Feb 25th, 2013



Mass Effect 3 was a launch title for the Wii U and it included all DLC released by Bioware before that. That seemed like a good indication that both Bioware and Electronic Arts planned on supporting their product, but sadly that’s not the case.  The Omega Pack, Citadel and Reckoning DLCs will not be heading to Wii U. The Omega Pack has already been released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC gamers, while the previous two have yet to be released.

Speaking to IGN, a Bioware representative stated that “there are no plans to bring Citadel or Reckoning to the Wii U at this time”. This is disappointing for consumers who supported Bioware and EA by purchasing their product on a Nintendo console. How do you feel about the lack of DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • zerooooo

    I don’t think EA likes nintendo at all.

    • Zelly Jeffers

      Let ’em take their dolls and go home.

      • As much as I dislike EA, telling them to “Go Home” will mean less games for us. 

        • Zelly Jeffers

          Well, they’re being big babies. I mean, really. Totally in need of a spanking. I’d put ’em all over my knee if I could.

        • Sidney Majurie

          If the games are shoddy, half-assed ports or aren’t supported post purchase by EA… are these games we want?

          • thedeciderU

            The launch games may be considered this, though I haven’t played a bad port yet. In the future though, 3rd-party companies will support the Wii U if Nintendo plays their cards right.

          • Rinslowe

            Wii U is a difficult nut to crack from a third party perspective. First Nintendo needs to sell the hardware by releasing ASAP first party IP’s. Lets face it, 99% of people who buy a Nintendo console do so for first party games like Zelda, Mario, Metroid and Smash Bros, Mario Cart etc… Sure we expect third parties to come forward with some fresh new ideas and AAA titles, ports etc…, but install base is not the only hurdle for dev’s, once the install base is mature enough to be economically viable for them they then have to compete directly with Nintendo’s own games. That’s a tall order to take. Ninty’s own IP’s are 99% of the time, extremely playable, extremely well polished experiences and they have near unlimited budgets…

            Perplexing almost.

          • Sidney Majurie

            Well, 3rd party developers have groomed this generation of “gamers” to expect and accept broken games. That is sub par games with glitches that need patches and updates. Nintendo gamers on the other hand are spoiled by the quality that Nintendo puts out. We don’t like buying broken games. If you are a third party who makes excellent games, you can compete on a Nintendo console. Especially on the Wii U right now where you have little to no competition.

            Rayman Legends. Wii U has a 3 million + install base for a 3 month old console and that’s great. And no competition. Why is it there is always an excuse for 3rd party when it comes to Nintendo? Should Nintendo start making broken games too cause 3rd parties can’t match their excellence?

          • Rinslowe

            Exactly right.
            I want to play quality fresh a surprising games on Wii U from all parties 1st, 2nd and 3rd…
            But as you have said, we are literally spoilt for quality from Nintendo and that’s how serious they regard their IP’s. For a third party dev looking to port shovelware then I think that fact will look very intimidating indeed. But also for a third party looking to do something big and gutsy on Wii U, the prospect can be equally intimidating due to direct competition with Nintendo (at least for the near future). later when the install base is large enough then third parties may feel more risky as the Nintendo ocean is more sustainable for others. And I think, or hope more-so that this is how it will go down. PS3 had a similar situation and to credit Sony, the PS3 received albeit mid-late way through last gen, some very nice exclusives…
            Nintendo will do nicely, I think, hope…

          • Sidney Majurie

            I was speaking specifically about EA games on Wii U. Compare Madden and Fifa on Wii U to their counterparts on PS3 and 360. The Wii U versions are gimped and lack key features. And then theres Mass Effect 3. PS3 and 360 owners get the complete trilogy for $60 or less while Wii U gets only part 3, a year old game for full price. Isn’t that not a slap in the face to Wii U owners?

            Why even buy the Wii U version? And then when it doesn’t sell, they blame it on Nintendo fans for only buying Mario yadayadayada. Show us some respect and some real effort if you want us to give you our money. I mean come on…

        • Rinslowe

          No-one cares about EA. They don’t even give a flying f$k about there own studios. EA laying off dev’s left right and center… It’s about time these studios got smart and realised EA is not the safety net they first thought. The world economy is beginning to pull itself out of the shit’r so take a risk and create something note worthy.
          EA is like that charismatic bad influence that over promises and under delivers, they’re a thorn in the side of every gamer at one time or another.
          RIP EA, please!

        •  EA doesn’t even publish any good games. Who cares?

          • thanos1984

            They don’t create good games but unfortunatelly they publish great games like mass effect series and dragon age origins(the best rpg after B.G. series imo) all of them created by bioware.

    • True that.

    • NkoSekirei

      im pretty much fine on this matter cause they screwed us from the trilogy and only gave us mass effect 3 so wats the point then mass effect 3 has the worst ending that caused a huge uproar even though they brought dlc to fix it but it still left a bad taste for many that played it didnt like the ended that much

    • val berger

      But they seem to do a quite good job with Most Wanted. I think, the problem is, that Mass Effect  on the WiiU just was anything but a success. Of course, this would have changed, if they would’ve released the whole trilogy, as no one would buy the 3rd installment of a trilogy that needs to be played one by one. (no one except of me, who actually thinks that ME3 still is the best WiiU game out there without having played 1&2 … but still I understand why ppl don’t wanna buy a third part without knowing the previous ones)

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Too bad, this is the game I played the most on Wii U so far …

  • Srpg2ishere

    Honestly.. I don’t care.

    • Genesect4ssb4


  • Juan Carlos Brignardello

    i do not give a f4ck , i dont paid for dlc

  • Johny

    EA really seems like a douchebag company…

    • Zorlac79

      Has been for a long time now!   Notorious for selling you a disc and charging extra fee’s to use everything that is on it!

  • Ray01x

    Of course Not, EA Hates Nintendo, remember? -__-

    • Richard Yates

      nintendo said no 2 origin…..blame that.

      • Ray01x

        Of course they did, Origin is terrible and its not gonna be on the other consoles either, so EA can be as butthurt as they want, But Nintendo made a smart move not letting EA take over their online.

  • FackMaaii

    Really sad to see one of the best games available on the Wii U at the moment wont be getting any support because of the publisher being a little spoiled child. This didn’t shock me however

  • Michael Jurado

    makes me glad i didn’t get ME3 because, EA sucks 

    • zajac1661

      EA does not suck more than totally random individual consumers, throwing mud. When i was gaming 20 years ago, ask how game companies sucked! The game is one of the best games i have seen the last 10 years. No reason to be happy avoiding it. Bioware hit the nail spot on.

      • Richard Yates

        mass effect 1 was a xbox exclusive and it was way different to 2 and 3. EA got there mucky paws on it and the rest is history? I always wondered what it would have been like without em tho !

        • zajac1661

          No matter how EA is judged with personal eyes, the game turned out amazing. As we all know, this is not the last time EA publish a game developed by a respected game studio. Mass Effect is not bad, because of EA publishing it. EA is bad because of their publishing strategy, and how they would charge money for every bullet you could fire in a FPS. And for not letting out content on the WIIU

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Good for you EA screwing over Wii U owners even more. I wonder what kind of piss poor excuse they would have not giving Wii U all the DLC?

  • Jeffrey Debris

    I feel bad for those people who have only had the privilege of playing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U. We didn’t get the full trilogy on Wii U either. I’m guessing EA had quite a say in this. They’re probably still sour over that whole Nintendo Network deal not going through.

  • Wait until they see the Wii U is rising… They will be kissing our asses.

  • im really getting sick of evryone shitting on nintendo. the only problem on nintendo consoles today, is that theyre not getting enough third party games. but its not their fault though. we all have are mario and zelda, but I want to see hardcore games from 360 and ps3 as well. just because nintendo usually appeals to a younger audience, and doesnt do all the fps and stuff. I want to see the day when all consoles are on the same page! (applause and cries from the background)

    • Jason Wilkins

      It is their fault that they aren’t having third party support.  For the past 4 generations of consoles (N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U), Nintendo has released consoles that required third party developers to develop entirely different products for Nintendo.  Not to mention they had a HORRENDOUS relationship with third party developers by monopolizing the market back in the late 80’s with lockout chips.  

      Simply put, Nintendo is reaping what they sowed.  N64 and Gamecube not using standard disc formats, Wii and Wii U under powered devices checkerboard third party developers and alienate them.  

      • Sidney Majurie

        None of what u said(including inaccuracies and unfounded conjecture) pertains to this game’s DLC not coming to Wii U…

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Actually, it does…

          Nintendo doesn’t have third party support from EA, so the final Mass Effect DLC won’t be coming to the Wii U.

          • But that’s also inaccurate. EA has shown their support by bringing ME3 to Wii U in the first place.

            As for Wii U alienating 3rd party developers, I also believe that to be false as well. Right now is the most 3rd party support that Nintendo has had since the SNES days.

            And underpowered specs aren’t to blame for the lesser ammount of 3rd party games either. The Wii U is obviously underpowered in comparison to the newest MS and PS consoles, but not enough so that it can’t run multiplatform games. This has been proven by Ubisoft bringing Watch Dogs to Wii U. We’re not talking about a gap the size of Wii to PS3 here, it’s much smaller.

            All in all, the Wii U is hurting a bit from the lack of 3rd party games, but I think it most likely has to do with the small install base of the Wii U right now. By E3 when sales pick up, I believe more 3rd party games will come to Wii U.

            Oh, and I almost forgot. It’s completely senseless for EA not to bring the DLC to Wii U. They obviously have the development kit and it’d bring nothing but profits because EA would have no manufacturing costs. I think it’s because Nintendo didn’t want to have a huge affiliation with EA’s stupid Origin market. Why EA just can’t get rid of the annoying fact that is their Origin service, I have no idea.

          • Rinslowe

            The lack of continued support has more to do with back room politics than anything else…

          • Metal_Man_v2

            I’m sure that you can understand that support comes and goes in business. EA hasn’t been on great terms with Nintendo for a while. To top it of, Mass Effect 3 hasn’t sold all that well for the Wii U, (granted the Wii U hasn’t been out long), so it’s likely that EA is pulling back.  

            As for everything else, pretty much nail on the head, but it doesn’t help.

          • But I think that the lower sales for ME3 on Wii U should have been expected by EA.

            The Wii U already has a smaller intall base. You can’t expect sales from people who aren’t there.

            No other ME games have ever been on Nintendo. You can’t expect sales from people who haven’t heard of ME’s reputation.

            ME3 has already come out on other consoles earlier. Why would these people buy a game that they already bought?

            All in all, I think EA is making excuses to stay away from Wii U. I think it’s because the deal with the Nintendo Network and EA’s Origin service didn’t go through. I think that EA should cut it out with the Origin service that clearly nobody, studios and consumers alike, wants. But that’s just what I think.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Exactly right.  This is why there is so much dislike of EA.  It’s not just here, it’s everywhere.  I’ll admit that they publish some good stuff, but they are jerk-ish as a company.

          • NkoSekirei

             heres  my reason wats going on is that nintendo doesnt like EA origin service and not much people dont like it either and thats why theres a fued going on between them but i hope they can sort it out and get a deal going on so we can some games from EA like battlefield 4

          • Sidney Majurie

            So why is Madden, Fifa, Mass Effect 3, and the upcoming Need For Speed on Wii U if they don’t have EA support. This doesn’t make sense…LOL

      • manowaffles

        I would like to point out that the Gamecube was on par with the Xbox and superior to the PS2.  While the Wii and N64 did hold drastically different design from their competition.
        Let’s not forget that the N64 was the PS3 of it’s generation, in that it was superior in power, but designed in a way that caused few games to fully utilize the system’s potential.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Nobody was talking about the Gamecube, but thanks for the info.

          • Zorlac79

            Actually, yeah they were.  It was 2 post before your first (and also pointless) post.  Good for you!  Two childish useless posts based on ignorance and both lacking any truth at all!  Way to go!

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Not even close. The only person who talked about how powerful the Gamecube was, was manowaffles, who I responded to. It was a nice bit of info, but it wasn’t really relevant.

            I’m ignorant and childish? Please, learn to read before posting comments.

          • Zorlac79

            Jason discussed the history of nintendo above your first post, and where their last 4 generations of consoles fit or didn’t.  Manowaffles continued discussing where the gamecube, one of the consoles that was discussed by jason and one of nintendo’s last 4 gen consoles, fit in.  Then you chime in with some kind of childish arrogance to try n point him out and make him feel stupid, it was really a pointless and unnecessary comment.  
            Before that, sidney pointed out how jason’s comment didn’t pertain to the topic at hand, in which case it didn’t.  As Dallas said, they obviously have some support from EA which is why the game came to the Wii U in the first place.  But you come running up with Nuhh Uhhh, no they don’t have support from EA, that’s why it’s not coming to the Wii U.  
            It all sounded like people trying to discuss something and an elementary school bully trying to say something to get someone’s goat.
            It is all up there.  You might know how to read, just not follow a conversation.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Talking about how the gamecube fits into the chronological order of generations, and the fact that it uses game disks, is not discusssing the power of the gamecube, and how it came out on top. I didn’t respond to manowaffles arrogantly, I believe I thanked him for the nice info, or can you really not read?

            As far as my EA comments, Nintendo doesn’t have the support of EA. Otherwise there would be DLC coming to the Wii U. Third party support comes and goes.

            Save yourself the time and the trouble, stop writing novels and responding to me.

      • Zorlac79

        Just curious, in the last 4 generations, what was the “standard” disc format?  Was it the N64 cartridge, the PS2 DVD, PS3 Bluray, XBOX dual layer DVD, Dreamcast CD, or Gamecube Mini DVD?  Hmmmmmm……….

        • Metal_Man_v2

          He means that the N64 used cartridges, while the ps1 used game discs. Later on, the Gamecube used game discs, but they were significantly smaller than the standard size used by the xbox and ps2. 

      • Rinslowe

        That’s one way to look at the partial picture, but doesn’t address the whole reason behind the “why” Nintendo doesn’t have great third party support. But I agree with what you’re saying…

    • Agent X

      What do you mean by hardcore games..? Do you mean FPSs, Third Person Shooters, Hack and Slash? That does not make them Hardcore. In my opinion all i need is a new and innovative IP from the BIG N

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    I already owned this game on the 360 and never bothered with the DLC anyway…ME:2 however..hell yeah, lol.

  • Sdudyoy

    While I don’t like the game that’s stupid.

  • audi lover

    Got it on xbox and never downloaded any of the extras most which are complete crap and not even worth the money, I knw cause my friends did and they regret spending there money, no great loss at all stick with the main game it good enough

  • DemonRoach

    Only matters if the DLC was free.  If it was, and we are not getting, major problem.  Else it doesn’t matter.

    • Gotta say I agree with you there DemonRoach. I hear so many complaints about the dlc for ME3, I don’t think it’ll matter to most people that it’s not coming to the WiiU.

  • SYates

    Is it just me or is stuff like this happening more and more in the gaming industry? It seems that every week I read that another game is delayed or it’s not coming to a certain platform or someone is missing out in some way. I think it’s a bad move on the developer’s/publisher’s behalf; at the end of the day, it’s fans and other consumers they’re upsetting. For example: The Rayman Legends fiasco the other week, I was looking forward to that game, but now I’m not going to buy it if Ubisoft think they can just toy with their consumers like that and I’m certainly going to think twice before buying my next Ubisoft game…

  • Silent

    Translation: We(EA) are not going to bring DLC for Mass Effect 3 because we think we wont make any money. 

  • thedeciderU

    Old news, I know, but Nintendo has made mistakes in the past, and now that there isn’t already an install base of 3rd party games on the Wii U, it’s a problem because the games haven’t sold as well as on other consoles. 

    If I was a 3rd-party company, I’d probably steer clear of the Wii U with DLC as the software has already failed to make them money. I wish it wasn’t this way, but I know some of the 3rd-party games sold less than other Nintendo launch titles (although Ubisoft contributed a ton to the launch title lineup – and good games, I must add). Nintendo, please continue working on your relationships with 3rd-party blockbuster companies. PLEASE!

    • The reason for the lack of sales for 3rd party games is most likely because they were released very late for the Wii U.

      For example, I had Batman: Arkham City for a whole year before it came out on Wii U. There’s no way I was going to buy it again.

      Same deal for Black Ops 2. I wanted to play with my friends on day one, so I bought it for my 360 rather than wait for the Wii U release.

      • thedeciderU

        Yeah, that makes total sense. I bought all my consoles extremely late in the generation – within months of launch of the Wii U (I got a 360 as a gift during the holidays) and have been playing catch up on two consoles libraries of games plus the Wii U.
        I agree with you; I wouldn’t re-buy the games either. I may be assuming (hope not) that many people that buy Nintendo-only consoles are due usually to financial reasons, or they are mostly into Nintendo IP’s, but anyways, for Nintendo-only people (console-wise), it’s the first time we’ve seen a true CoD game, or Assassin’s Creed game (or Batman, or ME3), so they would be new to many people.

        I plan on getting ACIII as soon as I finish up a couple other games and am looking forward to more exciting games on Wii U this year, ports or not. Whatever it takes until other games that interest me are released.

        Commenting on your fist line – I hope many 3rd-party games will come to Wii U this year and for years to come. The more games from all sources the better imo.

  • manowaffles

    Meh, just further supports my lack of faith in EA.  If you told me they were drowning puppies in kiddy pools of baby tears, it still wouldn’t surprise nor lower my expectations of them.

  • It’s over for the Wii U!

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Wait till e3. Since Sony showed their console already, theres no big surprise. 

      -3d mario playable at e3
      -mario kart playable at e3
      -info on Super Smash Brothers 4 (definite screen shots, and decent chance for a trailer)
      -Retro’s hidden project

      These 4 things alone cause people to go CRAAAZZZZYYY

      •  Not really.  People ALWAYS expect those titles from Nintendo.  Nintendo needs to come with the unexpected to blow people’s minds.  Sadly, they won’t.  It’s over for them.

        The only slight chance they will have with those titles is if the graphics were mind blowing.  That BS about control over graphics will have to be put to rest.  If not, they are done.  Besides, even if playable, they won’t be available.

        • Desiderio Lazaro

          You, sir, know nothing about games

        • Genesect4ssb4

          uh i specifically said “Retro’s hidden project”

          Is that not something unexpected?

          Keyword: Hidden

          • Zorlac79

            I meant Nintendo is retro as in retroactive, not an argument to what you said.  Unless I am misunderstanding you post above…..

        • Zorlac79

          As people always expect a new Halo from Xbox and a new Kratos/Snake/Drake from PS.  So far graphics have been great and control has been tops on the Wii U!  While everyone is fighting to make the best graphics, in the end none of it is memorable.  

          Gotta face it, retro is in, and Nintendo is far far ahead in the lead there!  People that played these games as a kid now get to play them with their kids.  And it is them who hold the dollars.  
          Don’t know many “good” parents that will allow or even sit down with their kids to play a nice game of Grand Theft Auto!

          15 year olds only rule the internet when they aren’t at school and on the weekends, otherwise, they are powerless.

          •  OK, but GTA is a one player game.  Many parents seem to let them play since they are on Xbox Live when they should not be.

          • Zorlac79

            That is why I emphasized “good” parents!  lol.  That is the  problem with violence in video games which has become a big deal even more so recently is the lack of good parenting!  Parents just want to give their kids what they ask for and tell em to get away from them….
            I am definitely looking forward to GTAV, but will only be able to play it late at night away from my kids attention.  But Mario time sure goes a long way in my house!

          •  Well you know how kids are.  When they get stuck with Mario and then they find out the rest of the world is playing a GTA but they can’t, they want to know why.  If it is fun for everyone else, how come they can’t have that fun too? 

          • Zorlac79

            No, not really.  Since they were young, my kids always watched other kids throw temper tantrums with a look on their face like wtf is wrong with them.  Maybe they will end up thinking I’m a mean dad but will end up thanking me later on in life.  Kinda how I did with my parents.

          • Desiderio Lazaro

            Why not go to his/her friend´s house and play GTA? When I had NES and my friends had Genesis, we´d swap houses to get the best of both worlds. Oh, and by the way, NES was 8-bit and Genesis 16-bit, guess which console kids prefered? My NES with 4 pads and a bunch of 4-player games

        • Nintedward

          You have no clue at all about video games do you ? lol

    • See Donaald, you claim not to be here just to stir stuff up, but that comment kinda just seals the deal. You didn’t bring facts or anything to that comment, which I’ve seen you pride yourself in before. All you’ve done was show your biased distaste for the Wii U.

      As well, that comment is highly inaccurate. Wii U being finished just because it’s not getting 2 DLC? I highly doubt that.

      •  I bring facts when I need to bring facts.  When I make a comment, it is just a comment.  The article itself is a part of facts that the Wii U is over.  This is a trend amongst publishers and you know it.  The only people who get upset are those paid to post and little kids.

        • Zorlac79

          This article is no where near any part of facts that the Wii U is over, just a pub not porting over some DLC.  If they know themselves that some DLC for a game that has already received heavy criticism might not sell much, it might be a loss to spend the money and time to do it.  They are already in contract and development for the other platforms so there is no way out there.  If you look over the history of MANY other systems, 1) Xbox 360 was expected to possibly fail and sales dropped drastically shortly after launch, look at it now. 2) Never in the history of video games has a system failed so quickly as you claim it is “over”, especially with it being a Nintendo name which carries a lot of weight.

          Really though, do you have a Wii U?  Are you upset that you can’t get one?  Expected one for Christmas and it never showed?  Or is it that you got one and are unhappy with it?  I’m serious, not insulting.

          •  You guys keep comparing it to the 360 – the leader of this generation, but not to itself.  The 360 had no challengers although people knew that a PS3 was on the way.  Once they had games that looked like that could not be done on PS2, then sales picked up.  Also with the PS3 costing $600, that helped as well.

            The Wii U has no mind-blowing games and tow new systems are on their way as well as GTA V.  It’s over.

          • Zorlac79

            It wasn’t a comparison, it is called an example.  
            You are the only one here trying so desperately hard to prove that it is over for the Wii U when nobody here even cares to hear it.  
            In fact, just the sight of your picture and name makes peoples skin crawl, so why would you keep going where you are not wanted?  
            I’m sure there is someone out there that would love to sit and discuss the downfall of the Wii U with you in a lonely  and hallow place, but there is no need for your negativity here.  
            Before you try to just fire off, seriously think about that.  Another post from you here will prove that you have no respect for others or yourself and a total lack of confidence and esteem.

          •  You clowns will try anything to get me to stop writing the truth huh?  I don’t come here to chit chat, I come here to drop the facts.  The fact is, the Wii U is a done deal.  They have very little time and no room for errors if they want to keep the thing alive.

          • NintendoNoob

             Yeah facts… When Wii U is the champion of the 8th generation I want you to come back tot his site and say to us again that the Wii U “failed”

          •  I will, but I think that you see it will be a very hard thing for them to do.

          • Gamefreak361

            Idk about the leader of this gen. Far as I heard, they’ve been put down to second place hardware wise. Software though, I’m not too sure about.

          •  I’m sure.  When developers design games around the 360 and not the PS3, the 360 won.

    • NintendoNoob

       Yep just like you. Judging a console by one unpopular game in the Wii U community and predicting the Wii U’s future in it’s first 5 months…
      Lemme tell you something I said to EA

      Pick a number from 1-10
      Multiply it by itself (If your smart enough to do that)
      Divide it by the original number
      Then subtract it by itself

      Whats the answer?

      That’s the number of f*cks I give to you

    • MetroidZero

      Wii U is still young. It’s only beginning.

    • Aenifer

      Why is too difficult to ignore the troll? Please people.

      • Zorlac79

        I am sorry, I try not to feed the troll, I had hoped to feed it something healthy. One of my classes I am taking is psychology, so it was a bit of a learning part for me.  Sometimes you hope without uncontrolled retaliation you can succumb to reason…..That is why I wanted to know where his hate for the Wii U came from in my other post.  I feel bad for someone that has these kind of issues where they just come out and attack someone that is enjoying themselves.  That shows that there is obviously some deep mental issues going on there.  It is hard to accept that you can’t cure stupid. 🙁

  • Thank god. Every time Nintendo reveals a system, the envious rage up a storm. It happens every time. The envious game developers want to know that the porn industry is gradually making it’s way into the the console’s use. And, Nintendo is interested in families and their interested in art. For the envious game developers, like EA, they are having a hard time assuring their interest in the profits of exploiting people. Which Microsoft and Sony have become fond of considering. 

    • It’s no secret that the tablets out now are practically designed for optimum porn use. They want more ease of that on consoles, that’s the big secret.

    • Desiderio Lazaro

      Agreed! Nintendo and their affiliates do the more criative games. Yesterday I played for the first time Nintendo Land, it´s friggin amazing! So, so creative! Like ZombiU, like Trine, like Little inferno, like Mario and Pikmin and Zelda and wow…nearly everything they do…Xenoblade? Monster Hunter 3? Can I stop now? I´ve been telling this: we, as Nintendo users, we get the best games, so it´s ok not to get those blockbusters graphically enhanced. I want fun and art in my life, not porn, like you wisely put it

  • NintendoNoob

    Considering this I don’t think that EA wants to make some extra bucks and they just want less support from Nintendo s upcoming console. Well EA lemme tell ya something… It all goes back to the spring of 013, EA did the same thing to Nintendo by not releasing Crysis 3 on Wii U… Well they earned 10,000 retard points in my book and let me ask you something else…

    Pick a number 1-10
    Multiply that number by itself
    Divide it by the original number
    Then subtract it by the original number…

    Whats that you say?
    That’s the number of f*cks I give to your business decision.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    This is Reason I Not Buying EA’s Good Games Such as Mass Effect Dragon Age Battlefield on Wii U I Never Going Buy Bad Games Such as all sports

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

     If Mass Effect 3 Flop on Wii U EA’s Doing For not release Trilogy Box Set

  • So the version of the game that is still the most expensive doesn’t get the same dlc support?  Ah, nevermind, it’s EA.

  • MewThree28

    The only shooter games I play are COD and GTA, I’m mostly a 1st party Nintendo fan, it pisses me off that third parties don’t think of Nintendo as a good company, I want third parties to support Nintendo like they do to gay Sony and Microsoft, if we’re lucky, we’ll get BO2 DLC on WII U.

  • Mark Thom

    Could Mario & Zelda Be On Other Consoles 🙁 🙁   http://n4g.com/news/1181766/gears-of-war-creator-thinks-that-nintendo-will-go-software-only-soon-gaming-industry-in-turmoil

    • NintendoNoob

       Nintendo would rather be accused of being necrophiles than letting that happen

  • Rinslowe

    EA is still butt hurt over Nintendo’s decision to go it alone with there online network. F$king strong arm American tactics… Go play with Microsoft, EA is the worst publisher there is right now and we all know it…

    • manowaffles

      Can’t say I disagree.

  • BellsGhost

    Lol!  Wii U gets nothing, as usual.  Wii u sucks.

  • ZanetheWise

    It’s a pity they sent it out to die by announcing and releasing the trilogy on other platforms just weeks before. If they wanted the game and DLC to sell, they should have either also ported the trilogy to U, or not undercut its potential sales by putting out a more complete collection on other platforms for cheaper just before its release. I don’t know what the suits at EA were thinking. I really don’t.

  • Desiderio Lazaro

    First of all, I´ve been gaming since 1988 (Spectrum, then NES, Genesis, Game Boy, N64, PSX, PS2, Wii, PC and now Wii U): 
    – Nintendo Land=blew my mind
    – ZombiU=blew my mind
    – NSMBU=didn´t blew my mind but it´s a good game
    – ME3 and Batman=pretty generic games with nice visuals
    – we get the best games, so if we can have 1 or 2 good 3rd party, that´s fine. This is an economic war, Nintendo can´t and won´t win in all fronts, do you know why? Because they don´t consider it a war, they just wanna keep having fun and giving fun to their audience. I´ll be a parent soon and I surely want my kids to play creative and fun games as Nintendo do.

    • Bravyoura

      If Zombi U blew your mind you can’t have much of a mind to blow from start to finish it feels like an unfinished beta it’s like they didn’t bother testing it at all. 

      I’d rather Ubisoft had delayed polished the graphics ironed out the bugs and released a finished title with an interesting concept instead of the half baked piece of s##t wii call Zombi U.

      • Desiderio Lazaro

        I´m sorry you didn´t like it. I search for the games for the experiences they provide. ZombiU was a hell of an experience, where you see flaws I see creativity

        • manowaffles

          I agree, ZombiU is by far the most innovative use of the gamepad so far.  This is exactly the kind of game that Nintendo promised me when they announced the Wii U at E3 2011.

          While there are a few small issues with the game, I’ve been very pleased.  The intense action is enhanced by the clever use of the gamepad.  The visuals impress and the sound fits the mood perfectly.  While the random fetch quests could seem tacked on to some, most of those were involving exploring new areas and felt even more terrifying as I was forced out of my comfy safe house and into the untamed and unexplored world.

          In all fairness, this is the best Zombie game ever with the only other contender being DayZ.

    • Zombi U blew your mind? hahha poor Nintendo fanboy

      • Desiderio Lazaro

        What Sony and Microsoft fans seem to forget is that we nintendo players also have pcs and play those games you have (except the few exclusives) AND we also get the juicy nintendo ones, so you´d rather check your definition of “poor”

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Zombi U was neither mind blowing, nor made by Nintendo.  The first is an opinion, the second is a fact.

  • hgfhgfhgf

    I told u the wii u is a shitty console.

  • Why would they waste time on a fail console?

    • NintendoNoob

       How many accounts have you made just to like yourself?

  • at least we all still have Lego city undercover to look foward to. unless we get screwed off, and the release date changes or something.

  • Wii U isn’t having a good time when it comes to DLC now is it… 🙁 

    I hope that DLC will come to the Wii U 

  • C.S. Bailey

    Just waiting for the best sale so I can pick it up for any system I own. If I need DLC for the game to be “complete”, I buy the first used copy for the Wii U I find.

  • I want my DLC. It’s not right for EA to leave their customers hanging like this. I hope they realize the mistake they are making. NFS Most Wanted is a EA game and it’s the best looking version of all the consoles. Why can’t ME nintendo owners get some support.

    • BellsGhost

      It’s not the best looking stupid Nintendrone.  Wait until it comes out, then you’ll see.  Also, Wii U sucks, so it deserves nothing.  This si what you get buying a Shitendo console expecting 3rd party games.