Mar 28th, 2012 publishUpdated   Apr 6th, 2012, 9:30 am

aliens colonial marines wii u
Developer Gearbox is currently working on Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U, and in an interview with The Verge, CEO Randy Pitchford gave a lot of praise for the Wii U, saying:

“The Wii U version has so much more to offer. No other platform can do what the Wii U can do. If you love 360 games, you are not used to being in a world where you have this new interface. But once you get used to that, you imagine the possibilities; there are some opportunities that are just not possible on any platform that does not have that device.”

Gearbox, developers of the Brothers in Arms series and Borderlands, will be bringing Aliens: Colonial Marines to the Wii U later this year. We’ve seen a few glimpses of gameplay, but we haven’t seen how the game will utilize the new Wii U controller. One Gearbox game we definitely would love to see on the Wii U is the upcoming Borderlands 2, which so far has only been announced for the current generation of gaming consoles.

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