Oct 17th, 2012

Wii U Mario ChaseThe Wii U has so far been received with mixed reactions. Nintendo fans love it, most gamers understand the concept behind it, and some will always be haters, no matter what. But when it comes to the mainstream press, the Wii U hasn’t yet attracted a lot of attention, but that’s slowly beginning to change.

Business publication Business Insider recently had a hands-on experience with the Wii U, and they came away impressed. Writer Dylan Love, who doesn’t recognize himself as a gamer, put it bluntly:

“I’ve had relatively limited experience with console video games, so keep that in mind when I tell you the following: the Wii U is the most fun I’ve ever had playing games on a console hooked up to my TV.”

He went on, saying that he’s emphasizing “fun” and not graphics and storytelling. His favorite game was Mario Chase, which is part of Nintendo Land.

The Wii U hasn’t gotten nearly as much press as the revolutionary Wii console when it was about to launch. Hopefully this will change in the last month before the Wii U launch. The Wii U will launch on the November 18th in North America, and will come in two SKUs: a Basic $299 set, and a Deluxe set at $349 with some accessories and a copy of Nintendo Land.


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  • Ninjafish

    Bring on November! 😀

  • Yodin

    LOL some will always be haters, i cannot wait for NintendoLand 🙂 it will be Fun

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  • Nintedward .

    I wasn’t really lookin forward to Nintendo Land , Until I played it exstensively. Everyone was laughing screaming etc and having a ball.

    When they say this game is for local play and not online I can totaly see why!! Not becuase they are being stingey , but becuase they genuinely feel the Personal aspect fully enhances the game. Which it does.

    It would be lame online . But is awesome with some friends or family or what ever 🙂

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      What does pingback mean?

      • Nintedward .

        IF you’re refering as to why it say ”pingback” above my comment up there , I don’t know XD , I didn’t put it there.

        Pingback oxford dictionary- ”the action of reloading a BB gun or trying to fire an elastic band at your friend , only for it to ping back into your eye”- pingback.

        • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

          I was looking for both reason and definition, but I don’t think oxford’s definition fits in this circumstance. The “wii u mysteries good or bad” appears to be a forum thread similar to this artcle, that you may or may not have posted on before. I do like the oxford definition though…

    • Marioravesto3d

      Good post,that’s what I want to read yer go with the online nintendo don’t forget the family and friends having a good time with one tv.Saying that I belive online play will be up to microsoft 360 standards this time around really looking forward to that.

  • ceramicsaturn

    Goooood, goooood.

  • Jetty

    Nintendo was overlooked at E3. What a difference one month makes. Now that people have experienced a majority of Wii U launch titles, people are starting to “quit hating”. Nintendo doesn’t have to bash Sony or micro$oft, Nintendo let’s their consoles shut people up. It’ll shut me up with my newly developed carpal tunnel in mid-November…

    • Jetty


  • Enigmatic

    Why wouldn’t their be haters? I mean really, look at the thing. The only people that like it are Nintendo fans. Every gamer that I have talked to about it thinks that it is a joke.

    • ceramicsaturn

      You know some shitty gamers. Even the dark, unpoliced alleys of IGN’s comment section has the Wii U bursting with overwhelming love and support, which is definitely not typical. Usually it’s Nintendo hate all the time.

      Gamer’s opinions are turning around. Just like with the Wii, which also got a lot of criticism and jokes before it came out and sold like hotcakes.

      • albino donkey

        D: now he’l go hate in the ign comments

    • QTF

      “Every gamer that I have talked to about it thinks that it is a joke.”
      Quick question, how old are you? It could be your age group. :S

    • Anubis

      My family and friends like it and they’re not Nintendo fans. ( They play games just for fun.)

    • Evilqnievil

      Get out of this website dude. The wii u is the best console to happen since wii. Ur just jealousy cuz Sony and Microsoft r crying and screaming about what they’re going to copy next from nintendo

      • Naterman

        The comment posted above was mine. I had my name under evilqnievil for some reason

    • Grodus

      Well, you’ve been talking to CoD obsessed pre-teens, I’m guessing.

    • DUKE

      why are you here

    • Ibiexplorer4

      I’d really like to meet those people. The people I’ve talked to range from “This looks great” to “Meh, It’s all right I guess.”

    • Wii U is next gen

      @Enigmatic Your a joke and so go troll somewhere else and let the real wii u gamers talk on here …thanks

  • IVIatrix+

    November Goods and Bads
    Good -> Launch of Wii U & Black Ops 2
    Bad -> Midterms comes around…

    • Elite

      I actually have finals that week…

      • Elite

        but still, i will probably have leave my wii u in the box for a week….

    • QTF

      Bad -> Wii U BO 2 doesn’t have Elite.
      Goddamnit Activision!.. and Elite is now free! >_<

      • Nintenlord

        They have to wait and how nintendo will do there online profile for them to do it but elite on the wiiu is useless for now

    • dimoskid


    • CoD Hater

      You forgot to put Black Ops 2 in the Bad section.

  • Johny

    thats GREAT news to hear 😀 ..
    it hints that the mainstream crowd will just likely to recieve the wii u very good xD … which is good

  • Allon

    The Wii U going to be awesome!But I must confess!I am not waiting on the Wii U for AC3!Patience is not one of my strong suits!

  • bigha6900

    play the wii u at gamestop

  • Master Awesomeness


  • Nintendomus Prime

    When will we see some reviews?? Surely everything is ready now!

  • JumpMan

    i just wish that Wii U would get #1 spot on Yahoo News or something, you know, something to get alot of peoples attention. and make sure to say “Nintendo’s NEW HOME console” so people don’t think “wow, the 3DS failed i guess.”

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    i like xbox 360, but i gotta admit, microsoft is getting trolled. sony even said that wii u was a great idea (i like wii better than 360.)

  • MEH

    My name describes what i feel for the wii u

    • Grodus

      My name describes the awesomeness of the Wii U. Remember how awesome Grodus was? (I like Grodus. As if you couldn’t tell.)

    • MEH “MEH”

      My name describes what i feel “Meh”

    • Ibiexplorer4

      All right. It’s your opinion and I respect that.

    • Crumple-Horned Snorkack

      It’s ok, people didn’t believe in the Crumple-Horned Snorkack either!

    • Wii U is next gen

      @Meh i think you feel like that is because you are a Meh and that’s fact
      and grodus is right Wii U is awesomeness so go troll somewhere else troll boy

      • MEH

        i love u

  • redcomshell

    I was disappointed today when I called Best Buy and they told me they still haven’t put up their demo unit and haven’t even received it. I am sure Nintendo has everything planned out, but it’s almost a month away from release and still no advertisements. what are they waiting for? i have it preordered either way.

    • Grodus

      Yes, I went to Best Buy and found NOTHING! Just a Wii U ad, saying the new slogan, “THE NEW WAY U WILL PLAY,” or something very similar.

      • NintendoMan :D

        All I saw was a sign that said Wii U coming soon go to Best Buy.com for more info. I want to play the demo so badly but I can’t!!! D:

      • Wii U is next gen

        @grodus sorry to hear that man but check out soon at gamestop i know some of them are getting some mine is

    • PKUltima

      I’m going to make a trip to gamestop sometime and just play the Wii-U all day lol

      • redcomshell

        I also called all of the Gamestops today and only certain ones will be getting it and they still have no idea when it will be coming in. I think maybe they don’t want people to get hyped when they will have a hard time getting it. it did preorder out in a day.

        • bigha6900

          Gamestop do have the game play console I played it last night it was fun

  • wii UUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

    this is how i sum it up

    Sony: hate them!!!!!!

    Microsoft: okay

    Nintendo: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    proud owner of only nintendo consoles

    • NintendoMan :D

      Same here only i have owned a PS3 for 1 1/2 years before it crashed. Cheap Sony…

    • Derp

      Gamed on my PC since I was like 3.

      Played Super Smash Bros. on N64… you know what happened.

  • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

    Oh NOW SOMEONE IS PRAISING NINTENDOS CONSOLE. Personally the fact that i can play SMASH BROS, METROID, MARIO (and all of its lovely spin offs), ZELDA, and possibly an HD POKEMON, those five games would have me sold. Other honorable mentions: Star Fox, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Excitebike, Megaman, COD, NInja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge

  • Nintendomination

    My body is Reggie….uh i mean ready!

  • Dan

    My body is ready, my wallet is not!!

  • nintenwhore

    yes wiiu is D-business

  • Game Master

    My body is ready, my wallet is a 3red of the way there!!
    One more paycheck to go 🙂

  • Me

    “The Wii U hasn’t gotten nearly as much press as the revolutionary Wii console when it was about to launch”


    Being really, the Wii didn’t got all that ‘press’ until it was October-November 2006…

    • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

      very true i had to get my wii 2 years later, and im glad i did, because i got SSBB.

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