Nov 18th, 2012

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a Wii U launch title and is available now for Nintendo’s new console. The guys over at Ninten2TV did a quick comparison between the Wii U and the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of the game. And as expected, the games look nearly identical. Besides some color and contrast improvements on the Wii U, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. Call of Duty titles are known for delivering a very consistent look and experience across all systems, so it’s of no surprise that the versions look the same. Of course, the video doesn’t take into account that the Wii U has a GamePad controller with an additional screen that the console needs to render and support.

For more on Black Ops 2, join the Black Ops 2 discussion on our Wii U forums, and tell us your first impressions of the game!

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  • J

    Why is the PC categorized w/ the ps3 and 360?

    • Carlous Rex

      Good question!

      • BLACK OPS 2?

        the Wii U look a little better

        • Waddifat

          I agree the Wii U version does look better. This would probably be my second Wii U game if I were to get a Wii U someday. My first game would be New Super Mario Bros.U

          • Dan

            I’m doing the same. I’ll b picking up a wii u in December along with nsmbu n bops 2. Can’t wait for the new Zelda and smash bros!!!!

        • Master of Awesomeness

          The Wii U version has a darker look to it.

          Which makes it a heap more AWSOME.

          • Jack

            Listen. I know you get paid for these phony hyped up posts, but let’s not overdo it.

          • Pat

            Guys the game dosent look any better than the ps3/Xbox graphics it’s just at a different brightness treyarch wouldn’t make the games graphics look different but I’m not saying that the wii u can’t produce better graphics because if you look at Nintendo land and super Mario bros u they look amazing I’m personally not going to get a wii u mainly because I think that Microsoft and Sony might have much better graphics and CPU power and I don’t want what happend to the wii happen to the wii u where wii dosent get the games due to the other consles having better graphics and CPU

        • just nin10do

          wow!!!!I love wii U graphic.its awesome
          wii U is god of consoles.

    • Cloudkill87

      If you read the start of the video then it says no PC version included.

      • NaX

        I dont understand tho, cuz for Ps3 on bros tv it looks terrible with textures. As for MW3 looked similar for 360 and and PS3 with PS3 feeling super fast for me. He tells me that it has weak textures unless it’s his Tv, but MW3 looked the same so i’m will have to put my xbox in his room in order to see if it’s the Tv. (TO MUCH WORK :/)

    • Nintyfan

      I guess PC gaming is also popular these days

      • Nintyfan

        Wow guys…o~O

        I just stated what I thought..

    • Nko Sekirei

      gamestop confirmed with me that bo2 runs on 63 frames per second 3 seconds faster then ps3 and 360

      • Nintenlord

        3 frames faster in a second

      • Linskarmo

        That would be 3 frames faster per second, but I got the point.

      • Dant

        But why? Most Televisions and computer monitors only refresh at 60FPS, so all that 3FPS more will do is cause some tearing.

        • Nintenlord

          I think you meant hertz has in 60 hertz cause thats what cause thearing not the frame rate

      • alfano romeo

        There’s no such thing as 63 FPS, it’s either 30 FPS or 60 FPS on consoles.

        • 0soul

          My grandpa once said to me “no one likes a smart ass”

        • Mike1986


          Where did you get your “truth” about FPS (FRAMES PER SECONDS) ? Maybe you thinks about refresh rate which is 60Hz and is stable 🙂 (or 50 for US or 100Hz or 120Hz for active 3D)

        • Cloudkill87

          Tell that to my gaming PC that runs some games at 160FPS, Most HDTV’s regardless of region will run anywhere from 60Hz to 600Hz nowadays, The Wii U should be able to run this game faster and smother than the 360 or PS3 due to the game being utilised to run on consoles with 256MB of RAM, the Wii U uses 1GB of RAM for graphics alone this leaves 768MB’s over so will reduce loading times and bad frame rates and lag in comparison to the PS3 or 360.

    • somebody

      wii u version looks just little darker but in some areas. and other parts are very detailed ex. compare the part when the guy is talking in 1:45 wii u looks more clean and in other versions looks like some blur. but im going to say that is a draw.

    • edward montgomery

      To everyone hating me and saying that im gay or a fannboy or things about my mom, i wish you get arse cancer. Go fucking die a painfull death you little cock sucking bitches!!!

      • 0soul

        Why are you so angry.

    • edward montgomery

      To everyone hating me saying im a fanboy that im gay and saying stuff about my mom,i hope you get ass cancer.go die a slow painfull death you cock sucking little bitches!!!!

      • 0soul

        I understand you are very mad and cant control your anger issues.

  • Nintendonoob

    Not to burst your bubble or anything but the PC will always have better graphics.

    • deSSy2724

      OFC it will…. and its funny to put the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the same “room” as PC, i lold so much.

    • Matthewmc685

      Even know it’s true that computers can always out power consoles; with the exception when consoles are new, nicely powered and highly optimized for said console making it debatable; I don’t get the “PC is best comment” as not all PCs are monsters. The GPU in my computer was last in production over 4 years ago for use in phones! I have seen the FPS counter drop to 4 in flash games and YouTube’s sometimes a slide show but my “rigs” not all that old.

    • BLACK OPS 2?


    • Alex

      Hold your horses we don’t know what full power of WiiU looks like.

    • awesomeness

      depends on what kind of computer you have 😛

      (but pc always win)

  • Nintedward

    Yes! And CoD wiiu owne have reported on YT that the wiiu version boasts enhanced lighting over the ps360 version. Obviously the PC version is the best.

    But yes, the Gamepad rendering aswell! People saying Darksiders 2 on wiiu jas some improved lighting effects aswell.

    • 08/15

      You know the gamepad rendering isn’t as power hungry as everybody says.Sure it takes some processing power but It’s just IMAGES at Wii resolution (FWVGA?) maybe a bit higher (qHD?). Since the CPU doesn’t has to do some work (DSP, OS processor) it just needs to stream the IMAGE. That shouldn’t be very hard for a non-ARM-gaming-console-CPU since my phone can do that easily.

      P.S. I don’t think it’s Bluetooth, it looks more like a wireless connection (no that’s not bluetooth). I’m not very surprised that the Wii U game looks a bit better since PS3 and XBOX360 are 6&7 year old(awesome)systems.

      • Nintedward

        No , it’s not some crummy little ARM that’s displaying the wiiu image. The ARM processor in the gamepad is just for manageing data between the pad and you can turn the pad on and use it as a remote ….

        Doesn’t matter about the Resolotion of the gamepad , it’s the fidelity of the graphics that are being streamed from the console. 2 images of a game runninf assymetrically is tasking for the console.

        • Nintendonoob

          Fine I am changing my comment now… “Unless you have a $2,000 gaming pc the Wii U destroys your gaming rig. Oh and please… PLEASE dont steal my name Nintendonoob. Its my sig for Wii U. Add me on Miiverse next Sunday 😀

          • 08/15

            I said rendering the image for the gamepad isn’t as power hungry as much people.say. And I said it shouodn’t be challenging for a NON-ARM gaming-CONSOLE-CPU. The CPU gets a lot of work taken away by the DSP(Audioprocessor ) and the CPU for the OS. The OS runs on an ARM processor because it’s power efficient and opening applications is VERY slow.

      • +1

        Obviously you’re an Xbox fanboy, make.believer, or both. “I don’t think it’s Bluetooth. It LOOKS like wireless” And the only reason your phone is capable of running those same images “easily” is because it’s can’t simultaneously run a full disk game. The Wii U is better than Xbox and PS3 no matter how old they are. This is a Nintendo website. Go to an Xbox/Playstation website and spread your beliefs there oh wise hater.

  • I must have the wii u

    The textures are more detailed on the wii u version and the lighting is better as well.

  • HyrulianUtopia

    Take that all you sceptics!

  • SweeperMan

    Which version is it? The PC, PS3 or 360 version. This video is a bad comparison.

  • asdf asdf asdf

    Wii u version look more detailed and runs faster.

  • Smitty

    Hmmm, whats with the difference in aspect ratio!?

    • Nintenlord

      Difference in resolutions or tvs

  • Nintedward

    Who wants to play spot the differences ?

    I will start us off 0:12 = The guy on the left on the wiiu version is wearing a Beret and the guy on the other version a helmet.

    • theEuropeanWiiU

      At 0:36-0:42= in the wii U version the last vehicle is some kind of an armored car, more like a tank, but in the right you can see another truck 🙂

      • Nintedward

        1:27 – When The helicopter is landing the wiiu version has more impressive dust effect blowing up from the ground!

        • theEuropeanWiiU

          0:27= the wii u image show a dirty tank, as it should be, and in the right you can see a complete clean surface, like straight from the washer XDD (if u stop the image and broad the video you will see what i mean)

          • Nintedward

            So they ported it over. And have just used their tools to touch it up a bit and the Wiiu GPU seems to allow for more vivid colors.

            Basically exactly the same, But at least they have done stuff to it with the cool controll options… Wiiu version of Blops 2 is a 9/10 .

          • safcalibur

            At 1:34, guys who comes to speak with bearded guy has shades on in the wii u version and no shades on the other versions

          • knirfie

            At 0:56 there is a bird flying around on the WiiU, no bird on the other consoles.

            Overall the textures seem much more sharper on the WiiU, it’s being rendered in 1080p instead of some lower resolution, and the lighting/particle effects seem a bit better.

      • Gregory

        Hey nintedward, thanks for accepting me as your friend on the wii u

        • Nintedward

          lol , Nice joke.. I don’t have a wiiu lol. If someone takes my name or poses as me, I don’t care either. because I will make a unique ID and ad the people who I want to add anyway.

          • Gregory

            Joke? Where’s the joke ? You accepted me and im just saying thanks,

  • HyrulianUtopia

    Hey for anyone who has played ZombiU, can you tell me if it is worth it. Because the critics don’t seem to think so.

    • Adam Fox

      Don’t listen to critics…be your own judge……if you’re skeptical about games, go to a RedBox or use GameFly….

  • insert name

    1:35 the guy who talk to zamvivi has glasses in the wii u ver .


    We really need to stop drawing comparisons of a Brand new console to what a console that are YEARS old can output. Granted, Its a double edged sword. Its great they grasped this power out the door but let the pictures do the talking And let the Wii U grow into its own Identity instead of sounding like “The new console like the Xbox360 and PS3”

    • LazerK

      I applaud to you sir

  • Devilus

    If the wii u version is skippar to desplay aharoer and vetter graphics what is it so dark?! Up se much more of everything and fetstils on the comparison. Ove Kai sen Some very disapointingcomparison screen of Arkham asylum.the wii u version make everything look like plasticitet and texture details was horrible. I Sony get it it was supose to be vetter then the others.

    • Nintedward

      You mean that 1 screen of Batman on Wiiu where a bug was causing all the textures not to pop in ?


      • Nintenlord

        I have see that bugg like a million times in xbox and ps3 nothing thatg it wasnt on those versions


    why the comparison?

    ps3 can’t run real engine 4

    xbox 360 can’t run real engin 4

    but the wii u can run unreal engine 4……i was playing my wii u today and the graphic’s are sooooooooo much more better than my xbox 360.

    the wii u is soooo powerfull and ready for next gen engine’s and software that cant be played on current gen console’s such as the 360 and ps3.

    • marioU

      you spoke very well

    • revolution5268

      well said bravo!!!!!!!!!

  • immallama

    Woot woot! Wii U can easily fend off the haters 😛

  • evil empire

    playing ac3 wii u now, its amazing so far.

    i dont care much for blops2

  • immallama

    Also, is it just me or does the Wii U version not only look a little better but a TON better? To me, the PC/Ps3/Xbox360 seems kinda blurry. Wii U gets the victory on this one! 😛

    • cloud Windfoot Omega

      you remove that pc, pc is not included *mad face*

      • immallama

        Yeah, I dont even know how that makes sense having the Pc in the comparison XD

  • smashninja22

    I have to ask how likely do you guys think it is that my aunt will be able to get a deluxe Wii U for me when she goes to Miami next week. I really don’t want to be disappointed

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    WiiU version definitely has truer colors and better lighting effects….#1 for wii u!!!!

  • jacobbaba

    guys if this is the graphics now imagin when the wii u has a couple of years under its belt and producers learn how to optimize its capabilities

    • tht guy

      bricks shall be shat from the epicness

  • Adam Fox

    As much as I despise Call of Duty, this video almost makes me want to play it! I hated the first BlackOps except for Zombies…..but, wow I was seriously impressed with the Wii U game-play footage in this video!…..

  • Darkmanext

    The draw distance looks way better on WiiU. The soliders in the the very back you could see clearly on Wii U , but they were kinda fuzzy on ps360.

    • cloud Windfoot Omega

      draw distance is the distance of which something is drawn at all.

  • 17gb lol at haters without basic math skill…

    nothing to do with power at all,,its a direct port of a x360 lead platform game nothing more nothing less only gamepad/wii remote support added did anyone expect any better its a cheap port

    • TheUNation

      Why the hell are you here at a dedicated Nintendo blog? Just because Black Ops II is available now on the Wii U doesn’t mean it’s a “port”. That’s the problem with teenage degenerates who are Sony (and some Xbot) fanatics and PC prostitutes… they always label games on Nintendo systems “ports”, yet they’ve failed to realize that they’re multi-platforms. It’s better when you support games on current consoles (PS3 and X360) and new generation consoles (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS).

    • ShootTheCore

      You need glasses !

      • TheUNation

        You need a life.

    • revolution5268

      oh the irony that this fool does not know that black ops 2 is a port of the xbox 360

  • evil empire

    i like the internet browser on wii u too, using it now. easy to use, quick switch back to a game.

  • Panini

    Actually I see the graphics for Wii U Better than Play

  • Mark Thom

    the wii u graphics look good 🙂

  • Linskarmo

    The difference is minimal, but the Wii U version does look better. 🙂

  • PachanoP

    To me looks Better on Wii U. That’s my opinion :3

  • Arsonist Monkey

    Why is PC categorized with the PS360? Anyway, i can’t bloody wait until christmas, MY BODY READINESS IS OVERLOADING!!!!1111


    why the comparison?

    ps3 can’t run real engine 4

    xbox 360 can’t run real engine 4

    That’s great. And Also irrelevant. All the games being compared are not running that engine. When The Wii U finally spreads its wings running something it was made to do it can take a dump on those other archaic systems and jaws will begin to drop.

    • D2K

      Well Mark Rein said the Unreal Engine 4 can be scaled down to run on the Wii U. We’ll see if any developers attempt to do so in the coming years. We already know CryEngine 3 is running like water on the Wii U and CryTek claims that CryEngine 3 can do anything UE4 can.

      Even though people whom have torn the system apart to try and decipher the actual specs have determined that the Wii U does use a PowerPC CPU instead of a Power7 and the the memory used in the Wii U is clocked slower than the memory in the PS3 and 360, I’m not concerned even if that turns out to be true.

      I’m sitting here looking at New Super Mario Bros U which looks a step away from PIXAR graphics. I just hope that we get to see some games than have the same level of graphics that the Zelda HD and Japanese Garden Demo had. I have no doubt that when Sony an Microsoft officially announce their consoles at E3 next year, Nintendo will have a bomb to drop.

  • The Plague

    You can see the Wii U shine when the camera moves. It is then that the other versions tear and distort and the Wii U version keeps it’s crisp and clear imaging.

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    PC/Xbox/PS3 all look to glare-ish, and look to have bad color contrast, Wii U on the other hand looks great! You can actually see!!! I’m a photographer, and no one likes the contrast type that the other systems have… ROCK ON WII U 😀

  • Jeremy

    Eh not to big of a difference but the ram will enable the console to do more per sequence but the hardware limits it and plus with the next generation of disc being 1 terabytes and if the newer consoles take this in then wii u is dead with its blue ray copy games. We probably wont see much of a difference with any new consoles but Iam confused why they cant copy the graphics back in 2007 which it looked life like on that old of hardware

  • D2K

    I doubt that the PC version on a fully-maxed gaming-PC would look that bad in comparison to the Wii U.

    I have no problem believing that the Wii U version would look better than the PS3 and 360 versions because the Wii U is newer and more powerful tech. To me the difference in quality is like comparing a high-end late gen XBOX title to a XBOX 360 launch title. For instance if you look at Burnout Revenge for the XBOX and then look at it fir the 360. Very little difference there, but there is a noticeable difference. That is what I see here.

    The Wii U version has sharper and more defined textures, and more natural looking lighting.

  • Marcus

    Well that’s interesting a game can look the same (or in some instances better) on a brand new console compared to the xbox/ps3 with 7 years worth of optimizations…

    I have to wonder about the qualitiy of games on the Wii U when the developers learn to use the tech inside the Wii U “properly” if this “prototypes” (no disrespect intended) look so damn good at the get go?!

  • FastRDust

    1 advantage to the Wii U, 2 player local co-op Full Screen XD

  • immallama

    Hmm i do like pie…

    • immallama

      Who the hell are you? Think it’s cool to steal my name and icon?

  • Jetty

    This reminds me of Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube and PS2. Cube had more enhanced graphics and the games were nearly similar. Once devs get a hang of the Wii U, that’s when I’ll pay attention to minute details. By the way, Miiverse kicks f#$%ing @$$!!!

    • I agree! The Wii U is awesome, and at it’s peek when PS4 and Nextbox comes. 

      Nintendo will definetly outsell once again!!

      But no GameCube compability!! :'(

  • nintendofreak

    wii need a better video cuz d videos def sucks

    • 0soul

      Avi dis vid def sucks. Lol just shut up

  • mms

    Though I love my wii u, this vid seems to be showing the Xbox/ps3 one in 360p, so it’s kinda biased. Im also surprised that there are any changes, as activision is pretty lazy.

  • verymetal

    Good to see that it looks great! Wii U is more than capable of producing great graphics.

  • NINTENDOsucks

    Idiots. What kind of morons are going to buy a Wii U? The losers who would rather see shit half ass games churned out every week than ones who enjoy quality ones. Mass Effect 3 DLC all be CANCELED on Wii U!! Why? It’s a shit system made for kiddy games. Battlefield 3 won’t be coming to Wii U, neither will BF4. Sorry Nintendo kids! Enjoy your fucking Mario!

    • immallama

      You sir- Wait no- More like scum… are one of the idiots who make quality consoles like the Xbox look like complete shit. If you love you COD and you BFshit so much, why are you on a NINTENDO website? Have you tried the Wii U? I THINK NOT! So how the hell can you judge a system just like that? Here let me take a wild guess: You’re a little 11 year old kid who thinks you’re the coolest kid in 5th grade because you play you’re little Xbox all day long and waste you’re life. You are an embarrassment to the Xbox360… You think you’re amazing don’t you? I love my Xbox360, but there’s no way in hell is what you just said is reasonable. You love you’re “quality (SHIT) games” so much? Get of this website :3

      P.S. Sorry if this reply was too much for your puny brain to understand 😛

      • immallama

        And before someone corrects me… *Get off this website

        There, anti grammar nazi 😛

      • NoVaBeaTz

        Man, Shut The Fuck Up.

    • Nick Mauro

      Gee, Nintendo can’t suck that much, because the Wii alone (not the Wii U)  outsold PS3 and 360.  This is because every idea that Nintendo had 360 and PS3 ripped off, e.g kinect and stupid PS3 Wand!  I expect within the next 2 years that Wii U will outsell PS3 flip it the bird and zoom ahead to ultimately topping what Wii did as far as sales go.  Screw XBOX and PS3 Nintendo will rule the world of gaming forever. 

      P.S PS3 will go the same route as Sega enjoy your Nintendo games because that’s all you’ll have left. 

      • Just letting you know, that selling hardware doesn’t amount to much when you can’t sell software. Nintendo Wii’s best selling game to date is still “Wii Sports” of which shows exactly how much 3rd party support they don’t have. 3rd party support is what drives a game console to success. I understand that Nintendo always supports their consoles etc, but hell. Their flagship title “Mario” wasn’t even their best selling game. Thats just sad! As for PS3/360, I own all 3 systems and I have to say, besides using the Wii for netflix. I never found myself using it at all for an enjoyable gaming experiance. I used it a handful of times only in a party setting. And then, only for an hour or two. Just not my cup of tea I guess. Hopefully the Wii-U does better. I really hope so.

        • Its no’t best selling because it came with every console, so it doesn’t count. It shows nothing of the 3rd party support that Wii had. 

          No game could possibly outsell Wii Sports, it’s impossible.

          • NoVaBeaTz

            The Wii Never Had 3rd Party Support….

        • NoVaBeaTz

          The WiiU failed epicly actually. No Achievements, No Nintendo Live To Talk With Friends and Add Them, And No Online Services Support. Their Online Services Drop From 60 FPS To 40-30 FPS. I Have No Disrepect To The WiiU It’s Just It’s Moderation Handling. And WiiU Will Probaly Never Come Out With Better “Things” Only Horrible “Things”

      • NoVaBeaTz

        Tsk Tsk…Nintendo won’t outsell them unless they were really eager to lower the prices…. Nintendo U has a 8-9 year old graphics console man….and They never ripped off the nintendo wii…because look at this way, Kinect is a camera basically…no remote just you. PS3 use the same because they were upping the experience

        Bro, you need to learn what your talking about before you say. Nintendo couldn’t even make a console that can handle online very well on 60 FPS…

  • wellsberg

    WiiU looks sharper, way less blurry. 360/ps3 looks like the resolution is lower and some parts it even looks like the framerate is lower too imo.

  • Mr. Blobby

    Wtf is there an advert for playstation all-stars next to the article? Blasphemy! Sacrelige!

  • Man

    The Wii U version seems to have a better color saturation; the colors are warmer. I also see that the Wii U version runs somewhat smoother than that of the PS3/Xbox/PC version. The Wii U version so far is a little bit better.

    • impact glory

      Wii you in terms of graphics touched up where the flaws were in the ps3 and 360… graphics look almost 1080p even in 720p it looks smooth and lighting is far better….

      if you look at fifa 13 the crowd and the grass ect on ps3 and 360 are terrible… on the Wii even the crowd in the background is sharp and clear….

  • G West

    Love how defensive the Xbox and PS3 owners are. The Wii U IS BETTER than both. Deal with it. And it will be years before they unveil a new platform. Developers are not even maximizing what the U can do yet. Wonder what parts of the U they will copy like they did with the original Wii. Like that stupid wand for the PS3.

    • impact glory

      the ps3 and xbox will release a far more powerful console in a years time than Wii U probably 2-3 times more powerful, but it wont really matter, because Wii U can handle the graphics that will be put out and the extra power will just be spare and wont be seen by consumers.. Wii U definitely has sharper clearer graphics already even on the ported games, and launch games.. alot better lgihting ect….   

      but the next gen consoles graphics wont be much better than this generation.. thats why Wii are smart and made a tablet controller… it is the way forward and I will not be suprised if xbox and sony do something simlilar… next gen consoles will not be a graphics war,, we have hit a dead end in terms of graphics for at least the next 5 years…  

      my explanation would be like this,,  IF xbox 720 or ps4 bring out a machine in a years time 3 times as powerful it will not be seen… why?? because if you put DVD quality video on a bluray disc it doesnt make the video any better…  so if sony bring out a system 3 times as good the graphics will remain the same…. if you get what i am saying..  I am a ps3 fan but i think Wii U is very innovative and makes complete sense, alot of fun to play… and the graphics boost is exactly what i wanted, 1080pp like sharper graphics and the Wii U has that….   I will without a doubt buy the new ps4 maybe 720… but believe me graphics will be the same as this generation.. even top end PC’s graphics are the same as this gen,,, they just have more layers and run at better frame rates…  the next gen jump in graphics will not be like last time….. that is WHY sony and microsft need to be innovative like Nintendo..

      • NoVaBeaTz

        The graphics ain’t 1080p its pure 720i

    • Nick

      Well I gotta tell you that the Playstation Move works. I own a PS3 as well as Wii U. It might be “copying” but it worked. Till the Wii made better “sensitive” controls, the PS3 did a good job. Just like the PS3 made their own Super Smash Bros. It worked well and was a success. Xbox tried the Kinetic and it failed except for any Dance related game. As a PS3 owner I love Nintendo products. Its not about graphics. Its about gameplay. Its about how well it can show. Look at some games, some games failed due to control problems. Typically Nintendo got hit hard on 3rd party games or games that were put on every system from PC to the PS3. Most control issues. So ideally I take both parts seriously. I will criticize the PS3 equally as I would with the Wii U. Not all systems are perfect yet.

    • giggles creeper

       Well Duh the Wii U is better because it is a next gen console and it just came out. The Wii would just be compared to the PS3 and Xbox. Just wait to compare the Xbox 720 and PS4 to the Wii U for the next 6 years.

  • mcbt87

    consoles will never look better than PC shit they use computers to make console games sorry I’m not a fan boy or anything but it even says in the video they aren’t showing PC  game play. PC will and always be better than console sorry PC can be expanded consoles can’t. That being said just play the games who cares if you like it on console play it on console but they will never look or run better than PC. I love nintendo i love xbox and playstation  stop hating.

    • Brian Gaudreault

      yes the computer will always be better than consoles, but it’s not everyone who can afford an update for a new video card or processor every 6 months because the games always require more powerful computers year after year

    • Nope, they will not always be better, just more powerful. If this is what you want, then keep to your PC. 

      To me it’s about gameplay and game experience, and graphics play a very small part when it comes to this, I have always stuck with Nintendo and I always will. 

      You can find PS2 controllers for PC, and other controllers aswell, but the fun of Wiimote and the experience of Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Smash Bros. and so on, you can only get with Nintendo. Aswell as the party games, the backwards capability and the different controller options – no console can be played in so many different ways as the Wii. 

  •  what do you expect from a site dedicated to the wii u, completely biased. the wii u is great in its own ways. imo never give a hardcore game like call of duty to a casual based system.

  • jeff hunter

    pc and wii u players are much more open minded. glad to be one 🙂

  • The fact that you are comparing a “New Nintendo System” to that of a system that is 6-7 years old says it all.  I’m a true gamer with a nice PC,Xbox/Xbox360/PS2/PS3/Wii/Vita/DS. I have absolutely no hate towards any system. I just think it’s funny watching flamers flame over which system this that and another. But atleast don’t compare the Wii U to a sytem that is 6 years old, thats just stupid. Comment on what it is, and where it may go, that is all.

    • They did the same with Xbox 360, they compared it to the PS2 and the GameCube for an entire year, untill the next-gen consoles were out from Nintendo and Sony as well. 

      It will happen every time, being first is therefore very important. 

  • mario.9797

     I really don’t need to hate on any console. I played nintendo in my childhood with my brother and sister than we played playstation 2 and later the PS3.
    we played nearby all consoles (sega, nintendo, etc…)
    first i thought xbox were a bad console but now i like it and i’m proud of nintendo that they reached the same high definition graphics like sony and micrsosft. All consoles are good!