Mar 25th, 2014


Bravely Default is one of the best JRPG releases in recent memory. We reviewed the title here on Wii U Daily and found it to be extremely welcoming to both RPG newcomers, as well as sufficiently challenging for veterans to enjoy.

Now in a recent interview, developer Silicon Studio has stated that the success of the game means it could be heading to other platforms, instead of staying exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. No mention of what platforms these could be, but the next logical jump would be to home consoles. According to president Takehiko Terada, it’s being considered.

We may expand in the future, but we don’t have a clear plan yet. We’re talking about that, maybe using other devices, but we don’t have a clear plan. We’re trying to make a stronger franchise, just like Final Fantasy. We plan to continue with numerous titles.

Would you be interested in a Bravely Default title on the Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Dark-Link73

    I’m not into traditional turn-based RPG games but I’d make an exception if this were to come to Wii U. I play my Wii U more than my 3DS.

  • Ultrasyd


  • palomino blue

    I would buy it in a second on Wii U.

  • darkcreap

    Mmmm. Seeing it on WiiU would be great. I have been considering giving this game an opportunity on 3DS.

  • J_Joestar

    Your dreaming if you think Wii U,
    this is SE, to them expanding Platforms means MOBILE! MOBILE! MOBILE!

  • Virus6

    Am I the only one who is slightly disheartened at the developers lack of exclusivity these days? Bravely Default worked so well on 3DS and now that they know its a success they’ll probably throw it on iOS, Vita and Android. It kinda ruins any incentive to owning a particular console when every game will come out for every system. I understand that more platforms means more money for the company making the game but every console is quickly becoming the exact same.

    • Vriska Serket

      Very unlikely it will appear on mo8ile. More like ps3 or PC.

  • Shota

    no please don’t Square Enix. if you say other platforms then it probably be on mobile devices

    • matthew garcia

      Crazy though that most smart phones are whole lot more powerful hardware wise then 3ds. If it comes to mobile it will probably be in hd with slightly better textures

      • jjbredesen

        With worse controls 😉

        • matthew garcia

          Lol I have a moga controller it works great with dual analogs also. I’m playing gta vice city on it and it works great on mobile

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Not usually. RPG games work fine with touch screens. Most other genres, would be too complex without a controller.

  • Edson Almaguer

    they might mean that they are either expanding to the vita or ps4/ps3, or worse :s MOBILE!!

  • jjbredesen
    • Shota

      i have a samsung galaxy s4. i only play games on the go to kill time. but if a big game like this comes to mobile then square enix can fuck themselves

    • Sdudyoy

      Even though I really don’t want this on mobile, I’m guessing that’s whats going to happen.

      • jjbredesen
        • mralloverit

          I can’t stop looking at this. It’s like you’ve opened a portal to another dimension and some weird creature is trying to force it’s way through.

          • jjbredesen

            Its EA’s true form 😉

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Looks like Microsoft’s DRM policies.

          • Zach Cruz

            I think youre a little late on that joke and a wee-bit not quite up to date with Microsoft’s “DRM policies”

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Considering I could care less about Microsoft’s policies or their products, I’m fine with not being up to date. Sorry you didn’t like my joke. Can’t please everyone. ;P

          • mralloverit

            So, this is the thing that’s pulling their strings behind the scenes. Makes a lot of sense. This explains how they got the WCIA Golden Poo twice

          • jjbredesen
          • mralloverit

            They were very close to getting it a third time. Time Warner took it by just over 1 percent.

          • Arthur Jarret

            1,2 man… 1,2… There are far worse companies anyway – those just only have activists that care about human rights and the environment voting against them, and not a mindless mass of pissed off gamers who only care about the tube in front of their face…

            Sorry for the rant, but if any company deserves to be awarded this ‘prize’ 3 consecutive times, it’d have to be Monsanto for ruining our food, our environment, patenting DNA and then use it to drive innocent farmers to bankrupcy.

          • Assassinated23

            In the first round. They were one of the first companies to be eliminated, so I wouldn’t say they were close to a three-peat.

          • Einar

            If you look closely there’s even a mouth that is opening and closing..

        • J_Joestar

          Looks like some sort of Umbrella Brand phone

          (i know they aren’t an electronics company)

        • Blue Hernandez

          WTF!!!!? It looks like some grotesque demon is coming out of the phone and he’s screaming trying to escape from hell!

        • GregoryTheRainMaker


  • That guy who hates Spike

    If that’s the case, I’ll just wait for the mobile version.

  • RennanNT

    SE making it for Wii U? Its 7 days too soon for April’s first, you know.. They won’t even port KH, which would make more sense (and money).. If its going to console its gonna be PS4 and maybe *sigh* XB1 too…

    • Jon Turner

      SE didn’t say they WOULDN’T port KH3 though; that was always a misrepresented rumor. The possibility for it coming to WiiU is still open. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had that survey.

  • Scott Mitchell

    Heck yeah!

  • J_Joestar

    Would be nice if they kept it to Nintendo only at least, seeing how we never get true FF games anymore (sure most people feel the quality of the series has long since dropped, but it would be nice to still have them as an option).

  • Sycamore

    Bravely default HD for consoles would be cool. Maybe with some bonus content like a couple new classes and an optional super boss.

  • Denvy

    I like the 3D aspect enough to not think it worth purchasing on a 2D console/device.

  • Denvy

    I don’t know much about porting handheld games to consoles, but wouldn’t it take quite some time to rework the native resolution to look good on a full fledged home console? Heck, the jaggies on regular DS and 3DS games on the XL are noticeable.

  • Petri

    “Like Final Fantasy”.
    Kind of killed it for me now…

    • FutureFox

      I think he meant the FF of old.

      • Petri

        And look what has happened to it…
        When something is doing good, certain persons starts thinking, “gee, I wonder how this could make us more money”, which is only natural.
        But usually that just kills the games for the fan base, while failing the set goal by the said persons.
        But, I generally trust the developers, they either make their games better, or sink them, and then something else will come along.

  • juan

    I would buy it on the wii u

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Nintendo made Final Fantasy famous and will let Bravely Default famous. The problem if they go third party I hope they don’t end up like 13. Best Final Fantasy and JRPG was on Nintendo.

  • steveb944

    Well it’s probably coming off my 3DS wish list now.

  • mojack411

    I dunno how I feel about this turning into a franchise. I was really excited when Bravely Second was announced but the thought of this turning into another Final Fantasy kinda scares me, especially since I can’t see the battle system changing too dramatically without it stop being BD. We’ll see how Bravely Second is, then I’ll decide if I’m ok with this. Either way, if they do go to other platforms I hope the remain loyal to Nintendo and just shift to Wii U.

    • C4

      FF battle systems didn’t change much from 1 – 3 (far as I remember) and 4 to 9. I can see BD evolving into kinda what FF were during the 1990s, I mean in some regards that’s what it already is.

  • David Trail

    Wii U exclusive???

  • David Trail

    JRPGS were made for the Wii U…

    Bring Bravely Default to Wii U and KH3 while you are at it!

    • matthew garcia

      Bravery default will go to other platforms and sell more on them and kingdom hearts on wii u keep dreaming lol

      • Shane Michaels

        Other platforms like the Xbox One?

    • Shane Michaels

      With a game like Bravely Default, graphics wouldn’t be an excuse. And it sold on 3DS, so why not Wii U?

  • ETeach

    I’m all for it going everywhere. By that same standard, I’m all for seeing Final Fantasy on Nintendo Consoles again too.

  • Rob Lucci

    Well, it was good while it lasted.

  • Ducked

    It be nice if it went to the Wii U, but you know what square game would be better on Wii U? Kingdom Hearts III

    • Jon Turner

      Yes, yes, and yes. I agree.

    • Brandon

      I’d rather have final fantasy XV over KH III but final fantasy will NEVER come back to nintendo home consoles because of square-enix’s stupidity.

  • RichM

    I own FFIII and FFIV on mobile and I have got to say that I love them. I’d welcome this on mobile. A bit overpriced, but they’re good solid games.

  • I would love to see Bravely Default on other platforms (Wii U included) but not just a HD edition of his game as I have it allready on 3DS. A new title in the series would be most welcome.

  • Blue Hernandez

    Hell yeah!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Bring it to the Wii U please! Please? Please!

    Say this…It better not come to mobile devices..that would suck.

  • Assassinated23

    Most likely it’d move to Vita. WiiU is unlikely, especially with Square Enix’s lackluster support so far.

    • Brandon

      placing my bet on ps4 xb1 & vita because…. square-enix sucks. 😛

  • classicgamer20

    While I loved the game I really don’t want it to become a franchise. It worked as a stand alone title and that’s how it should stay. As a great game for the 3ds not some franchise that will get the shit milked out of it.

  • alex toschi

    Sure, let’s make another stronger franchise to ruin just like final fantasy.

    Also, watch them move the games to other platforms, then take them off Nintendo’s gaming consoles.

  • Jon Turner

    I absolutely WANT to see this come to WiiU. Absolutely. SE needs to drop its past resentments with Nintendo consoles; this and KH3 deserve to come to WiiU. (Hopefully they will do so.)

  • Einar


  • Brandon

    calling it now ps4, pc, aaaaaaaaand XB1! no wii u version confirmed! square-enix you fucking troll! >=(

  • Takarashi282

    You know, ProJared said this and I completely agree with him: It would be great if it were released on home consoles because the game looks beautiful. I’m not bashing the game on the 3DS; it’s amazing. But putting more powerful hardware behind it and 2073600 pixels^2… don’t tell me there isn’t an imminent eyegasm there.