Feb 5th, 2013

Seems like Platinum Games has shown us some real-time graphics of Bayonetta 2 during the latest Nintendo Direct, albeit only about one second. The game’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto, confirmed in a tweet that the monster at the end of their “behind the scenes” segment was not CGI, but in fact footage of actual in-game graphics. Check out the one-second clip here or watch the behind the scenes video below in case you missed it.

Hopefully Platinum Games will give us more gameplay sneak peeks in the near future to wet our appetites. Bayonetta 2 is rumored to be released sometime this year.

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  • so stoked! Platinum always delivers a good time (besides anarchy reigns)

    • EmilyAhn Wu

      anarchy reigns is awesome….

      • combat felt extremely sloppy and it just felt unpolished compared to platinums previous games

        • Guilliman

           Have you played it online?  The looser controls make perfect sense in the wider context of a mass fight between human players. 

          After spending time with it I’m absolutely convinced that Anarchy Reigns will come to be considered the prototype for a future genre of 3D online fighting games. 

  • skid5jack

    Cannot wait for this game.

    If anyone out there loves 3rd person action and hasn’t played the original. PICK IT UP. It’s amazing

  • smurfman256

    “Boyonetta”.  Would you kindly fix the title, boyo?

  • Laud

    Wait for the Bayo1 fans to see this…

    I expect many fanboys to come… Get ready for war.

    • EmilyAhn Wu

      I’m a fangirl of the first Bayonetta, do you hear me raging? In fact, it would of made more sense to say Ps3,and xbox360 bayonetta fanboys, then just Bayonetta 1 fanboys…

      • Laud

        I kind of figured everyone was smart enough to realize I was talking about those fans.

        Why would I mean anyone else? 

        While I don’t hear you raging I definitely feel that you are mildly upset.

        • Petri

          Anyone would be, but after 5 stages of denial, everything will be ok.

  • Wayne Beck

    That is pretty darn impressive..

    • Judging from the one second of actual gameplay, to me it looks great and possibly next gen. Not everyone will agree, but I feel it is.

  • Nintedward

    Liking Bayonetta’s ass on that pic. She is one of the hottest video game girls!

    Can’t wait for some Bayonetta 2 on My Wiiu. I loved Bayonetta 1 !!!!! Such an amazing game.

  • Lol, that’s my bad. It will be fixed. It’s my excitement for the game, I just can’t contain it!

  • Andres Trujillo

    I never played the first one, but I’m going to have to now though… And yes, I do want to touch you

  • can anyone tell me what this game is about. It looks Awesome!

    • its a crazy hack n slash

    • Turquel Baker

      similar to dmc. hack and slash type. good fun and good challenge.

    • Johny

      many consider it a female version of Dante… therefore … a female version of DMC… and for a reason… a developer guy from DMC studios (capcom) left and got into development of this game or something… so its similar on various aspects. Many even say its better than the Devil May Cry series… and it had a strong fanbase when Bayonetta 1 got released on ps3 and 360… that pretty much explains the hate and raging of nintendo haters who are fans of Bayonetta. and theres MANY of them.

      thats why this game is very important for the well being of wii u 🙂 

  • me


  • Graphics like this cannot be possible.  All of the Nintendo hater trolls say it is underpowered and cannot compete with even the 360 or PS3.  Surely they cannot be lying right?  Trolls never lie.

    • it doesn’t help that ONE dev said the Wii U is worse then the 360. Plus some nondev board member from EA said that there is a “huge difference” in graphical power between the nextbox and Wii U

      • Petri

        And my guess is, there will be a huge difference in the pricing at least.

        • I don’t know. If the reports of the nextbox not being much better then the Wii u, then they’ll have similar prices.

      • NkoSekirei

         wat i heard is that their not gonna be that powerful.Maybe a year ahead but not much but still wii u will have alot more games under its belt and alot more content as well

    •  I did not see anything in these graphics that puts it ahead of the other two.  There was nothing special about these graphics – which are not supposed to be everything!

      • uPadWatcher

        Are you THAT blind, Donny?

        •  Maybe I am since I did not see it.

          • Hard to see it with only a second of actual gameplay. Stay Tuned for a full trailer and then you can make a fair opinion. The one you hold now doesn’t really hold up.

    • NkoSekirei

       wii u is running on 2011 technology making more powerful then the current gen consoles but trolls dont listen and their in such denial

      • DragonSilths

        You dont get it my good sir. The 8th gen has started. Its now the current gen. Xbox 360 and PS3 are now LAST GEN.

  • gnxleoo

    smexy graphics only wiiu

  • I honestly was never interested in Bayonetta, or the protagonist’s ‘sexy librarian” face. I never found the character to be sexy in the slightest. And the gameplay was… okay.

  • Hey hey Eurogamer! 

    What was that saying that the Wii U wasn’t “Next Gen”

    • Most will say it isn’t, but Wii U won’t show its full potential for at least a few years. People just find it convient to hate Nintendo, and the fact it’s more or less a tradition since N64.

  • devmiles

    i’d marry her!!! =D

  • Silent

    Dat butt….It gets me PUMPED!!!

  • Billy_Perry


    Do an article on this. It’s official, the Wii U is again an underpowered Nintendo console. And I’m a Nintendo fan boy.

    • Linkamus

      Underpowered why?  Also, where in the article does it state officially that’s it is underpowered other than the morons in the comment section?

      It will run great games and display very clean graphics… whats your basis for this comment?

      • NkoSekirei

         hes just trolling like many trolls before him they got no hard facts to back up their hateful comments

        • Billy_Perry

          Woah people, I’m by no means a troll, I have commented on many a Wii U Daily article backing up Nintendo and offering constructive criticism, look at the CNN article, I commented there backing Nintendo all the way. However, now that it is obviously going to be heavily behind the PS4 and Xbox 720 I’m trying to see past the ignorance of my fan boy-ism and look towards rational conclusion. The specs revealed offer a clear perspective of how this system will stack up to the PS4’s specs. I’m not the only Nintendo fan that thinks this, go look up ReviewTechUSA video on this. 

          I love Nintendo, but I can no longer voice my opinion behind this veil of ignorance that the Wii U is a powerful console, it is behind the curve, face it.

          • One thing to remember, though, is that if the Nextbox and PS4 go much over the Wii U, then they will be selling those systems at a HUGE loss, just like the PS360. And given the financial states of both companies, they won’t be able to do that. Plus, the 360 is VASTLY underpowered compared to the PS3, and it outperformed Sony. So never write Nintendo off, because the Wii sold GANGBUSTERS, and it was inferior to the others in specs.

          • MujuraNoKamen

             Woah woah woah, don’t be so quick to judge. I’ve read tons of articles saying Wii U is “underpowered” “no better than 360” etc etc. Always check the comments, many a time I’ve thought “oh crap, Ninty f****d up!” but then some one in the comments who understands all hardware and these specs (I’m not an expert) says something about how much better the GPGPU in Wii U is, even if the CPU is a bit weak, the system has very good architecture and is very efficient so can run games well beyond PS3 and 360 without breaking a sweat. not to mention, how how are the competitors going to make a powerful console again if in order to do so they take massive losses, a move like that could well tip Sony over the edge and I’ve heard MS aren’t in great shape either.

    • NkoSekirei

      its not underpowered u douche ur thread is false the wii u runs on 2011 specs making more powerful then the current gen consoles and its alrdy been proven by many third party developers and nintendo themselves

    • gnxleoo

      Dev kit v1 or v4? Or the retail console… tell me which one euro gamer looked at. Which one EXACTLY did they look at?

    • What gnxleoo said. If you did research, the retail console is more powerful to the ps3 and 360 in comparison, the one that eurogamer looked at was an earlier version of the Wii U.

  • fireheartis1

    OK that was crazy Totally Awesome Cool To The Max!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see more graphics like that man totally rockin.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    WOW that’s cool!!! When I first saw that clip I thought it was pretty impressive (what the hell is that thing anyway? it looks like some Lizard/Wolf thing with a bald guys heap on its head) but looking at those pics up close has really got me fired up to see more of this game – Hopefully at GDC in March, if not, E3.

  • Maybe Nintendo should buy Sega?

    • I have to say that it’d be an interesting purchase, and will the Sega fanboys rage I bet. It wouldn’t really hurt Sega if it happened as they have a good relationship with Nintendo and would save them from bankruptcy as they’ve been losing money of late. Despite that, I think they’ll bounce back soon.

  • what a great game my favorite part is when the huge dragon takes the church into the air with bayonetta inside imagine what would it come in the wii u

  • OMG that one second of footage was Gomorrah!!! U can clearly see the details of its head, the horns and the creepy ass face coming out of its forehead, it is totally gomorrah! it was it’s whole body, not summoned by hair either, so maybe part of bayonetta 2 takes place in inferno this time?

  • Its GOMORRAH! how could we not see it before!!??