Sep 26th, 2012

Nintendo is gearing up Wii U promotions at the moment. After spotting some Wii U billboards in Japan, there’s more advertisements for the Wii U. Fast food chain Burger King will be partnering up with Nintendo, where the chain will offer Nintendo figurines with every Kids Meal. The first posters and ads have arrived at select Burger King joints around North America.

A few weeks ago it was rumored that Nintendo and Burger King would be partnering up to promote the Wii U, where Kids Meals would include a Nintendo figure, most likely one of the characters from New Super Mario Bros U. It was rumored that the promotion would kick off on October 25, which is looking quite plausible. Nintendo and Burger King had the same sort of deal back in 2006 to promote the original Wii.

The below ad was spotted by a Burger King employee (via NeoGaf), and is most likely one of the posters which will be displayed around the restaurant. It’s unknown whether Nintendo has partnered exclusively with Burger King for this sort of Wii U promotion, or whether there’s more to come. One thing is certain: there won’t be a similar deal with McDonald’s or any other fast food chain.

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  • Armani

    Omg!!! I just began doing Asylum!! Lol ima buy the kids meal for my bro and keep the toy like a kid xD haha I can’t wait!! It’s been forever since I’ve collected toys in fast foods!! Haha

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      My body is ready (for 20 bk kidsmeals)

      • AKA-Link77

        my inner child has took over!

        • Nintyfan

          Gonna need like 5 kids meals to actually get full! LOL!

      • Armani

        Dig deeper!! Haha

      • Novum Magus

        That is what fat America said 25 years ago… Look at us now… πŸ˜€

    • ZombieGuns

      Wouldn’t it be nice if each toy had flash memory with exclusive DLC content.

      • Elite

        If that is the case is it alright if the older folk get kids meals? or maybe 2-5 kids meals.

      • xdlugia

        That would make production costs over 1 cent which is too expensive for fast food chains.

    • revolution5268

      ill do it like this, buy a whopper and a kids meal. done they won’t judge or even talk to me why buy it.

      • Sikora

        Say it for you’re kids, if they ask.

    • *.*

      BK need to have a mii meal

  • I need the Wii U!!!!!

    Sweet!!!! And aren’t they nfc capable?

    • Nintyfan

      No they are not NFC supported, Nintendo has announced that no launch games will have NFC built-in.

      • JumpMan

        but that doesn’t mean any apps that come on the Wii U won’t use it! πŸ˜€

      • Lew3107

        Wait a sec…
        Didn’t that Rayman Legends leaked trailer show NFC capabilities? Did they get rid of that or something?

        • frank

          Yeah, I think that was kind of just to show the capabilities of the gamepad, using the NFC.

        • Wildman

          That was just a demonstration of what was possible. It was in internal development trailer, but that would have been cool.

        • JumpMan

          i don’t know! it’s so dumb that they would use that example and then throw it into a trash can…

      • Madmagican

        sure there won’t be launch games that are NFC supported, but Wii U will be getting Skylanders Giants which, if I’m not mistaken, is basically NFC centered

        • Grodus

          It uses the portal. And, it’s a launch title, and none use NFC. It’s really quite stupid.

  • Raul

    Now I have a reason to eat at BK πŸ˜‰

  • Nintyfan

    “GOTTA CATCH EM ALL” lol Song goes with everything!

    Will these so called “toys” have any interactions with the game?

    Wonder how many kids are gonna make their parents crazy by annoying them to buy a Wii U? XD

    Nintendo is selling millions in no time!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheWholeTruth

      That’s always been the case with Nintendo.

      Except there are going to be non-kid “adults” playing casual games like on the Wii and a some “Hardcore gamer” who will be playing “Mature” games.

  • dojo

    me want

  • Nick

    Well, time to go buy some happy meals. I’m gettin’ too old for this.

    • JumpMan

      *BK Kids Meals, not Happy Meals. that’s McDonalds!

      • Nick

        My bad.

      • Lazyboy88

        Potato, Potarto imo xP

  • SteampunkJedi

    Awesome! But why does Nintendo have such a partnership with Burger King and no other fast-food chains?

    • Nintenlord

      Nintendo asked mcdonals do to the pokemon promotion years ago but mcdonals refused cause a 10 old leaving his house to work(ash dream of turning pokemon master)was to xtreme and they say no

      • Prof. Farnsworth

        lol hypocrits. turning thousands of kids fat every year and calling Pokemon to extreme…dafuq?

      • NaX

        I honestly think Mcdonalds would have been better publicity, since everytime i drive by Mcdonalds it’s pack and i look at BK (next door) . . . man looks like a ghost town ><. All good thou, Wii U is getting closer to launch πŸ™‚

      • BluChuChu

        McDonalds has done several pokemon promotions in the US in last couple of years. The happy meals included a decent sized pokemon figure, and a holographic promotional card. Why would this be any different? I certainly would think that in most areas McDonalds is more popular than Burger King.

      • The Aquacharger

        I know they did a promotion with the Wii and Wendys.

        • Nintenlord

          Cause they are the W

  • HOBO

    I think it’s super cool that there are Mario toys at some Burger Kings even though there are few.

  • Jetty

    We’re about to order some kid’s meals!

  • link 5

    I wonder when and what are they gona do for the commercial commercial all they have done is show 3dsxl commercial
    I’m so anxious

    • frank

      Well at the New York event Reggie ended with a slide saying “Wii U: How U Will Play Next” or something very similar, so maybe the commercials will be like the wii comercials (which took me 2 years to understand)

      • JumpMan

        bahaha when the Wii commercials were on TV i was 7 and the Asian guys (Miamoto and Iwata?) freaked me out! i was all “why are they walking up to peoples doors with a video game?!” hahaha!

        • frank

          That’s exactly what I thought! I didn’t even know if it should be pronounced as “we” or “why” and I didn’t know what they were doing with the white boxes. Of course, at that time for ME, there was only GBA and GCN, and a playstation was some kind of dollhouse for boys. Man I am ashamed…

  • Tyler Rogers

    Toys, maybe a remote lol jk maybe just a toy game

    • JumpMan

      oh! a little GamePad that has a Game & Watch game! :3 i get waaaay to excited and hope for undooable things… D:

  • WiiUDailyFan745

    This sounds really cool. I’m just wondering- what kind of wii u toys could they possibly make? I was thinking a little flying squirrel Mario that wags his tail whenever you press a little button on him. What’re you guys expecting?

  • Xarret

    The race is on.

  • NintendoGator

    Jacksonville FL is where the very first Burger King opened up. Gonna stop by Burger King tomorrow to see if I see any advertisement. I’ll keep everyone posted………..Out

  • Sam

    Off topic but I had a idea what if nintendo made a tv called nintendo tvii and it had a wiiu built in ( like that tv that had the ps2 built in) and the gamepad as the remote it could bring all sorts of entertainment options I mean games, tivo, dvd or bluray playback, streaming options like amazon, netflix, And hulu all on a 60″ nintendo LED tv. I’d buy it.

    • tht guy

      dude i agree with u there but the sad part would be tht it would be expensive as chiz makes me want one now

  • Derp

    Non-specific-action-figure please?


    • frank

      Someday, my friend. Sadly though, they won’t give him out over club nintendo. LOTS of people would actually get that, and nintey would lose money, kind of like that Game Card 18 case they did a while back.

  • Nintenlord

    Wild ad apears
    Ninenlord use thief
    Bk manger spot nintenlord
    Bk manager uses yield
    Nintenlord flees

    • frank

      I like it, but I’ve seen better uses of the pkmn battle text, such as “He used sarcasm! It’s not very effective…” who was it that said that?

      • JumpMan

        bahaha i dunno but i’ve seen that and it is AWESOME! hahaha!

      • Shane

        I don’t know. I know that in Earthbound the crazy rabid adults running around would scowel you(spelling), and that would make you sad and lower your defense.

        Earthbound was great. Fighting policemen and traffic signs in the street was so great… They better re make it or something, otherwise people will be selling $4,000 sealed copies on eBay forever, and that’s not good KARMA! haha just kidding, I don’t believe in karma, but still it’s ridiculous what people will sell a 17 year old game for.

  • frank

    Eh, I always did like BK’s fries better than Mickey D’s (do you call them chips, nintedward?). Too bad there’s no Burger King close to me. At least there’s the fact that in less than two months I’ll be playing NSMBU on a gamepad, not on the floor, just talking to myself…

    • Nintedward.

      No lol ! chips are thick cut chunky fried potato pieces. French fries are french fries !!!!

      I love burger king !!! do you guys get the ”Aberdeen angus whopper” in USA ??? , seriously thats one heck of a burger.

      I am loving the vanilla milkshakes and fries in burger king πŸ˜› .
      Hope England gets something similar πŸ˜€ .

      • Nintenlord

        I dont know what the burger have?

      • NintendoGator

        They have Burger King in England? Did’nt know that one……….Out

        • Lazyboy88

          BK is everywhere Even in japan and china..

        • Nintenlord

          I think is called burger queen

        • Nintedward.

          Dude…….. this isn’t king arthurs medieval round table country anymore .

          England is one of the best countries on earth . In terms of everything except weather .

          Seriously ”Anything USA can do England can do better, we can do anything better than you , NO YOU CALNT YES I CAN , NO YOU CALNT!!!”

        • Nintedward.

          Dude…….. this isn’t king arthurs medieval round table country anymore .

          England is one of the best countries on earth . In terms of everything except weather .

          Seriously ”Anything USA can do England can do better, we can do anything better than you , NO YOU CALNT YES I CAN , NO YOU CALNT!!!”

  • Lamsaturn

    I hope it’s something using NFC, maybe it would unlock some cool stuff in New Super Mario Bros. U. It would be awesome if you could have Mario wear a BK crown!

    • Jeffery02

      I was totally thinking that they should incorporate some kind of NFC functionality into the toys! That would be AWESOME!

  • darks

    One thing is certain: there won’t be a similar deal with McDonald’s or any other fast food chain.

    why not? If I were nintendo, I’d go for mcdonalds instead of bk..

    • Nintenlord

      So you prefer white nuggets instead of golden brown nuggets ?

      • JumpMan

        the only thing i like there is the $.50 ice cream! best idea ever! i like their pancakes too! (had ’em on a long trip at 7am!)

      • Nintendude

        Actually, I do prefer white nuggets instead of golden brown.

  • Marq

    I’m so old, I remember when Nintendo partnered with McDonald’s for Super Mario 3. I might still have my little Goomba that does backflips somewhere at my mom’s house.

    • LP

      Nice. EBay it and you could pay about 50% (I’d say) of your Wii U with it…

    • Zeldatrek

      I remember those my friend Jason had Mario with that spring and suction cup. I still had Luigi ridding on the cloud until two years ago. It fell off the entertainment center in the basement onto the concrete floor, shattering it into 3 peaces. My inner child cried that day.

  • Nintyfan

    Nintendo could do “U are the player event” where there can be 5 lucky winners to win a WII U. Each time you buy a Burger King, you get a code to enter with a chance to win!

    BTW Made up the name! Idea was from the Vita one from TACO BELL XD

  • Nintyfan

    OH YEAH! ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!!! GUYS!

  • Nintyfan

    In’n Out Team up with Nintendo would make In’n Out sell out 10x more!!!!!!!

    LIKE THEY DONT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bugman

    It begins…..

  • Joesatmoes

    I would have liked it bettr if it was at McDonald’s, but I will probably go to Burger King for this- i might even like it. (NAWWW!!)

  • Nano

    They should make yoshi shape whoppers

  • LP

    My 2 boys and I are gonna get so fat.

    • JumpMan

      hahaha! you’re gonna buy them kids meals and take the toys, aren’t you? thats what i’d do! (if i weren’t 13 xD)

      • Lusunup

        Dude Im 17 and i would not give a care to order a kids meal if it has nintendo written all over it.

  • Whirlwindyoshi

    And people said Nintendo wouldn’t have time to promote the Wii U. Kinda looks like they’re unleashing an army of promotions and ads.

  • Bacon

    lol burger king will have a lot of older people ordering kids meal now

  • ZombieGuns

    Hey i’ll use any excuse to go eat fast food. πŸ™‚

    • revolution5268

      you won’t feel guilty if you order it from the drive though.

  • Lazara The Last

    Guess Burger Kings sales get 3 times bigger now!! ;D

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Ah” man i can’t wait for this!
    hope they have a squirl mario toy, or toad toy.

    Man this is gonna be one epic year! πŸ˜‰

  • rick

    I hope u can scan the toys for content with the nfc technology on the game pad

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    im gonna go into burger king with a ski mask, and im gonna say “GIMME ALL YOUR TOYS”

  • Major Beauner

    I wish Nintendo would hurry up and go into overdrive for the advertising!!!

    And TRIPLE the preorders!!!

  • JumpMan

    hmm… i wonder how i’m gonna do this…

  • maxlazy10

    If only they gave tiny wii u consoles andnew gamepads in the kids meals.

    • maxlazy10

      *and (Not andnew)

  • On The Fence

    Eh surely there are more Mcdonalds than all the other fast food chains combined wouldn’t that have been a better choice to promote Nintendo.

  • Gavin

    I am going to be so fat by the end of this…

  • Xblade13

    October 25, huh? Well, thanks Nintendo, for the birthday present! I know where I’m having my lunch (or dinner)!

    Good thing I like Burger King. However, I’ll probably have to order 2 or 3 Kids Meals. (Turning 20) πŸ™‚

  • WiiUhyper

    You know what would be nice? If the “toy” that comes with a kids meal, would be the Wii U controller πŸ˜€

  • GoNintendoWheee

    My body is ready for lots of kids meals!!!

    My inner-child pokeball is popping out of my chest right now!!!

    If I go to BK, my mind will explode with Nintendo-related…
    (Spasm of Awesomeness falls on me)

  • Vollmernator

    I work @ McDonald’s and we had Pokemon toys (around when black and white came out) before in the happy meals and a couple of years ago we had another batch of nintendo toys and when i was a kid in the early 90’s McDonalds had Mario toys. I’m in canada i’m not sure if the toys are different when I see the commericals the U.S toys are the same.

  • #1 fan

    i remember when i went to pick up my gold plated poke mon card inside a big poke ball.and when toy story 1 came out i bought woody & buzz talking dolls and bartok the bat from anastasia talking doll, fast foods dont make toys like they used to, that was the days where led in toys was ok, ever since the ban you dont see too much good toys coming out of fast foods.

  • Nintendo Freak 101

    Wow, you guys didn’t do your homework very well, because in 2006 there was no Burger King/Nintendo promotion. There was, however, a McDonald’s/Nintendo promotion. In 2008 Burger King/Nintendo teamed up for a Wii toy promotion. You guys mixed the 2008 and 2006 as well as McD’s and BK. Nintendo didn’t team with BK in 2006 to promote the Wii, they teamed up with them 2 years later with Wii toys, while in 2006 shortly before the Wii debuted, Nintendo teamed with McD’s, but NOT a Wii promotion. Please do your homework next time. Thank you.