May 23rd, 2013


We told you last week that this week was the week of Kirby for the Wii U virtual console and Nintendo has even thrown in another deal to make it sweeter. Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Kirby’s Dream Course, and Kirby Super Star all release on the virtual console today. From now until May 30th, if you pick up any two of these Kirby titles, Nintendo will give you the third for free. That’s similar to the Super Mario 2 deal we saw last week, which isn’t a bad way to get virtual console games at all.

Hopefully we’ll see more enticing deals like this from Nintendo when it comes to future virtual console releases.

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  • Not a bad deal if you are into the Kirby Games. I never really played them but maybe will add them to my collection as part of this deal and try them one day

    • Magnus Eriksson

      My youngest daughter will like him, so I will probably go for it for her. But I never cared to much for this fella. I dont think the games are particulary good either.

  • DemonRoach

    yeah, not for 5 bucks each LAWL ftw nintendo.

  • Fred

    This deal is the only way I would even consider getting more than 1 kirby game. It’s given me something to consider.

  • val berger

    Ok, Nintendo somehow really wants us to play Kirby. First releasing all at once and now this? I’m afraid, I’m still not that into it 😉

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I thought the exact thing. They are up to something… Using valueble time…

  • Morits Lian

    We in Europe got 30% off if we have Kirby’s Adventure.

  • A SNES Day Off

    If Nintendo waited to release the Kirby games with a promotion, then perhaps we’ll see either Super Mario 1 or 3 next week? It’s almost guaranteed they’ll have the 30% off deal if you purchase Super Mario 2. Great way of getting customers to complete a series.

  • I really like how Nintendo is embracing digital deals and sales. Keep it up!

  • I want N64 games

  • Sam

    Nice deal. Can’t wait for N64 and ‘Cube games though.

    • steinhauershawn

      There is no GamCube Games do to the lack of Analog trigger on wii u controllers. GameCube games are getting HD Remixes starting with Wind Waker instead.

      • Sam

        Well that’s why there’s the WiiU Pro. And then there’s the Wii to GameCube adapter, and the Wind Waker is a DS game.

        • Haize

          Umm…You realize that both the Gamepad and the Pro Contoller have digitl triggers, right?

          Also, the Wind Waker was GCN game, bro. The DS games in the same art style were The Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

          • Sam

            Oops, I didn’t know that; I’m not into Zelda games. Sorry! Still, we should be able to play GCN games on the WiiU, I have a black Wii and I really want to play ‘Cube games but can’t. 🙁

        • Brendan Tate

          wind waker is gamecube game

        • LopsidedPasta

          What? Windwaker is NOT a ds game. It is clearly Gamecube

          • Sam

            It’s both.

          • Oum’Bushay

            Are you stupid?

          • Sam

            No, I’m not a big Zelda fan.

          • Oum’Bushay

            No, you are just fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Sam

            1. I’m better at commenting than you.

            2. What the heck is oum bushay?

            3. You don’t have to use one of the 5 worst words
            4. I said I made a mistake.

  • Sam
  • Aaron

    I don’t have a WiiU but I still really love Kirby games.

  • Leorio

    I have the first Kirby game they released.. I assume that it’ll count towards the “buy 2 get 1” deal..? lol I hope so.

  • Squid

    Of course I’m gonna buy, but I kind of want Folders so I can organize.

  • Carlos

    I owned the Wii version of Kirby Super Star and Kirby Dream Land 3. I just upgraded them and got Kirby Dream Course for free

  • Brendan Jones

    Does anyone know why Kirby’s Dream Land 3 hasn’t been released in Australia? Super Star and Dream Course have been, and are discounted by 30% if you own Kirby Adventure already.

  • Did SNES ever have strategy games, or was it all platformers?