Nov 13th, 2013

We’ve known for some time that Bravely Default would be coming America, but today’s Nintendo Direct confirmed that the game will be released in North America on February 7th. Additionally, select retailers will have a collector’s edition available for pre-order, which includes the game, 34 AR cards, a map, and a sound track with music from the game.

Overall this looks to be a spectacular release from Square Enix and if you’re a fan of JRPGs, you’ll want to check it out for the Brave and Default systems the game takes its name from. Check out the trailer above and if you’re interested there’s a better explanation of the game’s system in today’s Nintendo Direct. Will you be picking this one up?

I’m going to be getting it day one!

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  • Ducked

    This game looks beautiful! I’m so glad Square Enix is finally giving the 3DS a full new JRPG! I’ll be pre-ordering the collectors edition!

    • Considering doing the same, but I really like having all my games digitally on the 3DS. HMMM.

      • Ducked

        Oh, I like most of my 3DS games physical, except MH3 I bought on the eshop

    • Timzel

      Humpf.. They need to do that for Wii U, 3DS already has loads of games.

      • Ducked

        Well I’ve been wanting Square Enix to bring a real Final Fantasy game to the 3DS, but Wii U could certainly use one as well.

        I’d like to see a remake of the psp title Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core come to the Wii U, as well as Kingdom Hearts II.5 Collection and Kingdom Hearts III

  • mojack411

    Definitely pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition. A little sad it won’t have the figure that the European CE will have but it honestly doesn’t look THAT fantastic so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much. What is REALLY gonna bug me, though, is when Europe gets the game in December and we’ll have to wait until February when localization is basically completed at that point. Heck, Europe even has a demo out today already! Been waiting for this game for so long and knowing that the game is playable in English for 2 months before I can play it is gonna be painful.

    Granted, I know Europe is on the receiving end of this more often than not but it doesn’t make it any less painful for me 😛

    • I’m sure someone from Europe will be willing to sell the figurine if you absolutely must have it. 🙂

      • mojack411

        Naw, like I said, it actually doesn’t look that great. Most figurines that come with video game CE’s are like that I feel like. The only figure that came with a game that I really liked and wish I got was the Milla figure for the Tales of Xillia CE.

  • Sycamore

    I will definitely pre-order the collector’s edition. The art style looks incredible!

  • uPadWatcher

    In the words of The Riddler… and I quote, “JOY-GASM!!!!!!”

  • I want to pick up this game limited edition (December 6th for Europe) but I won’t have the money for it , it releases about 2 weeks after Zelda A link Between worlds. As I’ll get the Golden 3DS XL next week shortly after release for 219,- euro I don’t have 59,- euros left to spent on games like Bravely by Default, the two release way to soon after eachother for Europe atleast :'( so I’ll probably get this game standard edition early next year. Making me most likely miss out on the limited edition :/ As for the Holidays a WiiU is set on my to obtain list

    Well for another thingI do hope this game does not use the exact same system as FF4 Heroes of Light, mobs scaling up to your team and for me made the game simply unplayable as even normal mobs one shot me, because I’m TO HIGH lvl, and monsters being about 25 levels higher then me, making even a random battle almost impossible, not to mention the Boss Battles. So I hope Square Enix didn’t make that exact same mistake on this title, as it’s been made by the exact same team as well.