confirmed.

    • Will.F. Martinez

      thats because by the time Wii U received CoD everyone already owned it on the ps3/360(such as myself) no one wants to buy the same game twice. I’ll be getting a Ps4 but if i can get the game on the WiiU i will. i prefer it on the U

  • LopsidedPasta

    I hate COD, but this article brought a briny tear to my eyes

  • Archiq09

    They have see with BO2 to more people would buy it if DLC was on wii u too…

  • CaesarGood

    I DON’T BELIEVE THAT, it does not state or say that anywhere on BestBuy or Walmart. That is false information..If y’all really want all that DLC stuff, I can point you in the right direction. Go to Activision, Infinity Ward, whoever and tell them how you feel. This makes no sense at all.

    • NkoSekirei

      check gamestop online site u troll it shows wii u version will get free fall map along with other extras id ur a powersup member too

      • CaesarGood

        I was just at gamestop yesterday asshole, and they know nothing about it.

        • Christopher Acuna

          Well then your game stop “game advisors” know jack shit about nothing. I have had game stop employees tell me blatant lies about already confirmed announcements. So relax buddy.

          • CaesarGood

            I’ll relax this fuck u, uponce u..I can give a shit less..

          • Christopher Acuna

            Take it easy buddy. You have better thing’s to do then to get mad over the internet, like brush up on your grammar.

          • CaesarGood

            Ha how lame u white folks are, and if u not STFW So The Fuck What.. grammar doesn’t make u smart, but it can make u look dumb if u simply don’t know how to comprehend..Why is that all y’all ever say? we on the internet who cares? And if we are a race of people who come from a different ethnicity and dialect, why do y’all retarded asses think we all suppose to speak alike?

          • Christopher Acuna

            Your ignorance is showing.

          • Christopher Acuna

            Your ignorance is showing.

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn


  • YiyeUniverseMB

    Then can we have DLC? Please? Some exclusives? Please?

  • Steven_Segal

    But will Scooby-Doo will be playable in the Wii U version?

  • Johny

    a bonus preorder content on wii u ? what is happening ?
    whats next…. a dlc on wii u ? a multiplayer mode included in wii u version?

    jokes aside… getting the game 🙂 didnt get blops2, but getting this one

  • Connor Devlin


  • Josiah Parsons

    I’d get Blacklist before Ghosts. for some reason, sneaking up on people in Blacklist looks waaaay more satisfying than just shooting people in Ghosts.

    • NkoSekirei

      well im picking up my copy splinter cell blacklist tomorrow and preorder ghosts at the same time

  • prettypinkpanacea

    I will wait until it is confirmed for my region before I make any purchasing decisions. I am still waiting for the nuketown 2025 pre-order map as promised for BLOPS 2 on the wii u.

  • angel

    i wont pre oreder until i at least get nuketown for BO2

    • angel

      i pre order BO2 when activision announce nuketown when preorder and still waiting and people hating because i wont pre order a game for a map that should have been free even if the community is at max 5thousand, if they cant even give a free map to at least 5thousand what make u think i would preorder this game

  • tronic307

    What’s this… a Wii U port that HASN’T been nerfed into oblivion? Well, I’ll be!

    I just might have to look into this…

  • Dez

    Activision is a very greedy company, but they know what makes them money and what doesn’t. There is absolutely no reason to hold off on giving all consoles equal content, it only increases the chances their sales will be greater. EA is greedier, but they also lack common sense plus they are childish. Bethesda always wants the strongest hardware for their open world games, and they don’t like to experiment much. Personally I have no idea why people even like anything Bethesda produces/publishes. I swear all their games are first person, very buggy, and the gameplay itself feels forced and is just poor.

    Good news for anyone interested in getting the yearly rehashed CoD, but nothing to get very excited about. In time, sales will pick up and the other third party developers will do the exact same thing. With regards to things like Splinter Cell, it has been quite obvious the Wii U was never an original platform for it, so they had less time to incorporate everything. The Rayman Legends delay really stings, but Ubisoft is supporting the Wii U more than any other third party developer…well there is Activision which has like two games that sell: CoD and Skylanders. It isn’t anything to celebrate over, but yeah, no need to be so pessimistic all the time.

    • NkoSekirei

      u got that backwards its EA is the most greedy and worst company ever

  • Agent721

    Im down. bo2 is great on the wii u, having the ability to play online with a buddy, on the couch, with one on the tv and one on the tablet is awesome. Its old school meets new school…

  • Tom Greene

    If these lambs buy Call of Dog Shit on any platform this especially the Pii U…God help us Gamers. ..or are we false sheppards………..

    • Srpg2ishere


    • Sealed by the Holy Spirit

      Trying TOO hard…. LOL.

  • Eduardo


  • RandroidRampage

    It looks…AWESOME!!!!!

  • mooman

    maybe not last time they put nuketown there but we did not get it but I may be rong

  • husky818yahoocom

    They should give this map to all Wii U owners for free for not supporting blck ops2 on wii u with any maps or zombie dlc,but now i might consider buying it


    Well activision has stated they want to creat audience on consoles and therefor recieve sales as a reward 🙂

    Eric Hirshberg, Activision CEO

    “The driving force behind us bringing Ghosts to the Wii U
    is the same as every other platform, it’s just we want to do everything
    we can to make the first-party successful. Obviously if they’re
    successful, that’s good for our business, that’s been our strategy in
    the past, we’ve been a very kind of platform agnostic company.

    We generally try to be wherever our gamers want to play.
    So we thought if our content can help the Wii U and Nintendo gain some
    momentum, then we wanted to do that.”,

    • Sealed by the Holy Spirit

      Thank goodness a 3rd Party that wants to actually generate sales on the Wii U!

  • Dennis Fisher Jr

    Well since I already pre-order it.. all I can say is Thank you Activision! !!

  • tomtank91

    But the only place I can pre-order it in the UK is Amazon and it’s £55. Anyone help please.

  • kevin

    i dont see this dlc available for wiiu. the preorder for ghost says the wiiu version isnt available.

  • parttimegamer25

    They took off the mention of the DLC on gamestop and