Jun 19th, 2015


One of the early announcements of Nintendo’s E3 presentation was a partnership with Activision to distribute a dual Skylanders/amiibo combo. Donkey Kong and Bowser are the two Nintendo characters appearing in the upcoming Skylanders Superchargers, but if you had you hopes on just buying them when the new Skylanders is available, you’ll be disappointed to know they’re only included in the starter pack.

The Starter pack for every Skylanders release to date has included three Skylanders to get you started, and both Donkey Kong and Bowser have their own starter packs set up. You can see the first box art of Donkey Kong’s starter pack above.

This means if you want the figure for it’s amiibo properties, you’ll also have to buy fully into Skylanders for the starter kit. Does this change your opinion of this idea, now that these two dual figures aren’t getting a singular release?

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