Feb 24th, 2014

Blok Drop U is a puzzle game that has been in development for some time on Wii U. We wrote about its inevitable release date a few months ago, but developer RCMADIAX has finally confirmed via Twitter that the title will be available March 6. The retail price for the game is set at $1.99 and the developer has gone on record stating there will be additional content after release.

The physic puzzler tasks players with getting a tiny square block to a designated area by moving blocks in a specific pattern or strategy. It’s similar to some of the games you’ve seen available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android and with a price that matches them. Be sure and stay tuned for our review of the game.

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  • Skelterz

    I’m gunna develop a indie game called Ball sack Drop U, Cause that what it feels like everytime we get another petty indie title instead of a N64 or GC title. it feels like there just dropping balls on me

  • NintendoFan

    I don’t think that’s really the game for me

    • palomino blue


  • Oblivion

    That icon makes it look like a bowling game.

  • Glad to see that indies haven’t completely abandoned WiiU for the PS4. It looked like Sony was really trying to scoop up all of them lately.

    • Wayne Beck

      If they were, they have failed miserably. There are over a Hundred and Fifty Indies slated for release on Wii U.

  • steveb944

    I’m trying to understand the concept and like it especially due to price, but I can’t.

  • What is the idea of this game to make all blocks fall? Looks a little like Angry Birds my father plays on his tablet. Could be fun for the price it costs though.

  • X3Charlie

    It looks like one of the free games I would play when we had freetime in the computer labs during middle school.

  • X3Charlie

    What I would like is another Boom Blox.

    • Kaihaku

      Too bad Electronic Arts doesn’t consider the Wii U viable, Boom Blox was awesome… 🙁

  • Kaihaku

    It’s not the best looking game and is in many ways overshadowed by the announcement of the Wii U re-release of Shinen’s Art of Balance…but I’m still going to pick it up. It’s a good attempt by a lone developer and totally reasonable for the $1.99 asking price.

  • MasterGammer

    In Soviet Russia… Blok Drop U

  • Kinhas

    WOW! A game i can play on My browser! Awesome! my wii u will get rid of dust NOW!

  • gerb1977

    For $1.99 I will pick this up. Simple puzzle game that will get played by the whole family and it helps support a guy in Pittsburg trying to develop games in his free time. Maybe not the greatest game but I kind of consider it charity, paying it forward, what ever you want to think of it as