Oct 22nd, 2012

As you may know, Burger King and Nintendo are teaming up to promote the new Wii U console. Anyone who purchases a Kids Meal will get a free Nintendo toy, and the first of such toys have been spotted in the wild. So far the available toys include a Mario figure and a green Koopa shell. More toys will be available later on, but it seems like it’s only general Nintendo figures, and nothing Wii U specific. The Wii U promotion officially kicks off on October 25, but apparently, some stores are already offering the toys, as you can see below:

Wii U toys

Nintendo and Burger King teamed up for a Wii U promotion that offers free toys across North America, the same deal the two companies had with the original Wii back in 2006. The promotion is expected to run until the Wii U launch on November 18, 2012.


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  • Nintendomination

    I want that shell…. to BK!!!

    • Xadrin

      No red shells? >:(

      • Ninjafish

        Blue shells? ๐Ÿ˜€

        • NintendoGamer

          Yellow shells with money in it.

        • Nintedward .

          Don’t make me drop 3 Bananas in quick succession!!!!

          • Kybalion

            Sorry Nintedward but I don’t think a banana is enough protection against a blue Shell!!! =D

          • Nitedward

            Don’t make me go to burger king!!

        • Nightยบฦ’Core

          Rainbow Star?

          • Nko Sekirei

            ill just use the lightning bolt from mario kart and shrink everyone down to size and run them over and ill reach the finish line first

          • Nightยบฦ’Core

            Rocket Bill ๐Ÿ˜€ That stuffs up your lightning bolt

        • PACMAN

          why not in and out

      • Cugno the Swiss

        Red shells are for pussies, the green ones are for pros!

        • sergiosms

          Maybe but you’ll be begging for a red shell when the finish line is right there

        • Grodus

          That’s what they all say before they get pounded by a green shell and decide they hate them.

          • Roedburn

            Or when they misfire and get hit by their own green shell.

    • Nintenlord

      It started i saw the bk tv ad,(batman classic song)to the minivan

    • Guhtere

      You’ll get a shell, a blue shell that is. Get it? Cuz you’re first. I know this isn’t a funny joke, I’ll go sit in the corner now.

      • RoboticLink

        To burger king!

        • tht guy

          for apple juice!!

  • AcesHigh

    Went to BK last Thursday. They had the WiiU crowns but my son’s Kid’s Meal didn’t have a Nintendo toy. Daddy wanted it! ๐Ÿ™

    • Nintenlord

      There is no better fealing than enjoy the same things that you loved 1s like
      ,last night i went to pick up mario for the 3ds whit my 5 years old and it was ablast to see him enjoy it

      • AcesHigh

        That’s awesome! SO looking forward to that. My son is 2 1/2. He’s just now getting to know who “Mario and Ooigi” is. He can press the jump button and move. But not both at the same time. Can’t wait to play together with him! I’m thinking Mario WiiU will be perfect for him to set the platforms on the GamePad and Daddy plays with the WiiMote. And it’s a great excuse to game again! Haven’t played games at any length for a few years now. “Honey, I’m just playinf with our son… I HAVE to!” LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Nintenlord

          Exactly that why nintendo is so loved ppl just say that those games are for kids but they are fun to every 1,has much that i love action game i will not rush the grow of youngs also in a few years they will start calling us noobs even though we are there gamming teachers, the nerve of sum kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • AcesHigh

            LOL! Too true!!

            You know, that’s also why I am really hating most gaming mags these days. They have such negative and over analytical attitudes towards a hobby that is supposed to be just… FUN! Games have grown darker, “edgier” and supposedly “cooler” and most magazines are following suit with what they term as cool. While Nintendo is embracing all 3rd parties and more Mature games with WiiU, they are also not abandoning what is their core competancy; Fun games that are as engaging to 5 year olds and adults alike! And that’s something that their competitors simply have not been able to reproduce. And magazines and webzines are confounded as to why Nintendo is still popular in spite of what they are deeming should be popular. Thus all the Nintendo hate out there in the media.

            Anyway, I love Nintendo for giving me something fun that I absolutely love to play and something I can start playing with my son at 2 1/2!

  • JohnAguilera

    I’m a grown man. But for the next few days I’m going to be getting a bunch of kid’s meals.

    • Nintedward .

      People who are insecure about playing Nintendo Franchises are less mature than Nintendo fans…..

      We Enjoy Mario , Kirby etc and feel mature about it , they play War simulators and feel mature about that… – Hmmmmmmm????

      • Derpy

        Who gives a fuck about being mature in this kind of topic? It’s damn video games! Play what you want!

  • Gamer

    it would be awesome if those toys come with nfc, anyway i want that shell!!!

  • Chris

    Hurrah!! Toys that only promote a Mario game… and not really the Wii U itself… hurrah?

    • NintendoMan :D

      How do we know these aren’t from when the Wii came out? The characters on the card look like ther from New Super Mario Bros Wii.

      • Grodus

        They’re probably for NSMBU.

    • AcesHigh

      Can’t say anything about the toys cuz I haven’t seen them yet. But the crowns have the WiiU logo on them. will be telling if they have Raccoon Mario and baby Yoshis.

  • –Cpt.Stone–

    I got my green shell over the weekend. .

  • srpg2ishere

    Lol. Nintendo in bk. Too bad I don’t have one by my neighborhood. We’ll I’m buying a Wii U anyway so..

  • Lazara The Last

    Hope they comes to Norway!!

  • erick

    Hey guys thumb this comment up so the leaders of the forum can put some sort of a countdown for the console like the one in the official page so that we wouldnt need to go to the official page each and every second like us the eager ones hahaha (or whenever somebody gets to accept this comment just take the suggestion)

    • Lazara The Last

      Yeah, one countdown for US, one for Europe and one for Japan! XD

  • Jaymck203

    will this promotion be in the uk???

  • nintendofreak

    i HAVE A QUESTION i try to get into d forums n dat wiiu daily users should reset deir passwords comes out so i do everything then it says….. a question pop out who makes d wii u? i put nintendo(also Nintendo) n it says im wrong does somebody know wat is wrong

    • nintendofreak

      it appears to be working now

    • Billy

      It was 14 year olds! Lawlz

    • AKA-Link77

      Uh. . . . .

    • Grodus

      Um…. Yes. (Whisper: That usually works, will it this time?)

    • German Grammar Nazi

      That post gave me cancer.

  • smallNdeadly

    Posting something cause for some reason not letting me upload anything on other sites

  • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

    i wnat mario and a shell!

  • Nintendo Power (Chuck Norris)

    I want Mario!!!

  • mc7791

    Love Nintendo but hate BK. Their food sucks!! The only reason I would go to BK now would be to participate if the promotion included a chance at winning a Wii U. Otherwise forget it. Also since a Wii U commercial has aired in the UK when will the commercials start in the U.S.?

    • Grodus

      They are having a Wii U giveaway. I don’t know the details but in the commercial that DIDN’T get an article yet (maybe it’s pretty new) I heard “…and win a free Wii U! Many will enter, 10 will win.” So 10 people are getting free Wii Us from BK. Also, you apparently get a mario crown with the kid’s meal.

  • Lord Carlisle

    I haven’t seen any exciting news on this site lately… I want more info on Nintendo Land, AC3, and NSMBU.

    Nonetheless, though, it’s good that they’re finally starting to promote the Wii U.

  • poposino

    i hope those toys come to mexico

  • wii UUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

    omg omg omg!!!!

  • ncv144

    i hope these will come to wendy’s or mcdonalds because i dont eat burger king even if my life depended on it

  • Name

    uhh i hate burger king but love nintendo this is going to be hard

  • MetroidFAN

    Man.. Now I’m going to Burger King to get my kids meal!

  • NintendoMan :D


    • NintendoMan :D


      • NintendoMan :D

        Sorry this only applies to 50 states and District of Colombia (Washington D.C). Sorry Europe

        • urh

          for being us-citizen?


    • Grodus

      OMG OMG I GUESS I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW THE COMMERCIAL. Seriously, has anyone else seen it?

      • NintendoMan :D

        I purposly tried watching nickelodeon. No Wii U commercials but there was a 3ds commercial.

  • WiiUFan745

    Just so that you guys at Wii U Daily know, if you go on Nickelodeon (or Cartoon Network, if I remember…), you’ll see a Burger King commercial that shows off the almighty Wii U, and it said you can win one for free!

    Again, just so that you guys know (and possibly post it)

  • MEJM

    What makes them specificly Wii U toys? I don’t see any logos.

    • Grodus

      The commercial said so. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    hey just an idea maybe toss in some MEGAMAN toys while your at it :3

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Is it weird a 19 years old guy asking for kids meal only for the toys…?

    Well, screw my dignity!

    • Game Master

      No it’s not, i’m 29 and i’m doing the same thing

      • smallNdeadly

        Order two and say for ur kids lol

  • youtube/KrayAmbition

    YES, now everybody will get wii u mainstream! #WiiUNATION2012

  • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

    Mario again? Is it too much to have a Smash Bros. top tier. Why not Link or Samus instead of a green shell? The only fun thing you can do with that is throw it at your little brother! I should know, I was the target in mean youngest. But at least THEY had fun. ๐Ÿ™

  • marioU

    BurgerKing owns McDonarld

    WiiU owns PS3/Xbox360

    what a great FEARLESS team!!

    • urh


    • Joesatmoes

      While Wii U DOES own PS3/XBox, and probably the other next-gen consoles, BK does NOT own McDonald’s. I wish Mickey D’s was the one promoting the Wii U, but it’s fine this way. It’s not that their food is bad, it’s just that McDonald’s food is better.

      • Roedburn

        No way, BK kicks McD’s butt.

  • kidnintend

    just seen a burger king wii u ad. it mainly just showed off the toys but they did show the system and gamepad for like a couple seconds

  • urh

    only in us? que pena.

  • Shane

    Cool toys. Hopefully some besides Mario show up like Smaus and all that. I guess I’ll go to BK and get the HEALTHY kids meal, so I don’t feel TOO fat. haha. Also, like some people mentioned: being able to use the NFC capability. That would be the best marketing ploy ever!

  • RoboticLink

    Doesn’t make much sense to only show mario: People will think it’s a new super mario bros. game for the wii.

  • cBagel

    I went to burger king today. I bought 2 kids meals, sat in line for 5 minutes to get my food. I was so excited when i got the wii u boxes. I look inside and what do i find? Discovery Kids toys…

  • person

    It’s funny, right after I read this a commercial about it came on.

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    i need coins now. I NEED MY MARIO

  • SteampunkJedi

    These might be the awesomest fast-food toys I’ve ever seen!

  • metroidfusion2

    Just saw the burger king/wii u commercial its the beginning of the north american advertising ha

  • WiiUhyper

    They should make a coin ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anyonomus

    is this coming to the uk?