Oct 13th, 2012

The Wii U will be getting one of the most anticipated games of 2012: Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The game will have some unique Wii U features, such as local multiplayer where one player uses the GamePad and the other uses the TV. Black Ops on the Wii U will have the full online competitive multiplayer experience that the series is known for.

Activision has released some new screenshots from the multiplayer portion of the game. The screenshots are from the multiplatform version of the game, so what we get on the Wii U will most likely end up looking very close to the screenshots below.

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  • Nintenlord

    Get the best version only on wiiu

    • joesatmoes

      done and done..

    • Nintenlord

      The pro controllers have build in littium batteries,so for those who say that the controllers cost more than the xbox ones you are mistaken

      • marioU

        how much?

        • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)


      • i salute you nintenlord

        and like all nintendo fans you are blessed with commonsense and true gamers soul i like how ps3 and x360 fans keep doing the herpy derpy every time they open there faN-SCUM MOUTH

        lol @ like the x360 pad when to a sane person the pro has a wiiu gamepad front and a wavebird like under belly x360 pad my azz,and the x360 pad copied the gamecube and wavebird in the first darn place

        and the analog sticks d-pads and shoulder buttons and rumble are all copied from nintendo in the first darn place

        why are ms and sony fans so THICK

        • Nintenlord

          I talk out of experiances whit all the consoles i have joy and sorrow of each 1

        • Luigi101

          YES Finally Some Nintendo Fans! What Do You Think About Luigi Huh Think About For A Minute>

    • brain

      some reason for that or just bs-talking?

      i hate fanboys…

      • Nintenlord

        All feature of the other console plus multyples controller configuration pad only play nuketown on disk

    • Nightยบฦ’Core

      Note: I’m getting this day one. Nintendo Land, Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, NSMB.U and another game (dunno which one yet, AC 3 doesn’t come out straight away in NOE countries), either Tekken or Mass Effect 3 (or might even keep the money for AC 3)

    • XBox 360

      Pfft graphics on the Xbox 360 are still going to be better than on the wii u ha ha I bet the wii u version isn’t going to get DLC like last time nor get and kill streaks ha ha noobs

      • Nintendude

        Good try. But you need more practice at trolling.

        • Nintenlord

          Lol even i has a fan can troll the wiiu way better

    • Luigi101

      I Agree With you. YEH NINTENDO RULES MICROSOFT DROOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luigi101

      That is True IM giving Yo Comment A Big Thumbs Up From YO New Pale Luigi P.S. Could You Send Spagghetti Through The Internet With Via Comment To Me Luigi Or My Code Name Luigi. And Make Sure Its Cooked Just Right. OK Now Get Back To Work Or Your Fired. I Got That Off Of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show Which Mostly Comes On At 8/7 Central On Monday Evenings. BY!!!.

  • Link

    I’m getting it at launch. Are U?

    • brain

      the 25th cod? no thx.

      • Xblade13

        Skyfall being the 23rd Bond film isn’t stopping it from being awesome.

    • Opticine

      Wii are.

    • Jc

      Hells yeah, this game is the main reason im getting the Wii U.!

      • Joesatmoes

        wowowo hold yo horses. i love ur support, but saying u want a ninty console for the best version of a multiplat, especailly cod, is not a good reason. u get a ninty console for the amzing first party titles. cod and all the other major AAA games are just an added bonus this next generation. it would hav made mor sense to say that, but if u just want CoD, playit on xbox. i hope this doesnt waver ur thoughts about getting the wii u(the bigger community the better), but im just giving u some console-buying advice

        • Luigi101

          No Your Not Your Just Trying To Hypmotise Him In To Getting Microsoft’s XBOX 360 Or Is I Like To Call It LameSoft’s LBOX 360 Which Stands For Lame Box 360> Yeh Go WEEGEE GO WEEGEE YEH!!! WAHOO!!!

  • Leeroy

    This game is pretty sucktackular if you ask me. Cod fanboys will thumb me down but I really can’t believe the idiots that buy this trash. Is the same thing every game

    • Nitro

      But it will appease the “hardcore” masses to have a CoD game on the wii u. I couldn’t care for the game too much either.

    • Eric

      I must disagree with you on that, Not because im fan of the franchise, but because in this particular case Treyarch is at work. Sledgehammer games and the former development team still work on the same formula for the moder warfare games. However Treyarch has always strived to be different in that at World at Ware there were vehicles, Zombies (which have evolved nicely) and more innovative weapons than pretty much any shooter out there. think about by the way, how much can a FPS game really change? maybe the problem is that you only play FPS games, maybe you need a change of entertainment, get a zelda, or a Skyrim, or starcraft. Usually people that get sick of something have had too much of it.

      • Eric

        pardon the type errors, world at war, modern warfare is what i meant.

      • TheLoveOfGaming

        You could play just FPS and not get bored (notthat I recommend it) but if you compared say doom 3 or bioshock or COD you’d see and feel a huge difference in the game.

        Speaking of bioshock, look at how the third game looks nothing like the first two. CoD has two problems. The first is itis released annually. Meaning even though the games hVe changed, the changes since 4 have been minor and gradual. Secondly It’s also an arcadey shooter that prides itself in looking realistic, giving the series as a whole little room to breath.

        • ridley vs. samus

          yeah, not to mention the differences between CoD and TF2, as well as portal and metroid prime. GAWD i love those games! who wants metroid prime 4 on the wii u as much as i do? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Joesatmoes

          i agree cod in the last few years has not improved much. however, they are making many changes in BO2. i hav high hopes for this game, higher than usual CoD games. dont worry- ill get first party games, and non-FPS games. in fact, the only FPS games im getting are
          Red Steel 3(and that series), BF4(and the BF series), BO2(and any good games of the series, with major improvements like in BO2), and of course Metroid

    • Nintenlord

      I will do has you say and buy what you told me to wen you start giving me the money

    • Someone1516

      I loved CoD 1 & 2 and they have gotten quite repetitive, but I am planning on getting this one at some point for the Wii U just because of the true split screen. Both me and my bro like FPS but the split screen on the same screen can be very annoying. Having it split up on two screen will make both of us happy and we can have a more competitive game play.

    • Djs

      i agree , but maby not for nintendo since their cod games have been the crappiest versions ๐Ÿ™‚ so this is actually new for a nintendo consol to have the exact same version as the ps3 and 360 ๐Ÿ˜€

    • brain

      yea, every year one or two cods are released. and the stupid sheeps keep buying ๐Ÿ˜€

    • BubbleMan v2

      I’m not a fan of the FPS genre, at all… But to say that every new cod game is the same is just plain ignorant. Pokemon, one of my favorite franchises, releases annually, and generally each new game includes new areas and or pokemon. This is no different than adding new maps and new guns to a FPS game. The guns change gameplay from game to game, and new maps give it a fresh feel. The is innovation to be seen, if you look with unbiased eyes.

      • CoD Hater

        No, every CoD is the same, and how DARE you compare CoD to Pokemon.

        • QTF

          Pokemon has really lost its value… so has CoD

          • TheBoldman67

            Amen to that.

          • BubbleMan v2

            So I’m guessing you are unaware at the gross income that developing companies get by releasing these games? Both franchises have consistently done extremely well. As long as the majority of people buy them ,and continue to do so, they have market value.

        • BubbleMan v2

          Then you are blind to bias. Adding new monsters with different stats to change gameplay every generation is no different then adding new guns with different stats, different weapons in Final Fantasy, or different power ups in Mario. I’m not a fan of FPS genres, but I’m not an ignorant fanboy either.

          • CoD Hater

            Read my name? Of course I’m biased!

    • ZombieGuns

      I agree with Leeroy here. It’s past time the Call of Duty series died. I mean how many times to people want to play the same game with the same graphics engine and basicly the same gameplay.

      Modern Warfare 1 was great. I enjoyed the campaign of MW 2. That’s it.

      • Nintenlord

        My faves cod where united offensive,world at war, mw2 and black ops

  • conker

    alot of people might hate cod but is not a bad franchise

    • Madmagican

      probably because of how its almost become a gaming stereotype and synonymous with horrible people and or prepubescent trolls. however, if you actually take a good analysis of it, the games come from honest roots; the only problem is that they’ve become very repetitive in recent years

      • Eric

        My only gripe is that there are too many of them, by the time you buy all DLC, fork up another 60 bucks and do the same thing again.

        • Amherst

          For what it’s worth though, it isn’t like the online communities ever really die out when the new game comes out. I know for a fact that people still regularly play Modern Warfare 2 on XBL to this day.

  • RSBzero

    Can’t wait, I pre ordered it for my PS3 but then changed the pre order to the Wii U when I heard it was going to be on the better system

    • Nintenlord

      I think thats the reason many companies are not doing ad for wiiu at the same time

    • NaX

      heh i was going to do the same but i decided that ill get it on my xbox since i had pre ordered the HE and no word on the Wii U about that :/ besides can’t wait to compare the Wii U version with the 360.

  • Predictor

    I think that in the next generation and the generations to come Graphic differences wont matter. Cause once you get into HD anything the graphic differences are so small that you cant tell unless you can see two version at the same time.

    • Zero

      You took the words out of my mouth: I think exactly alike!

    • ridley vs. samus

      AMEN! i cant wait for when that happens! then no idiots will be able to constantly put out unfounded, immature hate on a console because of lower level graphics, like what happened with the wii and all the immature HD fanboys out there!

  • Nintedward.

    Calnt wait to see it on the gamepad! I am love with that controller . Screw patcher lol , wiiu is epic , zombiu works perfectly so does everything else .

    Patcher 0 Nintendo fans 1

    • prettypinkpanacea

      Yeah, I am looking forward to wii u launch day in APAC region. I have pre-ordered this game – it should be gold.

      • AKA-Link77

        Patcher: -1000, Nintendo Fans: โˆž

    • srpg2ishere

      Definitely dude. For me seeing call of duty on that touchscreen controller would be a dream come true. I also hope that It’s one of the games that can also be streamed to the GamePad and played without the TV like most games. ^-^

      • Nintenlord

        Did you saw the september 13 reveal is confirmed it can

      • prettypinkpanacea

        Yes, I am sure I have read/heard somewhere that it can be streamed to the gamepad and played without a TV. Not too sure if its only single player mode though.

    • Joesatmoes

      actually, i hope there is the option to play regular splitscreen (sorry- i just like it that way), and maybe use the GamePad like u would online without splitscreen.

      • prettypinkpanacea

        Well, this could be possible. It is supposed to include everything the other versions of the game have. I assume that’s what is included in the ps3 and xbox360 version. Wait and see, I guess.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I must admit, those are some pretty awesome-looking screenshots.

    • BlackHeartSergeant

      i think those are pc graphics

      • Mac

        nah it wouldnt matter if it was pc graphics or console graphics they would look identical due to the engine they use. your pc could the best gpu and cpu in the world and it would still look identical or maybe slightly better but not noticebly better looking all because of the engine they use is old but guarentees them to run the game at 60 FPS on all systems

    • Luigi101

      Yep Sure Is~ GO WEEGEE YEH> Im Sorry If Im Starting To get Annoying I Just Can’t Help It 1st is Because I am A Luigi Fan and 2nd is Because I Have ADHD OH NOOO HELP ME LUIHI HELP ME DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OH SORRY IM WAS TAKING MY WEEGEE NAP YOU KNOW.

  • Major Beauner

    No native 1080p…..not cool man, not cool. I want this version to totally rape 360 and PS3 versions!!!

    Still, its a day 1 for me! LOL…..already preordered and paid for!

    • Nintedward.

      It’s just the same version with some extra features . Ie superior version. Activision would have to spend time and money making it native 1080p. It may have been graphically improved bit we don’t know yet I think it will be identical but with a Tom of awesome extra features.

      • Joesatmoes

        i think the only reason they did that is because of the contract with Microsoft- i guess while we get the superior version, it cannot be much better in the fields wher xbox can still b- they cannot make it too much bettr on the xbox. im guessing when the nextbox is out, only then will cod will be at native 1080p

        • ๅ’Œๅคซ

          I hate that contract, makes me feel a little ripped off, especially with call of duty elite. I own a ps3 so I got it and when I get the new maps, regular Xbox users get it too. Plus Elite just disappointed me altogether, hopefully Treyarch does a better version. Still thinking on buying Wii U or PS3 versions. Depends on what my friends get.

          • Joesatmoes

            the wii u has everything that the ps3 version has, plus extra functionality. it will probably even hav elite(activision and ninty are working out the problems together, which is good)

    • revolution5268

      oh trust me it already is, look at it from this point of view wii u ver of COD can do tablet/second screen while xbox smartglass does not. nintendo 1 M$ 0. wii u ver of COD can do motion controls while the ps3 move makes you wonder why it even exist. nintendo 2 sony 0.

      Its Nintendo

      • Joesatmoes

        lol idk why they didnt use the move- even the wii version of the games had it (and it used the ccp, so we had the same experience as ps3. sadly it ws ruined by lack of killstreaks and hackers, but othr than that it was bettr than the ps3 version)

  • QTF

    I’m impressed. Very little aliasing! Also, I’m in love with the colors; MW3’s colors were too green and dark..

    • Kevin White

      Yes, but the screenshots are resized down. They’re also likely to be from another version — maybe even PC.

      I would expect 720p games on the Wii U to sport 1×2 full screen anti-aliasing, which filters both polygon edges and textures, but only on the horizontal plane, not the vertical. 720p with 1×2 is essentially free. If you can do 1080p without anti-aliasing, you can most likely do 720p with 1×2. Step up to 2×2 or try to anti-alias at 1080 and you probably have to drop to 30 fps or run some intermediate or variable frame rate.

      720p with anti-aliasing on the horizontals might look better than 1080p with none.

      • TheBaconator

        Just because it’s not native 1080p doesn’t mean it’s not 1080p. It’s just ported graphics which looks fine by me plus with the 720p Game pad it’s going to look great. [Note that 720p on the pad’s screen has better quality than a lot of HDTV’s due to it’s size comparison]

        • argentina wc win 2014

          the pad is 480p not 720p its slightly higher resolution to wii and uses a great lcd screen 480p is fine and dandy

      • argentina wc win 2014

        theres many kinds of AA and AA like trickery so 1080p with AA will be supported just not the 4x AA talked about and thats a non issue at 1080p but i agree in a lot of cases 720p will be the better option not just power wise or AA but the overal look of the art direction

        i hate resolution fanboys it makes no sense when resolution is far down the list or image quality contrast sourse colour lighting blacks whites etc are in act more important than native resolution and wiiu scalling will be much higher quality than ps3 or x360

  • Master Awesomeness

    cool. if only i were allowed to get it.

    • Nintenlord

      Ask your grandma they always deliver

      • Luigi101

        Ain’t That The Truth

  • Smurfman256

    question: what was the original resolution of those screenshots? (Oh, and Activision allready denied native 1080p. 720p or higher is still possible though [but not up to 1080])

  • TheUNation

    Not bad. Although the game is presented in HD 720p, it’s gonna be an awesome title worth purchasing the Wii U.

    • Nintedward.

      Excuse the accidental. Downvoat lol Stupid iPad I hate it . Yeh native 720p is awesome btw especially when upscaled to 1080p . This game will look nice for a wiiu launch title. And we Nintendo fans are the only ones who hae the gamepad dual screen play etc etc.

      • Joesatmoes

        were the only ones who get to play the game while taking a shit! Suck on that X-Bots and Dronys

  • Jetty

    I vouch for the extra screen on the GamePad. No more split screen, this should be on every Wii U game. An option that let’s you toggle between extra screen, game map, etc. Nintendo is making this happen!

  • QTF

    More news concerning Black Ops 2.
    It’s not Wii U specific, but some of you might be interested! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Nintenlord

      Yep more icing on the cake

  • Poncho

    Shoot… I can’t decide whether to get the Wii U version or the Xbox version.

    • RoboticLink

      Get the wii u version:graphics and gameplay will be better (and plus you can buy the pro controller for xbox-like controls). The wii u version will have everything that’s on Xbox and more.

      • QTF

        We’re not getting the hardened edition. ๐Ÿ™

      • Poncho

        Thanks man, I almost forgot about the pro controller. It’s just that I think most of my friends will get it on the 360. But I’ll probably get it on the Wii U, just because of the split screen. And why did I get thumbs down? For saying I MIGHT get it on the Xbox? I’m tired of these idiot fanboys. I think I’m done commenting on this site. I’ll visit it, but there’s just too many sensitive people in the comments. Thank you, RoboticLink, for replying with an actual answer.

  • RedRocBoy

    COD:BO2 & Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge will be my WII U games. Can’t wait
    .Nov 18th need to hurry up.

  • srpg2ishere

    And also I’m pretty sure they will let you use the new Pro controller too because that’d be even more epicness.

    • RedRocBoy

      Yes. That would be Epic!

    • i salute you nintenlord

      il be wii remoting and nunchucking thanks why would i RETRO PAD GO RETARD wen playing a fps on a wiiu

      so i wii remoted cod wii im then going FULL RETARD and pro padding cod on wiiu thats retarded il be CORE CONTROLLING MY COD Wii style thanks

      twin sticks = auto aim = casual sorry engineering fact i also gave up scolling the camera and aim last gen when i picked up the advanced wii remote and left the childish auto aim second stick behind me

      as the saying goes wen you become a man you put away childish things i became a FPS man wen wii released

      cannot stand auto aim cannot stand quick scoping cannot stand clunky robo cop cameras cannot stand wooden analog shooting

      il be PRO controlling the fps games and i mean PRO as in PROFESSIONAL not casual twin stick fps like gimp x360 fools

      • Joesatmoes

        dude, yes the wiimote takes some more skill (i suck at it), but its not like using dual analog is bad. its just the way he plays. thats the way i play, at least the way i play FPS games. that is the genre that the pro controller (and dual analog on Gamepad, and CCP) was meant for.

  • Vigo the Carpathian

    I can’t wait to pwn people using the wiimote on this game

  • Gamechemist8

    Never played COD before, and probably never cause of my parents, but it’s good to see these types of “hardcore” games coming to the Wii U. It’ll help Nintendo compete alot better with the other consoles

    • Joesatmoes

      and especially a game like this- a game that is known for online play- it will make the Wii U community grow so well!

  • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

    Call of Duty: Black ops take me away!

    • Joswag (3ds fc: 0216-1072-9703)

      Add me bro !!!

    • RedRocBoy

      Hopefully we actual gamertags instead of those crazy azz codes. One of the reasons I haven’t went online with my WII.

  • Captain Potato

    Why would I want to see pics of a Volkswagen Bug when I’m buying the Volkswagen Beetle? Think about it……..:)

    • RoboticLink

      You’re getting a beetle! Virtual punch buggy no punch-backs!

    • Nintenlord

      I dont get it, does it have to do whit the wiiu being better version

      • Captain Potato

        Of course! You win for answering correctly! Your prize…a “Thumbs Up”! Congratulations!
        But seriously…I don’t care to see images of some other systems game because they misrepresent what we will be getting upon release!

  • Patcher

    Best console ever.

  • Xblade13

    The War Begins.
    With extra all new features
    only on Wii U.
    -Use the touchscreen to check your radar, etc.
    -dual-screen local multiplayer. No more screen cheating!
    -play away from the TV on the Gamepad. Play Call of Duty: Black Ops II while laying in bed, sitting on the toilet, or in any comfortable spot away from the TV.
    -Pro Controller support for comfort during long playtimes. Lightweight and confortable.
    -Wii Remote and Nunchuk compatibility for motion aiming controls. Headshots have never been easier!
    -Nintendo Network online community. Play with friends and family worldwide.
    -Miiverse integration(?not sure about?)-comment with other players on kill streaks, leave messages for your friends, etc.

    Wii U. How U will play next.

    –this advertisement brought to you by Xblade13–

    • LP

      No more uncomfortable pauses while you pee, just take your Wii U game pad along …

      • brain

        so your mama can clean your mess up?

    • brain

      headshots with a wii-nunchuck? bruhahahahaha… no one ever will play shooters with motion control, unless they realise it like in “gamer”.

      • Xblade13

        Actually, shooters are way better and more responsive with motion-controlled aiming. Much better than primitive sticks. Try it sometime. You might actually like it.

        And not with the joke of a controller called Move either. Wiimote and Nunchuk forever!

    • Joesatmoes

      Your move, Dronys.

  • ฯ€

    I kinda want to spray paint my wii u gold when i get it. Have a hot cocoa with my golden wii u beside me and my Christmas tree

  • srpg2ishere

    This game is great and all but I’m more concerned about the next smash brothers. It just started being made since Kid Icarus: Uprising just got completed. -Sigh- But I’m sure I’ll get this game anyway to ease my patience. It’s probably gonna take them 2/1 years to make It but trust me I’ll still have my Wii U and brawl to play while I wait! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • QTF

      Brawl took about 3 years to make

  • Josh

    Anyone lookin to reserve a black Wii u go to Walmart! I just laid it away!

    • CubeClubKiddy

      thank you josh! i want two so that maybe, i can use the second gamepad whenever those 2 gamepad-using games come out… hmm???

    • NintendoMan :D

      I tried to lay mine away but they told me that it didnt start untill the 14th. I’m mad now. VERY MAD!!!! Hopefully they still hav some….

    • TheImaj

      Fux yeah! Just did it!

  • marioU

    i am falling in love with this graphic.

  • N1nt3nd0L0v3rbo1

    When i saw Wii U first time i was like this : http://youtu.be/ybIGOscPtl4
    And when i saw how Black ops 2 would be local split screen like that i was like this http://youtu.be/P3ALwKeSEYs ….but it would have been nice to have 4 player split + 1 gamepad ๐Ÿ™‚ hope atleast zombies are 1 screen + 1 pad or splitscreen ๐Ÿ˜€

  • brain

    havenยดt played the mw3 through (i got it for free). really donยดt care of the 2000th cod release….

  • Andrey

    somebody knows there will be a gamepad vibration during the firing?

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Manโ€ im this game looks Awesome!

    not normally a call of duty fan in a matter of fact i hate the series but not COD BLK OPS II cuz it’s different, and it takes place in the year 2022 which is freakin sweet also it’s not like playing the others where your fighting a war thats already happening, and CoD BLK Ops II finally changes the pattern and now i have a reason to buy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This game is gonna be totally EPIC! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • QTF

      I just wanted to say MW3 took place in 2015-2017.

    • Luigi101

      I Know This May Seem Like A Random Question, But What is Your Oppinian On Luigi? Because I Am A Huge Luigi Fan And In My Game Informer Magazine It Said That If Bowser And Mario Hadn’t Been Arch Nemises With Each Other Then They Would Have Been Lamer Than LUIGI!!! And That Made Me MAD I mean REALLY MAD So From That Day Foward I Would Dedicate Myself To Making Luigi Seem So Unlame That The Whole Wide World Would Turn Green With A L Labeled On America! YEH GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE GO WEEGEE YEH LUIGI LUIGI LUIGI YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul

    Folks there are people out there for some reason with there sad little troll lives trying to discredit the wii u, this article about blops 2 not being 1080p and nsmb not being 1080p, well with blops 2 if we cast our minds back to the reveal the guy said this runs in full HD at 60fps, so the supposed email which was supposed to be from activision stating that it’s not well this more than likely is a fake, also shouldn’t we wait till activision and nintendo put out a official statement confirming the resolutions for these games because I have not seen one yet, I wouldn’t get caught up in this type of stuff because until the official statement comes out IM taking these so called stories with a pinch of salt.


    “-play away from the TV on the Gamepad. Play Call of Duty: Black Ops II while laying in bed, sitting on the toilet, or in any comfortable spot away from the TV.”

    SOLD X70

  • XDLugia

    “Black Ops 2 is the most anticipated first person shooter of 2012”
    Check your facts WiiUDaily. The most anticipated FPS game of 2012 is Halo 4.

    • SideScreamer


      So anticipated, that it got leaked.

  • Smitty

    All versions will be at a native resolution of below 720p :-/

    • xdlugia

      Of course. The engine is 8 years old.

  • Wii U next gen

    Should i buy this or get somehing else for wii u. Im sure yet i already have zombiU,marioU and nintendo for day one but thinking of getting one more game…..Any ideas?

    • Xblade13

      There’s COD:BO2, but then there’s also Rayman Legends (in spring), Pikmin 3 (also in spring), and Tekken TT2 Wii U Edition. You could also get a prepaid card and get Virtual Console/eShop games. Trine 2 looks amazing, and imagine playing old NES, SNES, and 64 games in your lap, on the gamepad screen (I’m pretty surs that’s possible).
      Any of those games sound good. Take a pick. If it were me, though, I’d get a card(s) for Chrono Trigger, Actraiser, Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, and Final Fantasy VI (haven’t played those games in forever). I might even get those now and then transfer from Wii to Wii U when I get it.

    • D2K

      All depends on what you like bro. Get what appeals to you. It’s your money.

      For me, I usually get three games for a console launch. I get one plat-former, one sports game, and one fighting game. I already have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the 360 so I don’t know if I’ll trade that in towards TTT2 for the Wii U or just pass on that. I wasn’t impressed with Madden this year even with the Infinity Engine so I certainly don’t want to play a version without it. I might even pass on the deluxe model because after playing Nintendo Land I wasn’t impressed with that either.

      If I can’t get a deluxe model then I’ll probably pick up New! Super Mario Bros. U, Black Ops 2, and ESPN Sports Collection.

    • xdlugia

      Get Assassin’s Creed 3, it’s a great franchise.


    cannot wait to get my wii remote and nunchuck at the ready for some CORE PRO fps play… whilst my gamepad sits in its stand at the base of my tv set giving me info/maps/hud on a separate screen and with out pausing

    non thats core gaming lol @ twin analog sticks sooooooo old fashioned and WRONG

    • Xblade13


  • SideScreamer

    ‘Black Ops 2 is the most anticipated first person shooter of 2012’.

    Uh, no. Halo 4 is.

  • sonicshow

    I can entertain my little brother by making him watch the screen while i go secretely in the bathroom and play the game and come out when mission complete and be like” huh? what happened?”

  • sonicshow

    Don’t make me stick my wiiremenis up yur ps3rina

  • samuDC

    COD sucks!!!! There would better be a battlefield game instead of COD. COD was fun, but it sucks more and more every year. While battlefield keeps getting better.
    I hope battlefield 4 will release on wiiU. If it will release on wiiU i don’t mind if they also release COD.

    • Luigi101

      CALL OF DUTY SOES NOT SUCK!!! I have the previous version of the game and it is one of the best experiances of my life. SO imagine how good the second black ops is going to be. Its even better on the new NINTENDO WII U!

  • argentina wc win 2014

    BF4 on wiiu with wii remote and gamepad support and pc rather than x360 online maps and players count

    we all know wiiu can do that so bring it EA

  • Icanseeu

    No DLC on the WiiU versions! I’ll stick to playing it on a console where online isn’t gimped!

  • jacobbaba

    guys im getting the wiiu but the news is its going to run 720p simply because ativision was lazy and is just going to be ported from the xbox and ps3 version

  • millz

    no isn’t conformed. Nintendo and Activision are in talks and it prob nothing to do with “gimped online” what ever that means I haven’t seen the internet with a mask on but mire to do with costs and how much Nintendo will charge for the dlc to go on Nintendo network. things don’t magically appear on shops you know, there is a business side to things aswell.

  • Luigi101

    In The Name Of Professer E. Gadd Suku Suku Yaba YabaIm Sorry professer What Was That I meant my Call of Duty Black Ops 2 For My Wii BOO!! Broke