Jun 2nd, 2015


Brazil has always been a touchy market when it comes to video games, since it costs a ton for Nintendo and other manufacturers to import them to the country, as they’re taxed heavily like any imported good. Occasionally distribution deals help alleviate some of the issues, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with amiibo. Brazil was originally supposed to receive shipments alongside North America way back in November of last year, but problems in distribution and Nintendo’s main Brazilian distributor dropping Nintendo games prevented that from happening.

Today, NC Games finally stepped up and made a deal with Nintendo in order to get amiibo officially into the country, but the price is rather surprising. Each amiibo will retail for R$150 in Brazil, which is roughly the equivalent of $50. That’s nearly four times what amiibo cost in the United States and Canada. According to some Brazilian posters on NeoGAF, it is possible to find amiibo deals for around R$90, which is about $30 US dollars, but that’s still more than double what Americans pay for the same figure.

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