Dec 27th, 2013

Looks like another great indie puzzle title is making its way to the Nintendo eShop next year. Blok Drop U from developer RCMADIAX aims to add blocks and physics for a one of a kind experience. From what I could gather from the teaser trailer was, the player needs to eliminate blocks in a certain order to guide another smaller red block down a path.

The puzzles look to get more complicated and frantic the further you move along. Check out RCMADIAX Twitter account for regular updates on the title. Are you ready for another mind bender for the Wii U, or does the Wii U not need these kind of casual puzzle games?

Let me know what you think.

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  • Madmagican

    …okay, not exactly the type of game I look for in consoles but I’m sure someone’ll enjoy it

    • Wayne Beck

      They left out that this is the first Project from Nintendo Web Framework to reach market. The first of over 2000 projects that are under way. The game itself may not be very exciting, but the proof of the concept is very much so.

  • pedro rosado

    first comment, but the game looks good

    • starwars360

      Madmagican is first comment. Yes game looks good too. 🙂

      • Madmagican

        Aw, thanks for acknowledging me

  • Juan Benitez

    This made my Day!!!!!

  • Sdudyoy

    No offense but this looks like a free flash game I played along time ago.

  • Daniel

    No offense to wii u, but if I wanted to play a boring puzzle game .. I’d go on addictinggames website. Give me something that takes advantage of the wii u’s HD capability. This does not impress me at all. I would never pay for a game like this when I can find a similar copy online where I can play it as much as I want.. For free.

    I own NSMBU, SM3DW, batman arkham city and origins, assassins creed, and nintendo land. All of which are great games! Indie game creators need to look at what people like.. This does not impress me at all!!

  • Kinhas

    Hooray! Another shitty game made the news! JEEZ

  • Cube

    Enough puzzle games!

  • Saul Rivera

    I welcome all games…especially downloadable ones perfect to play just on the gamepad while on bed *thumbsup*

  • Puzzle games aren’t for everyone, and they certainly aren’t all good, but I’m happy if they keep coming.

    I’ve spent hours on Rush and I enjoyed it more than some big budget games. It really offered a tough and cerebral challenge.. And it only cost £1.79… And it featured GladOS.

  • discuss

    Could be fun but the graphics look very outdated.

  • Flawless Victory


  • Rinslowe

    Solid. And certainly, Wii U will always be in a good position to have more and more puzzle games, surely…

  • Jon

    I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • Aaron Carter

    The WiiU needs ANY games… so I am fine with this. It took until about a month ago to see enough software on the WiiU worth buying it over. Up until then though I WANTED to support Nintendo but there wasn’t enough there to warrant my purchase.

  • bizzy gie

    Reminds me of Art of Balance.