Feb 26th, 2013


Ubisoft has made a series of blunders lately with Wii U gamers, garnering much rage and hatred toward the company. It seems they’re trying to turn that image around though, as games that were previously thought to not be headed to Wii U actually are. The first of these is Watch Dogs, which many gamers have been excited for and if a recent LinkedIn profile is to be believed, we can add Splinter Cell: Blacklist to the.. list.

Of course a LinkedIn profile is certainly not an official confirmation, but we had rumored confirmation that Watch Dogs would be headed to Wii U before Ubisoft officially announced the title. Given how reliant Sam Fisher is on gadgets, the Wii U GamePad could make an awesome addition to his toolbelt if this turns out to be true. What do you think? Will you be getting Blacklist if this rumor turns out to be true?

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  • ehhh iam still waiting on ghost recon online for the wii u…..if it ever comes out

    • Jesus Eduardo Lara Ortiz

      I play it on the PC, it’s a cool game, but they need to nails all the problems(personally I don’t have) and finish everything before Wii U version, they even said that they want the PC Version done first so they can port it to th Wii U

      • kk good so its still scheduled to be released on the wii u? i havent heard anything in awhile about it so i was a little worried

      • NkoSekirei

         lets let them take their time for the wii u version dont want a rushed version that owuld flopped on reviews and they ll make it good

        • yeah well said

  • Kuzon

    Isn’t this game the lest Splinter Cell like game? Like it has some sort of retarded stealth system and such.

    • val berger

      Yes and no. It’s gonna feature more Action-stuff that may ruin the stealth-experience for some players, on the other hand, Ubisoft already confirmed, that the core of the Game will still be a Stealthgame, offering the well known gameplay elements. 

      What I think is really gonna hurt is, that they try to reinvent Sam Fisher and even gave him a new Voice that absolutely sucks. 
      But in the end, if the game’s gonna turn out to be a great overall experience, why bother? It’s not like there’d be tons of AAA third party games heading over to WiiU, so this would be quite a nice example, of how cool Ubisoft is, when it come’s to the WiiU. OK, except of that Rayman mess. uhm… but in general, they’re treating the WiiU audience far better than EA ever did.

  • HSN1

    If they delay the PS3 and Xbox versions to make this port I’m gonna laugh

    • D Moness

       If gta 5 is going to be released on the wii U  you can already start laughing since that game has been pushed back for some unknown reason .

      • RoadyMike

        Unknown?Rockstar said something like:
        “..Literally the only reason we delayed this release is because we want the game to be as good as it needs to be”
        Meaning:”We’re polishing the game,not making a Wii U version”
        I could still be wrong though…

        • NkoSekirei

           they ve been quiet about a wii u version and im crossing my finger they announce a wii u version at e3 but at the meantime i got plenty of games coming out starting next month to keep me busy till e3

          • Tobias Naustdal

             there is no reason that gta5 would not be on the wiiu.

          • val berger

            Except of eeehm GTA3, Liberty City, San Andreas, GTAIV never saw the light of a Nintendo console. So maybe there are some reasons. 

            On the other hand, they created Chinatown Wars exclusively for the DS, so the question isn’t really, if there’s a reason not to bring it, but if there’s a chance that they’ll do.

          • Adam Baker

            don’t hold your breath. RockStar hardly shows their games at e3. but I can almost guarantee a gtaV wii u edition would sell a million copies.

          •  I can guarantee that it WON’T sell millions of copies on the Wii U because barely millions of Wii U’s have been sold!

          • Having GTA V announced on Wii U will sell consoles, big time.

          •  That would have been the case if the game had released in March, but in September, the Wii U will have been but a memory.  By then, people will think about the PS4 and the next Xbox, along with getting the game on PS3 and the 360.  With all of those options, that game won’t even save the Wii U – unless if can look decidedly better than the PS3/360. 

          • Ahiam94

            Get a life.

      • Anukul

        to release it on next xbox and ps4 😀

  • Eli Braden


  • Mark Thom


  • Mark Thom

    Watch Dogs
    To be scaled down to current generation systems, says Ubi boss AND WII U NOT IN THE LIST ONLY XBOX 360 & PS3 TO SCALED DOWD 🙁 SO WiiU HAVE SOME POWER:) http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/watch_dogs/news/watch_dogs_lead_platforms_are_pc_and_next-gen.html

    • val berger

      I don’t really believe rumors. WiiU’s capabilites aren’t a secret any more. ppl shouldn’t expect a system for the prize of the WiiU with an included Touchscreen tablet to be as powerful as other next gen systems, which will launch in 10 months for a higher prize. WiiU users just should be happy with what they got, it’s an amazing system, period.

      •  Now you people love exaggerating and lying.  Now you are claiming the Wii U to be as powerful as next generation systems?

        • Sidney Majurie

          Please remove El Hajj Malik Shabazz as your profile pic. It’s disgraceful…

          •  Stay on topic.  While you are at it, why don’t you remove the pic of the disgusting creature from yours?  This about videogames, not horror movies.

          • Sidney Majurie

            LOL. Calling me names over the internet? Hahaha. Perhaps I would be upset if I wasn’t gorgeous 😀 Are you going to pull my hair and yell nanny nanny boo boo next? Grow up and get a clue Duhnold.

          •  This is why you need to keep it on videogames.  You start but you can’t take it.

          • DK_Hadouken

            True, true.

          • Sidney Majurie

            Do you cut Donaald’s hair and wash his boxer shorts too? LOL.

          •  Why attack others?  Now my opponents need to to try and ban THIS guy because he is truly causing a disturbance.

          • Sidney Majurie

            Can’t take it? Where did u get that impression? Did I call you a name like a 5 year old? LOL. You’re the one who is emotional. You and your fan club leader DK_Haduken 😀

          •  I am emotional?  You started it, not me.  I talk videogames on a videogame site, not race and politics.  You start shit now YOU get emotional.  Next time, stick to videogames instead of trying to cause trouble.  And they call ME a troll…

          • Sidney Majurie

            Race, politics? Whaa? Dude what are you talking about cause you sound pretty emotional over nothing…

          •  XXXX – I’m done with you.

          • DK_Hadouken

             Fan club leader… ? If you ever paid attention to this site, I am one of the ones that actually argues with Donaald. I can agree on somethings with him. It’s a debate, the pendulum swings both was. You’re just having a problem being told that your comment was out of place and this is a game site. think before you post. I’m done.

          • Sidney Majurie

            You guys are taking me, and yourselves for that matter, a bit too seriously, LOL. If you’re going to be a troll, like Donaald has been, then you have to develop a thicker skin when it comes back on you. All these replies about what I’m ALLOWED to speak about on this site is just plain silly. If your going to have Malcom X as you’re profile pick, I expect you to conduct yourself as someone of higher intellegence. That is what my initial post meant. Trolling a troll. Lighten up chaps 😀

          • DK_Hadouken

             Wait a minute. He’s disgraceful because of Malcolm X…? You’re on the wrong forum.

        • WiiUltra

          Wii U is part of that next generation. Its a fact, not an opinion. 

          • Retro Cool

            @WiiUltra:disqus  don’t be such a “Donaald” and be negative. 
            It is easy to ignore those who don’t explain themselves.  Those who yell out like a crazy homeless person on the streets claiming the world will end in 2013 can never be heard because everyone thinks they are crazy and ignore whatever they have to say to begin with. They have an answer for everything and those looking for attention get it be the quick indecisiveness of those who believe in the system

            He might as well be part of the Westboro Baptist Church.  He is already spurring out hatred and picketing over those who bought the system, yelling out insane quotes from the bible of games of what makes a good system.  

            If one just ignores a person, one does not exist…

          • WiiUltra

            Ya if correcting Donald is negative to you than I wouldn’t have it any other way. And obviously those crazy people saying the world was going to end were heard around the world because everybody was talking about it in 2012. I haven’t heard anything about this year though. The bottom line is we are people. We socialize, thats what we do.

        • Adam Baker

          first of all, Wii U IS a next-gen system. secondly, who here (or anyone in their right mind) said the Wii U is as powerful as PS4 or 720?

      • Still it can be pushed further than current gen. I’m not saying it will be as powerful as the Ps4 and XBOX 8 but well we will still have its amazing gameplay with fantastic graphics. :3

        • val berger

          they will of course be able to get far more out of the WiiU than you’ve already seen with the launch titles.  Mark was just too much in to thinking it may be able to reach PS4’s visuals which just won’t happen. Not even somehow. On the other hand, PS4’s games doesn’t seem to add any new dynamic and visual feeling or new possibilites of gamedesign, so it actually won’t really matter.

    • NkoSekirei

       wii u is running on 2011 specs its defnitely more powerful then current gen consoles but some trolls arnt gonna listen and live in their fantasy world were they think the wii u is gonna fail which they failed in real life by being douches.At least the developers will have more time to develop games that are tapping the full power of the wii u which includes xenoblade 2 and others

  • Ray01x

    I’m still a bit upset with Ubisoft because of Rayman Legends, but i’m Thankful that they’re supporting the Wii U. This will make a nice addition to the Wii U’s library. 🙂

  • Mr. Nick

    Ok, I’ll accept this. The last one I played was Chaos Theory.

  • I wanna know more about the Spy vs Merc!! that multiplayer in CT was the best

  • fireheartis1

    Dude I love the Splinter Cell games so heck ya I will be getting it.  I’m looking forward to some good ol stealth gameplay.  I hope they put Wiimote functionality as well because Splinter Cell for the Wii might not have been the best looking version, but it was most certainly the funnest.  Using the Wiimote it that game was just awesome.

  • Teves153

    If ubi does this they’ll be forgiven for the rayman misfortune

    • NkoSekirei

       well their giving us watch dogs thats a good way to apologize for  rayman being delayed

      • thedeciderU

        agreed, although i cannot wait until rayman…or watch dogs from the gameplay demos i’ve seen.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I won’t be getting it, but I hope it does come to the Wii U.  It would help show that the Wii U is capable of good, realistic graphics.

    •  Graphics?  Man it’s about the control!  Right?

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Graphics, controls, music, story, gameplay, etc.  All of these are important in a good game.  Will this game be good? I don’t know. I know nothing about it or the series, and I’m not interested in it.  Regardless, a game with good graphics, even if it isn’t good, would help show that the Wii U at least can put out realistic visuals.  Consider it a test.

        • LightupmyLife

          A test of failure?

      • DK_Hadouken

         Graphics are good. But I’ll agree that I’m more interested to see what they’ll do with the gamepad. I was impressed with what they did with it on Zombi U, seeing as it was their first attempt on the Wii U with a new IP.

  • jcnba28

    I don’t think the Raymans fiasco is what’s making these games come out to Wii U. Ubisoft had always supported Nintendo with prior consoles.

  • Sidney Majurie

    Splinter Cell WILL be coming to Wii U and it will surprise no one. Only reason Ubisofts big gun weren’t on Wii was hardware limitations. Not a problem this time as Wii U has AC3 and recently Watch Dogs. Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon ARE coming to Wii U…

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    he wii is next gen or they like Ono reason to carry the games, just the only thing to do is carry dsipositivo pc to wii u, unoptimized eye, just have to think how to use the pad gamed. sabian know the truth now. simple ASIU is scheduled for wii u. goodbye

  • John Sandoval

    I’m weary about this game, but if it comes to Wii U I’d buy it.

  • Rinslowe

    There’s nothing wrong with ports as long as Ubisoft give Wii U a fair chance by optimisation. It’s painfully obvious the first set of launch title ports were done using early SDK’s and the end results were far from as bad as what sites like Eurogamer make it out to be. All in all I’m pretty hopeful about Wii U’s future success…

  • if this does come to Wii U, im buying.

  • Sami Rautio

    Think about it…COOP on Wii u Other player plays on tv and other on gamepad ! i would  run through store doors and grab the game because i loved splinter cell 3 & conviction coop they should make more coop maps on games always 🙂

    • Petri

      If that would come to reality, I would have to start teaching my wife to play it.
      She can barely play platformers.

  • ConCity Soldier

    Rainbow Six is supposed to come on the Wii U also.  Btw, the last Splinter Cell game I bought was Chaos Theory on Gamecube.  I loved that game to death.  I’ll buy Splinter Cell:Blacklist for sure if it comes out on the Wii U.  If not I’ll probably pass because I need more exclusives on my PS3.

  • 준정 박

    We should be thanks to Ubi soft.