Sep 15th, 2012

Nintendo has revealed that it will replace any broken Wii U GamePads for a fee (that’s fee, not free), in case unfortunate players manage to break their controller. Although the specific Wii U warranty details are yet to be unveiled, a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed that it will be possible to replace the tablet controllers, since they won’t be sold separately in stores in the US or Europe.

Broken Wii UNintendo won’t be selling the Wii U GamePad separately in the US (but will in Japan), so what happens when players break their GamePad? That was the question Gimme Gimme Games asked Nintendo, and the reply was that the controller can be replaced. A Nintendo rep said, “individual replacement Wii U GamePad controllers will be available from Nintendo Consumer Service for a fee”.

He didn’t mention what the “fee” was, but it could be considerable, considering the Wii U GamePad will be sold separately in Japan for a hefty $170. The Nintendo rep added that “Nintendo warranties do not cover physical damage”. So don’t expect a free replacement of your GamePad should you abuse it. Like letting your dog play with it.

Nintendo will start selling the GamePad individually in North America and Europe at some point in the future. The Wii U supports up to two tablet controllers at the same time, although when both are used, the game frame rate drops to 30fps.


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  • AKA-Link77

    Lol i thought it said ” For Free”.

    • Doopliss

      lmao same here

    • Zeta

      Same, when i saw that i thought my head was about to explode but then reason kicked in and i looked again >.<.

    • Nintendolol

      Dont worry, they are giving you a “fee” free of charge lol.

  • Wils81

    For a fee? 🙁

    • MEJM

      I’m pretty sure they will offer normal warranty in case the device fails, but if you brake it via physical damage, you can get another one, and that’s good.
      You have to buy replacements yourself with other manufacturers too if you brake your stuff. That’s how it should be.

  • LEGOkid

    That would suck if the fee was 150 bucks or something. Who’s with me?

    • Game Master

      I am

  • AO1JMM

    It better be FREE if it has to do with shitty hardware though. Just saying Nintendo.

    • Nintedward

      The gamepad is worth more than your 360 arcade , just sayin…..

    • Grodus

      Your comment better not get any LIKES if it has to do with shitty fanboyism though. Just saying fanboy.

    • relo999

      You are aware how hard it is to break a Nintendo product (without getting a soldering iron out).

      • Xblade13

        ABSOLUTELY TRUE! I’ve had my Wii Remote and Nunchuk since the Wii launched, and they still work perfectly. My DSi’s screens are still good (a few scratches but still good.) And don’t get me started on my still-working 64. Nintendo hardware is built to last, unlike my 360. Controller broke and the system RRODed once. Fixed it though. Now it works fine, but had no problem like that with Nintendo or Sony products.
        The gamepad will be placed on its stand when not in use. I probably won’t need to replace it.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Guys I think he’s talking hardware defects…

      • Lazyboy88

        He isn’t talking about defects, he is saying that if you happen to break the G-pad you have to pay a fee to replace it because you will not be able to buy one in the game store.. if it is defect you will not have to pay anything, cause that is why you got a warranty.. (sorry if I miss spelled some words)

        • Lazyboy88

          But yes we will get it in the game storsome point just not in the beginning…

          • Kahhhhyle

            Yeah but A01 JMM is talking hardware defects his exact words were shitty hardware and everybody seems mad at him lol he’s saying if Nintendo ships you a broken pad(shitty) they should fix it… And I agree

  • Draco Breach

    Sadly, many consumers feel that an item should be replaced under warranty when it was obviously subjected to physical abuse. There are a lot of consumers who define ‘manufacturer’s defect’ far beyond the norm as well.

    I expect Nintendo to maintain their usual standard of excellence for real manufacturer defects. I do not expect them to cover normal wear and tear, nor do I expect them to cover any form of abuse.

  • Nekine

    Don’t change everything.

    They said that GamePads will sell separately when games that uses 2 GamePads come out. Maybe it’ll take months or maybe just a few weeks to announce a game that uses twice.

    Sorry for my horrible english

  • AKA-Link77

    But anyways . . . im pretty sure if yr within warranty the the FEE will be smaller.

  • Garic

    I demand us guys in the west, should be able to buy the gamepad controller seperately like Japan! Why would we get a lesser treatment?

    • The incredible sandwich

      because we pay less

      • AKA-Link77

        And there are no games that support 2 G-Pads, which is the conclusion to why they arnt sold separately in the US.

    • roedburn

      we will get it eventually, just be patient.

    • Mac

      dude you do know that their wii u don’t even come with a gamepad controller which is why they have to sell it separately. do you want to pay $170 for a controller that should be included with the console in the first place? i don’t think so

      • Nintedward

        Actualy their wiiu consoles do come with a gamepad . They are chargeing the equivalent of over $400 for the deluxe , of course it has a gamepad . So does their basic . the wiiu is useless without a gamepad . Some games NEED IT . They just have the immediate option to buy another 1 .

    • TheRealChappy

      Actually, you can buy a second gamepad. You just have to buy it directly from Nintendo. It’s to avoid customers unknowingly buying the Gamepad instead of the Wiimotes for multiplayer.

      And before someone says, “How stupid can a person be and buy the wrong controller,” just remember your landlord upstairs (who the rest of us call your mother) will likely be buying your accessories for you.

      • Schizza

        Actually it’s be because they have been having manufacturing problems with the gamepad and don’t have enough for individual retail other than whats been boxed with the initial release of the systems. Once they start getting greater yields of gamepads off their production line you’ll start to see them being released on their own, in more areas other than just Japan.

      • Colton

        How stupid can a person be and buy the wrong controller? No, seriously, that’s my legitimate question and your reasoning is horribly flawed.

        I bought all my accessories after turning 13 myself. Anything my parents got me for Christmas or just because or for birthday, they asked me to make sure that it was the right thing (which made it a dead-giveaway for gifts lol) if it was a game or console or such, to make sure I didn’t already have it and that it was what I was asking for.

        That and it’s also not unlikely that a parents today knows things, and when they see the $50+ Gamepad and the $50- Wiimote, they will probably be smart enough to ask about them – or they might know what you want anyways.

        • Xblade13

          Heres a simple solution.

          Just give the kid money instead of a direct present. This works for 2 reasons:
          1: The kid can chose what they want without dissappointment.
          2: You can give every child an equal amount of cash.

          This really works!

  • FillsAMii

    The conversion of Wii U Gamepad price at $170 is incorrect. You cant just take the Yen go to google and convert it. It doesnt work that way. Until were given a US price. No one will know.

  • Josh

    My eyes betrayed me! I thought I read FREE.

  • Mr.Chimera573

    At first i thought it said “free,” but then again, isn’t that what everyone wants to here? Anyway, it is nice to see that Nintendo is going to fix it instead of making you buy a new one, will definitely save some money.

  • derty

    Jesus 30fps… That’s shitty XD.
    I’ll never hav a person over with another pad anyway but still that’s pretty crappy.

    • Wils81

      It’s not too bad if your TV has MotionFlow.

    • PSWii60

      30fps is standard across majority of PS3 & 360 games right now, some are at 60fps, but majority still play at 30fps.

      For the Wii U:
      1 gamepad keeps it at 60fps
      2 gamepads drops it to 30fps.

      This here is why they stopped at 2 gamepads because anymore and you will see a VERY noticeable dropp in frame-rate.

      • nucima

        That means a 30 FPS game will not support two pads.
        But honestly: Who needs two pads?
        My prediction: This will get not more support like playing the same game with your brother at the same time. Its much too expensive and due to the less buyers worthless for big multiplayer features.

        • Grodus

          You kinda need it for things like the new SSB. They better get a good way for multiplayer in that game.

        • Nintedward

          Who needs to pads ??? all of us !! you use the gamepad and your buddy uses a pro controler . The wiiu supports 1 gamepad and 4 controllers at the same time . so fear not , the set up were getting is still far superior to regular control schemes .

          • Colton

            Far superior? Debatable.

            I foresee lots of “No, I want the Gamepad!” “No, I do!” if it’s too much of a different thing. If it’s a great deal better to play on than a Pro Controller, especially.

            Besides, what makes asymmetrical gaming superior to symmetrical gaming? A game could take huge advantage of it to make the gameplay revolve around it, but if the game doesn’t use the Gamepad it’s basically the same.

    • FillsAMii

      You do know all games halve their frame rate with two BASIC controllers on the PS3/360 right?

      I think this speaks for strong hardware. If it can support 2 gamepads, and drop from 30/60. While current gen consoles halve their fps with just a dinky basic controller.

      Thats a pretty big difference.


      • Kahhhhyle

        Well its not the other Controller lol its from cutting the screen in half games like castle crashers and little big planet don’t drop from rate with extra controllers. Just like on wii u smash won’t halve the frame rate since the screen isn’t divided

    • Mac

      you do know that when ever a second controller comes into the equation, it always drop down to 30 fps. thats the norm. the console has to work harder to make sure that the second controller isn’t glitchy thus making the framerate drop by half

    • BloopbopBeepbop

      i hate everyone is comparing it to the 360/ps3. i understand 30 fps is not that bad and that’s what they are running. but if you guys want the wii u to attract more people then stop comparing it CURRENT gen consoles. See right now a fan boy of sony or ms would be like “will our NEXT gen console will run 60 fps ALL THE TIME”
      i mean i probably wont mind the 30 fps but i really wish Nintendo could have added a little more so those fanyboys couldn’t say anything.

  • Ash

    That’s incredibly dumb. How else does something break other than physically? Mentally? Lol if it falls off a desk and stupa working. Better buy another wii u -.- if one ships defective, better buy a new wii u. Dammit I really hope mine works

    • Walt

      If it gets wet… It’s not physically broke.

    • badkid89

      The warranty lasts 1 yr covers manufactured defects… Not if you break it because you made bad choices or take a bath with it. They have to draw a line somewhere or they would go out of business from sending our free GamePads.

      • Derek

        Do the same thing you did with your friend’s Wii, with your Wii.That sodnus bad. Um You hit the Reset’ button on the inside of the battery compartment , and the red button on the front of the Wii, to set it to the other set, right? Do it again but with your setup.

    • NoPUNintendo

      Buy a new Wii U system over a broken gamepad? You COULD just get a new gamepad.

  • Edward Smith

    The GamePad is listed for sale here in Australia for $98.

  • Nintendo Power

    And that is why I don’t let my nephews touch my game consoles.You know how they put it away? They throw it to the ground.There goes my Wii remote

  • Chowflap

    This won’t be a problem for me because im not only a Hardcore Gamer, im also a safe gamer 😛

    • Game Master

      So am I, I never hade a probalem with any of my consoles dating back to the NES

  • elbrody

    I’m ok with it,I mean you really need to be stupid enough to do some physical damage to your gamepad or any gaming control but if take care of your stuff then this shouldn’t worry you.

  • kingtendo

    lucky me, i get my wii u 3 day’s before launch………call it a head start

  • somebody

    ITS FREEE!!!!!!

  • somebody


  • Joesatmoes

    well, you must remember, the Wii U is probably gonna be made of Nintendium. lol! But in all seriosness, this kinda sucks. Unless the fee is super cheap, or the GamePad is like indestructable, I do not see this helping Nintendo, or its customers, in any way.

    • Grodus

      How is it not helping Nintendo? More money for them. They need to pay to make this thing, they just cant GIVE ’em away.

  • Joesatmoes

    and I think the Wii U GamePad will be much cheaper in North America. I mean the Wii U itself is like $150 less than it is in Japan!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Correct Gampads are not cheap so it makes sense that they would expect to be paid to cover costs

  • Grodus

    Thought it said “for free.” Oh well. I take good care of my stuffs anyways.

  • SteampunkJedi

    I didn’t expect to get free replacements, anyway. I’ll definitely take good care of my GamePad. The dog shall never touch it.

  • Kev

    That’s why you buy a case for the gamepad. especially if you have kids.

  • thenintendofan73

    i hope that just because of a multi-layered disc, and you play it too much, it doesnt break. my wii did that with ssbb, and i freaked out. i got a refurbished one with games i can download for free because the original owner downloaded them 🙂

    • ssb4

      That happened to me too but I stuck it in there and kept uding foxs uber upsmash.

  • SourGrape

    I really hope by the time 2014 hits they will forget about the wii motes and then games from then onwards will use pro controller, I mean not hating on the wii motes but they just make you feel degraded, like for example wen I went to the wii u Chicago experience wen I played Nintendo land animal crossing I couldn’t do thing the game pad guy was doing I felt restricted. I’m gonna keep my wii and acceccories but wen it comes to wii u game play im gonna get my myself pro cOntrols

  • Ninty1

    can i import a gamepad from japan and make it play on an americain wii u?

  • Kahhhhyle

    Ok so did anybody expect them to fix it for free? Lol unless it’s a defect from Nintendo themselves why on earth would it be free?

  • somebody


  • Jetty

    Breaking the Gamepad would suck, but luckily we have access to the Pro Controller. The repair fee is presumably 50% of the Gamepad original price($85). The worst part would be waiting for the shipping after the initial repair. Games will start to utilize two Gamepads because it has been confirmed. Eventually we will be able to purchase an additional Gamepad.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I wouldn’t worry about breaking the Gamepad as long as you don’t do something stupid like throw it across the room

  • TheBaconator

    That’s okay I trust nintendo products to be indestructible like always. Just like my 64, Gameboy, GBA SP, Gamecube, DS, and Wii. I really believe my Wii I have can protect my head if it’s shot at. Way to think ahead all the time nintendo, entertaining and life saving =)


    AWW MAN!

  • GirlGamer

    Why? Nintendo Why???

  • NintendoLover

    I better take good care of my GamePad when I get the Wii U.

  • tht guy

    hmmm i hope the fee isnt outrageous and i really hope tht the screen isnt made of glass cuz as soon as it gets dropped accidentaly of course there goes ur second screen

  • Madmagican

    Interesting, this makes me question both the durability of the game and the price of the repairs should you manage to break one; hopefully there won’t really be any problems with this particular issue though

  • Tintin

    Hello I’m TinTin, But not the film, i’m a real person. I’m not new i’m a copy of Woahnnnnhhhhhnnhh idiot indiannnnns