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In the latest Bonus Round on GTTV, Geoff Keighley hosts a discussion about the next generation of consoles, talking about what new game machines should offer and do. Admittedly, I thought I was going to hear a lot of Wii U bashing in lieu of all the negative press Nintendo seems to be getting lately; plus I know Keighley can be on the critical side when talking about Nintendo.
Surprisingly, however, there was no Wii U trolling.

In fact, the over arching sentiment towards Wii U and the upcoming game machines from Microsoft and Sony was: it’s all about content and unique experiences and not necessarily all about graphical prowess going forward. Nothing new to us gamers, right? I think there’s a wise saying that rings true every generation–what is it again?–Oh yea, “Content is King!” Glad to see more people in the industry catching on to this fact. Here is some of what was said in the discussion in case you don’t feel like sitting through the 17 minute video below.

Jeff Canatta –Weekend Confirmed:

“For Nintendo, this year has got to be about software…I think we need a big Mario title that shows off that pad in a unique, interesting way that’s more than just menu systems…I hope Nintendo also embrace new IP.

Marcus Beer –Annoyed Gamer:

“Wii U is a fun console with a lot of potential…Not seeing a bunch of stuff taking advantage of the gamepad however…Microsoft and Sony committed gaming atrocities last year, with the exception of Halo 4… Sony’s first party title lineup last year was diabolical and Microsoft wasn’t far behind…Screw Kinect, screw the fact I can get Netflix, I want some stellar experiences…Nintendo has 6 months to bring it…Gamers want more than just a Call of Duty clone or just Madden every year.”

Seamus Blackley –Innovative Leisure:

“Are these game consoles special enough anymore to merit a special place in the living room?…All consoles need a Mario 64 because that title made you want to rush out and buy a N64…I really worry that these companies  are going to think offering every service (Netflix, etc…) at the same time is what makes a console experience special.”


I know some share the view that the Wii U shouldn’t be categorized, discussed, or even debated about when it comes to next gen consoles, but I disagree. Personally, I think the Wii U is a next gen system because it offers me experiences and content I didn’t have last gen and therefore deserves to be in the discussion ring with the “big boys” so to speak, but that’s just my opinion.

What are your thoughts? As a Wii U owner, or someone planning on getting one, or any next gen system, what do you think a console must have or be able to do to earn a place in your living room? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below in the comments and please be respectful of the opinions and views of others.

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  • I think a console shouldn’t be judge by power but more on the fun-factor you have with the console ^^ 

    I did NOT have fun having to replace the Xbox 360 several times.
    I had fun on the PS3 because of its exclusive titles 
    I had fun on the Wii because it had a unique controller and actually played FPS games pretty well.
    I having a LOT of fun with the Wii U =3 

    • The_fuzz_buzz

      One of the things I’ve always liked about the Wii and now the Wii U, is that, sure, you can play normal games in a normal way if you wanted, but if you wanted use motion controls, you go to the options menu and select another preference, or another game, but you didn’t have to go buy $150 add-ons *coughMicrosoft* *coughSony* 

      •  Only causal gamers want to play motion controlled games.  It won’t make or break any system, although it made the Wii but the novelty wore off quickly.  The Wii U’s controller has people and developers puzzled.

        • EvanescentHero

           I loved Skyward Sword’s controls. Guess that makes me casual.

        •  Everyone lookout we have a hardcore badass right here!!  Sits on his ass with a controller in his hand and headset online playing by himself with other people online by themselves probably calling each other’s mother a whore when they get beat.

          •  Hey, it’s pretty hard for a grown man to find other grown men who want to play videogames (for long anyway) when they are out getting pussy.  When I am not out getting pussy, I am playing some GTA online – where people do not quit as much because my skills are too much.  You cannot have online fun with Nintendo.

          • Your bragging using lies is amusing.   Trying to make yourself feel better by saying you are out getting laid.  Oh that’s cute.   I assume pussy is the name you gave your hand.

          •  Lol!

          • Nick Kulakovskiy

            Jesus fuck, just stop commenting already! The fact that you’re on this website spamming every positive comment you see about the Wii U proves that you get no pussy. It’s just so sad to see people like you, and disturbing too, go play your shitbox with all the shit-titles and have fun with that. Leave this community alone.

          •  Lol.  Some people may not like the way you used Jesus along with fuck.

          •  Donaald, my man! Listen, i’ve read all your messages here, and i’m going to try to be neutral in this matter. I’ve been a fan of PS’s from the start, even Xbox, but i’ve been a owner and fan of all nintendo consoles too. So i’ve experienced all there is to experience on consoles and my conclusion is: Nothing beats nintendo in FUN. Man, i’ve bought WiiU and in terms of fun, and even on graphics despite that is not important to me, WiiU beats the hell out of from any other console. I sure am expecting next Gen from other consoles, and they can even beat WiiU in graphic terms, but that does not entertain me. I’m sure they will not be as much fun as the WiiU Experience. I have a PC that beats and will beat every graphic of the new xbox or PS, but even this powerful computer with all its glorious graphics won’t take me from my WiiU. My advice to you, buy a WiiU and then come here and comment, don’t be just a hater. Live and experience before opening your mouth.

          • Richard Yates

            Haha priceless.

          • Richard Yates

            Rofl Gta online is so broken only trolls play it really.

          •  Lol.  Only the non-skilled get scared and turn away because they keep getting shot all of the time.

          • Richard Yates

            Sigh rockstar even said the mp stinks….deal with it.

          • Richard Yates

            omg im 32 an my lad is 6 and me and him absolutely smashed mariokart wii online…..he surpassed me in the end…..but most of all it was bloody good fun….when i come off black ops 2 on ps3 or halo on cashbox i feel like killing sum1! if i do shit that is….which aint often btw 😛

        • Richard Yates

          i have kinect i have move….you can thank black friday and cash generator for those purchases but nothing and i mean nothing compares to the wii motion controls….especialy on skyward sword which im happily playing thru again on my wii u……im a gamer mate always have been…..not a consoler who waits for new consoles to insert my peenus in 😛

  • Nintedward

    Hey – Ignore this comment was just seeing if this new account is working…

    • Jonas

       so are you back? or is it a fake?

      • Nintedward

        It’s me the real Nintedward xD. I promise lol. I forgot the password for my old profile lol.   

        • prettypinkpanacea

          Nintedward, you’re never online when I am unless you’re using a different profile. In any case, I hope you’re enjoying the release titles as much as I have been.

          • Nintedward

            Oh hey , Yeh I love my Wiiu ^_^ . I moved into a new appartment And I don’t have my own connection yet. I’m using my landlords Internet connection but My Wiiu won’t reach it from my place 🙁 . My 3DS reaches fine though which is strange.

            I will be on miiverse daily soon as I get my own internet connection.

          • Laud

            Welcome back, let me know when you get an IC so I can add you. 🙂

          • Nintedward

            Add me anyway bro , I am staying at my mums for the weekend in a few days So I will be hitting online HARD!!! on Wiiu. And downloading Fist of the north star 2 !!!!

            My NNID is –  xNintedwardx 

            I hope nobody thinks I don’t like my Wiiu lol. It’s the best console I’ve ever owned , and My play time records are off the charts. 

            I’ve played 200 hours + on my Wiiu since launch ^_^  And my little brothers profile has a good 50-100 on his profile….

  • Nintedward

    The Wiiu is the king of all Consoles ^_^ . Can’t put mine down so far.  

    • Elem187

      Me neither, I haven’t hit a drought of games like the media is trying to tell me there is.

      I never owned a 360 or playstation because its only selling point is moot to me. GRAAAAPHICS .. My computer destroys anything Sony or Microsoft could possibly put in a box this year, so there really is no reason for me to downgrade to a PS4 or 720.

      Nintendo on the other hand has the strengths of always pushing gameplay concepts and change how we interact with our games.. Its one area no other video game company has even come close to competing in with Nintendo.

      • Tobias Naustdal

         if only more people were like you xP

      • DragonSilths

        I have abit of a drought with my Wii U game wise till next month lol but thats no bug deal. Miiverse and the internet browser thats where its at lol.

      •  What gameplay did Nintendo come up with for that useless controller?  They only keep coming up with new controller to make it look like something with each system.  Sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.  If Nintendo could do graphics, they would, but they can’t.

        • EvanescentHero

           Have you played Nintendo Land? My guess would be no; I assume you find it too kiddie and not worth your time. That game makes wonderful use of the GamePad, as does ZombiU, and as will many games to come.

        •  Useless controller?  Wow you are an idiot.  The gamepad offers a level of interaction with the game that cannot be achieved on any other system.  I mean it is so useless that Microsoft went and developed SmartGlass in reaction to the news of Nintendo making a tablet controller much like they bought project Natal to get the kinect in reaction to the motion gaming innovated by Nintendo.   Sony is rumored to be making a tablet controller in the same fashion just like they copied Nintendo with the Playstation Move.

          Nintendo Innovates and others copy.

          •  Nintendo copied off of the Sega Dreamcast’s controller, so get i right.  Nintendo had not even figured out a use fore that controller yet.

          • Jay

            not even close dude. lol

          • uPadWatcher

            U mad, Donny?  Nintendo have NEVER copied the Dreamcast controller.  You have 0% experience playing video games.  I bet your favorite video game is Pong… right.  Go to your basement and dwell there, loser!

          •  That’s an insult to Pong. 

          • A controller with a screen on it, that was not Sega’s?

          • Nick Kulakovskiy

            A little 8-bit 4x4cm screen against a HD touchscreen that has 3D motion and full interactivity in games. What the f***, man…

          •  I know, Nintendo is a saint of a company right?  Anything that they do – right or wrong is heaven sent right?  THIS inability to admit your wrongs is why the Wii U has flopped.

          • Justin Shelton

            if that is your logic ps1 had that they had aftermarket controllers with a slot where you could put that dumb ps pocket then you had a controller with a screen but nintendo kind of took the idea of the ds and turned it into a console

          • Richard Yates

            Who gave us dpad? er nintendo…..who gave us shoulder buttons? er nintendo…..who gave us analog control? er nintendo….who gave us touchscreen on portables? er nintendo….who gave us motion controls? er nintendo….. who gave us touchscreen on home console? er nintendo!!!!!!!! see a fucking pattern donut donaald??????

          •  I see the pattern – Nintendo must always come with a new controller which they think makes each systems seem new and it also aids them in making sure that software remains unique for each system (play wise).  If it ain’t broke, no need to try and reinvent the wheel.

          • Richard Yates

            Dude without the dpad we’d all be using joysticks for years hahahahaha lets see u get raped on gta online with a joystick an 2 buttons. All nintendo have ever done is look for new ways for us to connect with our games and have fun…..i own everything mate i have no agenda but i hate seeing feeble minded trolls slagging off a damn decent company who deal in fun for the masses. I agree everyone is entitled to there opinions, its just when they base there opinions on stuff they know nothing about gets me!

          •  Joysticks were only made because they wanted an arcade-like experience at home.  No one complained about the joysticks!  Other systems did not use joysticks, but I do give it up to Nintendo for their innovations in game pads over the years, so you won’t get hate out of me for those.

            The gamepad gimmick is a done deal now unless they can come up with something totally different.  I will admit that the Wii controller is more useful than the Wii U’s controller.  I am still waiting to see something useful for that thing besides maps and play calling.

        • Nintedward

          The SNES was more powerfull than Genesis , The N64 more powerfull than Saturn and PS1 and the Gamecube was more powerfull than the Ps2. 

          Troll harder next time. 

          Wiiu has more shaders and a modern , memory intensive architecture , that will out peform old consoles , kid. Deal with it.  

          •  No, the Genesis was more powerful than the SNES.  Even though I was not talking about this, but I am glad that you brought this up.  The Wii U is to the 360/PS3 like the SNES was to the Genesis.  Both SNES and Wii U have weaker CPUs than their counterparts, but better video functions!  In addition, the SNES had better sound than the Genesis.  Back in those days, I preferred the SNES over the Genesis because more colors, effects and even the sound was too much to ignore.  In other words – Nintendo had the better graphics!  Sega had the games which is why they still won that battle.

            Wii U is in the same boat but the differences are that all colors are the same, sound is the same but the others have the game advantage and Nintendo is late to the game and the Wii U will be old before it get’s started.

          • Jay

            lol what a clown.

            Damn dude you dont know shit about graphics processors OR game media OR game sales…

            This clown was asking ME for info on sales lol!!

          •  I was not asking you for anything but to show me your source.

          • Justin Shelton

            i will give this guy one thing the sega gen did out perform and out sell the snes IN 1992

          • Nintedward

            No , the SNES was much better graphically than the Genesis . The Genesis had a fast CPU , but everything else in the SNES DESTROYED the Genesis kid.

            Do your research.

          •  Learn to READ because I already wrote all of that!

          • Richard Yates

            Actually the mega drive or genesis as u say was a graphically supperior machine to the snes…..only just mind. But the snes had mode 7 graphics which made mariokart an pilotwings possible.

          • Richard Yates

            Had to give old troll face that one.

          • Nintedward

            The SNES was graphically superior to Genesis. Genesis had a faster CPU. Everything else in SNES was Vastly superior.

        • uPadWatcher

          NEWS FLASH–  Nintendo DOES graphics!  You’re so fucking dumb that you’re already missing out on the best looking graphics from MonolithSoft, PlatinumGames, Nintendo EAD, and (when E3 comes) Retro Studios.

          •  Insulting people won’t make me spend money on Nintendo,  You know damned well people are waiting for the next systems.  From what I hear, they will be about evenly matched, with a slight edge to the PS4.

          • uPadWatcher

            In conclusion, Donny… you’re broke as hell and needs to get the fuck outside and breathe some fresh air.

    • Nathan Ostroski

      Exactly.  Even if most hardcore games like CODBO2 & Batman would just use the gamepad as a map screen, I would STILL be happy!  A second screen for options and what not makes it much funner!

      •  If the gamepad is used properly games can be fun.  It is up to the developers to fill that role though and as with the Wii some developers will fall short but I guarantee that Nintendo will not with their titles.  The extra screen has so much potential in gaming which is why I guess Microsoft and Sony are eager to copy it once again.

    • uPadWatcher

      The Wii U is most DEFINITELY the King of all Consoles.  I’m having a difficult time putting my GamePad down playing Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Nano Assault Neo.  I’m looking forward to Lego City: Undercover, Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, X, and (my soon to be personal favorite) Bayonetta 2!!!!!!!!

      • Nintedward

        Exactly bro!!!!! Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors edge is amazing exlcusively on Wiiu in the west. Western PS3 and 360 owners are stuck with a broken content-less build and will be forced to watch on as their Japanese counter parts play on their 360 and ps3 xD

  • Laud

    The Wii U is next gen because it’s a console that was released after last gen. -_-

    Graphics don’t make something next gen, get that through your heads.

    • Ok…. I’m definitely convinced…. You my friend are an agent. You don’t miss a beat do you? LoL! 🙂 

    • Elem187

      The Wii U is at least 1.5 to 2x faster than the PS360, even the tear downs of the GPGPU have revealed that (at least they claim) it is at least on par with a Radeon 4000(although dev’s have said its more than capable of doing DX11 level of effects/shaders, which means it at has to at least be a Radeon 5000/6000 series).

      And I remember a Ubisoft developer claimed it was a 6770, at least thats what his dev kit was, and I would doubt Nintendo would ship a system that was less powerful than its dev kits

      • RoadyMike

        Blah blah blabity blah
        I couldn’t care less for specs.GIVE MEH GAMES!

        • AkaLink77

          yah if power was so intalized in the Wii U Nintendo would ecoh what sony did:
          “Five Hundered and Ninty Nine US Dollors!” 😀

        •  I am sure you care enough to know if you will see HD on your TV.

        • devmiles

          effin right…games.. and better be effin fast too Nintendo… we sorry we sorry, we sorry bout this and that.. yeah you better be iwata… you better be…

      •  The video card alone does not make the system.  It is not faster to better than the PS3 or 360.  The CPU’s messed that up.  Besides, the Wii U does not have to deal with them, it has to deal with the PS4 and new Xbox.

        • Laud

          It’s not a CPU.


        •  Please stop talking hardware like you know what you are talking about.  If a console is designed to take advantage of the more powerful GPU then it can and will perform better.  In fact even in the computer world companies like Intel and AMD are leveraging the power of the GPU to work with their CPUs which is why they both put GPU power on the same piece of silicon as the CPU.  

          Typical ignorant troll that looks only at the Gigahertz of the processor as terms of computing power.

          •  I DO know what I am talking about, I build PC’s for a living.  Again, Nintendo built that system to be cheap, that is why it centers around the GPU first.  I mean, it is about graphics (is it Nintendo?), so of course it would, but they did it to save money.

          • Oooooh You build PCs that snap together with little color coded motherboard maps.  My 10 year old nephew jcan build a PC so what.   I built my first PC in 1988 when I was 12 way before everything was coded and they gave monkey instructions how to put it all together and probably have forgotten more about technology than you know.  

            Come back when you grow into the big leagues son.

          • Probably works at Computers Plus. I have a netbook that outperforms most peoples PCs, it’s because of good maintenance and using Linux. Valve showed definitive proof that a sleek OS makes games run better with lower specs. That should have been obvious, but you know fanboys…

          •  Whatever you say.  I don’t need instructions to do it and from what you have written, you know no-ting.

        • Arthur Jarret

           Caching is more important nowadays than processing speed.
          All developers that actually have a current dev kit have confirmed that the wii U is not underpowered – and the latest interview with Iwata (seen here: http://wiiudaily.com/2013/02/nintendo-on-wii-u-hardware-games-and-more/) has also revealed that the dev kits were underpowered compared with the actual wii U – for which the final dev kits weren’t available until December.

          Meaning the few devs (like Metro’s dev) that have spoken about the wii U as an underpowered machine are the guys who received one of the early, underpowered dev kits nintendo needed to put out to ensure a launch line-up (even if it consists of bad ports built on an underpowered console build).

          Note that it takes over a year to make a decent game… we won’t scratch the surface of seeing what the wii U can do until next holiday season.

          •  Ok, give it time, but the Wii U does not have time!  IF the news systems are indeed coming out in September (GTA V just happens to be delayed until then too..), then Nintendo will be out of time.  Hell, I might pick up the new Xbox if they put GTA V out on it – and there is a big difference in graphics.  Graphics DO matter when you know what to expect from the game play.  Graphics are the only thing that you can judge a game by as you cannot assume what a game will play like.

          • EvanescentHero

             Right, they delayed the game so they could make two more versions of it, to put on current-gen systems as well as last-gen systems. And unless the trailer for a game is horrible and shows you nothing about the game itself, you have more to judge the game on than graphics. Especially when there are developer comments or website reviews you could read and gameplay videos you could watch.

            Oh, and Nintendo has plenty of time and plenty of money.

          •  This is why I write what I write about Nintendo.  You cannot watch a video to get an idea of how the gaemplay is, you have to play it.  GTA trailers are for cinematic display only and do not give the novice any idea at all how the game is played.  You had to play one before in order to have an idea.

          • EvanescentHero

             If a trailer is any good at all, it shows at least a bit of what you can expect from the gameplay. And anyway, there’s more than trailers. You could watch someone else play it, you could watch a GAMEPLAY TRAILER, you could read a review…on the Internet there are myriad ways you can find out how a game is played. To say graphics are the only thing you can find out before playing a game, the only thing that entices anyone, is simply false.

          •  Watching someone else play, reading a review on how it plays and watching what you call a gameplay trailer is supposed to tell YOU how it plays before you play it?  While you do all that you suggested, you are doing the simple that that I said must be done, but how you Nintendo nuts want to avoid admitting your foolish lies – you must LOOK at the game first before you decide if even want to know how it plays.  What do you think arcades were all about?  You walk around and LOOK at the game demos, then you figure out if you want to play.  Just stop, you keep making me despise Nintendo and their lies even more by not being honest.

          • EvanescentHero

             I could hear about a game, read about it, and decide if it sounded interesting without needing to see the graphics. I don’t give a shit how impressive the next Call of Duty looks, because I know I’m not going to like it. Now if a game sounds interesting from what I hear about it, yeah, I’ll check out the trailer, and if the graphics look nice, that’s a plus, but it doesn’t matter in the end. My decision will be made regardless of graphics. I can easily decide not to play a game without having seen a single screenshot of it. In fact I have done that on a number of occasions. I’m being completely honest. What do I have to gain by lying to someone on the Internet? I don’t know you, I’m never going to interact with you in the real world, so I don’t give a shit what your opinion of me is. All I’m saying is, there’s more you can discover about a video game than how it looks.

          •  I can say flat out that you are lying. You are the same guy who would try to convince me that you would buy a car without looking at it, but hearing about how great it was to drive.  Just stop it.

            Also, Call of Duty looks good, but I am not crazy about those games as well as Halo.  In these cases for me, it is the gameplay that I don’t like.  However, I had to LOOK at them in order to determine if I would be interested in them first.  I am not crazy about Halo’s graphics and I just hate 1st person shooters.

          • EvanescentHero

             I’m not lying at all. And no, I would never do that with a car. But you have your analogy backwards. I can easily decide NOT to buy a car based on what I know about it, regardless of whether or not I’ve seen it. For example, I’ve never going to buy an SUV. Similarly, if I hear a game is a first-person shooter, I’m extremely unlikely to like it unless the description stands out to me (like TF2), regardless of whether or not I’ve seen it in action. I don’t need to see a visual of a game to decide if I want it or not. If it sounds interesting, I’m going to look up pictures and videos, but if not, I won’t, and that’ll be the end of it. Sorry you can’t wrap your mind around that concept.

          •  You know instead of raging on here like you know what you’re talking about you could be reading up on game FAQs and actually having an intellectual conversation with everyone here who KNOWS what they are talking about. Go change your tampon and quit ragging on shit you have no clue about. Thanks.

        • Richard Yates

          Omg the ibm power core processor was used in the frigging mars rover dude……low power consumption, low heat and a low clock speed  BUT large L1 an L2 cache which more than makes up for its shortcummings, plus it can execute out of order and can offload alot of maths to the gpu which eats it up yum yum……understand this mate…..its new tech an lazy programmers hate new tech an will moan about it….just like the ps cell saga………now coupled with the fact it has the pad and the wireless n card in the package and they only charged 320 quid for the elite! Oh and dont expect the nextbox and orbis to be as fast as people are saying……
          Even by next year when components are cheaper i couldnt see them building a better rig which does what the wii u does for 320 quid on releas. 

    • Tobias Naustdal

      the engineering in the wii u is modern tech.


      there are 3gens of intel core i series, they go from i3-i5-i7, the intel core i3 (3rd gen) is still the same architecture but less power than the i7. therefore… the date of the tech makes it next gen ***THE DATE OF THE TECH MAKES IT NEXT GEN***

      it is not the same as the gamecube and wii, which basically just used the same parts, with an overclocked cpu.

      so the transfer of games from the 3 next consoles is going to be rather smoth,
      just if there is a little better tessellation on the xbox 720 and ps4.

    •  Honda just released a brand new Accord – the 9th generation.  A generation in cars is defined by having a brand new design and features.  A new generation in video games is not defined by coming out with a system with a newer controller or similar technology as the last/current. A new generation in video games denotes a leap in technology from the previous model.  The Wii was not a leap in technology from the Gamecube as it was an overclocked GC.  The Wii U is a jump – not radical, over the Wii, but it still retains the core of the Wii and barley competes with current systems.  The Wii U us a current generation system.

      • Laud


      • Erroneous on all counts.   Your car analogy falls flat because you even say the new Honda has new design and features making it a new generation.  The Wii U is just that.  Taking items of it’s predecessor and making them better.  A new gaming style with a new controller and the social interaction of the games practically in real time makes it a new generation.   You cannot even interpret your own analogies properly.

        •  OK, let’s do this.  The Wii U IS a next generation system – for Nintendo!  It’s is a current generation system for gaming overall, and it will be a last generation system when the other two drop with their reported 8-core CPUs!

          •  Once again the CPU does not make it a new generation. Of course to your simple mind it does.

            I swear it’s like talking to a wall but the wall is more intelligent.

          •  What does CPU mean?  “CENTRAL Processing Unit.”  When you think of the CENTRAL Intelligence Agency what do you think of?  When you think of the CENTRAL government, what do you think of?  When you change to a new CPU, that is a new system (for video games).  However, I did not write that.  If the definition of a video game generation now changes simply because Nintendo is stuck in the past, the same way that they want us to think that graphics don’t count because they can’t compete – then they need to get out of the game and stop lying to people to compensate for their wiiknesses.

          •  It’s not 1992 anymore.  Computing is more than the CPU.  I guess that is why a computer with a slower CPU and a SSD can outperform one with the fastest CPU and a traditional hard drive.  

            Also it is not about the Mhz/Ghz.  Intel taught us that one when their 3.4+Ghz CPUs were getting smoked by AMD processors some 1000Mhz or more less frequency.   It is all how everything works together from the CPU to the Memory, to the storage.   To use a car analogy for you it is like having a 800HP car with a shitty transmission or the rest of the powertrain.  That is the advantage of a closed system like a console. It is designed to do only what the manufacturer wants and 3rd party has to meet the specifications.   You live in the PC world where they are designed to do the best of what they can from a variety of hardware brands and configurations and software from everywhere not coded up to standards.   Don’t be so one dimensional.

          •  True, but this is not the case with the Wii U.

          • It’s a magical thing called GPU computing. Not that you’ll listen. Do you work at Best Buy or something? I bet you’re the head member of the Geek Squad.

          •  It is not magical or new.  Nvidia has has been doing it for years.

          • Richard Yates

            OMg you are so small minded.

          • Richard Yates

            Yes alot of things are around for years before they find there way into consoles…..wifi, bluetooth….cd roms, dvds…..should i go on? Face facts tool if u think nextbox an ps4 will be 8 cores and ddr5 ram loads of….then your a right numpty!

          •  Well, they did say 8 low-powered cores and the DDR5 will of course be possible.

          •  If being ‘small minded’ means that I am hard to brainwash, then I am guilty!

          •  Nope, just means you’re an idiot.

          • Jay

            lol backtracking his own words. lol this guys a clown!!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Oh, now it’s a new gen to Nintendo? You’re a piece of work aren’t ya? Lol. That made my night.

      • Nintedward

        What a Fail you twat. If Honda released a 2.0 V6 civic in 2006. And a 2.0 V6 in 2013 that could fly , they would be in different generations. One can fly , the other cannot. the fact they are the same power does not dictate anything.

        ”The Wiiu is a current generation system” – No , it’s litteraly not. It was launched in 2012 you blithering cock , the 360 , ps3 , Wii were all launched significantly earlier. 

        Idiotic troll.

        •  Since you want to call names without any logic – listen you son of a bitch faggot!  I explained what a generation is. It is not TIME, it is technology and design. 

          •  The problem is you have no idea what you are talking about.  

            Oh and the the foul language is a nice touch to further prove that you are an immature punk.   Don’t look now but your mommy is calling.  Better clean your room and brush your teeth because it is bed time for all the spoiled brats.

          • RoadyMike


          • uPadWatcher

            Donny… go to your basement and put on a dunce cap!  The Wii U is most definitely the next gen console.  It does everything… video games, asymmetric gameplay, social networking, video chat, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, eShop, and enhancing your cable/satellite viewing experience.

          • Ok, so me one source that states that a generation is defined by tech and design. Just ONE. Why would gaming consoles be classified differently? It’s not like generations of people, cars, or (shudder) iphones are made with different tech. And in a lot of cases, design doesn’t change much either. 

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Wii U has different technology and design obviously as it shows it looks nothing like the Wii. We all know you’re just trying to be right and it pains you to be wrong. Nothing wrong with being wrong, we’d respect you more if you said so, but we know you won’t. It’s easier for some to lie than tell the truth it seems.

          •  Yet another change of strategy when you have been exposed.  Once again, I come with FACTS while you come with amateur publicist ways – which are horrible lies that don’t even make sense.

      • MujuraNoKamen

         LOL Didn’t you even see the 2011 tech demos? Pretty impressive for something made in 3 weeks on early dev kits. Also check out the quick glimpse of graphics from Bayonetta 2, that should show how powerful Wii U really is. It might not be a massive leap but that’s normal, everyone seems to think every generation the specs go up massively when they don’t – early PS2 games looked like N64 game and it took a couple of years for every console to show what it could really do and get a good library of games available. The Wii U already looks promising in terms of games available and in terms of its much debated specs. GTFO Troll!

        •  Some of us may not be concerned with a Bayonetta 2 or games like that.  I expect a Mario game to look like 2013, not 1991!  Every system WAS a great leap technologically, even Nintendo systems ( of course ending with the Wii), but Nintendo failed to maximize storage which is the one thing that really doomed them.

          • Laud

            Just like some people aren’t concerned with Bayo2, some aren’t concerned with GTA5.

            I have a 1TB hard drive on my Wii U and I got it for 60 bucks. 

            I wonder how much that will cost on the upcoming systems…

          • Well, wait until the new power systems come out, then make some shit up to convince yourself that the Wii U is as good or better.

          • RoadyMike

            Funny thing I’ve been seeing sometime after the Wii U was showcased in 2011;all the haters always say the EXACT same thing:
            “..Wait till the “real” next gen systems,PS4 and/or 720 come out..”
            Why do you guys always go back to that phrase?Just askin

          •  Because Nintendo nuts have been trying to force people into believing that graphics don’t matter, while at the same time trying to explain to us that the Wii U is as good or better than what is out!  If nearly decade old systems is what you have to compare to, then you HAVE to wait until the real, new present systems come out, then see how you stack up.  I can’t wist for you guys to shut up with your lies then.  However, I know you will come back with your “it’s about the gameplay – all systems are about equal” crap.

          • RoadyMike

            “real” See?There you go again…
            I’m sure that it’s not “graphics don’t matter” but rather “Graphics aren’t everything,gameplay is more important” which is the only truth,not “crap”
            Nintendo fans wouldn’t of flipped their shit over Mario Galaxy or Xenoblade if “graphics don’t matter” lol
            About the “..making us believe its as good or better” part,I have no idea.Both sides have been comparing them to PS3/360 for some reason.They’re different systems,different stuff etc.It really all comes down to the games and the quality of those games.This also goes for the next generation

          • You are arguing your opinion rather than fact you idiot. When the Xbox 360 released it had shit titles except for Fight Night for a year… Nintendo has been out a couple months and you cry like a toddler who is being taken off his pacifier. Nintendo will be placing tech demo to show what the system is capable of in real time. No one cares that you can rage about absolutely nothing. Your fight is a lost cause since you lose at every turn. You make the kids with mental conditions weep. Get over yourself.

          •  I am not going by titles or the performance of the system, I am going by public reaction to it, which is judged by sales!  Got it?

          • Judged by sales huh?  I love how you contradict yourself.  You are madly in love with GTA but knock most Nintendo Games which have out sold GTA and in some cases with one Nintendo Title outselling all of the GTA titles combined.   What a douche

          •  I hooked up a 1 TB Hard Drive to mine and now I have plenty of storage.   If you think the PS4 and NextBox are going to come with huge storage without paying a price for it then you are even dumber than I thought.

            Also you are talking about GTA which while a big name game is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.  Mario is meant to be a cartoon type game and having realistic graphics would not add to the fun game play and may actually take away from it.   We all get that you are in love with GTA but your inability to comprehend any concept outside of your infatuation with that game and only focusing on graphics is just sad.   You do not understand how hardware works especially in a closed system such as a console and apparently do not remember what games looked like when the 360 first came out and what they look like now many years later after many software updates and revisions of the console.  

            Both the PS3 and XBOX 360 had a rough start with minimal developers onboard and a weak game library at first for a year or two before it finally took off.   I tend to think Nintendo deserves that time too and from what I have seen so far and the fact that Nintendo is constantly addressing their fans and gamer community with updates and information have no reason to doubt they will deliver.

          •  First, I understand more than you will ever know about console hardware, so let’s not go there.  NINTENDO, should have had games out of the gate that took advantage of Wii U’s GPU is anyone.  So what is their excuse for not doing it?

          • Laud

            Just like the previous consoles did right? 

            It takes time for power to be drawn out of a console. 

            I’m guessing you wouldn’t know that though since you’re obviously a new gamer. When did you pick up your Xbox, 2009? It would explain why you made such a stupid statement. 

            Either way, GG.

          •  I’ll bet that I have been playing video games before you were born.  Nintendo (as you Nintendo nuts stress) makes games, so it is THEY who should have had their shit together as far as Wii software goes before anyone else.

          • I own a Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and a PC which I also built myself. (They’re practically Legos now.

            Stop strutting around like you’re some internet hard-ass. You should have your shit together before you knock a company you know nothing about. If anything you should be crying on a Call of Duty forum because you’re so butt-hurt over BS.

          •  I highly doubt you understand more about hardware than me.  That is a laughable statement.   You allegedly build PCs for a living and I manage over a 1000 PCs on an enterprise level domain network.  I may not know it all but I am damn sure you do not know anything.  Look at all the people commenting on your posts saying your an idiot.  Face the truth man you don’t know shit and move on with your life.   Of course you feel everyone else is wrong and you are right which is the typical attitude of an immature punk hiding behind the internet.  I am using my real name and I have nothing to hide.

          •  First, you don’t know me.  Second, you play Nintendo games so that invalidates you are a techy and as a man!  All you have done is talk about what you know while not saying a damned thing about what you claim to know – computers.

            The only people who disagree with me are the ones who are mad that I point out the truth, and because this is a Nintendo site and I am putting them down.  If this were Justin Bieber site and I was writing everything against him, do you think that I would get praised?

            Watching PC’s for a school is nothing.  That is the equivalent of a security guard!  Like I wrote before, you IT people don’t know shit about PC’s, only what your training tells you what you need to know.  I know this from experience!  I always find it funny when you people try to argue with people like me about PC’s, but all I can hear out of your mouths is what you have been trained to know instead of knowing it because you know it.

          •  I have no words for you level of stupidity.   You are right that I do not know you personally but I do know your type.  I have been dealing with them in my 15+ years working in IT professionally doing more than simply building PCs.  You can knock my training if you want but most of what I know I taught myself or learned by doing the job and from my peers.  I will take my A+, N+, CCNA and MCTS against you any day.    I deal with punks like you in high school that think they are little hackers but reality is are nothing but snot nosed brats.  People disagree with you because you are wrong so grow the fuck up and come into reality.  One day you are going to fall on your ass because of your poor attitude and there will be a crowd laughing at you.

          •  Well you take you certifications and think that you know something and fool yourself with it, but a hacker knows way more about computers than you ever could know!  You also proved my point about you IT guys thinking that becuase you are in IT, you know it all.  When I was in college (not “MS cert school of computer science!”), people who took computer science did not even know how to operate Windows XP!  They kept asking me for tip and tricks.  I never said anything to them, but I found it odd that they did not know the basics while being a computer science major.  Hell, I put that major above your certs!

            I guess it’s like the street mechanic vs the ‘trained’ mechanic.  The trained one feels proud because he went to some type of class and got a piece of paper that says that he knows the basics.  Now he thinks he is a bad ass.  The street mechanic knows the ins and outs of the car from hands on experience and trial and error that ingrains right and wrong into his head without having to think about if he is doing something right or wrong.

          •  LOL   I guess you missed the part on how I started doing this when I was 12 and taught myself most of what I know.  You are a silly boy. 

            It is apparent that you are just a cocky jerk so with that I bid you good day.  I have already fed you too much troll.

          •  No, I caught that part – which you added after I talked about your limited knowledge.  Are you 20 now?

          • LULZ LULZ LULZ LULZ LULZ…. Seriously. Put your helmet back on.

          • MujuraNoKamen

             So it’s Nintendo’s fault that you’re not interested in anything even though they’ve provided a great number and variety of games. And no they haven’t, like I said PS2 games once looked like N64 games but eventually they improved. the same can be said for Wii U, already it’s showing graphics better than the best of 360 and PS3 like Trine 2, ME3, Batman. Mario Bros isn’t impressive but it’s a lot better than 1991 you jackass. in the next year we’re getting Bayonetta 2, “X”, we’ll see a full 3D Mario game (maybe looking like a 1080p Galaxy) and new Smash Bros. How aren’t you banned yet?

          •  Yes it is Nintendo’s fault – is it Capcoms’s fault?  If they provided a great variety of games, then the system should have sold well!  I have not seen any game that shows graphics better than the 360.  I thought it was not about the graphics?

            Mario DOES look like and SNES game.  Can the SNES NOT do that game?  No one cares about a Bayonetta 2 and a 3D Mario game should have already been ready.  If Nintendo could not even get their own software together, they should not have released the system.  Now they are working against the clock.

          • “mario looks like a snes game” i think your pushing that one a alot lol.   

            your going to be REAL disappointed when the next xbox and ps4 drop, look at PC games today, the ones with the most graphical detail, yea, those are what to expect from the next xbox and ps4 during the first year or so, not that big of a leap over the Wii U at all~! 

            graphics arn’t that important, the gameplay is what matters~ 

          •  Nope, graphics of high power are put on the consoles more than PC.  PC is more known for having full graphics effects, more shading, lighting and better resolution.  PC’s get the latest technology first, but they don’t get used for some time to come.

            I am sure that the next systems will be vastly superior to the Wii U.  So now that the Wii U has flopped, you guys are back to that tired line of “graphics are not important, the gameplay is what matters.”  You people keep saying that as if Nintendo makes the best games or are the only one making games with great gameplay.  When that happens, then kick that to me.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Developers alike would disagree with you. I take their word over yours any day. Like I said before, you’re just the know it all type that people don’t take seriously. Wii U has better technology than the Wii and you can stand by your version of the truth, but to the general public, you are clearly wrong.

        •  See, you are one of those lying types who changes one or two things around in a debate in order to not be wrong.  Luckily I have plenty of experience dealing with guys like you.  It is already very well noted that I wrote that the Wii U is way better than the Wii, so stop it.  MY (not your) argument is that the Wii U is NOT next-generation, only as far as Nintendo system go.

    • RoadyMike

      There are only a few of us left that realize this.Were gonna be extinct if this industry and the community make such a big deal out of a console’s specs and graphics
      I’m a gamer,not a graphics or specs whore.I play the game for how good it plays,not for how good it looks :/

      •  That’s bullshit because you cannot tell how good it plays until you play it!  In order to make you want to play it, it has to LOOK good – this is why it is called VIDEO games!  If you are not gay, then when you see a nice LOOKING woman, you want to play with her, but you don’t know how well she plays until you try her out!  The looks makes you want to try her out, not the prospect of how she plays.

        • RoadyMike

          ??? lolwut?
          If I see a nice looking woman I ask her out lol
          I think you’ve got the wrong idea about video games dude.They’re not called that because they look good,but because there are moving images displayed on a screen;like videos.Hence,VIDEO GAMES
          You even said it yourself dude:”..you cannot tell how good it plays until you play it!” not:”until you see how good it looks”
          You’re failing on so many levels.Kindly GTFO

          •  You have the wrong idea my man.  My point was, since they are called VIDEO games, you HAVE to LOOK at them before you can play them and the looks is what makes you want to play them.  See, Nintendo’s lies have confused you on something so simple.

          • RoadyMike

            Nope. You clearly said “..It has to LOOK good..” and not “you have to LOOK at them” and “the look is what makes you want to play them” is still wrong
            I took a look Minecraft,which imho,looked like a shit game.But then I played it.Addicted 3 days straight
            The cover of a book tells you little to nothing of the true content

          •  You said that it looked like shit, but you played – not that you played it for it’s looks, but that you just happen to play it.  I have done that too, usually when there is nothing else to do or just because.  Stop the lies.  So if you were to go to a store to buy a game, you will just look at the cover and not try to see what the graphics look like?  How come videogame TV ads always show and emphasize the graphics?  How come they don’t show people talking about the game without showing people what it looks like?

          • Patrick Francis

            Graphics matter to some people and not to other people.
            If the greatest game of 2013 is on the Wii U and has the graphics of the original Nintendo you think people will care? No it will still be the #1 sold game of 2013.

        • EvanescentHero

           Oh good, you like objectifying women too. Awesome!

          They’re called video games because it’s a game that you play where you can see everything that’s happening. Just like a board game is a game played on a board, or a card game is a game played with cards, or a role-playing game is a game where you play the role of a character. The way a video game looks is not the only thing you can judge it by before you play it. If I see a trailer for Halo, I can guarantee I won’t be interested because I don’t like Halo. I know how Halo plays, so unless a trailer shows some major change IN THE GAMEPLAY, I won’t like the new Halo game. Trailers exist to show what the game’s about, how the game’s going to play, and what some of the major concepts are; if they show off good graphics, that’s just a plus. It’s like movie trailers. Sure, they might show off a good filming style, some good editing, and some fancy special effects, but most people aren’t looking for that in a movie, which is why a movie trailer is likely to show off some of the characters, some of the plot, and some of the more interesting sequences.

          People who only play video games for the graphics are (a) rare and (b) pathetic. Games are about fun, and guess what? Some of the most fun games I’ve ever played were on Wii, on SNES, on N64…I hope eventually the gaming culture gets back to its roots. Yeah, if a game looks nice, that’s a plus, but as long as you can tell what everything on the screen is, as long as poor graphics aren’t actively hindering the gameplay, that’s all it is: a plus. Gaming has never been about graphics, just like movies aren’t about special effects and books aren’t about a good font.

    • Nick Kulakovskiy

      I know what will make the Wii U absolutely next-gen!!
      A FULL Remake of ALL the Zelda games from NES – Gameboy Advance in HD 3D
      And it doesn’t matter if the models will be somewhat similar, because the games won’t be too big. I mean, in my opinion that would be awesome.

  • l am 40 years old and this is the greatest console i have ever owned and i have had all of them from the days of atari and on just a few titles and some third party games job done

  • Wayne Beck

    I’ll be laughing my way through E3 this year when Sony and Microsoft show off their “Next-Gen” graphics, barely discernible to the human eye.

    Or how bout that Rumored Xbox720lite that can’t play video games.. lol

  • Zelly Jeffers

    I feel that people are getting increasingly jaded when it comes to any sort of technology. I still remember when I got the original GameBoy and thought it was the best thing ever. I never dreamed I’d have something like the 3DS I have now.

    I’m all for onward and upward, but the reason I was satisfied with just the Wii last console generation was because it had the experience I wanted and the games I really wanted to play. They weren’t all crisp and detailed but they were fun. And that’s still why I play video games – fun.

    • Tekina Sibawo

      completely agree with you. I think it’s exactly the content issue. Back then games had what in comparison to today’s standards were “crappy design and crappy techy sound” but it was an experience. It pulled you out of real life and made you have an adventure

      now, technology just keeps pumping out new specs, and shinier things but all the content is repetitive and crappy. Which is why nobody’s excited about new technology. It’s just going to be shines and sparkles with no substance.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        I still get swept up when I play Link’s Awakening, or Final Fantasy Legend II, both Gameboy games that are just as awesome to play today. Great gameplay and great stories are timeless.

        I’m okay with people being into lots of ‘shiny’ if that’s their thing. It’s just a shame that many game developers seem to be that way.

        • Richard Yates

          I remember finishing links awakening with my magnifying light thingy attached…..so good!!!

          • Richard Yates

            Well playing it and finishing it even.

    • Sidney Majurie

      You always speak the truth Zelly. And you always beat me to everything I have to say on any given subject which makes my posts less time consuming 😀

    •  The Wii was great retro fun, but not a great modern experience in this HD world.  The Wii not being in HD was the proof that it was just an overclocked Gamecube sold to unsuspecting suckers.

      • Zelly Jeffers

        I sucked it right up and played it often, until I bought my Wii U. In fact, I played The Wind Waker last autumn on that very same “overclocked Gamecube”.

      •  Gaming is more than graphics son.   HD does add to the experience but it is all about the game play.  Maybe that is why so many love the classic 8/16bit titles from the Nintendo NES and SNES era because that type of gaming cannot be beat.   You can take a pile of crap and dress it up in stunning visuals but it will not change the fact that it is still a pile of crap.

        •  How come only Nintendo, with it’s inferior graphics is the only one talking gameplay over graphics?  Nintendo is stuck in the 80’s and is like that singer who had that one #1 hit – but not another, but still believes that they are #1, looking for another hit.  Nintendo is under the impression that they are the only one who makes games and that they make the best games.  That is not the case and the 90’s were the last time Nintendo was about something.

          • Jay

            Wii was #1

            It had MORE high rated exclusives.

            It sold More.

            Broke records.

            And Mario Kart Wii sold more than the Entire Halo Franchise or ALL PS3 1st party games combined.

            YOUR TROLLING=Failed 🙁

          •  The Wii was it’s own product, not a current generation console, novelty item and the novelty wore off rather quickly.  You could also call it what people like myself called it – a gimmick.  Gimmicks might sell, but they don’t last.

          •  The only one?  Maybe because they are a gaming company but since there are more stupid sheep in the world that will fall for “ooh look at the pretty graphics” it is easier to market to them. 

          • Richard Yates

            MS and sony are big companies mate that dont give two fuks bout its army of troll faced call of duty players……when that tsunami smashed japan and left loads of kids as orphans…….guess what ninty did….free ds’s for em all..ill support nintendo til the day i die because they know of honour. When they dropped the price on the 3ds they gave founder 3ds owners loads of freebies………..yet ms an sony are tighter than a ducks arse! You talk about nintendo like they are evil whereas you are obviously in bed with ms or sony…..who are more proffit driven beasts.

          •  Oh boy, little orphans really needed videogames instead of food or a new home.  Companies do that to get free advertising.

          • Richard Yates

            Ok well uhm what else could they do? Nintendo dont do food banks or money banks lol Sony done nish mate…..some half arsed collection of other peoples money!  point of fact is the company has morals.

          •  They could have done food banks, but the free publicity from giving away videogames is a better business option.  I don’t care if Sony or Nintendo did anything, but all charities collect other people’s money you know.  If Nintendo had morals, they would not have repackaged an overclocked Gamecube, added a gimmick controller, and called it a new system!  They would not have gone on a propaganda campaign telling people “it’s not about the graphics, it’s about the controller man!”  They would not come out with a Wii U and not give people specs on it, but expect us to accept it.  I recall reading detailed GC specs and from there I could see why it was able to look better than the PS2 even with limited storage – HARDWARE texture decompression!  THAT made the difference, even though they only added that to make up for the small storage in their little kiddy discs.

          • EvanescentHero

             God forbid they have any sort of fun after their home is destroyed. No, games aren’t necessities like food or shelter, but giving them DSs gives them something to do, lets them have some fun while they’re transitioning and getting back to normal.

          •  Riiight.

          • Jéssica Storgatto

            Keep trolling as much as you want. We here love and trust Nintendo because of all the good experiences and fun for DECADES. It’s not something a troll could destroy. Nintendo games ARE fun and well made, deal with it.

          •  Just because you don’t like the truth, does not mean that I am trolling.  If I see something from Nintendo that makes me feel excited, I will admit that.  They started out on the wrong foot with the Wii U.  If they had kept the promises that they made with the system, I would have considered buying one. 

            Nintendo games are fun for little kids, but not for fully mature adults.  Mario Kart Wii was just like the old SNES version, just in 3D but with the same level of difficulty and length.  These days, I expect games to be pretty long, not SNES long.

          • EvanescentHero

             Speak for yourself. I don’t feel the need to shoot people to have fun. I like Mario games ’cause it’s fun and challenging to finish them. I like Zelda games because they have good stories, good puzzles, and terrific gameplay. I like Smash Bros. because it’s straight-up fun. I’m glad you like GTA and whatever, but there’s nothing there for me and I’m a fully-grown man. Not all dudes like running around shooting people in the head, or seeing blood spray all over the screen. To me, it’s not necessary.

          •  There is nothing challenging about a Mario game and Mario uses extreme violence (minus blood) to accomplish his goals.  Link is slashing the hell out of things, so they are pretty violent to me!  Removing the blood does not make it any less violent, it just downplays it.  Removing blood is one of the reasons SNES lost to the Genesis.

          • EvanescentHero

             Oh really? Nothing? Why don’t you go play the original Mario then? How about Mario 2, or as it’s known here in America, The Lost Levels? Hell, how about Super Mario World on the SNES? Even NSMBU was difficult at times. I never said Nintendo games weren’t violent. I said I don’t see the necessity in blood everywhere, which Nintendo games tend not to have. Yeah, Mario, Zelda, even Kirby are violent, but they’re not bloody, nor do they need to be.

          •  I played all of those games – back in the day!  Did I love them then as I love GTA now in modern times – yes!  Do I want to play them now?  Nope!  I like technology and those games look too old.  An HD makeover would not be too bad of an idea on one disc. 

            You tired to pass Nintendo games as non-violent by saying that you don’t need blood to make a game seem real or fun.  See, I think deeply about things and you can hardly name any videogames that do not use violence as it’s main tool – no matter how cartoonish and child cute the characters are.  So Nintendo trying to act as if their games are not violent is total BS!  In fact, some could argue that Nintendo games are more dangerous because they trick the mid of a child into thinking that it’s form of violence is fun as long as they do it to the “bad guys” when of course bad guys can be anyone you want them to be.  Violence is violence, blood or no blood.  Mario knocking someone over the head is the same as a GTA character knocking someone over the head.  There is no way around it.

          • EvanescentHero

             Oh whine, whine, whine. That’s all gamers do these days. It doesn’t matter how a game looks as long as it’s fun, and if you had fun with those, there’s no reason the dated graphics should stop you from doing so again.

            And no, I didn’t. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I never said Nintendo games weren’t violent. Not once. Know why? Because it’s not true. Mario squashes countless monsters, sets them on fire, freezes and then shatters them. Link shoots monsters with arrows, stabs them and hacks them to pieces, blows them to bits, clubs them with a boomerang, and so on. I’m not arguing that Nintendo’s franchises aren’t violent, because they are. But I, personally, don’t particularly care for blood in my video games. It doesn’t bother me, but I don’t need it to have fun. Have I enjoyed video games with blood? Absolutely. But I don’t think it’s necessary in all games.

            -Animal Crossing
            -Professor Layton
            -Phoenix Wright
            -The Cave

            These are just a few games whose main tool isn’t violence. Some of them have instances of it, sure, but it’s not the point of the game.

          •  Do you see how few games that you were able to list that you claim are non-violent?  Minecraft, F-Zero and Pac-Man are violent.  I don’t know about the other except Tetris.

          • EvanescentHero

             That was just off the top of my head. I could think of more.

            Minecraft’s violence is optional. You don’t have to kill a single thing in that game if you don’t want. Pac-Man isn’t violent at all. And F-Zero’s a racing game, for god’s sake. One without items to hurt your opponents too. And you’ve really never played Portal?

          •  Pac-Man eats and KILLS his enemies.  F-Zero is a violent racing game.  Mario Kart is violent too. No, never played Portal.

          • EvanescentHero

             Like with Minecraft, that’s optional and not a major point of the game. F-Zero isn’t violent. You don’t do ANYTHING to your opponents. Mario Kart yes, that’s why I didn’t mention it. And you should play Portal.

      • Jay

        You don’t know what HD is idiot.

        •  I was into HD before you even heard of it and before Blu-Rays came out.  Get outta here with that.

    • Justin Shelton

      gamegear had WAY better graphics and it had….. COLOR OMG i was so jelly when my cousins came down from tennessee and had one but look it failed. why crappy battery life and lack of good games so it’s always about the amount of fun you can have with something that matters in the end

      • Richard Yates

        Road rash was awsome on game gear tho 😛

  • EvanescentHero

    I bought a Wii U for the exclusives. I bought a Wii for the exclusives. I bought a GameCube for the exclusives, and a 3DS as well. I’m going to buy a PS3 for the exclusives, and I will probably never buy a 360 because it has no exclusives that interest me. All a console has to do to get me to buy it is offer me interesting exclusives, games that I can’t get anywhere else. Multiplats don’t entice me to pick one console over another. I have a decent PC, so I can play all of the interesting multiplatform games that came out last gen. I’ll probably end up purchasing a PS4 because it will probably have a good lineup of exclusive games, and by the same token, likely won’t get a 720–that’s if current trends continue. I also plan to pick up an Ouya because indie games interest me, and maybe a Steam box when it makes sense financially and it’s time to upgrade my PC.

    This is probably gonna be a weird generation of consoles, and I’m glad I started it with the Wii U, which so far has been the single best console I’ve ever owned.

    • Its best not to even touch Microsoft’s consoles at all since all of them are known to break. 
      Really they are con artists 

      • DragonSilths

        I had 2 Xbox 360’s. A 120 GB Elite but I sold it to help me get the Wii U. I also have a 250 GB Xbox 360 Slim. Neither has ever broken. Guess I’m lucky lol. Though the XBL community…gosh that was a big mistake to expose myself to lol.

        • EvanescentHero

           We got a 360 for Christmas a few years ago, and it red-ringed at least six times. This most recent time it couldn’t be fixed. I’m unlikely to buy a 720…ever.

      • Lunatic

        Uh… I’ve had my 360 for probably around 5 years and it has yet to break on me. It’s also my primary console now, with great games and an great interface for watching movies and TV (Netflix with voice control and video files off thumb drives). I’d love to say that my Wii U is my primary console, but I really can’t until they release more games. Yes, 360s are known for the RROD, but if you keep the thing well ventilated it really shouldn’t be an issue.

        • EvanescentHero

           Ours has always been well-ventilated, and it’s still broken more times than I know. *shrugs* We got unlucky, sure, but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and until Microsoft offers me compelling exclusives and FREE online, I’m not buying one of their consoles again.

      •  Still on my Xbox 360 that is 5 years old.  Not saying they do not break but I do find that many of them have broken to improper care or use.  I know plenty that got the RROD because it was covered with crap or in a closed cabinet where it could not get proper ventilation.

    • Nintedward

      You sir are a Hero among gamers. 

      for me it’s Wiiu and 3DS. And I might buy a 720 or a PS4 eventually…

      • EvanescentHero

         The consoles I currently own are a Wii U, a 3DS, a GBA SP, and a PC. I’m getting my girlfriend a PS3 for her birthday in March (which is really for both of us), and eventually I’m sure I’ll end up with a PS4 as well, simply for the exclusives. But I think Wii U, Ouya, and Steam box will be my main three consoles.

    • The_Last_Metroid

      i would only buy an xbox for halo. thats it

      • EvanescentHero

         And I have no interest in Halo, so there ya go. =P I also have no interest in blowing my money on Live.

        •  I am no Halo fan either, but you are not blowing your money on Live.  Live is live for a reason!  Besides, most of the true gaming community don’t mind.  Instead of complaining or putting things down, you should make sure that Nintendo give the people what the people want or could use, instead of just making games in a time warp.

          • EvanescentHero

             Yeah, actually, I would be. Paying sixty bucks a year for what should be free is bullshit. Especially when I have to pay internet fees AND the fee for services such as Netflix or Hulu on top of Live. And guess what? I have what I want in the Wii U. I like Nintendo games. I always have and I always will. Instead of bitching on a Nintendo site, you should stop telling Nintendo fans they’re idiots and go wait for your next console. If you don’t mind paying for what should be free, that’s great for you, but I do, and I also like having interesting games on my console. Believe it or not, your precious GTA V doesn’t interest me. Oh and look at you, implying I’m not part of the “true” gaming community because I like Nintendo.

            I’m not trying to be rude, but what do you actually gain by being here? No one likes what you have to say, you’re not changing anyone’s mind, and you’re just pissing people off.

          •  Yeah, it should be free, but $40-50 a year to make sure it is run right is not too bad – as long as it never goes up!  It should go down though.  Lack of dues is why PS and (i guess) Nintnedo’s online sucks from what I hear.  If you like the Wii U, then that’s good for you and you will have to deal with what I had to deal with when I fell in love with the Dreamcast – the perfect system!

            I am not trying to change anyone’s mind as these people are paid to post so money is the only mind changer.  I am just trying to speak the truth.

          • EvanescentHero

             Yes it is! Anyone who pays for Live and gets nothing but access to what should be free apps is getting ripped off. And I can’t speak for PSN, but I like Nintendo’s internet services just fine. And I doubt I’ll be dealing with anything like the Dreamcast, especially since I don’t give a damn about most mainstream games and anyway, I have a PC to play the ones I do care about.

    •  Written like a paid agent.  Praise everything but the #1 console.  Typical.

      • EvanescentHero

         Yep, I’m getting paid by every single company besides Microsoft. Once I get their paycheck I’ll start lying by telling people there are reasons I, personally, want a Microsoft console. Nothing about the 360 entices me whatsoever, and the 720 will likely be more of the same. Sony at least has some decent exclusives, which is why I plan to get a PS3/4.

      •  Posted like a true basement troll.  Cannot form a rational argument so you call someone a paid shill. 

      • Nick Kulakovskiy

        Wow, this guy does not stop trolling, he obviously is demanding only power from consoles, not games. Donaald probably doesn’t even have a Wii U, and he just comes on these forums once in a while to troll people because he didn’t have that wonderful opportunity to get a Wii U. Until the PS4 comes out you will not be able to say that it will be more powerful as Sony is on a worse budget problem than Nintendo. Way worse. I’m not buying a super-powerful $800 console. I have my PC for power, and I have my other platforms for games, especially exclusives. The primary objective of consoles was never graphics, it was the games. Also, it was making a cheap way to play the games, which you utterly fail to understand. I will not insult you or say anything bad to you, I just simply say this because you seem to fail to understand the concept of game consoles and economics.
         Wii U is the greatest console I had so far, as it has the games I’m excited about to bits, I’ve never been this excited about a game that would come out on a console.Games>Power, if you fail to understand this, you are sad.

        • Jay

          This idiot was telling me EVERYONE is waiting for GTA IV

          Dude’s an idea GTA only sold 4M on the 360 while Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 sold 10M each.

        •  You make a poor publicist in training.

      • Jay





        • Laud

          Jay, stahp it. 

          He’s a troll and he’s out to get people upset, chill out and ignore every comment he posts.


      •  Donaald, my man! Listen, i’ve read all your messages here, and i’m going
        to try to be neutral in this matter. I’ve been a fan of PS’s from the
        start, even Xbox, but i’ve been a owner and fan of all nintendo consoles
        too. So i’ve experienced all there is to experience on consoles and my
        conclusion is: Nothing beats nintendo in FUN. Man, i’ve bought WiiU and
        in terms of fun, and even on graphics despite that is not important to
        me, WiiU beats the hell out of from any other console. I sure am
        expecting next Gen from other consoles, and they can even beat WiiU in
        graphic terms, but that does not entertain me. I’m sure they will not be
        as much fun as the WiiU Experience. I have a PC that beats and will
        beat every graphic of the new xbox or PS, but even this powerful
        computer with all its glorious graphics won’t take me from my WiiU. My
        advice to you, buy a WiiU and then come here and comment, don’t be just a
        hater. Live and experience before opening your mouth.

        •  Nintendo – you are full or yourselves.  This is not the 80’s or 90’s anymore – other companies have surpassed Nintendo in ‘fun.’  They do not make the best games anymore as they stay stuck in the past and refuse to move on.  They keep deluding themselves into thinking that their formula still works when Wii U sales show that it does not.

          YOU even make the dubious claim that the new consoles will not be as much ‘fun’ as the Wii U.  How can you possibly make such a claim on systems that are not even out?  That alone invalidates everything that you wrote and I dismiss it all as BS.

          • uPadWatcher

            Stop talking to a freaking mirror, Donny.  You’re a disgrace to the video gaming community.

      •  Written like a Chimpanzee at a typewriter. Typical.

    •  That’s what it comes down to is the games.   I am not a fan of the Sony exclusives so I did not get a PS3.  I do enjoy some of the Microsoft exclusives and really enjoy many of the Nintendo Exclusives which is why I have those two systems.

      It all comes down to the games and how you play them.  Of course to some people it comes down to the processor frequency.

  • I’m really interested in what Microsoft and Sony have cooking for their next-gen consoles.  Like what’s been said many times before, the days when next-gen just meant better graphics are long gone.  If someone wanted a console with the best graphics possible, they would get a gaming PC since you can change the parts and easily stay up to date.

    With this said, that means Microsoft and Sony will actually have to innovate, something neither companies have done with any of their consoles to date.  The PS3 and 360 were essentially beefed up version of their predecessors with more streamlined and accessible online play.  That worked once but I really can’t see it working again.  Not many people are going to want to drop $400+ (this is just my estimate) for an upgrade in graphics when, like I said earlier, a gaming PC would be the wiser decision in the long-run.  What will be that winning feature of each console that will set it apart from the others, like the GamePad?  That is the question that I am really looking forward to being answered.

  • RoyCar69

    Couldn’t disagree with the fat man more. In order for a console to “succeed” the console has to be the one that consumers wil use the majority of the time for ALL their entertainment needs. No one wants to spend $500 dollars for something that they will use for only 15-20 hours a month. Not only that it will need games for all ages. I’m going to buy my younger kids a PS or Xbox because of the games. I already made that mistake with my older son. Now all he wants to play is Zombie shooters. (morbid violence). I love that my kids can still watch their cartoons and I can play my adult games on the gamepad at the same time. I just hope the Wii U will get most of the 3rd party core games as well. It’s up to us consumers to make purchases. Peace!

    • Elem187

      No thats incorrect, what makes a console succeed is how many sales it gets, period.

      The reason why Nintendo will outperform the competition is because most gamers who own multiple consoles usually have a Sony and Nintendo.. Or have a Microsoft and a Nintendo.

      Rarely you will see gamers with all three (but yes it does happen)

      Even more rare is gamers who have a Sony and Microsoft and don’t have a Nintendo (pretty rare)

      The vast majority of games on the Sony will be out on the 360, and vice versa, the Nintendo system’s usually shine the most because of the vast amount exlusives they get… whether you think the graphics were terrible on the wii, it doesn’t matter, it blew the doors off the 360 and ps3 last gen and was a smashing success.

  • Let the haters hate ..Wii U is awesome and i will continue to buy nintendo

  • Guest

    yes Wii U really needs more games! and when i heard about windwaker remake i just thought i could make video about 1 game on nes that could also need remake 🙂 watch yourself and give me your thoughts on video comment..going to make few more nes remake wishes videos on youtube <3  Any Game Like this is only good for Wii U..i can just hope nintendo would do this. 


    • Tobias Naustdal

      remake of the first zelda game… done in twilight princess style 😀

      • prettypinkpanacea

        That would be gold!

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    I love Nintendo and they are sure to make some truly fantastic AAA titles but why are they arriving at least half a year after the console’s release? How can they seem surprised at the lack of momentum in sales? Why do you think people buy your consoles Nintendo? AC3, ME3, COD:BO2 & Batman: Arkham City – AE are good n’ all but how does that separate you from the competition, when they have all those games as well? Nintendo, all I ask of you…get Pikmin 3, Mario Kart Wii U/8, Mario 3D, Metroid, Zelda Wii U & Wind Waker HD out and you will make universal Wii U owners very happy indeed!

    • RoyCar69

      It takes time to create games. If the Wii U was developed years ago and developers had proper time to create launch title then we would essentially have 2-3 year old tech. Unfortunately we are going to have to deal with ports for the time being. The real stuff is in development. Be patient and vote with your dollars if you would like the WiiU to succeed. I for one have plenty to play for now…  ZU,ME3, BAC, etc.

    • Rick van der Linde

      Mario Kart Wii U is enough for me 😛 The time I spend on the Wii version is just not normal..

    •  It’s all coming.  Some will call them the same “OLD” Nintendo games but they are as fun as hell and have a higher replay value than most other games.   I guess that is why people go out of their way to play Nintendo games made 20 – 30 years ago even.  I am replaying The Legend of Zelda Link to the past now.  Still as fun as I remember it and I like to see if I remember all of the secrets.  Games like that are not made anymore at least by most gaming companies.  Nintendo is in it for the gamers as they always have been.

  • DemonRoach

    Wii U revealed to be a SCAM.  A overpriced 360/ps3 equiv bottlenecked severely by a crap processor.  http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/df-hardware-wii-u-graphics-power-finally-revealed

    • …where is the new info on that article? Most of which was written there was allready known and therefore no new information, what it does well though is raising even more questions about the hardware, so you expect Durango (w/e) and Orbis (w/e) being 8 cores supporting 4k reso and be 5 times more powerful then WiiU/PS3/Xbox360, yes it’ll do about just that compared to ps1 maybe ps2 (Sarcasm here, see that I sarcastically refer to Playstation 1 not to ps360/wiiu). But WE DON’T CARE we care about unique and great games.

      Personally I think if the new PS get’s great games it’ll fit well next to my Wii/U I just hope it won’t stand there gathering dust which my ps2 did and for that alone I didn’t bother for ps3.

      • The only way the Durango and Orbis would be that powerful is if they released it at $2000 dollars. You simply cannot release something 5 times more powerful than the Wii U for under $2000.

        • I forgot to add the sarcasm tag there I’m sorry 😉 you’re right though, the new ps and xb probably will be more powerful then wiiU but as the fan boys claim it’s 5 times as powerful as WiiU, they are in for a real dissapointment when they are announced, E3 or earlier a recent rumors state about PS4 being revealed on the 20th of february. the part I wrote about the specs came from media sites and fanboys who have claimed such absurd specs for their new systems. Both will probably be a litle more powerful, and cost about the same price. If they are much more powerful (again as fanboys claim) both systems will be atleat $600,- (being once as powerful as wiiu, when they are 5 times as powerful they indeed will cost $2000,- atleast)

          I’ll update the above post by adding the sarcasm tag in it 😉

          • brian murphy

            i can see the new xb and ps being 2.5 times better than the wii u but thats the most for buying under 500 dollars for there consoles   but me i dont care the wii u will give us some amazing games you wont get on those consoles in the next year or so but i love  all games in general im not leaning toward any brand cause ill have everyone of them   

        • Andres Trujillo

          Yeah, there’s no way we will see a jump in graphics like we saw going from ps2/xbox/wii to ps3/360/wiiU

        •  Yes you can.

    • Elem187

      Uhm if that article is right that its a Radeon 4000 series, the GPU is already 2x faster than the ps360.

      And because of the GPGPU with the CPU and edram onboard (xbox 360 had the same design, but the wii u has far more edram, more DDR memory as well)

      The Wii U, as predicted is 2x faster than the 360… that tear down hasn’t really taught us anything as developers have said it already can handle DirectX 11 instructions, which means it has to be a Radeon 5000 at the minimum and that article is trying to peg it at Radeon 4000 series. Either multiple developers are lying about what the system can do, or people really don’t understand what they are viewing here. NIce try troll.

    • Andres Trujillo

      Maybe you should read the article instead of just reading the comments, then learn what it was talking about 

  • Elem187

    I think the fanbois expectation of “nextgen” to be some giant leap like it was the last 3 gens is unreasonable.

    While the speed of hardware has increased, nobody as of yet has been able to produce any mind blowing visual today that we would expect in a “nextgen”

    The jump this time isn’t really going to be as pronounced as the bounce from PS1 to PS2 was, or the jump from PS2 to PS3 was. The jump to this next generation is going to be a baby step.

    You just have to look what some of the best consumer level PC’s are doing today, and there you go, that’s your next gen graphics coming on PS4/720…. And to achieve those results, Sony and Microsoft will have to put in high level PC hardware, like  a Radeon 7000 series card, which will skyrocket the cost of that console well over the 500 dollar mark (And thats with Sony or Microsoft willing to take a $100 per console haircut, Microsoft has the means to do that, Sony probably couldn’t withstand much more than a $50 haircut.)

    I don’t think the Wii U is as far behind as the fanboism wants you to believe, only look to the screens released by Bayonetta 2 so far, absolutely stunning, or Pikmin 3, which would almost come close to what my PC can do today. When Pikmin 3 releases in May it will easily be the best looking game to ever be released on a console, period. Unless Nintendo destroys the visuals we have seen so far in screenshots.

  • audie bowler
















    41mb of combined sram and edram all on chip VS 11 to12mb with 10 mb edram not even on chip its over a bus and is seperate LOL GUYS YOU GOT LIED TO AND SUCKED UP THE ANTI NINTENDO COOLAID LIKE FOOLS

    wiiu edram alone 32mb is 140 plus gb bandwidth vs x360s 32 gb bandwidth then add the other 4mb edram and the sram oh look 200 gb bandwidth vs 32gb

    you people need a realiry check xbox720 32mb edraj is rated at 100 gb vs wiius 140gb


    • Nintedward

      Calm down Audie! Don’t worry , The only people who are doubting the Wiiu is the same old BS haters that have always hated Nintendo. The Wiiu will prove its self in the coming months/years.

      Wonderfull 101 runs 60FPS locked @720p:disqus  so Does Pikmin. Usualy 60FPS games on 360 and ps3 look like ass and are Sub HD. Pikmin 3 looks incredible and so does Wonderfull 101. 
      Monolith softs X looks amazing for pre alpha footage! 

      Just be Patient , And we will have our laughs when 3D mario , Zelda , Smash bros , Bayonetta 2 , X , etc are released and people will be saying ”IMPOSSSIBRRUUUUU!!!!”

      • Andres Trujillo

        Lol, not sure if Audie was trolling… TL;DR.

      • brian murphy

        nintendo was late getting the final dev kits out im pretty sure this time next year or at the end of 2014 things will be great for wii u owners with a console like the wii u i wouldnt care if nintendo made another console long as i had new mario zelda metroid games just think of all they could do with it for those types of games 

  • audie bowler

    the same people who said wii remote wasnt a fps controller said wiiu was weak SHOCKING DIDNT SEE THAT COMING


  • Guido Bernaerts

    agree with most of the above!!

    especially the wii u providing game experienieces for my kid (+ security settings so the kid does not play cod by accident) and adult game experiences for myself …
    i also think that the name “next gen” is wrong, actually i belive next gens will come out in 4 to 5 years when 4 k tvs are affordable and useful.
    to upcomming consoles should actually be more or less considered an iteration.

  • audie bowler

    32mb edram plus 4 mb edram plus over 1mb of sram all embedded into a custom gpgpu FOR NO REASON WHATS SO EVER and its expensive too

    ok LOL @ sram and edram serving NO PURPOSE il go talk specs with a class of dows syndromes il get more sense out of them or maybe the tooth fairy can held


  • Colin Tosh

    I’m glad to see people looking more realistically at this then just throwing hate. If all the new consoles have to sell themselves on is power they will end up in exactly the same place Vita is in now. Hardware and game prices will be higher because the systems are more expensive to develop for.

    What people on the outside want to know is “what is the game to get them to rush out and buy the system?” Not “how do the specs compare?” People will be looking towards the games. Not the power. Only tech geeks will do that. Not the masses.

    •  Clearly Nintendo does not have the answer to get people to run out and buy…

      •  And you clearly don’t have the authority to get people like us not to run out and buy! Now get off your soap-box and take a shower…’cause you stink!

      • uPadWatcher

        REALITY CHECK–  Nintendo clearly does have the answer to get people to run out and buy.  The final answers–  Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.  Havaseat, Donny.

        •  Reality check – this is about the Wii U, stay out of the past Nintendo!

      • NintendoNoob

         This is an all time low even for your standards. Insulting the Wii U without even experiencing it…. Pretty weeny. How would you like it if I said “Oh this computer and it’s features suck, it’s innovative I haven’t tried it but I hate it because it was made by a certain manufacture. I haven’t even tried it too but I hate it too much to try”
        Thats what your acting like fool

  • $41809923

    i think that wii u is next gen i no that gamepad can be a good game player pace they need to put more games of nintendo out

  • DragonSilths

    The people who say Wii U isn’t next gen are either trolls, fanboys, Nintendo haters. Or their definition of next gen means a new system that is heaps and bounds ahead of the last gen in power and graphics. For Nintendo, Wii U is a next gen system. For graphic whores well lets be honest GRAPHICS AND POWER ARE NOT THE #1 FACTOR IN GAMING.

    • Nintedward

      Well what it is , is a load of really immature Xbox and PS only gamers. They’re in between 12-25 years old usually and think they are more grown up and mature becaus they play with an xbox or a playstation. Then they start saying things like ”Wiiu isn’t next gen” just to get a rouse out of Nintendo fans , Even though what they’re saying is factualy incorrect 

      The Wiiu is 100% Generation 8 console. Here is a puzzler for you

      The xbox 720 is twice as powerfull as Wiiu , the PS4 is twice as powerfull as the xbox 720. So all three consoles are on an entirely different level of power. 

      Does that make all three if those consoles in a generation of their own ? :S …. NO!!!!

      Bottom line is Wii is a gen 7 console and Wiiu is gen 8. 

      By Sony fanboy logic , the PS1 was a whole generation behind N64 , because it was significantly weaker.

      • Tobias Naustdal

        console wise the wii is 7 gen… however, wii uses the same tech as the gamecube,

        tech wise, the wii is 6 gen

        • Nintedward

          Tech Wise , the Wii is slightly more powerfull than the Xbox from Gen 6 and uses Gyroscope , Accelorometer and sensor bar technology. So it wasn’t just a Gamecube at all sir.

          Which was what made it a true 7th gen console. Infact it even sold the most systems. 

  • ronaldco91

    Wii U is the best console I’ve played in years. A controller that acts like a TV remote. . Epic.

    • uPadWatcher

      The Wii U GamePad is truly revolutionary.  Not only as an ultra universal remote control, but also to enhance your cable watching experience using Nintendo TVii.  Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was a blast!!!!!!

      • Justin Shelton

        did you hear logitech is ending it’s run of the harmony remote line i’m sad now that’s an ultra remote

  • DragonSilths


  • bizzy gie

    How do you inbox WiiUdaily stories and news?

  • ok where the hell is all of the nintendo haters today??? i didn’t see any on that sniper simulator game article and you would think that there would be loads of them here…..weird. they must be on hiatus lol

    • EvanescentHero

       Don’t worry, they’re here now.

  • audie bowler


    2GB RAM IS 4 X X360

    36MB EDRAM IS 3.6 X XBOX 360















    • Nintendofreak

      calm down dude

    • Andres Trujillo


  • audie bowler

    HD 4850 800 SHADERS VS E6760 480 SHADERS





  • audie bowler

    developer calls nintendo hi guys ,,,hi developer just wondered why wiiu has 140gb plus more huge bandwidth in sram and more edram embedded into the gpgpu



  • So I guess Wii U is ”pretty damn weak”. Well If I’ll be getting the gameplay and visual experiences of Monster Hunter,Lego City,Pikmin 3,X,Yarn Yoshi,Wind Waker HD,Rayman Legends,Zombi U,NSMB U,Wonderful 101,etc. Then I’m perfectly fine with my ”’shitty weak” Wii U 🙂

    I figured gamers all ready knew graphics dont make or break a system, but apparently in this last generation’s cycle,IQ levels have dropped to an all time low and graphic whore’s have bred to whole new levels lol.

    If a system has amazing graphics, thats not a bad thing, honestly I consider it just a bonus. Games have to get great game play(to me) first and then anything else is just a bonus. Thats just the way I see it

    • EvanescentHero

       I fucking hate what the gaming community turned into over the last generation. Games should be about having fun first and foremost, but these days it’s all sensationalism and power. Who gives a damn if the U is a little weaker? I bought it to have some awesome experiences, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

      Besides, most mainstream games don’t interest me much, so even if the Wii U misses out on a good chunk of the multiplatform games, I’m not gonna be disappointed. I’ve still got my PC for that anyway (and let’s be honest, if all the PS3/360 fans who claimed to care so much about power really did, they’d be playing on PCs too).

      • I agree, it seems with this current generation. It’s all about specs and graphics only. This is why I always tell people,whether they agree with me or not, that Nintendo is the only one out of the big three who still realizes what gaming is even about. Great gameplay and fun. Microsoft and Sony and the fanboys(not logical fans) have got it in their heads that more powerful = vastly superior.

        I figured Wii proved this all ready that even with superior graphics, if you find alternatives and different ways to bring entertainment to an audience, you will succeed. This is been a tried formula for Nintendo for years.

        Microsoft and Sony DO have great games, let me state that now. I wouldn’t own both of them if they didn’t. I still strongly believe however they and majority of gamers have forgotten what gaming actually IS. It’s not about raw power or realism or super amazing graphics. It’s about the game play and experience the game gives you, its your time to get AWAY from real life and sit back and relax and have fun. That’s the way it used to be and it seems lost on this current generation

        •  Exactly..  I have more fun with friends and family playing games on my Nintendo.  I have a 360 too and that is fun but the real life interaction is where it is at.  Nintendo has made gaming social again.

        • Nintedward

          The Wiiu isn’t shitty and Weak either , It’s definitely more capable than PS3 and 360 , and that’s good enough right ?  

          It’s a memory intensive architecture , One that uses Half the power of a 360 and delivers the Same or better results 🙂 

          I’m really happy with the performance of my Wiiu and cannot wait to see what Nintendo can squeeze out of it! 

  • SuperSkitzzo

    I feel as though the next gen consoles in relation to Sonysoft aren’t going to be just a meatier version of their predecessors, but they will instead try to cram as much “innovation” as possible, excluding integration with social media sites/Netflix/all that jazz, as it’s commonplace now. Although there is a voice in the back of my head saying “Nope, moar graphics on the way”, which will be chaotic because it’ll definitely leave a bad taste in gamers mouths. The COD kids will definitely be present if/when that day arrives. I also think that we are giving too much credit to these imaginary consoles, but I would absolutely love to be proven otherwise.

  • Wayne Beck

    I love when I read things like:

    “Originally Posted by Jim Morrison, Chipworks:
    Been reading some of the comments on your thread(NeoGaf) and have a few of my own to use as you wish.
    1. This GPU is custom.
    2. If it was based on ATI/AMD or a Radeon-like design, the chip would carry die marks to reflect that. Everybody has to recognize the licensing. It has none. Only Renesas name which is a former unit of NEC.
    3. This chip is fabricated in a 40 nm advanced CMOS process at TSMC and is not low tech
    4. For reference sake, the Apple A6 is fabricated in a 32 nm CMOS process and is also designed from scratch. It’s manufacturing costs, in volumes of 100k or more, about $26 – $30 a pop. Over 16 months degrade to about $15 eacha. Wii U only represents like 30M units per annum vs iPhone which is more like 100M units per annum. Put things in perspective.
    5. This Wii U GPU costs more than that by about $20-$40 bucks each making it a very expensive piece of kit. Combine that with the IBM CPU and the Flash chip all on the same package and this whole thing is closer to $100 a piece when you add it all up
    6. The Wii U main processor package is a very impressive piece of hardware when its said and done.

    Trust me on this. It may not have water cooling and heat sinks the size of a brownie, but its one slick piece of silicon. eDRAM is not cheap to make. That is why not everybody does it. Cause its so dam expensive”

  • audie bowler

    32mb gpu emdedded edram is only .5 more than 10mb non gpu emdedded edram over a bus!!!! wiius additional 4mb edram of even faster type with its own high speed bus again is only allowing.5 more than xbox 360!!!!

    wiius gpu huge amount of sram is only good for .5 more than x360 keep trying haters

    wiius shader count and hardwired abilitys are unnown yet theres a huge amount of it crammed into it YET ITS ALL FOR NOTHING its only worth .5 more

    total edram and sram comes to 38mb in the gpu alone vs less than 10 .5 mb of xbox 360 .5 peoppe need to learn to count

    i can show you NUMEROUS BENCHMARKS were 400 shaders beats 800 shaders etc etc i can show you benchmarks of 8 rop gpus raping 16 rop gpus…

    but the wiiu is .5 the xbox 360 because the shader count is 320



  • audie bowler

    wiiu 32mb edram estimated at 140gb plus bandwidth xbox 720 32mb edram rated at 100gb

    but wiiu is weak and wiiu has another 4mb edram and 1 mb plus sram


  • andrewjcole

    Wii U is great it’s just that nobody know a good system when they play one. Yes… there could be more good games but think about this: NEW GAMES COMING ALL THE TIME! Get that through your heads, haters!

  • audie bowler






  • Johny

    yea… exactly….next gen just means the next generation. and in which gen the console belongs to is determined only by the era it was released….

    idk… WHY do some people STILL say stuff like… the “true next gen” … and wii u is not next gen..
    it just sounds like some impaired “definition” of a “next gen” consoles that some 10 year old came up with…and it probably did -.-

  • RoyCar69

    Well if it doesn’t dim my lights and hover when I turn it on then it’s not possible for it to be fun. And the games must have quintillions of polys per square inch for me not to think it’s crap. I don’t care if it takes 10,000 employees 5 years and 100 millions in dev cost to make it. Because I’m worth it…

  • Nathan Ostroski

    As a Wii U owner, I’m extremely excited for the 2013 year for software (3D Mario; Zelda Wind Waker HD; Pikmin 3; Lego City Undercover; Rayman Legends; Aliens: Colonial Marines; etc).  I’m sick of the argument from devs: “We are deciding not to port our title to the Wii U because we can’t figure out a way to creatively utilize the gamepad.”  Do you want to know a way to make gameplay unique to the Wii U? It’s simple, make your game support off-TV play!  SIMPLE!  I don’t think people playing GTA V on Wii U will say: “Why can’t I use the stylus to play the game?!”  I don’t think people playing Tomb Raider on Wii U will say: “Why doesn’t this game support 9-axis controls?!”  Nobody is going to say that.  They would be happy that these multi-platform games have come to their Nintendo console.  The problem, really, is that they’re NOT coming to this console.  Wii U IS NEXT GENERATION.  PERIOD.  To all devs: If you don’t like Nintendo, own up to it.  And don’t masquerade laziness by claiming a lack of creative ideas.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    These days, I think it’s still about the exclusives and new/interesting things you can do with a console

  • DemonRoach

    Console experience special  As in looking at your black box with no games?

    • EvanescentHero

      I have ten games for my Wii U, and I got it at the end of December. Basically I got ten games in one month. I’ve never had a better launch than this.

      • DemonRoach

        LOL.  10 worthless games.

        • EvanescentHero

           Oh really? What are they?

  • bizarre_faith

    it has to have memorable games i love nintendo for all they have done in gaming and all the first person titles they have created.  i think now that they have a system that can really show what these games can do it’s only a matter of time before nintendo releases a jaw dropping game. they have done it on every system we just have to be patient and see what they do  

  • Holyfire

    Particularly with the Wii, I think a lack of raw performance did hurt it. Mainly in the 3rd party multi-platforms. It either got feeble ports or no port at all. Motion controls didn’t really make-up in that department. 1st party games still awesome though.

    I got my WiiU on launch, looking very forward to the upcoming games. Will likely have most every exclusive there will be.
    As for 720/PS4. They will cost big, and their extra performance wont likely be as significant this time round. If they run in higher resolution, it’ll start consuming exponential amounts of their power.

  • Holyfire

    PS WiiU is next gen. Just like our future children would be the next generation (whether they surpass our superiority today or not)

    WiiU is the next system Nintendo is Generating.
    Performance is beyond 720/PS4 (that will be much more evident soon with more ground up games). Not much more, and the type of hardware is newer, not the raw output.
    And we will be able to do many newer things on the controller the current gen cannot. ie play ‘board like’ games solely on the pad. Chess, draughts, etc..

  • Holyfire

    sigh typo on last post , “performance is beyond 360/PS3”

  • $41809923


  • Guilliman

    Ultimately it’s all about the games.  My Xbox can play DVDs but I’ve got a DVD player and my laptop etc for all that stuff.  What I want, and what actually sells consoles, is games.

    I don’t have a Wii U, yet.  I love Nintendo because of the games they make, and so far there isn’t anything special for the new console, but I don’t doubt for a second that it’s coming, and when that happens a Wii U will take pride of place in front of my TV.

    I think my situation is pretty much representative of the wider situation with Wii U at the moment -there is not a definitive proof of concept game for the system that actually demonstrates the capabilities, possibilities of the gamepad.  That is the biggest problem, because whilst I and most of the people reading this article can come up a thousand possibilities for using the gamepad, many gamers still don’t see the point, and so far we don’t have game that says look, this is what Wii U means.

    P.s it’s a non-argument whether the Wii U is actually next-gen or not.  Regardless of people misunderstanding how powerful the Wii U actually is, generations are marked by time, not technology.  If Nintendo had released a gameboy strapped to a toaster as their new console it would still be next-gen by definition.

  • I am 100% satisfied with my Wii U so far.  There has been a lot to play in the launch lineup, and the Wii U gamepad is a dream to play with.  Miiverse has been a pleasant surprise.  I am looking forward to some upcoming games, namely Rayman: Legends, Lego City Undercover, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Wonderful 101, and especially Pikmin 3. I expect Nintendo to blow us away when they unveil all the games that were announced in the recent Nintendo Direct when E3 rolls around in June.

    That makes the purchase of the Wii U easily worth while.  What else is there to discuss really?

  • Justin Shelton

    i absolutely love my wii u and my best friend can back that up he comes over just about every other day for a short visit just so we can share news with each other and he has asked on many different occasions if my xbox was broke because ever since november he never saw me playing it when he came over (i still do) but i just have 5k uses for my wii u

  • I’ve been a fan of PS’s from the
    start, even Xbox, but i’ve been a owner and fan of all nintendo consoles
    too. So i’ve experienced all there is to experience on consoles and my
    conclusion is: Nothing beats nintendo in FUN. Man, i’ve bought WiiU and
    in terms of fun, and even on graphics despite that is not important to
    me, WiiU beats the hell out of from any other console. I sure am
    expecting next Gen from other consoles, and they can even beat WiiU in
    graphic terms, but that does not entertain me. I’m sure they will not be
    as much fun as the WiiU Experience. I have a PC that beats and will
    beat every graphic of the new xbox or PS, but even this powerful
    computer with all its glorious graphics won’t take me from my WiiU. My
    advice to you, buy a WiiU and then come here and comment, don’t be just a
    hater. Live and experience before opening your mouth.

  • fireheartis1

    I love this dude’s attitude about gaming, and thank God someone finally get’s it.  We as gamers don’t want another CoD clone, or another madden every freaking year.  We want innovation and bigolie Nintendo is giving it to us every year.  This dude is very smart and knows that Nintendo has the opertunity with the Wii U to truly innovate the gaming industry.  I for one can’t wait to see what games they put out this year.

  • David Rampa

    i think nintendo takes it in the right direction, time tells if it stays that way. they skip on having a blueray player as a game system like the ps3, so thats one step trying NOT to be a swiss army knife type console.

  • devmiles

    i believe nintendo really has to deliver in the next 6 months else there will be issues, sony and microsoft are coming much sooner than expected and the war will be on and they will 100% realize that nintendo made the software mistake upon release because it true.. i have a wii-u but i have shit to play.. some mario game that looks like super mario bros 2 3ds but 1080p and AC3 which you can play on 360 or PS3 as well. I fact i have all systems but nintendo has gotten slow, the system is slow, their output is slow.. i’m worried to say least.. good games will be coming but.. what about bioshock infinite, the last of us.. man..so much to come that will rock so hard that i expect that big N will have to work so fucking hard to do bring us that epic metroid with graphics & gameplay that will blow us away, not to forget the scheduled mario games.. i really hope they won’t fuck up and delay stuff