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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Wii U is a sequel to the very popular Black Ops first person shooter from 2011. Developed by Treyarch, the game continues the familiar gameplay, this time, it’s set in the future. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on Wii U features two connected storylines, one set in the 1980s, and another in 2025. Players assume the role of Alex Mason from the first game, while the 2025 story line carries on with Mason’s son. The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U version will include full support for the Wii U GamePad controller. However, developer Treyarch has made it clear that the game is perfectly suited for the more conventional Wii U pro controller.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U features

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on Wii U will incorporate the Wii U GamePad controller to display such things as weapons, ammunition, map, objectives, and more. According to the developer, the game is better suited with a classic controller than the GamePad, however, that doesn’t mean the tablet controller will go unused. Like other versions of the game, the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U edition will have full online multiplayer support. In addition, publisher Activision will offer DLC on the Wii U as well. A Zombie-mode has been confirmed the game as well, either at launch or later via a downloadable content pack.

The game will also feature local competitive multiplayer, where one player uses the GamePad controller, while another uses the TV set. This way, there is no need for “split-screen”, where each player can see the other’s screen. The tablet controller can also be used in online multiplayer, where it will display additional details and match statistics.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U screenshots

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  • Pokemon Master#1

    Will it have nuketown 2025 or do we have to preorder it?

    • 007 1/2

      You need to preorder it from the black ops 2 website if you want nuketown 2025.

      • Jerm949

        We cant pre-order this game on Wii U yet, hes asking if we have to pre-order on the wii u version to get the map, but i doubt it. they will probably give it to us just like the DLC in Mass Effect 3

        • Blamma

          U can on amazon

    • zam

      how can we preorder it, because the wii u hasnt been set at a price nor a release date

      • Blamma

        Go on amazon then preorder

    • [CMD] DEATH

      I know we will get Nuketown 2025 I’m just thinking it will come out later on or it will most likely come out with it which I’m hoping! I also hope we get Nuketown Zombies with it cause so far there is no Hardend or Prestige editions yet for Wii U which means we cant get Nuketown Zombies unless they make those, give it with the game, or possibly make it too where we half too use Nintendo points too buy it just like I’m thinking we most likely will half too do with all the DLC for most games.

    • Akihari_Girl_Gamer

      I really hope we can get Nuketown and not have to pay for it >.> It’s not fair… All the other consoles have it -_- I would love to pre-order the game, but it’s not possible. :/

  • PK Thunder

    will it have Splitscreen?

    • Jerm949

      why wont it have split screen? Nintendo is all about mulitplayer

      • deathfrombelowii

        bcuz no wii CoD has ever had it but there is more prose-sing power in the wiiU so it might have split screen it better have that.

        • Bob Singh

          actually, wii didn’t have enough ram

          • deathfrombelowii

            ya they did-ant have DLC or killstreaks that ps3 or 360 had

        • TP


    • troll

      nope the wii u actually isnt as powerful as ps3 which was surprising.

      • jman4102

        actually the wii u is 3 times as powerful as ps3

        • O.o

          dude the ps3 and xbox are outed dated comparing to the wii u but every start of a new gaming generation its the same i buy the nintendo handheld and console first

        • Omastar^_^

          i HOPE it’s more powerful it’s coming out this year. so it should have better technology. dont get me wrong i like playstation and 360. but the wii wasnt even HD, the classic controller needed to be plugged in the wii remote.. at least it had internet. so this (wii u) that i have heard since the middle of 2011 (project Cafe) so don’t fucken tell me a console coming out 6 years later isnt going to be better then a console that came out in 2006 or 2007 that would be fu**en bullsh*t… ( :

          • TheBoldman67

            Actually, it HAS to be stronger. See, AMD is making newer tech graphics cards. Nintendo is making NEW console. ALL of AMD’s cards beat the PS3 in terms of power. when Nintendo goes in, they say they want a good card and then they make a deal. IF they went in and said they wanted, say the one that’s a step down or two from the PS3, AMD would have to start reproducing those cards, which would cost Nintendo AND AMD more money than to get a newer tech card. So basically, if Nintendo WANTED to make their console weaker, they would have to go out of their own WAY to make it weaker, which would cost THEM more money, which would cost US more money. And there you have it.

        • Wii U ROCKS!!!!

          Yeah! Teach ’em a lesson!

      • Chad

        get your facts straight before posting, the WII U actually is more powerful than the ps3 or 360, and if you think otherwise then your deluded. (Current hardware vs hardware from 7 years ago) Nintendo would actually have to go out of their way to make their console less powerful, considering the hardware on the market today.

      • ich hassa du dummscheiße!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Robert

        Haters these day get over your self and realize that every console has its pupose for being created and used thats why its diffrent and if you want it to be the same as sony

    • Akihari_Girl_Gamer

      Yes it will and there’s also another feature where you can let your friend take the FULL screen and your screen can be the Game Pad! 😀 Meaning… it’s a splitscreen without having to split the TV screen per se, but of course I guess you’ll be able to split the screen and still use the game pad and stuff 🙂

    • Robert

      BTW that is a yes on wii U sown on previews on ninetedo website

  • brendon

    Noway black ops 2 on a wii system thats unbaleivabke i am so getting this wii u i only have a stupid wii and thats has stupid sd graphics so im gonna get the wii u which has hd graphics

    • Dillon

      are you stupid? you get a console for the graphics??

      • crazy guy

        hey at least he’s getting a wii u!

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Dude it’s not just about the graphics, it’s also about the game play, did you have fun with certain games? I bet so! Black Ops was very fun on the Wii and the graphics didn’t matter too everyone who wanted it for what it is.

  • codplayer

    It looks awesome!!!!!!!

  • Jerm949

    Free online, hd graphics, kick ass controllers, Nintendo? fuck yeah thats all i need!!

    • Gamer_mii

      yep, sounds like that right about let’s hope for cheap DLC.

      • OmahGod

        No dlc yet but nuketown they will just give it to us since we can’t preorder it for the wii u.


    For those all wondering what it will and won’t have, I say just chill. The WiiU will have the Nintendo Network, and Nintendo is trying to make the same on-line service like the others this time. We will have the full game and should get DLC for the game as well. As for Nuketown 2025, not sure if we will get that as a pre-order or they will just add it to our game, or if they will bring Elite to the WiiU off the jump. But we should be able to get that as well and be given Founder’s Status since that console just came out and we never had Elite yet.


    • joesatmoes

      actually it would be more helpful to contact Treyarch. If everyone tweets to them about Black Ops 2 for the Wii U, they will have to announce it and they will have to incorporate everything into the wii u version. Nintendo, though extremely secretive, would obviously be glad to incorporate these features. Now Nuketown 2025 is another matter. Nintendo is gonna announce the release date on September- 13?th- i believe. if the release date is b4 Nov 13, then yes Black Ops 2 will have Nuketown. but the Wii U will prob. release a few weeks after that, but u never know. If it is then it wii, if anything, b DLC.

    • jon

      the wii u is designed for all type of gamers including hardcore so the question is not if nintnedo will allow dlc and elite, it is if trey arch are willing to put the content on the wii u cause the wii u is more than capable of handling the content but hopefully the article is true but well have to wait to be 100% sure =]

  • planetmobius

    hmmm,i stopped playing call of duty a while back…but ill give it a chance again on the wii u.
    im sure there wont be annoying people on there.
    and most importantly no mods,i cant tell you how much that pissed me off on xbox and playstation…but people will find a way.
    either way,ill get this for wii u.

    • eli seth

      well i hope that doesnt include all of us :S

      • TheBoldman67

        Oh if you thought the hacks on XBOX was bad, you need to see the WII!!!(primarely MW3).


    Any splitscreen?

  • Adrian Hernandez

    I will get CoD Black Ops 2 for 360 and Also Wii U and the I will know wich is better.

  • Paul

    has this game been offically confirmed or just rumors

    nuketown 2025 can be pre ordered at store or online

    • Bacon

      but on wii u?

      • Paul

        depends when the console will be out though

        no one can pre order or buy anything until nintendo release, release date info, price, extra addons, game, prices and so on

  • codplayer

    When I’m gonna buy my wiiu im going to buy BO2 and the WiiU pro controller immediately.= D

  • Bacon

    Problably NukeTown 2025 will be as a free dlc included on Wii U 😀

    • Akihari_Girl_Gamer

      Hope so :/

  • Nintendude

    Not sure what they have planned with the gamepad, so I’ll just go with the Pro controller for now.

  • BabyBlueJellyFish

    I dont get who wouldnt play this on the game pad!? 🙂

    • 007 1/2

      the “hardcore” gamers (losers with no life). the gamepad is the best part of the wii u.

      • joesatmoes

        I ersonally will try it out. if it feels good, ill use it from time to time. but personally i think i will stick to the wii u pro. not becuz i am a noob, bitch, whateva u wanna call me, but becuz its MY WAY OF PLAYING godammit!

      • bat man

        you may say that but i play games about 8 of my 9 hours awake and if a game dousent use the gamepad WELL F*** THAT S***

  • Michel

    I did not knew that there was a black ops in 2011?
    I just remembered one in 2010.

  • Joesatmoes

    Activision has actually not confirmed this game for the Wii U yet, though of course, it is an obvious decision, cuz if it comes for Wii, itll probably suck, and if they dont, they would be losing out on an enormous amount of money, because theyd lose about 1/4 of their audience! Sure the games didnt sell the best on the Wii, but they werent bad, considering the lack of power of the console. If Black Ops 2 comes for Wii U (again, it hasn’t been confirmed- just highly hinted by both Activision and Nintendo), it’ll have the same graphics and better power than the current consoles they sell to. We could have the same killstreaks, DLC( I hope NukeTown 2025 comes to this game, even just for splitscreen, since I can play it with my brother), and as i said in those last parenthesis, IT WILL HAVE TO INCORPORATE SPLITSCREEN!!! I personally could not care less if it has Zombies or not(especially since I will be getting ZombiU). It will definitely have to have the online experience. In fact, the CoD games on the Wii have actually had better online than any other game, especially including Ninty’s own SSBB and Mario Kart (btw when are they gonna introduce Mario Kart U?)! Also I usually like Xbox/ Ps-type controllers for FPS games(thats mainly what theyre for), and I will msot probably use the Wii U Pro most of the time playing this game, but I’d like to try using the GamePad. Also the Wiimot/ Nunchuck will probably be implemented since thats what most Wii FPS gamers are used to

    *side note for those who wish for the ability to change from Wii REmot/Nunchuck to GamePad to call in killstreaks and stuff, hate to burst your bubble of creativity, but thats practically impossible. It would take too much time to do that; youd be dead before u can call it in.

    • jon

      what r u talkin about havent u played cod with the wii monte bfor

      • Joesatmoes

        I mean, many ppl have said that Treyarch should incorporate switching from the Wiimote and Nunchuck to gamePad just to call killstreaks, which i think would take too much time

  • Dalton


  • Daryusp07

    Playing COD Black Ops 2 with the Upad brings a whole new way of gaming to the first person shooter genre. Can’t wait! Should be epic!

  • Daryusp07

    Wii U price and release date coming September 13th?

    • Antwan

      $2.99 and $3.50 for deluxe

      • $299.99 Basic
        $349.99 Deluxe
        How you got three and four dollars I have NO idea.

  • dojo

    wholeme crap thats gunna be amazing

  • masseffect3

    It’s a great idea to bring a Cal of Duty like Black ops 2 on WII U it will surprise a lot of people .

  • zam

    cant wait to play bo2 it gonna be epic! whoooooooooo!

  • eli seth

    i still think they should do one thing like the wii version….have no blood in multiplayer

    • Joesatmoes

      Im sorry, but im glad it isnt. I know, u have to buy an entire new console if u want to play it, but at least it has the same features (more, in fact, due to the touchscreen and wiimote-nunchuck controls) as the xbox and ps3 version. not that i hate those systems, or their players, i just hate how many ppl on those system think of the wii u a stupid system.

      • eli seth

        ummmm no im just saying i hope it does it’s still a great system(actually the best)

  • Joesatmoes

    Oh I fell in love with the Wii U when I heard about it at 2012. Now, its like I have fallen in love with it once again. not too impressed by the way Black Ops 2 implemented the touchscreen into the game, by making it the second screen in splitscreen, but at least it has other ways to use the touchscreen Anyway I am probably gonna use the Pro Controller( its not NOOBY okay!), but when i use the gamepad, i will probably use it as a map screen. And ill use the wiimote from time to time. The only thing i am worried about (though i not too bothered about it) is that u cant pre-order it yet, meaning we dont know if we’ll get Nuketown 2025, which i REALLY want.

    other than this, the awesomest 3rd party titles include: Assassin’s Creed III, ZombiU, FIFA 13, (maybe) Batman Arkham Assylum:Armored Edition, Battlefield 4 (which i believe has been confired- at least a Battlefield game HAS been confirmed), and Ghost Recon:Online (which i assure you, is still gonna come to Wii U)

    • TheBoldman67

      Actually the GamePad is noobier because you don’t have to pause to change classes or change or to see a bigger picture of the map.

      • Which is why I just display the game on the TS

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Does anyone know if this will have a prestige version like the 360 + PS3 versions???

    • billy

      yes it does

      • [CMD] DEATH

        Really? Haven’t heard any word on it being confirmed… Actually I haven’t heard any news about a Hardend or Prestige edition fot the Wii U yet.

  • TAWOG carrie

    So awesome!

    • [CMD] DEATH

      I know right! :D, this is one of the first games I want for it. I’m gonna be using all the controls for it, gamepad, Wii U Pro controller, Wiimote and Nunchuck, and CCP controller.

  • Do not buy Call of Duty, get bf2+bf3


    Makes the word ‘Rehash’ sound good.

    • [CMD] DEATH

      First off we can’t get BF1-3 on Wii U, we half too wait for BF4 and that’s like another almost year away.

      • Have, not Half

  • TheBaconator

    I think I was one of the first people outside of nintendo to actually here of Wii U, back in mid-2010

    • dude,

      so was i…

    • I knew about the WiiU from the release date of the Wii, it was a private interview between game companies saying how the Wii was just a public test prototype for the WiiU, Nintendo didnt even expect the Wii to get that popular. When it did, they had to make the WiiU even better than planned, so they released their current wiiU model as an update (Wii Deluxe or the “Black Wii”) and began the new make of the WiiU, (The current model)

  • Paul

    confirmed @ videogamesnews website that this game will release in the usa on 18th november

  • here

    You recognize therefore considerably in relation to this subject, produced me in my view imagine it from so many varied angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated until it’s one thing to do with Woman gaga! Your individual stuffs great. At all times handle it up!


    Finally it’s confirmed that Black Ops II is a launch title! I’ve been waiting too hear when it was going too be released for Wii U.

    • Not to be a spelling Nazi, but it should be to, not too

  • Paul

    gonna dislike your americans abit as us british gamers have to wait a week later

    • [CMD] DEATH

      Lol, I wish you guys got it the same day! Then we could all play online the same day and have no wait. But at least it’s only a weak not a month or whatever.

    • With everything that usBritish gamers get before them? some DLC should be no big deal for us!

  • Deadman

    Does anyone knows abuot nuketown and zombies

  • yo mama!!!


    • Spelling Police

      Before you criticize other people in spelling, learn how to write yourself. Let me help you:

      1. All caps? Seriously? You are the 5 year old.
      2. There, I fixed it for you: “All of the 5 year olds that don’t know how to spell properly can get the hell off this site because Black Ops II is for “Mature Audiences”, not for 5 year olds!”
      3. Stop being so mean to people and mind your own bussiness, okay?
      4. Thank you.

      • You do realize business is not spelled bussiness, right? So much for posting as “Spelling Police.” Oh and “There” is past tense, should be “Here, I fixed it for you:”  your welcome, have a nice day!

        • Adam Rees

          You’re missing some punctuation in your post.

        • STFUNOOB1234

          Now you’re stupid too… You said “your welcome”, and it should be “you’re welcome”, so just shut the fuck up.

    • Zane Knutson


  • andreas

    can u use the wii u pro controller instead of the actual gamepad

    • Bacon


  • Nintendude

    Error in the article. Black Ops came out in 2010, not 2011. MW3 came out in 2011.

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Has anybody heard any more news about nuketown 2025 and the wii u version of CoD BO 2?
    Also, has the official release date for the APAC region been confirmed? I thought it was Nov. 30 but upon speaking to a games coordinator at a local hifi shop, it has yet to be confirmed/finalised.

  • weezy

    wiiu will probably get nuketown free

  • weezy

    i played blac ops on wii it had lame grapics but i didnt care all i cared about was onlin and zombis

  • steven12153

    Does any body know if we will be getting the DLC packs for this game cause if we don’t then that will just suck

  • prettypinkpanacea

    I can confirm the APAC release date is November 30.
    @steven12153 – I believe so. I believe the wii u version is receiving everything the other versions will have plus it will have gamepad specific features.
    I’m still not 100% about Nuketown but I imagine weezy would be correct in his above comment.
    It is slightly disappointing though because the wii u pro controllers do not appear to be an APAC launch day accessory. If they were, I would have purchased one. In time, I guess.

  • touch my wii u

    sothe wiiu can support the wiis classic pad fantastic news but to imply its a better fps control than a actual fps chuck and wii remote is talking horse poo

    lol at twin sticks is core fps il be using wii remote and chuck just like i have for the last 6 years

  • Antwan

    There is a price for wii u 2.99$ n 3.50$ for deluxe


      its actually $300 and $350 for deluxe

    • _-:Facepalm:-_

  • Samira

    first,remove the wii remote jacekt (which is its soft cover),then open its battery cover..there you’ll see a red open the part of the wii in which you insert the memory stick..a red button will be there them, both at the same time and they will be connected!!

  • A55A551N Blackout

    Nuke town 2025 is with per order and there is multiplayer up to 4 split screens with the gamepad it could be five. Wii u will get nuke town though I have already pre-ordered both

  • A55A551N Blackout

    Also it will be a launch title

  • Jim

    Do you have to have the wii u system or can we use the original wii system? In the post it said you can use the remote and numbchuck so I dont want to buy the wii u if I can play with just the original wii system.

    • roryos

      please reply to this will it play on wii

      • Luigi101

        No Sorry It Will Only Be Availible On The XBOX 360, PS3, And The New Nintendo Wii U.

  • Blamma

    On amazon u can preorder

  • Luigi101

    I Love Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Even Though I Haven’t Played It Yet, I Just Know Its Going To Be Awsome. Especially On The NEW NINTENDO WII U!!!

  • mariofreak

    will you have 4-player splitscreen?

  • jesus 1

    im gana get the wii u and bo2 on the same day

  • A55A551N Blackout

    Black ops is a launch window there is no disc for this game
    It should be on the miiverse

  • sniperallstar on wii soon to be on wii u black ops 2

    i’m getting the game and the console no mater wat. I wont care wat people will say i’m just going to go get them.

  • wii

    will it work on the regular wii

    • Klinjin

      It’s a Wii U game, not a Wii game. So it will not work on a Wii console.

  • joanna

    How can I add friend on this game can’t do it

    • The Stormex

      For the Wii U, instead of friends, they have some new system of making contacts, which allow the friended people to stay contacts in all games that connects online

  • while playing black ops 2 on the wii u online multiplayer i get a corrupted data message. the message goes on to say that my rank will be restored to last available back-up?????
    i was reduced from level 55 to level 52!   i lost several challenges i had completed as well and have no clue why. this is bogus.

  • can you play two player and one person on the tv screen and the other on the tablet??????

    • jeff hunter

      yes, same with multiplayer

  • can i play 2 player but online multiplayer not local ??

  • how many people can you have for zombies on split screen(regular survival)?

  • how many people can you have for zombies on split screen(regular survival)?

  • will there be dlc for wii u 

  • Danny Suarez

    When will we get Nuketown 2025?

  • matthew.jpilkington

    are we getting the new map pack for wii u or no ??????????

    • Yes, we will be getting the new DLC Map Pack, although there is a firm chance we will get it later than the PS3 or XBOX360 owners… Sadface…

  • Cory Kessenich

    Is there ever going to be a Black Ops 2 release on the Wii?

  • Cory Kessenich

    Let me rephrase that. Is there ever going to be a Wii Black Ops 2 release in the U.S. this year?

  • Hunter Darton

    Kill yourself

  • riririririr

    this game sucks nuts only little girls play this my mom is all ready prestige 12

  • Kelvin Martinez-Arreola

    you spelled because wrong

  • Castiel Winchester

    ROFL you people are all just assholes…

  • Castiel Winchester

    Black OPS 2 is cool but I still don’t like Wii U I have an original Wii and it sucks badly… Ps3 now that’s going down in price and I would probably get that instead of this + it’s better….