Nov 28th, 2013

The next generation of console wars has officially begun with the recent launch of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Personally, I’ve bought both consoles and now own all of the next gen systems. Because there aren’t many people who own all three consoles, and the holiday season being just around the corner, people have been asking me which one they should purchase either for themselves or as a gift.

What irritates me though, is that people are usually asking me about the differences between the Xbox One and Playstation 4, with no mention of the Wii U. So, I’m taking it upon myself, as someone who’s been playing all three consoles, to let people know they may want to go with Nintendo for the next generation of gaming. Check out my thoughts in the video below.

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  • crocodileman94

    [Generic hate comment that John is bias]

    • audi lover

      Hes right you just don’t know it yet

    • I think four people missed your sarcasm, crocodileman94.

      • crocodileman94

        They sure did. I thought it was obvious.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    One reason why I personally have always stayed with Nintendo is because as John said “anyone looking for a hyper-realistic experience…probably won’t find what they are looking for on Wii U”. Why buy games as lifelike as possible? What does that do/achieve? How does a restriction of imagination, creativity and laws of logic make games more wildly fun and entertaining? Not to say Sony and Microsoft don’t have any games with insane logic and gameplay at all (Journey and Flower are brilliant examples) but are they simply missing the point of video games? Does next-gen mean, as close to reality as possible to Sony and Microsoft? Isn’t that the reverse effect that should be happening to video games? Turning video games into basically training simulators. If people enjoy those kind of titles then I’m happy for them but are you really just alienating the identity of video games?

    • Relick

      So you’re saying that by restricting the capabilities of a console (not just in graphics, in physics and AI too) makes for more creative and imaginative and, most importantly, fun game?

      Maybe we should all go back to the Coleco days then eh?

      • DΓ‘ibhΓ­ wotshissurname

        Where did you get that idea? It’s just the truth and what Nintendo are known for, that they are very creative.

        • Relick

          You can be creative and have good graphics.

          Horrible graphics can destroy a game with good gameplay (think Deadly Premonition), but a great looking game with terrible gameplay is nothing but a boring mess (think Ryse).

          Both gameplay/creativity and graphics are just two aspects that make up a game, they need not be dependent on each other.

          • Christian Schoff

            No it can’t. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Earthbound, and many old games are still fun today even though their graphics are vastly inferior.

          • Relick

            Inferior power != bad graphics πŸ™‚

            Sonic 3 is my favourite game, so it is not like I’m a next gen hardcorebro.

          • Sonic the Hedgehog

            Well, thanks! Knuckles will be very proud of himself!

          • Wildman

            Those games had great graphics when they were released. Looking at them now, they have aged, but the gameplay has not aged as much.

            Graphics are pixel deep, but gameplay moves the soul.

          • DΓ‘ibhΓ­ wotshissurname

            Yes, but nobody said that the restriction of hardware capabilities made game more creative. Although I do agree that terrible graphics can destroy a game.

          • Relick

            Fitzgibbon said it, which is why I brought it up on him.

      • SamusPrime

        I think it depends on the game. I won’t ever be a pirate in the Caribbean so an awesome looking ACIV game is great. I can go drive a car any day of the week, so I prefer a fun game like Mario Kart over Need for Speed. That’s how I interpret it.

        • Relick

          That makes a lot of sense, I do agree. However, I would love to see Mario Kart with the same level of detail (I don’t mean same art style) as Killzone though. In fact I think Zelda would benefit the most from more power in a system simply because of the kind of game it is. One can only hope πŸ™‚

      • BIGRED

        More in making a game than just the hardware, isn’t there? I mean you could have as much power as ya want. But do ya have a Miyamoto in ya box? Wii U does in spirit. πŸ˜›

        • Relick

          Yes I agree. I don’t agree though that power should be arbitrarily restricted like Thomas Fitzgibbon suggests.

    • Ony

      At this rate you will soon discover the secret of Why kids love cinnamon toast crunch :O

    • Majora’s Mask

      console wars were dumn from the getgo if you really care for graphics buy a pc thats my opinion

    • Some games, I want very imaginative and stylistically unrealistic. Some games, I can enjoy better if they mimicked closer to reality, though still bearing some trace element of complete fantasy–or, at least, complete fiction.

      I’ll never get to be a secret agent out to save the world from a deep plot of international espionage or save a village from a horde of ogres, but I can in a video game, and those are titles where I wouldn’t mind a more realistic style. If Metal Gear Solid V had a cartoony style, it’d totally ruin its charm to me.

      There’s nothing necessarily wrong or “lesser” about pursuing realism–sometimes realism sets the tone. Sometimes, a bit too much “toonism” in the place starts to feel like what “meh” Dreamworks animations feel to me as a Pixar fan–not really benefiting the style much with mastery but rather overusing it for its readily-novel appeal.

      Not all pursuit of realism are the same. While typically, many mainstream “core” games do feature very similar color palettes, character designs, environments, etc, some do use it to good original effect.

      What makes Final Fantasy games so visually-appealing is that they’re heavily based on realism while bearing roots in fantasy. (Of course, they play pretty questionably, perhaps meaning Square-Enix’s relying TOO MUCH on their appealing visuals, but hopefully, FFXV changes that some.)

      Regardless of the realism, it’s all fantasy (or a fictional context, at least). For some games, that’s the appeal. While for other games, even if it’s an abbreviated form of realism, it can be very appealing–again, like Final Fantasy, or better, Kingdom Hearts.

      If you can deliver a secret agent experiences in a visually-imaginative style, hey, as long as you deliver it well, that’s what matters more. But it’s not always “lesser” with realism as a style either. Though, I do agree that to just choose the most realistic games all just for just the sake of the pursuit of realism alone is very one-dimensional.

      It’s why most “next-gen” games look pretty (that is, whenever developers know how to use more than just four colors…), but play terribly or get boring after a while. However, that’s still not to say that realism can’t be used well.

      Though, I will end on this note–I do wish the Wii U had at least 4 GB of RAM and maybe a slightly-better processor. “Next-gen” isn’t always about better visuals, but an improvement in other areas such as smarter AI, being able to host more fluid interactions on-screen, bigger multiplayer experiences, and having larger levels with fewer load times. Even non-realistic games could benefit well from these–imagine a 20-person-online last-man-standing SSB match!

      The Wii U will be plenty for many games, but with only 2 GB of RAM (and only 1 GB usable for the actual games, while the other 1 GB is used for the OS), it might start to cap those who’d wish to push for more daring heights with a game. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to push for a little more ground into “next-gen” territory.

      • Mario

        As long as it has good gameplay, it’s fine with me.

    • Mario

      I agree. Games are, to me, not suppose to be always over-realistic. But instead out of this world. While I do agree that there are realistic games out there that are really good (Assassin’s creed being a good example), I’ll always prefer games that bring fun, imagination and fantasy to their f.ullest level. Regardless of their appearance.

  • SamusPrime

    Well done John. You should have mentioned Deus Ex in your remakes done right.

  • Nintedward

    I just got 3D world today and it is absolutely phenomenal. It’s made me fall in love with the Wiiu even more.
    I’m getting a PS4 tonight as well. So Wiiu,3DS and PS4. that’s me all set for next gen.

    • i will buy mine in december, have to finish blackflag and gosh πŸ™

    • Shota

      i have them all :). xbone ps4 wii u 3ds ps vita

  • Nintendoplaystation

    The only nextgen console I own at the moment Is wii u and I’m happy. I got mario, sonic,Assassins creed 3 and zelda on my Christmas wish list and next year with further releases will keep me busy too. I do intend to get ps4 further down the road I like games like little big planet, uncharted kill zone and GT ect Nintendo and playstation has the best exclusives IMO that’s what consoles are about. If you want the best graphics get a maxed out PC.

  • jeffp3456

    For me personally, Nintendo’s decision not to support online multi-player in their 1st party titles is very disappointing. This new generation of consoles is all about social and sharing and Nintendo does provide MiiVerse but I can’t play NSMBU online with friends or SM3DW for that matter or any of the WiiU games I am aware of. Hello Nintendo I don’t live in Kyoto where there is safe and available public transit even into the late hours. My friends don’t live close enough to drop by to play. So although I do play single player on my wiiu my multiplayer dollars go to other consoles and my online friends don’t buy wiiu’s.

    • Kenshin0011

      Agree completely, the option to have online in multiplayer games should absolutely be there. It’s inconsiderate and just plain ignorant the way Nintendo restricts some of its policies

    • Majora’s Mask

      find friends thats nintendos qoute though i would have liked online too fortunately they are releasing mario kart online best myltiplayer next year

    • TCar

      What did people do before the internet? If the states had broadband internet everywhere and it was reliable everywhere, it would be a focus of theirs. Much like HD wasn’t a focus until the majority of the population had HD sets! I think it is gross that everything has to connect to the internet for people to be happy!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Everyone has their preferences when it comes to gaming. Should respect it. I do agree, that Nintendo games should have the option of online multiplayer.

        • TCar

          I can respect it but when the lack of something that doesn’t add to the quality of the game, only how to play it, affects the score of a review, it becomes a bigger problem. Games used to be graded on graphics, sound, and playability.

          Adding online play adds money to the overall cost of a single game. Why do people feel that they can control how a company spends their money. I for one am happy they spend that money on the creation of games and the quality of them. Nintendo does what the other two companies don’t do, or not so well at least. They make their own systems and produce their own games.

      • It’s not about having everything connected to the Internet. This issue here is simply about having the simple option to play a game like Super Mario 3D World online with three other friends, esp. since social activity and multiplayer is such an emphasized feature of such the game. It doesn’t make sense to develop a game where online multiplayer makes the most sense but to lack it completely.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          That and not all families live in a local area, and some live miles away. This is why Nintendo should embrace online too. It’s a good option to have when you don’t have the convenience of being there in the same household.

          • Yeah, sorta like me, how I’m like 1,000 miles away from my extended family and like two states away from my friends. :/

        • TCar

          Yet the only way for that to happen is to be connected to the internet. I think that there is just to much focus on internet play and less on great single player games. Mario 3D world has received great reviews without the use of online multiplayer. Are games going to be rated less because of lack of online? If so, that is wrong in my opinion and I will be taking a much quicker route out of the gaming community!

      • TCar

        Apparently there are three people out there that only care about online, not the quality of a game!

    • I agree. While there might be reasonable justification for their scaling back in terms of “next-gen” visual or horsepower, there’s simply no excuse anymore to hold back on their online gaming. Especially if they want to claim that the Wii U is about “inclusive gaming”–that’s all the more reason to have solid online gaming in plenty.

      I mean, I know that in Japan, the living room experience is still a huge demographic (Japan has a far higher rate of “local fun” than the West tends to see, as evident by the amount of people you can find on a train playing a 3DS and families who do still gather together for karaoke and stuff), but still, even the Japanese gamers would enjoy solid online gaming.

  • juancamiloarq

    Great video, Johnny-boy!

  • James Storino

    People always say “X” this and “X” that, and while I’m wholly interested in that game as anyone else, it is still just ONE (RPG) out of…what? Exactly.

    • Marcel PΓ©rez

      This is my grief with Nintendo fans

      Their so delusional

      And this is coming from an EXCLUSIVE Nintendo product owner until recently

      I am beyond excited for “X”,but it won’t be a system seller, despite the scale of the game and what it’s going to accomplish

      • Shhhh! Don’t say that here! Don’t you know a realist’s perspective isn’t appreciated much around these parts! Keep with the blindly optimism!

        You have to ignore those pesky memories of the glory days when Nintendo was in their prime and ignore knowing they could do a better job all-around with their efforts with Wii U! That’s how it’s generally done around here!

        Oh, and go buy a Wii Mini–stat!

    • And not only that, but I’m personally kinda indifferent towards what much is shown in the trailer until I can ascertain more about it.

      As daft as this may sound, it’s not just enough the game has swords, dinosaurs and transforming robots–I’ve got to see how well they use swords, dinosaurs and transforming robots. Because, yes, even an seemingly-unfailingly-awesome combination as that can be ruined if not executed well.

      Also, on this note:×800.jpg

    • Mario

      Hey! Trust me! X is not the only game I have on my head right now.

      • LightupmyLife


  • Tra Allen

    As a owner of a PS4 and Wii U I can say that graphics indeed do not matter. I sit and play Battlefield and the graphics are top notch but I can’t help but to drift off and drop the controller. Nothing about it really feel new except for a few stage dynamics but still is the same ole shoot em up stuff. I find myself still going to wii u and playing legend of zelda (which i’ve beaten on gamecube).Even with it not being a multiplayer game, I still find it more enjoyable to play in my opinion.

    • Tra Allen

      Love my PS4 by the way

      • Jonathan George Anaya

        You love playing those PS3 ports on a console you dropped $400 on? What’s so Next Gen about that?

        • The_Last_Metroid

          Why cause beef?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Why act like it’s wrong to ask a valid question?

          • Rinslowe

            “What’s so Next Gen about that?”
            Get your eye’s checked Gonzalez

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Get your eyes checked, Rinslowe. There’s nothing valid about what you said that relates to the question at hand. I don’t see what loaded guns has to do with it anyways. πŸ™‚

          • Rinslowe

            “What’s so Next Gen about that?”
            That is what made my comment valid pal!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Or perhaps, you don’t read between the lines too well. Don’t always assume what your eyes show you.

            We see things differently my friend. Leave it at that.

          • Rinslowe

            I think that’s actually your problem here, mate…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Feelings mutual.

          • Rinslowe


          • It’s a valid question. (As in “valid” meaning “legal.”) But it’s not a very relevant question. Neither is it particularly unassuming. Nor is it particularly honest.

            The first guy Tra never once said he bought a PS4 merely just to play PS3 ports. Perhaps he just bought a PS4 for other more general reasons and decided to buy those games for his new PS4, since they’d give him something to play.

            There was no reason to assume that such were either Tra’s motivating purpose in buying a PS4 or how he views “Next-Gen.” Nor was Jonathan’s questioning of the concept of “Next-Gen” even pertinent here. There can only be the purpose of causing beef in that question.

            But hey, honest reasoning is rare these days.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            From the way he worded things. It seems to me he bought a PS4 for nothing, especially if he got bored that quickly over a game for it. If he loves the Wii U that much, then sticking with that console would probably be a better deal for him. Unless he’s waiting for newer games to come around for the PS4, then that’s different. That’s just me. I see what Jonathan was trying to imply. So, it reasonable enough to question.

            To each their own, dude.

          • Rinslowe

            Bah, it’s obvious you’re just unimpressed that someone can see the Wii U as a better choice. He should have as much right as any one else to have as many systems as he pleases. And to choose which one is the more favourable for him. If you don’t see that point then…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Bah, it’s obvious you’re just unimpressed that someone can see the Wii U
            as a better choice. Don’t forget that that’s just his personal opinion.
            And he should have as much right as any one else to have as many
            systems as he pleases. And to choose which one is the more favourable
            for him.”

            Again, you read too much into comments. If he feels that it’s a better choice, then power to him. Only thing I question, is his reasoning for even buying a PS4 if he feels the Wii U is the better choice. If he feels that the PS4 doesn’t have the games for him at this point, then he should’ve waited to buy one later in the year.

            You’re obviously unimpressed that I even question someones reasoning. Two can play that game Rinslowe. Let’s not make this a free for all. πŸ˜›

          • Rinslowe

            Lol to you fella. And this is rather obvious reading;
            “It seems to me he bought a PS4 for nothing, especially if he got bored that quickly over a game for it. If he loves the Wii U that much, then sticking with that console would probably be a better deal for him”
            Spin it how you want, but my mind is made up on the topic. I’ll see you at the next pointless fanboy attack. For a guy who speaks so highly of multiplatform support, you really do a good job of being exactly fanboyish against actual multiplatform gamers. Which isn’t cool. And sticking up for attack posts isn’t either.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Spin how you want, but my mind is made up on the topic. Better to just
            say the feeling is indeed mutual and I’ll see you at the next pointless
            fanboy protection racket….
            For a guy who speaks so highly of
            multiplatform support, you really do a good job of being exactly a Sony
            guy at heart. Which is cool. But sticking up for attack posts isn’t.”

            Lol. That’s the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard you even respond with, but I digress. You exaggerate there quite a bit my friend. As for the fanboy thing, the same can be said about you, but I’m not going to get into that one with you.

            “Again, spin it how you want, you know I have the ability and motivation to read things just fine…”

            Sorry if you felt I insulted you, it was never my intent to do so. However, I’d say from this point, it’s a fair exchange considering you questioned me being a Sony guy at heart. Perhaps you see it that way, but it’s far from the truth. I’ll tell you that much.

            Look. I think you’re a cool guy, and this discussion got out of hand. So I’m letting it go and I’m sure you can agree with that. Fair enough?

          • Rinslowe

            I don’t feel insulted by you at all. I don’t dislike you and I have no agenda against you. Again, spin it however you wish. Saying my statement is a load of bull is fine. Frankly I expected as much. I believe you to be a Sony fanboy, anyone can see that. Lol And it shows every time…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I never labeled you a fanboy, and don’t plan on it. I see you’re still labeling me one, and that’s without any real evidence, unless you know what I play at my place. What you think of me doesn’t change the reality of the situation. Your opinion there doesn’t matter to me. No offense.

            I can care less if you are a Ninty fanboy or not. As long as you can be respectful and let go of the bs, then it’s all good.


            “Lastly, you are a Sony fanboy….

            Lol, dude. Anyone can see that.”

            You lost my respect with that response. There was no need to continue to start up baseless accusations. Not really interested in what you have to say if that’s your way of thinking, Rinslowe.

            Good night.

          • Rinslowe

            I did label you a fanboy. But I know that you’re big enough to not lose sleep over it. This isn’t personal. This is you needing to come to grips with your own inner fanboy. Who comes out to play at all the predictable moments to spread passive aggressive statements, wrapped in semi impartial comments. I don’t require your respect and never asked for it. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect your respect when I get it. But need it I do not.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I was going to move along, but your comment was too good to pass up considering the hypocrisy in it. So, here it goes:

            “This isn’t personal, mate. This is you needing to come to grips with your own inner fanboy. Who comes out to play at all the predictable moments to spread passive aggressive statements, wrapped in semi impartial comments…”

            For someone who calls me passive aggressive you sure keep it going. Aggressive much? The fact that you’re talking to an actual person and calling them a fanboy, makes it personal. Spare me the psychology game. Lol.

            I don’t require your respect either, however, I do try to be nice about it like I try to do with those who I feel are respectful.

            To me, you’re no different than any other fan who gets caught up in my IMs, making baseless claims, but I digress. You believe too much in what you say. I suggest looking into a mirror before judging people. All this because I didn’t agree with your response to my question. Though, you do start it up by telling me to get my eyes checked, so it is what it is.

            Since we’re going by your standards I suppose, don’t take it personal. Childish this may be? Perhaps, but so was labeling me a fanboy. Now that I got my final two cents out on this discussion, this concludes it. You are right about one thing though, I won’t lose sleep over this. Continue if you wish, doesn’t matter to me.

            Have a good night.

          • Rinslowe

            A few things…. Firstly I still respect your right to an opinion. Secondly it seems while you were busy calling out my hypocrisy, I was busy reading yours. I strongly disagree with any accusations of psychological trickery. Lastly, I stand by every word mentioned to you. And yes, it is childish of you to want the last say for lack of a better reason. Too good to pass up? Good for you…
            Have a great evening

          • LordGamer

            Aren’t you having the last word mate? Don’t be a hypocrite now. We all tend to want the last word for lack of a better term. I must confess. πŸ˜‰

          • Rinslowe

            Not for last words sake, there is a difference… Thanks once again for the reply…

          • LordGamer

            Leaving it out doesn’t mean you weren’t trying to have the last word either my good man. We are all guilty in some way. No use trying to sugar coat it. Best to just admit your own mistakes rather than ignore them. None of us are innocent here. πŸ˜‰

          • Rinslowe

            Thank you yet again…

          • LordGamer

            You just proved my point. No one likes to be called out on anything, no doubt. I see you can be quite the stubborn fellow. You really shouldn’t make accusations of your own on individuals when you can’t come to terms of your own flaws.

            I’m persistent, I know. I like to see it as a gift and curse for lack of a better term. I can at least admit that. You’ll understand one day, mate. πŸ˜‰

            Was a fun bicker. Cheers.

          • Rinslowe

            Perhaps I should start to accuse you of wanting the last say?
            Lol. Good luck.

          • Daniel Gonzalez


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yes, I do agree. It’s childish of you to want the last say. No use trying to “slither” your way out of it. You aren’t fooling anyone there. It’s human nature to want the last word, just as you did hours ago. Yes, I know you’re not a fan of accusations, but it’s okay for you to make them. I gathered that much from your posts.

            No reason to pretend to be a saint. We all did wrong my friend. Should accept it for what it is, but I get the feeling you’ll just try to “slither” out of this one.

            Also, humans are all passive aggressive by nature, just some more than others. Seeing as you can’t help but respond back just as much, looks like you’re in the same boat with me my friend. I can make accusations too. Only difference between this one and your own, is that it’s a fact of life.

            Have a good evening. πŸ˜›

          • Rinslowe

            Lol, so much anti and false accusations, it’s mind boggling.
            Nope and you’re still not right about any of it. Simply put, you’re out of touch with reality Gonzalez. And now you’re implying all humans are passive aggressive by nature? What is this nonsense? Your facts of life need a life changing moment, bud. Really. I prefer talking to one of your other accounts, like LordGamer or Addicted to Games.. Then at least I don’t have to put up with a weak minded individual, who panders to his own insecurities by accusing us all of being just as weak…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Lol, so much anti and false accusations, it’s mind boggling.
            Nope and
            you’re still not right about any of it. Simply put, you’re out of touch
            with reality Gonzalez. And now you’re implying all humans are passive
            aggressive by nature? What is this nonsense? Your facts of life need a
            life changing moment, bud. Really. I prefer talking to one of your other
            accounts, like LordGamer or Addicted to Games.. Then at least I don’t
            have to put up with a weak minded individual who panders to his own
            insecurities by accusing us all of being just as weak…”

            I can sum this post up in just one word: Desperation. You should also read up on your psychology, it helps to follow it for over 10 years. It was fun, Rinslowe, but all great moments have to end. This is where I leave you. Continue if you’d like. If it makes you feel better.

          • Rinslowe

            More nonsense… Don’t worry about what makes me feel better. Just try to be a better you! In all of your accounts….lol

          • Zorlac79

            I am not sure of his $ony fanboyism, but he surely is a fanboy of “passive aggressive statements, wrapped in semi impartial comments…”, you nailed that one on the head.

            Some people just love to argue as it makes them feel a little better for a moment; he certainly displays this here on a regular basis.

          • Rinslowe

            Couldn’t agree more. Frankly I’m a bit over it TBH.

          • greengecko007

            There are plenty of people that love to argue. The fact that they both respond shows that they are equally guilty. I am guilty of it too, just like the other majority of people on this website. The main reason we have trolls like truthteller on this website is because people enjoy arguing with them. Is it necessary to call somebody out on it though?

          • Rinslowe

            We are all guilty of arguing. But is that what is being called out here? No. That topic was introduced by someone else. At the end of the evening, get involved if you personally think it’s worthwhile to stick up for something. But people will disagree… and they do, often.

          • greengecko007

            “But is that what is being called out here?

            Yes, it was being called out. Zorlac was talking specifically about Daniel Gonzales and how he loves to argue.

            “That topic was introduced by someone else…”

            It was introduced by the person I responded to. Interesting how that works.

          • Rinslowe

            My bad. While I was referring to the original topic, I missed that you were referencing another posters reply singularly.

          • LordGamer

            You nailed it mate. We reap what we sow as the old saying goes.

          • Rinslowe

            Daniel you should get some sleep… Isn’t it evening where you are?

          • LordGamer

            I take it you didn’t get enough snooze last night if you think every individual that calls it like it is must be named Daniel. I don’t blame you mate. I would too if I was frustrated to come up with a more dignified response. Don’t be so blue.

          • Rinslowe

            In fact I feel in tip top shape, if you must know!
            Good luck.

          • LordGamer

            Of course and it’s a plausible one. I’m perfectly positive that you use them just the same. No use being in denial about it. You are the stubborn one, I grant you that much. I’m in immortal shape. When you are thy lord, it calls for it. πŸ˜‰

            Good luck to you too, mate.

          • Rinslowe

            You are very robust in your accusations, this I’ll grant you. Thanks again, I feel perfectly positive that I have received that luck you speak of…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Indeed I do, as do the rest of people. Though, alot of people aren’t willing to admit that they are often guilty of many events over the internet. It’s much more simpler to put the whole blame on someone else than just admit being in the wrong. πŸ˜›

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I take it you’re a fan of hypocrisy, but hey, I guess we all have a hobby.

            Giving to charity, getting a good nights rest, volunteer work, these are good examples of what makes me feel better. Everyone should give it a go.

            Just the mere fact that people like yourself can’t stand it when someone has a different point of view than your own, that’s priceless.

            Do I love to argue? Yep, sure do. If you know it so well, then why do you come around continuing to point that out? You’re just as guilty, if not more. I don’t see anything in your post that I would take seriously, but it is entertaining post nonetheless. Only difference between me and other users that are hated on this site(truthteller for example) is that I can be reasoned with depending on how you approach me.

            Personally, I think greengecko said it best. We are all guilty equally and do love to argue, especially when we come around to point the finger.

            I know it’s a common reaction for people to slither around that fact, but then that just shows that people don’t really like what they dish out themselves.

          • Rinslowe

            First you defend an attack post against a guy just voicing is preference. Harmlessly might I add. Then more, continual passive aggressive nonsense… For the love of logic, just stop.. Get some more sleep or something, Gonzalez or LordGamer or Addictied to Games or whatever other account you’re using.

          • LordGamer

            Geez mate, you sure get a lot of hate on here. Gotta hand it to yeh. You take it like a champ. Is rather a shame that you get a lot of heat here. Much hypocrisy from people I tell yeh.


          • Zorlac79

            Perhaps you have not seen the majority of his comments, as it would be the only reason you might think that.

          • LordGamer

            I have mate. Doesn’t mean we should all be hypocrites and go with the trend of hating certain users. Doesn’t hurt to be critical of an individual in a polite manner. Don’t worry I won’t defend anyone here and he’s wrong and can see that, but to be fair for everyone instead of pointing fingers. We are all guilty of either causing turmoil or adding to it. I can even admit that myself. No one is innocent here.

            In my experiences, I just stick to chit chatting with individuals who I tend to get along with and ignore anyone who causes a disturbance. I like to think I’m a people person. Nothing personal. πŸ™‚


          • Rinslowe

            Hate is such a strong word. I don’t see anyone hating users here. Only you accusing people of hating. Right?

          • LordGamer

            If that helps you get through your day.

          • Rinslowe

            Does accusing people of being hateful, help you through yours?

          • LordGamer

            Well, having mates and family over sure does brighten up my day. So I would respectfully say no. Yourself?

          • Rinslowe

            I don’t think you actually answered the question, lol. And absolutely, family and friends brighten up any day. That I agree with 100%

          • LordGamer

            I think this is a proper response to your post.


          • Rinslowe

            Thank you again.

          • If I bought a PS4 today, I’d buy it for the two upcoming Metal Gear Solid V games, as well as the in-development titles Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Guilty Gears Xrd -Sign-. I’d probably take a look at Driveclub, as I personally love racers.

            I’d have reason to buy it sooner rather than later (to play MSG5) but long-term reasons for further buying the PS4 (FF15, KH3, GGX). But, in the meantime, that doesn’t mean I can’t try out some games that would be available to me now.

            Though, it also doesn’t mean that I can’t be rather disappointed by what other titles are currently available for this console that I’d really want for the other games coming soon, such games I might have bought to hold me over until those other select games arrive.

            I’m an unassuming individual (or, at least, I personally try to be). I can reason that perhaps Tra didn’t buy the PS4 for nothing, but just simply had an experience in the meantime in which he wasn’t satisfied. (In much the same way how I’d personally feel if I bought a Wii U right about now, honestly.)

            Maybe Tra finds the PS4 itself as a value, but just didn’t find value in its current selection. Did you ever consider that?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t cover up what I try to be. I just ask and can be blunt about things. That’s just me being me. Yes, I considered that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t question someones motive. So I don’t see the problem with that.

          • Yeah? …Okay? Whose business is it of anyone as to why someone bought a product? Questioning his motives for buying a PS4? Hassling the guy for finding a positive experience with his Wii U over his PS4? What is this, the Nintendo Product Affiliation Investigation Bureau?

            (By the way, just to clear my name possibly, I’m not the down-voter following you here. I say this just in case it might seem like it’s me and might count it as my added sentiment here. I noticed a down-vote shows up on your comments soon after I comment. I don’t downvote–I just disagree and move on.)

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Exaggerate much? Lighten up. Wasn’t like I called him a disrespectful name. If you don’t like what I have to say, then simply ignore it and move along. You only waste your own time. Practice what you preach then.

            Edit: Thanks for the clarification. Though, I never felt you are anyone who usually stalks me. You don’t fit the bill to me. So it’s cool. I’m not worried about who downvotes me or upvotes.

          • Rinslowe

            Ultimately I see no issue in the fact that he’s liking WWHD more than BF4. WWHD is art in motion, so it makes perfect sense to me the point that guy was making… PS4 will be a phenomenal machine with great titles at some point. That much is clear. But good on that guy for being straight up about his current situation. There’s no need for people to begin the usual fanboy attack dog commenting just for that, or for any reason actually.

          • LordGamer

            I see hypocrisy in your words. I’ve been visiting this site a while and always see you rather being critical of anyone who questions anyone of anything. No one stops you from questioning anything of any topic that may arise. You are held liable just as much as the next individual you may converse with. Learn to play nice. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. πŸ˜‰

          • Rinslowe

            Thank you for your comment. Although I don’t agree with it, I thank you anyway. Just sayin…

          • steve

            i got a ps4 because i know games will be coming like uncharted, but i may just find something new to enjoy in the mean time.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That’s cool. I have no problem with that, because I might do that very same thing this holiday. If I may ask, did you get any games for it? If so, which ones? Does the system run smoothly for you? I have heard some people have had system failures.

            Thank you for responding kindly, btw. It’s appreciated.

          • steve

            ya it runs fine now, a little clunky at first with alot of crashs, but if anyone were wondering if they should wait to buy, it is fine now, could use more work down the road but they always do. and battle field 4. its awesome on ps4

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think that’s a common thing with hardware. Though, it appears that the number of system failures is minimal. From what I’ve been reading, around less than 1%. Of course, there are people who are exaggerating and saying it’s at 33%.

            I don’t know about Battlefield, not really a fan of it or CoD to be honest.

          • Tra Allen

            This discussion is so stupid. I’m just stating my opinion. Daniel go hate on someone else comments…… Wait….. I see you have plenty of time on your hands to do so lol.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            If you feel comments are “stupid,” then why reply to them? See the hypocrisy there? πŸ™‚

            Second, I never hated on your comment, I questioned it. There’s a difference there my friend, no use getting uppity. Are you hating cause I questioned it? It seems so to me, but I digress.

            “Wait….. I see you have plenty of time on your hands to do so lol.”

            Ouch, that one hurt..oh nvm, that was me being amused. Just to humor you, you had just enough time to prove your intelligence in just one post. I congratulate you on that. No reason to get so offended. πŸ˜›

          • Tra Allen

            Can someone please get this man a life lol. I’m sorry but there’s no way I will get offended by a fulltime blogger. Seriously you post on everybody’s post. I don’t see how and why you sit here and talk crazy to people all day and I wish you well. Look outside your window…. you see that…. it’s life. There’s women out there dude. If you get your hands off your keyboard you may find it more enjoyable getting one.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Can someone please get this man a life lol. I’m sorry but there’s no way
            I will get offended by a fulltime blogger. Seriously you post on
            everybody’s post. I don’t see how and why you sit here and talk crazy to
            people all day and I wish you well. Look outside your window…. you
            see that…. it’s life. There’s women out there dude. If you get your
            hands off your keyboard you may find it more enjoyable getting one.”

            I wish you well too. As for the rest of your post. I’ll just leave this for you as helpful advise. Don’t thank me, it’s on me.

          • Tra Allen
          • Tra Allen

            I promise you it’s not an insult. I’m trying to help you. You can thank me later.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate me having a second love. I appreciate the concern of my well being, Xzibit.

            This will help you find the error of your ways. No reason to thank me. I’m always glad to help others in dire need.

            P.S. The one who says you have no life and continues to keep responding back each time, clearly doesn’t look in a mirror enough. The more you continue to post, the more you just prove me right. It was fun exposing you. Continue if you like though, you’ll just be wasting your time trying. Bye bye now.

          • Rinslowe


          • Kameron Grayson

            I’m probably gonna get all of the consoles this gen.

          • Rinslowe

            Cool. But will you really accept Doge as your saviour? Daniel. Sorry my mistake Grayson. The smartest combo this generation is PC + Wii U. But like some others, as cost isn’t the issue. All systems will eventually end up having a place in the cave. Despite what we may think about each company, whether we agree with them or not. A true universal gamer never says no to the games, lol.

            Good luck, and doge bless?

          • Arthur Jarret

            Why not?
            Are you not entertained?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Are you entertained?

          • Arthur Jarret

            Yes – yes I am. I do enjoy a healthy internet conversation – despite the fact that reading the quarrel of some that partake in said conversation inexplicably attracts my palm to my face, which incapacitate me to a point where I’m not able to partake in said conversational joys.

            Thanks for showing your showmanship in raising the general intellectual level of my entertainment today – I commend you for remaining the spiel of this thread for as long as you have. If I had only an ounce of your endurence, I might actually be able to finish my current work-in-progress tech projects, novel, short animation, website and game backlog.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Your welcome. πŸ™‚

          • fireheartis1

            Because it’s not a valid question too even ask. There’s going to be some great exclusives coming to the PS4 as well, so like The_Last_Metroid said; Why cause beef?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Dunno about beef, but the turkey was delicious.

          • fireheartis1

            Haha that’s pretty funny.

        • steve

          first of all its a port of a pc game, and take a look back at ps3 at launch, then like 4 or 5 years ago its clearly better. and ps4 will do the same.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Maybe it will, or maybe it won’t. It really depends on what games are available in the next 6 months from here. Just like with the Wii U, who knows what’s going to happen with it. I would expect 2014 to be a better year for it considering Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 will be coming in due time. Now if only they can get a Star Fox game developed as well. That’d be a nice addition. Though yes, it’s likely that PS4 will have the same drought and Xbox One. At least for a good year.

          • steve

            ps4 will be fine, they have just done too many things right. with wii u people were still skeptical and for alot they didnt deliver, and i dont agree but thats because i know nintendo is different and i feel they have nailed it with wii u for what i want from them. and as for the drought, it will only be 1st party stuff because3rd party will supply more then enough games to the ps4 and xbox. with wii u we only felt it was dry because only nintendo is putting good stuff on here and first party takes longer with fewer inbetween.

        • Arthur Jarret

          You mean the difference between playing AC4 with a decent framerate or with frequent slowdown isn’t enough for you?

      • It’s all about the games, less the hardware. While mentioning it, Wii U
        has the most exciting controller, because it’s not -only- a 2nd screen,
        but a whole new world of possibilities – making it next gen right there.
        Not to mention, all of its games run 1080p/60hz. You cannot say the
        same about the competition, at least yet.

    • DragonSilths

      So you play BF4 on PC? Cause that’s where its graphics are top notch.

      • Rinslowe

        True, but top notch being subjective… PS4’s version of BF4 is very, very respectable.

        • Yeah, and not only that, but you just won’t find a PC configured with the PS4’s specs that performs as well as the optimized PS4 console does, all for just $400.

          Of course, we know PCs can easily surpass the PS4’s specs, but really, you don’t need a beast to enjoy high-level gaming. The PS4’s visuals and power are nothing to sneeze at either. As you say, they are very respectable.

          And let’s not forget that PS4 also has a couple of nice features that even PC typically doesn’t enjoy, like playing games while they’re downloading, easily allowing a friend to play parts of your games, and easily posting your gaming video to Twitch..

          Really, I know more average PC gamers who are looking to pick up PS4 than those who are not. Leave it to the higher-end-PC-gaming elitists to minimize the PS4. PS4’s quite a solid bargain, for those with its particular gaming taste.

          • Rinslowe

            For the consumer that’s a very positive fact about PC cost vs PS4. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Sony who also cannot find a PS4 for $400, lol. Another generation where their losses are commercially unacceptable really.

          • Yeah, I do generally agree about the hefty initial investments that Sony’s well-known for taking with their products, like the initial 3-year-loss they put into PS Vita (and still ain’t seeing their losses recovered yet), though, I think it might pay off with PS4, provided that they offer a diverse-enough and large selection of games.

            There seems to be a lot of developer interest in the PS4 than compared to the PS3, even from traditionally PC-only developers for the first time. For the first time ever, we have PC game developers able to develop for console by just easily porting over most of their PC-development games.

            I think this is particularly due to the fact that developer favor console development over PC development, both in terms of dealing with one platform with uniform technical limitation as well as consoles generally seeing lower piracy rates than the gross amount that PC has amassed.

            I think another driving force has been the interest in using Unreal Engine 4, which was particularly designed for the optimized next-gen consoles. While it can be used for PC games, thanks to its many optimizations, I think most developers want to play with the idea of seeing how much they can do with the limits of a console.

            Also, developing exclusives for console is still faster than developing exclusives for PC, since with PC-exclusive games, you generally try to fill as much of the game as possible to test the limits of the latest graphics card, while even with next-gen consoles, you have a stricter budget and tighter deadline.

            So, a just-for-console game generally costs less than a just-for-PC games on average, which puts PS4 in good standing in terms of developer support.

            I think PS4 has potentially the makings of generating very high sales if they can prove a large and diverse-enough range of games, and once the PS4 drops in price. Even a $350 PS4 after about a couple of years should see an adoption rate which PS3 saw when its price drop.

            Again, as you say, it IS a value for the consumer, so if they can prove as much by providing and maintaining that value with a constant rate of games, they might can come out on top instead of their ever-increasing debt.

            Though, yeah, it was a spur-of-the-moment, on-a-whim move to price the PS4 lower than the Xbox One just to 1-up them. They’ve said it, so now they have to roll with it, for better or for worse.

          • Rinslowe

            I for one don’t want to see Sony in a worse financial state than MS gaming division come the tail end of this new generation…
            That would be the worst. Would very much like for Sony to continue with having a net capital nearly as full as Nintendo’s, so that these Japanese genius entities can continue to bring the magic. MS should really think about something else.

          • I agree. I wouldn’t want to see Sony drop out as a competitor. I’m not a huge Sony fan, but I am interested in picking up a PS4 for titles like FF15, KH3, MSG5, and Guilty Gears Xrd -Sign-.

            And as much as I personally do cringe at Sony being called “geniuses” (lol), I will say that they are a sharp competitor who keeps Nintendo on their toes, whether Nintendo admits it or not.

          • Rinslowe

            Dude in comparison to PS4, the Xbox Once is not even on the radar in terms of comparable content. All the games you listed, exactly! And so many more. Xbox just has halo that I can see and maybe titanfall…

          • Relick

            Never underestimate the power of Halo…

            …and Fifa and CoD. Those are the games of the Xbox One, not a very convincing bunch to us non-initiated eh?

            (to be fair I would have bought a xbone for halo in a few years time if it wasn’t for the draconian drm policies, forced kinect and tons of features I’m never going to use).

          • Rinslowe

            “Never underestimate the power of Halo…” Don’t worry about that. It’ll be the reason I eventually buy an Xbox One..

          • DragonSilths

            To buy a PS4 for a Multiplat like BF4 is silly. And just cause of its graphics is an even sillier reason.

          • Nobody buys a console just for multiplatform games. They buy multiplatform games because they’ve bought a console and can buy them for their console–the consoles being platforms in which they bought for other more exclusive reasons.

          • Rinslowe

            It’s silly? No, it’s a choice…

          • DragonSilths

            A silly choice. Like that guy who bought a PS4 just for COD Ghosts on it…

          • Rinslowe

            You might think so. But who cares what you think someone else should be doing? Worry about yourself looking silly first lol. Those details require your immediate attention.

          • DragonSilths

            I don’t deny I am silly. But not with money.

          • Rinslowe

            Good for you. Really, more people should be smart with their hard earned cash, “Especially” the silly people.

          • steve

            i would buy it just for bf because i was gunna buy a $1500 pc just because of bf3 running way better with 60 player matches over consoles, so getting a ps4 for $400 and achieving what i wanted a pc for seems pretty smart.

          • Relick

            Do you have a standard non gaming-PC as well as your PS4?

          • steve


          • Relick

            Well, surely it would work out the same amount-ish to get that computer and the ps4 compared to a good computer?

          • steve

            i didnt buy the computer, besides i like consoles more anyway, no having to research stuff just buy the games and play

          • Relick

            I always get annoyed when people start bringing up PCs and compare them to consoles like they are remotely related because they are just so different in almost every way.

            PCs have a larger initial investment, but a smaller per game investment.
            Consoles have a (much) smaller initial investment, but a (much) larger per game investment.

            When you buy a PC, you jump in at whatever point the PC is at, and you have a catalogue that spans back to the 90s and 80s along with emulators for consoles (at no extra cost – forgetting legitimacy for now) only increasing the collection available. You needn’t even decide which games you want to get a PC for because there are simply too many to choose from. There are also millions of free games available to play.

            When you buy a console, you only have that generation of console’s games available, and maybe some back-catalogues depending on the maker of the console’s desire to include such a feature. You will often decide to get a console based on a few games. There are not many free games.

            PC has the ability to run so much more than just games. Even if you spent less on a console than a PC, you’d still have to fork out money in order to use MS Office or whatever. By the time you’ve got that computer set up you’ve probably spent way more many than it would have cost to just get a gaming PC in the first place. Not to mention that it is an open platform, so anyone can make stuff for it – not just those who buy the dev kits.

            Console may have the great usability features that you mentioned such as easy uploading, playing while downloading etc. This obviously differs between consoles, however, and not all the functionality you would like is going to be included.

            Quite simply, PC is a different experience to console, at a different price, and should be treated as such. But there is a lot more to factor in to the argument than just price of the platform and ease of use.

          • Want to point out here, Wii U is the only console in this gen, which supports backward compatibility making it having the largest support of game titles right from the beginning. No comment on PC, yet I have couple of them. Not gaming so much with’em. Maybe because I like the sofa better and the ease of use having consoles hooked to a large TV (rather than PC).

          • Relick

            I love gaming on the sofa too, sitting in a chair gets uncomfortable after a while. I also love my WiiU. Although I do play my PC more simply because it is way more connected to everything than my WiiU is, because if I want to play my WiiU I effectively have to shut myself off from the internet completely, whereas on the PC I can multitask, e.g. be in a chat room, in a skype call and play a strategy game at the same time. Funnily enough multitasking is something the XBox One specialises in, easily the worst console this gen.

        • DragonSilths

          To be honest I don’t really give a damn about BF4 being on any system. Its still just a upgraded BF3. Graphically, BF4 is what BF3 was on PC back then. I never played BF cause I hate FPS games.

          • Rinslowe

            That sort of makes your entire first comment a bit of a pointless attack…

      • Grulnork

        PC is the best place for FPS games. Nothing can beat mouse and keyboard. The Wii remote does come close and that is good enough for single player shooters, especially if its as well done as Metroid for example. For multiplayer I won’t give up my mouse and keyboard for anything.

    • Mario

      A game with no good gameplay is no game at all for me.

    • Arthur Jarret

      So true. If graphics were all-important, you shouldn’t be playing consoles anyway. PS4 is already outdated – after all, and that platform with much improved graphics out there doesn’t even charge you to use your own internet to connect to a game developer’s servers. (Hint: it’s PC!)

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I bought a bunch of WiiU games today. Going to give them as christmas presents to friends who DOES’NT own a WiiU. Maybe they’ll buy one. πŸ™‚

  • Nintendoro

    I own Wii U and will get my PS4 tomorrow. Wii U has the graphics that make me go WOW. That isn’t going to change no matter what PS4 will show. Wii U is a full HD 60 fps capable system. That makes it next gen to me. Games like Zombi U, NFS Most Wanted and Zelda WWHD have already showed me that Wii U is more than last gen. Unless you’re some kinda moody nerd kid who’s daddy owns highest end gaming PC, Wii U is gonna perform satisfyingly well

  • FilipiCn

    If I wanted super hd system, I would buy a hardcore pc and spend my time playing alone. But with wiiu Usually I have good times with my friends, everybody play togheter through the night. All I can say is: You can enjoy togheter with friends and family and everybody who try loves it.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Another great video John, a really good argument for Wii U and I fully agree about well everything.
    One thing I think should have been said though is about 3rd party games, to say this video vilified them is an overstatement but you failed to mention all the good ports we’re getting – Deus Ex deserved a mention in the remakes done right part of the video, AC4 is also pretty good and Rayman Legends is superior on Wii U. For the online section you should have mentioned Ghosts on Wii U, it’s free unlike XBL and PS4 which is great, the online works just as well on Wii U as it did on 360 and Off-TV play and the headphone jack make Wii U perfect if you live in a crowded house.
    As I said I agree about everything you said but a few things were missing which would have made an even more compelling argument for Wii U (the said games are really big deal for a lot of people and would complete the package for consumers if all the other Nintendo brilliance isn’t enough). I hate to be going over the same old ground again but though 3rd parties can been a headache, can we recognise their efforts when they do get it right.

    Edit: Watch Dogs. That is all.

  • Petri

    You wont probably find hyper realistic games on PS4 or XBOne either.

    Only bone I have to pick with Luigi DLC, was the copy paste boss fights.

  • Rick van der Linde

    I have a PC that can run BF4 and all those other games, what’s the point of getting a PS4/Xbox One? Yes there are some exclusives, but those are always shooters/racers and there are plenty of those around. Nintendo has games that I can’t play on my PC, so yeah, Wii U wins for me.

    • Metal Gear Solid V isn’t on PC.
      Final Fantasy XV won’t be on PC.
      Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be on PC.
      Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- won’t be on PC.

      For me, those four titles alone are enough reason why I’ll look into buying a PS4 next year (later, when all the early malfunctioning PS4s are addressed). Besides, I’m a PC gamer myself, but quite honestly, unless I’m playing a game that particularly merits the keyboard-and-mouse, I abhor gaming at my desk. Even if Final Fantasy XV came out on PC, I’d much rather enjoy it on a couch.

      As for Nintendo, as huge of a lifelong Nintendo fan as I am, right now, Nintendo only has three games that I’d buy a Wii U for, and they don’t come out until sometime in 2014 or 2015 (SSB, Zelda, and maybe “X” if it proves any good). Right now, not even Nintendo’s current lineup of first-party games speak particularly strong to me. Once I’ve seen Nintendo at their best, it’s hard for me to settle for less. I seriously hope they step it up.

      • Rick van der Linde

        I should’ve mentioned what’s the point of getting it now, because I will get a PS4 later on. One HD Mario game was enough to buy the Wii U, yes I’m that weak πŸ˜›

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    One of the best videos about wii u ever, Awsome video john!

  • jreed3842

    Now this is what I like!! Video showing us just how great the Wii U can bit (but also reminding us it isn’t perfect) and letting others know that this is, indeed, still part of the next generation of consoles!

  • HJ 612

    That was a very good video!

  • Squid

    I couldn’t agree more. It annoys me how underrated Wii U is.

  • Dez

    Personally I’m wondering why you had that much money lying around much less why buy a console this early on. Consoles are always buggy as hell at launch and I am not getting a repeat of the PS3 where I got two defective PS3s, I wound up trading in a defective one and got another defective version in return. As for the X-bone, why bother? It is $100 more than a PS4 with a camera that must be plugged in for the system to function, it is pretty much a direct feed to the NSA, it doesn’t do much except have some wonky (not always functional) voice commands and stuff. Who in their right mind would consider that a buy especially when it seems to be struggling the most with games and is just going to become another shooter/tivo box? I say no to Microsoft’s greed and I’ve never liked their consoles or their business practices, how often do they have to f*** up Windows before someone says no?

    • Relick

      Only reason to choose one console over another is exclusives.

      The XBone has Halo, and I would have bought the XBone just for Halo if it wasn’t for MS greed and all the other stuff you mentioned. MS has probably lost huge amounts of customers over all the shit they’ve pulled with the XBone – and yet they still had the best launch. Somehow.

    • Grulnork

      Yea, I did that as well with the Wii U and my patience paid off. Picked it up for €175 on And the first half year wasn’t that great anyway.

      I wouldn’t be to afraid of the kinect. There is a much better way to spy on ppl and that is by there mobile phone. Everyone walks around with a microphone and camera in there pocket. And worse even, it often shows your location as well with GPS. That information is very valuable and we are giving it away for free.

  • Dez

    Honestly you will get a better deal on a Wii U, $100 cheaper than a PS4 and $200 cheaper than an X-bone. With the new Mario bundle you can get roughly two games and a DLC pack for $360 and three games with the DLC (Mario bundle) for $420. Not sure why so many people are skeptical of the Wii U this holiday season since it definitely has a leg up on its competition.

    Also PC Master race will always win in processing power and graphical output.

    • Relick

      PC Master race will always win in any field except for exclusives and local social gaming.

      Of course, exclusives and local social gaming are very convincing reasons to get a console as well as a PC.

      • Grulnork

        Home coop games exist for PC to, just ppl do not often bother connecting it with there TV by HDMI.

  • Rinslowe
  • Madmagican

    Right now I’ve just got My Wii U, 3DS, and PC
    I may get a PS4 and/or X1 down the line if their libraries improve and awesome exclusives arise

    • Rinslowe

      Wii U + PC is the best choice this gen also, IMO.

      • Grulnork

        Agreed. PS4 and XB1, do not offer much you cannot do on a PC. (not even comforty couch play, because that you can do on PC to with HDMI out, your favourite gamepad and steam big picture)

        Wii U offers the the most (different and original) exclusives. XB1 and PS4 offer good stuff, but most can be done better on PC.

        I doubt I will ever buy a tradional console except from Nintendo, because they offer truly an other experience then PC games.

  • Daniel Schwarz

    great video! i think zombie u and rayman legends were worth mentioning, but seriously a great video.

  • starwars360

    Wii U and Xbox One for now until InFamous: Second Son release on PS4 and with PS4 bundle. 8))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Loved Wii U and Xbox One so much. PS4 got bored launch titles for exclusive unlike Wii U and Xbox One got better. πŸ™‚

  • Simon Stevens

    I love my WII U, while I’m considering a ps4, I’m gonna wait to aee what Steam boxes can do, considering I have a crazy amount of games on Steam, lots of indie love ^^

    Great video by the way, very professional.

  • SuperNardful

    We don’t even have to wait for Bayonetta 2 for a mature, action game. Have people forgotten about Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge? It’s been around since launch.


  • Mark Bruce

    Great Video John! I love my Wii U and have convinced a few other people to get one as well. In my opinion, it’s pretty great for families who already have a Wii, as well as newcomers. It already plays all your old Wii games, so you don’t lose your library. While it doesn’t have DVD or Blu Ray capabilities … it can stream Netflix or any Wii game OFF TV. I can’t stress how important this could be for a new family who doesn’t have to give up Superbowl Sunday or create a huge fight over TV time. Heck, you could even play New Super Mario Bros U on the gamepad while another kid plays Animal Crossing: City Folk on their TV via the Wii. Both kids happy, at the same time?!
    I’ve also pointed out that you get free games, with some incredible bundles and savings. Who doesn’t love savings?! Yes, the XBox One and the PS4 are great consoles in their own right … but there’s really no “must have” game out there for either system. While the Wii U may have been a tougher sell last year, now that the library is larger and Super Mario 3D World has been released, it’s just the perfect time to own a Wii U. And, on a side note, the more of us that own Wii U’s, the more of us will be there for online play should developers down the line decide to support it. Again, great article John and I can’t wait for more people to pick up a Wii U this holiday season. πŸ™‚

  • Forbsz

    So glad you included X I am so pumped for the game!! and smash bros oh my god I want every game and I’m picking up Super Mario 3D World tomorrow I was disappointed with Wii U for a while when I got it in November but I’m loving it now!

    • Arthur Jarret

      Actually – Monster hunter kept me very entertained until wonderful 101 and pikmin came out… and then a lot of games happened – ported titles like spiderman and batman lowered in price, deus ex came out, mario 3D world is locked in my drive right now.

      Games like GTA V and Beyond coming out for my PS3 and Phoenix and Link on my 3DS (amongst others) helped to pass the time too… but over the course of the past year I’ve spent the most time with the gamepad in my hands (finally a controller for adult hands)

      • Forbsz

        Yeah it’s awesome I just wish it would sell well πŸ™

  • goldenfirered136

    The Video was one of the best iv seen, I got a Wii U already, but Im just waiting for SSB and X and Mario Kart 8 and sooooo much more next year, and people complain that their isn’t any good games on the Wii U

  • Rinslowe

    Looks as though the site Motley Fool agrees 100%, at least about this holiday season…


    What a surprising flip flop from this, Lol;

  • SkullScience

    Excellent video. Very informative and I agree with most of the points. Like the narrator, as of today I am someone who owns all 3 ‘next gen’ consoles. I really don’t see the Wii U as inferior in any way. It has the option of off-screen play straight off the bat. Simply the best console by a mile if, like many people, you are a fan of platform titles, both 2D and 3D. It is also very accomplished in top third party title like Deus Ex and CoD Ghosts. Nintendo have abandoned the casual consumer to a certain extent, that is a good thing as it gets the core market back but will have an initial loss of sales. The Nintendo games that true gamers love, Mario, Wonderful 101, Zombi U etc.. are some of the most hardcore games you will ever see. My Wii U sits proudly between my XB1 and PS4 and will do for years to come.

  • Dylan Clark

    Wii U + XB1 but my XB1 will get more play. Until SSB4

  • John Madsen

    Actually i have some major issues with this video you failed to mention about how nintendo has support for families with older tv sets where microsoft and sony have hdmi only on the ps4 and xbox 1

  • Mehraj Meah

    me: Are all three next-gen consoles on sale?
    my friend: Three? There’s only two.

  • Greg Allen

    im gonna buy a 3ds. some people can’t work out what it is, they think its just like an add on for the original ds. theres not really much out for it. just like a remake of a zelda game. but hey they’ve just released a new mario game, and who knows maybe it will sell. i know everyone is saying nintendo is doomed, and that the vita thats coming is leap years ahead of the software, i dunno… i’m just going to stick with my gut reaction on this one.

    wait a second, i’m just confusing myself. The 3ds did win that one didn’t. We’re talking about CONSOLES. Oh well thats a different story altogether. Isn’t it?

    You know I watched a fantastic TED talk recently, probably a bit too boring for some of you I know, but some people find forward thinking valuable… some guy made a great argument about the implications of designing for fun and how to make the world a better place.

    I think based on that level, I can’t help but wondering if I should save my hard earned cash on a box that basically just sells the same idea over and over in a pretty way, or leave it to people who are passionate about games and play my wii u. Fun or consumerism. Hmm well I don’t want my friends to think i’m gay or something. Better get saving.

    Bla bla bla. Just talking nonsense really. Not that it seems to matter judging by the posts on this forum. I’ll end with this.

    Mario 64. Mario Sunshine. Paper Mario. Mario Galaxy. Mario 3. Mario Tennis. Mario Golf. Yoshis Island. Mario Kart. jesus christ I get sick of people creating entirely different game engines and using the SAME OLD MASCOT. jesus. why can’t somebody just make one engine and use different mascots every time. I dunno. We could call it something ‘duty’ or creed or whatever. Anything, just stop giving me the same thing. Damn kiddy shit.

  • Nigga
  • Kameron Grayson

    Nintendo lacks variety, but Microsoft and Sony do, too. Nintendo is marketed towards a younger or casual audience. Sadly, Microsoft and Sony steal most of the younger audience. Nintendo needs a new IP that targets casuals and core gamers, a darker game, that brings a variety of players on the Wii U, while still maintaining their older franchises. They can maintain core gamers and casual gamers. I am a casual gamer to myself, but enjoy hardcore games like Call of Duty, and Battlefield. I even play Assassin’s Creed, I’m sure Nintendo could make a game even darker than Majora’s Mask.

    • Kameron Grayson

      The thing is, I am a third-party creator. Although, I haven’t made any console games, I have made some PC games, I might consider moving to the Wii U, although they weren’t that popular. They were still really dark games, with even darker themes.

  • fireheartis1

    lol I love how this guy say Console as Consele. He’s spot on about everything he is saying though ,except for the 3rd party support. Once the install base is here the 3rd parties will come. Probably not the 3rd parties like EA, but there will be some 3rd parties that will rock the Wii U hardcore. I almost forgot to ad that man I love that kid in that commercial. “Hot buttered popcorn that’s a deal.” lol Makes me laugh every time I hear it.

  • Took me a while to watch the Video John, as I didn’t have enough time, but love this video you did, as for you same goes for me the most anticipated title for Wii U in my eyes is also without a doubt Monolith’s X. Just such a shame you ended the video with that ridiculous commercial πŸ™ Other then that, great job.

  • Michael Ocampo

    Nice Video John!! There’s one thing that I TOTALLY forgot about though… X!! It looks so AWESOME and hopefully it has online multiplayer!!

  • Guest

    It’s all about the games, less the hardware. While mentioning it, Wii U has the most exciting controller, because it’s not -only- a 2nd screen, but a whole new world of possibilities – making it next gen right there. Not to mention, all of its games run 1080p/60hz. You cannot say the same about the competition, “CPU-power or not”.

  • EmbersFall

    personally i have a pc so ill most likely get a wii u sometime around the launch of mario kart 8 and then wait for a ps4 price drop for kh3 and ffxv

  • Josie the Sketcher

    John, i salute you!