Feb 18th, 2013

Yesterday the former Halo developer Bungie unveiled more about its upcoming project called Destiny. Not much was shown in the way of gameplay footage, but screenshots and plenty of hype concerning the consoles the game would be available on were mentioned. Unfortunately, it looks like Wii U and the PC are the black sheep of the current console crowd.

Destiny is set up to  be an MMO shooter with a strong focus on co-operative gameplay. This is relatively new in the realm of first-person shooters, so it makes sense that the people who pioneered regenerating health and weapon limitations would be the ones to tackle a true MMOFPS game.

In regards to not being released for Wii U, Bungie COO Pete Parsons gave the following statement to Eurogamer:

“You’ll definitely be playing on Xbox and you’ll definitely be playing on PlayStation.”

Adding to that statement was Activision’s Publishing head Eric Hirshberg:

“Until there are official announcements from the first parties obviously we can’t comment on any platforms that might be forthcoming, but what we can say is we are building Destiny to be wherever gamers are.”

The Wii U is the only platform that was not specifically mentioned, as even the PC gets a nod with Bungie saying they’d love to see the game on PC at some point. This is a small blow considering Bungie’s project is considered to be the next-generation of gaming, but they could still surprise us. How do you feel about this?

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  • this sucks, considering wii u is a next gen innovative console. i would love to see a halo-like game come to the wii u unlike the halo which is just an exclusive for the xbox360. im hoping bungie will change their minds soon and port it for the wii u as well

    • LordiMcKill

      There is, its called Metroid.

      • MugenHiryu

        Now that game will surely be a must-have title***

    • AKT4

      There are 2 major hints in the announcement video that the game is coming to Wii U. In 1:07 and 3:37. Nintendo probably just wanted it not to be announced yet.

  • MugenHiryu


  • sharlo galmo

    Maybe they may say nothing cause NDA

  • GeDDeN

    I know that bungie wouldnt mind making it for Wii U but I just believe Nintendo has to find a way to step up and make sure this game will come to Wii U… I believe this game will be BIG! I mean pretty DAMN BIG… Its an almost a must have game already… 

    • Gearchin

       all they have to do is pay up $$$$$, seems to be the legit way, to get games this gen and the next one.

      • oontz

        Nintendo is Cheap… they aren’t willing to pay to have big 3rd party games published on their systems. That’s how it’s going to be. At least we still get to play 3D Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid, Mario Kart in full HD!!! Hurry up with the releases!! 

    • AKT4

      There are hints in the announcement video that the game is coming to Wii U. See 1:07 and 3:37.

  • Ultranist

    it looks like it will a multiplayer only game, so Im not interested in playing with some angry kids

    • Gearchin

       so you wont play on xbox?

      • Ultranist

        Maybe I will play it on PC since it has the most grow up community

        • Gearchin

           Pc most grown up community? wow, there are so many Mobas, MMOs and FPS that would totally disagree with your “grown up” community. I’ll give you, that sometimes it can be great to play on some PC communities, but many are pretty childish and self-centered.

          • Ultranist

            most of those are free to play games since kids dont have any money

  • Well its still coming out for PS3 so I’m not that bothered by it but it would have been nice since the Wii U is a more powerful system and they could do some awesome things with the game pad =) 

    •  The Wii U is not more powerful than the PS3, only it’s GPU is.  The 360’s GPU is better than the PS3 too.

      • Jay

        Dude, really?  The GPU is pretty prominent when it comes to the console’s power.  The Wii U’s CPU is “underclocked” compared to PS3/360, but those numbers are meaningless if it’s more efficient at transferring data, which it is.  A 2.0Ghz i7 will wipe the floor with a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz.  It’s definitely more powerful than PS3, by a far bigger margin than what you are trying to make it out to be.  Go do some research.

        • As I wrote before, a P4 was a totally different architecture with a new type of short-lived RAM.  That RAM is what really held that chip back, not the chip itself.  If possible to have the same architecture, it would be almost impossible for raw speed to be defeated with the same features on the CPU. 

          It is your opinion and that of other propagandists that the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3.  Stop confusing GPU power for system power.  What the PS3 lacks in an updated GPU, it makes up for with it’s multicore CPUs.  The Wii U has nothing to make up for it’s weaker GPU when the new systems come out.

          • Joey Perez

            the problem with everyone on this site is they use basic numbers rather than architecture to convey knowledge of systems they know nothing about. it does not matter how many cores or cpu’s a system or machine has as those are used to reach an overall goal just because the corvette runs on 8 cylinders does not make it less efficient to a diablo in fact its the total design that makes the vehicle a success  many super cars use 4 cylinders and keep up with the big boys its about design.
            the corvette takes less effort to create yet it kills its expensive counter parts in racing… its not about the v8- vs the v12  its about the over all outcomea dual core chip today is more efficient and more powerful than a quad core of yesterday. the new gpu’s in the next xbox and ps4 will more than likely be more powerful its true and as far as tech goes the ps3 is a stronger powerhouse than the 360 yet xbox trumped the ps3 due to the system  and its software and designs. the wii u has an amazing gpu that has not even been tapped yet. people who are trying to compare games from side by side comparisons of the same game are clueless as no developer would really take time to drastically enhance a game for a specific system as  it would one cost too much money and 2 cut into the profits as people would only want the best version. 3rdly games like this have been in development for years whos to say they even had a wii u kit ? we will see a few games this year pop out only for ps3 and xbox as they were being created years ago for the systems and possibly get a port of it later. just like a zelda game takes years to create. the only quick games are platformers and shoot em ups like cod … a good game like halo or destiny takes development and writing and money.   so for you to say the gpu is weak is nonsense as you have not even seen its power. wait till e3 and you will see it may be stronger than you think. though ps4 may have better when it comes out it wont be drastically better it will be similar to ps3- 360. 

          •  The Wii U’s GPU will no doubt be wiiker than the next systems.  History shows us that.

          • zajac1661

            The ps3 and wii has vastly different cpu architectures. Things like the number of computer instructions per clock cycle and the bandwidth of the RAM bus is more of a given factor. And the Gpu is going to be about 20% less powerfull than that of the next xbox/ps3. Considering that the xbox will run with a card similar to the 6870, is not going to hit the WiiU of the market. the Wii U CPU is nothing to write home about, but don’t compare it clock
            per clock with a 360/ps3 and claim it’s much worse. It isn’t. As well there is no need to go around speaking like a doomsday prophet. It is a fun piece of hardware. We will not see a giant development leap from the next consoles. Their specs are what you get from a midrange PC theese days. I have a good pc, i will buy the Xbox and i did not buy the wii for hardware specs. Nor will i buy the xbox for the hardware specs. It will all be about games.

          •  There you people go again, throwing in the PC. The PC has nothing to do with this and the Wii U is no where near a PC, but you seem to always compare the other two to PC’s which must mean that you feel that they are close to PC.

            You cannot say with certainty that the next systems will only be a mere 20% more powerful than the Wii U’s GPU.  You act as if the Wii U is the top of the line system.  Nintendo has always had weaker systems since Sony debuted in gaming.  MS and Sony will be better than Wii U.  Everyone knows that without even knowing.

          • zajac1661

            Of course the PC has a relevance. It is the same gpu architecture. They implement the 6800 series in the new xbox. It is a medium range pc card chip. They released the specs on the wiiU GPU, and the 6800 chipsets a long time ago.
            And please do not classify me as “one of thoose people”
            You are ignoring basic facts here. It is really not rocket science, to gain just casual hardware knowledge. Always weaker? What about N64 and Gamecube. I had both thoose consoles, and i know well enough about hardware to proove you wrong. Want more specific details about tech and benchmarking facts on how the new systems Gpu’s work? And how long they can be carried with Cpu’s???

          •  Look at my reply to EJdunn.

          • zajac1661

            Look at what? Do you find your info from random forums? You can even see the official numbers from the companies, and yet you post a half heathed truth . 

            With that in mind, it should be said : Power does not make a console the better choice. But that is another subject.

            The N64 was a lot stronger than PS1.

            PS1: 33.8 Mhz 32-bit CPU, nameless GPU (effects: texture mapping, flat & gouraud shading, ect.), 2 MB main ram, 1 MB VRAM, can do 180K texture mapped and light sourced polygons per second
            N64: 93.7 Mhz 64-bit CPU, 62.5 Mhz RCP (effects: everything the PS1 did + bilinear filtering, mip mapping, anti-aliasing, environment mapping, ect.), 4 MB RDRAM (expendable to 8 MB via Expansion Pak), can do 100K polygons in N64 quality in Fast3D mode and 500 to 600K polygons in PS1 quality in Turbo3D mode

            As you can see, it’s clearly stronger.
            However, it’s also true that N64 was held back by cartridges (which were very tight with space) and that it was hard to program for. That was one factor and reason, why it did not go a superior didstance ahead.

            But choosing blurry textures over pixelrated if it ment :
            better anti-aliasing
            less jaggy pixelss
            better lighting
            better animation
            better environments
            better character models, would be a good choice.

            Why are you trying to act like a expert, when you clearly just “want” to be right above anything else?
            And why do you suddenly throw in a later gen ps2? It does not change facts. And you did as well not look at the comming gen comments i sent.

          •  zajac1661:

            You overlook a critical detail: PS – can do 180K texture mapped and light sourced polygons per second.  N64 – can do 100K polygons.  That and the storage medium were the crucial differences that made the PS better.

            Like I wrote before, the N64 was just blown up graphics.  The N64 (some) specs looked good on paper but never amounted to much in practice, which is why people dismissed the N64.  We always thought that if it were on CD, it could have been something.  You can see the games with the largest memory looked pretty good on the N64 as proof that the lack of CD held it back from it’s true potential.  Once again, Nintendo choosing babies  over going all out.

          • EjDunn

            Again, Gamecube > PS2 in terms of power


            N64 > PS1 when it came down to 3D graphic capability

            Are you actually 12 or something? With your skewed sense of past events, im sure you weren’t alive at the time.

          •  I explained this elsewhere.  The N64 just had CLEANER graphics, but not BETTER graphics than the PS.  The PS had better textures when are plainly seen, but the N64 had anti-aliasing and z-buffering to clean up the graphics.  Essentially, the N64’s graphics were low polygon, blown up graphics!  That’s why it looked, like that…

            Again, the GC had HARDWARE texture decompression to decompress the textures (what you see over the 3D triangles) which could be compress to save space.  The GC had limited storage so they needed this feature.  The PS2 had more storage so they did not have to have this feature.  By Nintendo having this in the hardware, it of course reacted faster and produced better results.  By Sony had it in the software, it was slower to decompress and of course did not have any additional features that the hardware texture decompression would.

            Does that sound like a 12 year old?

          • manowaffles

            You forgot to proofread, but yes, you do sound like a 10 or 12 year old, in fact.

            This argument actually reminds me of one two of my 4th graders had last week over which is better: Minecraft or Roblox.

          • EjDunn

            Lol what history? you mean the SINGLE generation that nintendo had a weaker compared to the competition?

            Not like how the Gamecube was the most powerful of it’s generation OR how the N64 was more powerful compared to the ps1.

            For something to be considered a pattern and a likelihood, it needs to happen more then once before attempting to predict something.

          •  Let me break it down.  The NES was inferior to the Sega Master system.  The SNES was inferior (CPU wise) the to Genesis.   I just remember something that hurt the SNES’s rep a little – slowdown!  I forgot how the SNES would slowdown a lot and games that would have been 9’s got 6’s because of that alone.  It did not stop me from getting an SNES and LOVING IT!  You are shocked to hear that huh?

          • Joey Perez

            agreed however in terms of tech… the new htc one x has a quad core n better gpu than the htc one s.. yet both run the same system and the less cored device is only a hair slower…. its really all developement untill graphics take a huge leap … be honest a least a bit a metroid with current halo 4 graphics would be cool. and not all games are about graphics… i have high hopes nintendo will pull its head out of its ars and market right and partner right with outside developement teams… and yes i said hope.

          • Jay

            I am very aware of the amount of cores in an i7 vs P4.  MOST people say the Wii U cpu is garbage, because it’s clocked slower.  I was making the point that the clock speed doesn’t matter.  The Wii U’s cpu is an “out of order” design, and you can’t compare it’s performance to the CPU on PS3/360, because it’s a completely different design, and in most instances, has a better data transfer rate and is far more efficient.  Once developers stop porting 360 games to the Wii U and attempting to run it’s CPU like a 360 CPU, and they start taking advantage of the newer CPU and GPGPU, OR build games from scratch on Wii U, you will begin to see the differences between what the Wii U can do vs what can be done on PS3/360.  It’s more powerful all around.  Is it a super huge leap?  No, but you can bet the difference between Wii U and PS4/720 games will be much smaller of a gap than Wii and PS3/360 were.  I’ll further state my case with the Wii U’s power, and potential.

            The Wii U has been confirmed to be able to run the newest graphics engines out there.  Cry Engine 3 (which Crytek says the Wii U handles pretty easily)Unity 4,  Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2.  In fact, the Wii U port of a Frostbite 2 game, is already set to trump PS3/360, let alone if it wasn’t a port, and built from the ground up.  (Need for Speed: Most Wanted)  Rumors go back and forth, but one of the developers of Aliens: Colonial Marines says that the demo footage (which has been used in a split screen comparison against the released game for PS3/360/PC) is actually the Wii U footage, and is far better than the PS3/360 version, and intended to be ported to the PS4/720.  If that’s indeed true, that bodes well for the Wii U.  

            Since the Wii U can run all the newest graphics engines, that gives it a much, much better chance for multiplatform releases.  The Wii couldn’t touch Unreal Engine 3 (even though it did have some beautiful games, like Mario Galaxy 2) and Unreal Engine 3, along with other comparable graphics engines, were the staple for this generation, and the Wii couldn’t run them.  The Wii U is capable of running all the coming engines and others I didn’t mention, like FOX engine.  

            So, here is a possible scenario.  The Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted has some effects and textures that were not used in the PS3/360 titles.  There are probably a few other PC features that may not have made it to the Wii U version.  One possible feature missing, (for an example to make a point) would be the slightly more detailed car models.  Ok, so that would mean the PS4/720 versions (if they made them)  would probably have those models the Wii U didn’t have, and possibly a solid 60fps, if the Wii U version doesn’t have that already.  Slightly more detailed cars and maybe a better frame rate, while looking nicer, definitely doesn’t put the Wii U out of the league of PS4/720 in the way Wii was out of the PS3/360’s league.

          •  Due to the fact that it has a newer GPU with some of the newest effects, of course it will run games faster and better than almost ten year old systems.  The leap to the next system won’t be small or they would not make them as the current systems are still going strong.  The Wii U is not sophisticated by any means.  As you should know, some thing such as efficiency can be supplemented with raw power.  In the Wii U’s case, the efficiency was clearly done in order to lower the power consumption.

          • Srpg2ishere

            Does this stuff really matter? People don’t buy video games for how much CPU or power they have. It’s about the games! *sigh* What is wrong with with this console generation?

          • oontz

            CPU specs are the new “Blast Processing” of this generation.

          •  Back in the 8-bit days, it was ‘about the games.’  Now, it’s about the power and the games.  If it were not, then the Wii would still be Nintendo’s system of choice.  You Nintendo nuts love that script about games as if Nintnedo is the only one who makes games or as if they still make the best games.  Their time as long passed.

        • Ultranist

          lol P4 has only one core when any i7 has at lest 4 cores

    • Aston Readings

      Ah, that’s where you may be wrong. He said PlayStation and Xbox…This means it could be on their next gen consoles 

    • AKT4

      It is very possibly coming to Wii U. See 1:07 and 3:37 from the announcement video.

  • Adam Porter

    and the onslaught continues…………

  • Cesar Barroso

    all of those third party publishers (devs seem to not have any problem porting games) are going to pay for it. I swear it!

  • third party support is becoming a little bit disapointing lately, the question is: is it because of Nintendos poor management and negotiations with third party companies? or is just that third parties don’t feel wii u  as a good platform for “core” gamers?, anyway I hope it’s the first option because it can be easily solved but if it is the second it will be a lot harder to change the mentality of third paties and gaming community. Maybe that this will be the sad future of wii u? i hope not.

    • Gearchin

       i think it has to do more with the fact, Microsft set the precedent of paying up for content, that has stigmatized this industry.  expect console makers to pay up for content, if not they wont even give it it a second thought, I.e rayman legends situation.

    • skid5jack

      to be fair, its been in trouble for a while with thrid party. If you look at software sales for wii games, top 20. they have all been nintendo bar the “just dance” titles, which are just casual. I’m really not surprised by this at all

  • AJ Ariyathas
    •  Damn you have to beg for it?  Buy more Wii Us and it will come.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Petitions usually don’t work and rarely do they do anything.

      • manowaffles

        Have you ever heard of Operation Rainfall?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Did you just read where it says “rarely”? Which means that there’s a small chance of it happening. I congratulate those who brought Last Story, Xeno Chronicles, and Pandora’s Tower on the Wii in North America. However, don’t get comfortable with the idea that it’ll happen everytime, cause it won’t.

          • manowaffles

            Nothing works if you don’t try.  If you stand by and wait for others to make changes on your behalf, you will be waiting a long, long time.

  • Jay

    This article is really late.  In the video trailer for this game, they send a text message that says “my body is ready”, there is a chain chomp figure underneath a monitor in one scene, and the website’s source code lists the Wii U as one of the platforms, along with Vita.  

    • gotta love how all of those details that the fans noticed aren’t in any of these Destiny articles

    • Seriously? I hope it comes to Wii U, it certainly looks promising.

    • Chris Aita

      What part of the VidDoc is that in? I would love to see for myself!

    • AKT4

      Actually the source code was debunked (in a NeoGaf thread). It’s default for all Activision published games.

      But yep, the 2 hints would suggest that the game is indeed coming to Wii U. Nintendo could well want to announce the game themselves.

    • Isaac C

      That would be cool but i gotta email from gamestop telling me to preorder the game but preordering for the wii u was not an option but it is still possible this game will be released for the wii u

  • Jay

    That second quote, about first parties, indicates that there are other first parties that own a console that they can’t announce it for yet.  Clearly, if Nintendo is waiting for a Nintendo Direct to announce the game, or some other event, they will not be able to confirm it, or mention the Wii U.  That, coupled with my previous comment really makes the headline bogus.  It’s far more likely to be coming to the Wii U than likely to not be coming.  

    • DK_Hadouken

       My thoughts exactly. Sometimes you need to read between the lines.

  • Destiny64

    Wii-U is not a new generation
    Wii-U is shit paid a high price!

    • Adam Baker

      tell us how you really feel…

      • Destiny64

        I feel free and conscious. I did not buy wii-u

        • Jacob Graham

          If you did not buy a Wii U, how come you seem to know just how astonishingly shit it is? Jesus.

        • brian murphy

          your just pissed cause you cant own one 

      • oontz

        I am feeling the same way and I actually BOUGHT a WiiU. 

        Where are the GAMES!!!! Come on I know they are coming but Nintendo should’ve had a better release pipeline planned before releasing the new system. 

        I am replaying Skyward Sword right now… show me the love Nintendo. 

    • fireheartis1

      No dude you are describing yourself which is pretty wrong in my opinion.  The Wii U is an amazing machine that hasn’t been tapped for it’s power yet.  Get off of a Wii U sight you troll and shut your mouth.

      • Destiny64

        nintendo is too far behind to catch up. has no software short-term

    • Enigma

       Preach it Destiny dude. Preach it!

    • Laud

      If you wanna know the names of some trolls click on the ‘Likes’ button to show who they are.

      • Destiny64

        ‘re frustrated by the Wii-U is not it? not my fault if they are more objective than you.

  •  Bungie and Activision are lame companys. Now bungie is known to hate nintendo so not a concern for me they will not get any money from me

    • AKT4

      Bungie isn’t known to hate Nintendo at all. There are 2 major hints in the video that the game would be coming to Wii U. In 1:07 and 3:37. See them for yourself.

    • oontz

      How exactly is Bungie a “lame” company? Unless you’re implying they walk with a limp??

      •  By not giving Wii U a chance so yes i stand by my comment

  • Carlos Rodríguez Núñez
  • Ray01x

    *To be Honest, I didn’t even know this game Existed Until Now lol  ;D

    • Enigma

       Your point? Bungie is a legendary developer, so.

      The game is still in its very early phases, so most people have not heard about it yet.

  • DragonSilths

    In the Source Codeing it said Wii U and even Vita. PLus the dude in the video said “My body is ready.” Come on now. Activision will put it on the Wii U.

  • audi lover

    Not bothered nat a fan of anything mmo, got bored of world of warcraft and lord rings online very quickly

    • Gearchin

       it will most likely be drop-in drop out co-op play.

  • $41809923

    sad times are coming if wii u dose not bring this game to the wii u

  • Mark Thom

    No Wii U!! Fuck Bungie

  • Adam Baker

    not interested in yet another fps game especially if the campaign is less than 6 hours or hardly even a focus. it’d be nice to see what they could do with the gamepad and maybe add some more immersive elements but if it doesn’t come to WiiU im not interested. im making a statement that WiiU IS where the gamers are.

  • Laud

    Bungie said somewhere that they don’t like PC and will only be putting them on consoles.

    Damn it, if I find the link I’ll edit and post give me a few minutes.

    Found it… kinda:


  • RattleGore

    the reveal yesterday was plain market hype, ah mean not even a trailer or gameplay video..

  • All you have to at this point is say _______________ games is not coming to Wii U and it’s accurate. Just fill in the blank.  I have a Wii U and that make me a sad panda.

    • AKT4

      It wasn’t announced to the other next generation systems either. Nintendo could have well wanted it not to be announced yet, to announce it themselves at a later date.

      There are 2 major hints in the video that the game could be coming to Wii U. See 1:07 and 3:37.

  • stevieMHz

    All you have to at this point is say _______________ games is not coming to Wii U and it’s accurate. Just fill in the blank. For the most Microsoft/Sony already won even though they are not out, because the already have more 3rd support coming out the gate.   I have a Wii U and that make me a sad panda.

    • AKT4

      This wasn’t announced to the other next generation systems either. And in the video there are 2 major hints that the game would be coming to Wii U.

  • Linda Bear

    Is anyone really surprised by this information? Why would anyone who is not a diehard Nintendo fan want to purchase a last gen machine with a shitty and ugly tablet when everyone has a smartphone. This is an epic fail for Nintendo. I’m a huge Nintendo fan but I am insulted by this machine. 

    • AKT4

      “A huge Nintendo fan”. Yeah right, you don’t even have the console. And it’s not a tablet, but a controller with a screen on it. Oh wait, I fell into a troll.

      • Enigma

         No, you didn’t fall into anything. You people throw around the word “troll” way too easily.

        He is venting his frustrations about the Wii U. You can be a Nintendo fan and not like all of their products. It means that he is not a mindless Nintendo fanboy like most of you here. He looks at all of the Nintendo products with objectivity, and a clear mind to see if the product is truly good or not.

        • Destiny64

          holy words

        • zajac1661

          A clear mind? he compares the controller with a tablet, withouth thinking clear/about the fact, that it is a controller!, easy replaceable with the pro controller. The touch features is more of a benefitial feature. He clearly has no clue about the product If he launches himself into personal critisism, and feel offended over a controller, comparing it with a smartphone. How can you say a clear mind is connected with generalizing personal emotions over the touch controller, when it’s so low on substance? Objectifying in this matter, letting in personal frustrations, withouth even thinking in this direction, is not clear minded, nor a clear look on the hardware and product. Generalizing the touch feature in a negative way, comparing it with the tablet and smartphone market, is more a insult to the console. He is a damn goat eating forest troll. And that word is not thrown easily around!

    • Destiny64

      respect you brother

  • andrewjcole

    Only 3 stories today?

  • Peter Larson

    Sorry but I disagree partially, in the video there is a part where a few guys are texting and the guy texts “My body is ready.” A classic Nintendo joke. I think there is a strong possibility its coming, their just having hard time converting. The world better get used to it. For a unique experience on the wii u it takes time. Be patient 

    • AKT4

      Yep. Also see 3:37 with the Chain Chomp toy under the screen, though that could be coincidence.

  • Wayne Beck

    “Bungie’s Destiny probably headed to Wii U”

    Fixed that for you.

    • Enigma


      • Wayne Beck

        Please note the conspicuous lack of “not” in the Quote.

  • I have take a wii u for chrismas but where are the games ………. 3 games are valables fuck

    • Wayne Beck

      You can find them at Gamestop, Walmart, Target, Toys r Us, Best Buy and Online retailers like Amazon.com.

  • C.S. Bailey

    The “My body is ready” comment in the video says that either someone has a great sense of humour, or there’s a Wii U chance.
    ““Until there are official announcements from the first parties obviously
    we can’t comment on any platforms that might be forthcoming,….”
    This would be the type of game that Nintendo would love to reveal at their own leisure/event.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Did you hear? Playstation all stars will NOT be ported to the wii U!

  • Destiny64

    Wii-U will make a new version, learn how to cook with destiny

  • manowaffles

    I’m not worried, there is plenty of time for them to decide to make this for the Wii U still.  Until it’s less than a week away, they can still change their mind and delay the game for 8 months to have a simultaneous launch on all three systems.